Leeds’ injury crisis continues with news that Patrick Kisnorbo will be out for the rest of the season.

After missing almost the entirety of the 2009/10 campaign through injury, Kisnorbo returned this season and was later handed a two-year contract after proving his fitness to Simon Grayson.

Regardless, another injury follows some poor performances this season from the Australian leaving many to suspect Patrick Kisnorbo could have played his last game for The Whites.

Paddy’s name is added to an injury list that currently features the following players;


Ben Parker – perpetually injured. Currently lacking fitness following a series of injuries over the last two years.

Andy O’Brien – Not technically injured, but will never play again following a falling out with Simon Grayson. Rumoured to be leaving for Bristol City.

Tom Lees – Due to return following a concussion that sidelined him for the 4-1 loss at Barnsley and 2-1 win over Burnley.

Leigh Bromby – Calf problem, out for two to three weeks.

Alex Bruce – Another new addition to the list, Bruce has a hamstring problem which means Darren O’Dea is our only centre-back currently in training – Tom Lees is expected to return towards end of week.


Robert Snodgrass – Appendix operation ruled him out of the last few games. May be back for Crystal Palace on the 14th, but could be longer.

Jonny Howson – A knee injury has left the Leeds United captain ruled out for the foreseeable future. “Months not weeks” to quote our chairman.


Davide Somma – Returned to light training mid-December, but will still be out for some time following an injury to his cruciate ligament. Ahead of schedule, but it’s not the type of injury Leeds will want to rush.

I suspect the overwhelming amount of injuries we’re currently struggling with has forced Simon Grayson’s hand somewhat with regards to potential signings. The loss of Jonathan Howson for such a lengthy period demands we bring in a central midfielder, whilst our defence is incredibly threadbare and desperately needs addressing.

Everyone knows that the best chance of getting back to the ‘promised land’ this year is through having a fit and healthy squad, and we need players who are training hard, and playing hard. Maybe, it might be time for Grayson to start handing out the creatine supplements from Maxiraw shop to give the squad the fitness kick they need. It’s either this, or we need Ken Bates to open his wallet during the January sales.

Luckily, the Leeds United boss has over a week to address the situation thanks to a pointless FA Cup match at The Emirates that we can afford to lose by several goals – The Whites simply can’t afford additional fixtures and must heed caution to avoid adding more names to the above list.

  • morleywhite

    Now Paddys out for the season whos guna slot in at center half with Darren O Dea if its true Lees Bruce and Bromby are set to miss out and no new players are brought in this week?

    maybe young monty gimpel?A good opportunity for the lad but is he realy ready to step in for such a high profile game against Henry and co.

    Bring lucas back!

    • onlyoneunited

      only one way to find out @morleywhite

  • Rwhites

    Try telling the players it’s a pointless fixture, for the most of them they may never get a chance to play at the Emirates again so I think they will give it there all. I very much doubt we will bring in another “good” central midfielder that we have needed all season because Pugh will be played in that position instead.

    Brown should be moved on as soon as possible but I think we are now stuck with another has been.I hope the bring Lucas back comment is tongue in cheek.

    I wonder if Robert Molenaar would dust his boots off :o) No doubt someone will say bring Harte in since her can’t make the Reading side.

    • morleywhite

      Was joking with the Lucas comment but thinking about it the bloke could prob do a better job than our center halfs this season lol,Tom Lees aside.

      Apparantly Dom Matteos still knocking around the leeds area.

  • Loiner

    Can’t wait for Somma to come back – much better than Keogh. Potentially a decent player at this level who has power, footwork, an eye for goal and good hold up play. A poor man’s Viduka, but more than good enought for this team.

    • Captaincrash

      @Loiner Not for the first time this week, I wish I had the same belief in Somma as some others. Never really saw him using his physical attributes, felt he was caught offside way too often and felt he gambled on defenders making errors rather than forcing them into them. Squad yes, first 11, not for me.

  • Matt


    GK: Lonergan, Taylor, CairnsLB: White, [Pugh]CB: O’Dea, (Lees), (Bromby), (Bruce)RB: Connolly, {Thompson}LM: Townsend, [Sam], [Pugh], [Nunez]CM: Brown, Vayrynen, Clayton, [Pugh], (Howson)RM: (Snodgrass), [Sam]CF: McCormack, Becchio, Forssell, [Nunez], (Somma)(injured but returning this season)

    [Also covering another position]



    Right backTall (6ft 3+) centre backCentral midfielder with aerial dominance (a la Bradley Johnson)Thoughts?

    • Matt

      Well the spacing on that was royally messed up…


      GK: Lonergan, Taylor, CairnsLB: White, [Pugh]CB: O’Dea, (Lees), (Bromby), (Bruce)RB: Connolly, {Thompson}LM: Townsend, [Sam], [Pugh], [Nunez]CM: Brown, Vayrynen, Clayton, [Pugh], (Howson)RM: (Snodgrass), [Sam]CF: McCormack, Becchio, Forssell, [Nunez], (Somma) (injured but returning this season)

      [Also covering another position]



      Right backTall (6ft 3+) centre backCentral midfielder with aerial dominance (a la Bradley Johnson)


    • morleywhite

      Spurs apparantly are wanting to loan Corluka out for rest of season,tall right back/center back.West ham want him.Would be perfect for leeds altho prob wants abit to much money for bates pittance wage structure.

  • Mark R

    Paddy has never been the same since his original injury – SG gambled and it didn’t work out. So it’s a chance for Lees to cement his place in central defence – and form a solid defensive link with Lonergan. The defence really should be built around them. I’d expect Lees to return for Arsenal. Odea alongside.

    Re: Obrien – SG should swallow his pride – display some basic man-management – build bridges and get him onside as the squad is low on fit players.

    Howson, Snodgrass & Somma”s absence have clearly weakened the team. If it forces SG to play speedy hungry youngsters – eg. Zac T, & Andros- that’s a real upside as he’s cautious by nature in selecting youth.

    More speed and youth in the side can only be a positive thing – and that’s what I hope for in the months to come. I’d definitely hope for a dynamic proven striker/ goal scorer to play alongside McCormack in the transfer window.


  • number1inyorkshire

    much as you wouldn’t want to see paddy out because of injuries and i wish him all the very best i feel he has played his last game for us at leeds . i do think he only got his current deal because leeds were desperate at the time and his previous player of the season award .good luck paddy ..

    I think Bruce has only got a slight strain so he should be ok for palace maybe not for arsenal ,but who cares about that game not me .

    This again winds me up because i remember Grayson saying ” i have 2 players for every position ” for competition ,and although you cannot legislate for injuries its part of the game in the modern day ,so our over big squad isn’t as big as we thought is it .

    And if it is not possible because of injuries to put out a competitive team then the players that are not good enough to come in should be got rid of to free up some wages ,we will be right in the creek if lonegan gets injured too.

    i would like of all the players out to see somma back i think him and mccormack could be an interesting partnership ,and just cos he has had bad luck Ben Parker although i don’t think he will be given a new deal ..

    • morleywhite

      Its a shame the Parker situation he would prob be a settled regular left back at the club by now but theres no way he wil come back and fulfill his potential now,i know hes still young but hes been out far to long with various injurys which wil surely takes its toll in years to come.its happened with paddy that bloke couldnt catch a pensioner with a broken leg if he tried after his injury.

    • Ron_Galea

      @number1inyorkshire Completely agree. Grayson and Bates have no choice but to add considerable muscle to this team, especially defensively. Naturally, they need to get rid of at least this many players who are just not good enough. I feel for Paddy, but I actually think if we find a good replacement, this injury may be a good thing for our promotion push.

  • Dale S


    • morleywhite

      Great signing that mate if true where did u hear that?

      • Matthew


        I haven’t heard of that either. Did hear when Keogh went back before they posted on the official site mind, mostly because his contract was up early Jan so no brainer lol

    • Dale S


      • Matthew

        @Dale S

        Someone posted that on Facebook? Elaborate because unless it has come from the players mouth or the club/those associated with the club, it for a lack of a better word is bullshit.

        • Dale S

          but you dont know who I know. So when you here about it ‘formaly’, yes, I will accept and apology.

        • morleywhite

          I agree with Matthew sounds bollocks to me.

  • Tyler75

    Really feel for Paddy – a proper pro who has had a terrible time with injuries; including missing a World Cup. However as we know , he’s not been the impregnable Paddy of a couple of seasons ago and we’ll probably not see him in a Leeds shirt again. However it does push a centre back up the list of SG’s priorities, which is no bad thing.

  • WoodyUK

    For the Arsenal game Taylor on the right and White at left back and play whoever is fittest from Lees and Bruce alongside O’Dea – if neither is fit and/or not worth risking then throw in Gimple or Killock and see if they sink or swim. By the Palace match ensure O’Brien is gone and a decent replacement is signed (even if it’s on loan). Feel really gutted about Kis but in all honesty a two year contract for a player coming back from a career threatening injury with only a few friendlies behind him was madness.

  • WIll23

    It must be the end of Paddy’s career sadly for him.

    The Arsenal game was one to fear even before this injury news given how our team (sic) has been performing this season plus other injury news.

    It could be a shocker *if* Arsenal decide to turn up and make some effort to get their shirts dirty though they rarely are capable of such “disgusting” football which they see as being beneath them! That said, a couple of their pretty boy moves in the first 10 minutes could see the game over before it has started. Hey ho.

    • morleywhite

      Just imagine if Paddy was playin against arsenal,if Henry was half as quick as he use to be he could have run backwards and still be Paddy in a sprint off lol

  • mojoluafc

    He`s a great bloke but for the sake of Leeds United this is definitely a blessing in disguise.

    • Matthew


      I agree, League 1 quality defender at best, time to stop living in the past and send him on his way when better with our blessings.

  • mightywhite83

    ive just heard leeds are signing lionel messi on a free transfer to replace max gradel :)))

    • morleywhite

      that cant be true we dont need Messi we hav Barndoor Billy back remember

    • number1inyorkshire

      @mightywhite83OMG ARE WE ,!!!!!!???????

      hold on ,hold on breaking news !!! its actually lionel ritchie “hello

      • morleywhite

        Still go ahead with the swap deal im sure Lionel Ritchie would be more of a goalfreat than Barndoor lol

        • number1inyorkshire

          @morleywhite he is actually a hero at swindon ,i know its not worked out here for him thats clear .but it doesn’t sometimes ,Its been a long time since i have heard the stick billy paynter has had from our own fans ,we have had worse players

        • morleywhite

          He hasnt been getting stick from our fans cos hes been far away down south in brighton so hes been getting flack there instead as he has proved yet again that he couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo.

          weve had them all Michael Ricketts,Derek Lilley,Frank strandli,Ian Moore the list goes on but surely even these lads would come closer to hitting the cows arse than Barndoor.imagine how terrifyin the strikeforce of Barndoor and Ricketts would be lol.

          The thing is Brighton offered us 250k for Billy in the last window and for some reason we turned it down cos we wanted more baring in mind he cost us nothing we should of snapped there hands off,so they ended up loanin him instead and he did the usual played 10 games for them with no return which you would imagine as totally put Gus off now.So not only now hav we got him sat around at leeds payin him one of top wages we hav also prob lost 250k.

        • Matthew


          Didnt work out at Brighton for him either, I believe he only had like 1 physical shot on goal in over 8 starts for them.

        • Irving08


          There is something profoundly distasteful in hearing a bunch of people who probably couldn’t even get into their school teams mocking any footballer, let alone one playing for the team they profess to support, one moreover, is giving his all. What happened to working class solidarity for god’s sake !

        • number1inyorkshire

          @Irving08yep whatever you said lol .i just feel billy paynter has had a little too much stick really when we really have not seen him at any level .

          some will say thats why he deserves some stick, not me i would like, to be honest to see the lad get a chance take it and become a legend .

          And you have to say as he has not been seen he can not be blamed for the current predicament .

          he will go back to been a footballer somewhere else and score goals the lad is probably tormented by his current form

        • morleywhite

          Yeah fair enough he does play for the team i support but he gets paid bloody good money to play for them and i pay bloody good money to watch which should be good footballers in return on view,Billy paynter is not a good footballer and with the money i pay and he recieves for playing very poorly im entitled to a opinion.

  • morleywhite

    Your right even the great Derek Lilley was a goal machine compared to Barndoor

  • mattbb1

    @morleywhite lest we forget Enoch

  • Michael Kraczkowski

    Phone won’t let me comment on the thread, any chance of us seeing Monty Gimpel in the defence?

  • Mark Bear Wride

    Shame about paddy the guys been a rock for us . Now we need bates to let SG get a decent CB in

  • Robin Brooksbank

    New CB even more crucial now. need to hurry up and get OB off the books.

  • Craig Woodhead

    Not a bad thing really cause he’s been awful. Grayson needs to go get a CB now to partner Lees as O’Dea and Bruce aren’t upto it, no excuses

  • Dallas Debbie

    Only Bristol wanted aob,whu never interested!