Sure, we’re in no position to really be laughing at the misfortunes of Manchester United and Manchester City – and the majority of us probably wished Man City nothing but good will – but it was hard not to crack a few Channel Five jokes as the self-proclaimed “biggest club on earth” were knocked out of the Champions League by a distinctly average Swiss side.

Twitter was awash with jokes as last night’s events unfolded, and we couldn’t help but get in on the action ourselves with a bit of Photoshop editing of the famous Manchester City billboard – which was also created in red (below) after requests from The Seventy Two whose own dismal Photoshop skills led to the whole thing in the first place.

As The Scratching Shed’s effort was being retweeted and shared, Colin emailed us his own mock-up of Channel Five’s website, advertising Europe’s equivalent to the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.