Injury news, and it’s relatively good on the whole. Simon Grayson was cryptically positive about Jonny Howson, saying it could have been worse, though refusing to give specifics and any timeline for our captains return.

Ben Parker is back in training and could take part in a reserve fixture next week after receiving some good news from the specialist.

Finally, Davide Somma has been taking part in some running exercises as he moves towards a return to full training. Simon Grayson stressed how difficult things had been for the South African, who has been a massive loss to Leeds United this season, but revealed he was “keeping his pecker up”.

I’m almost certain that “keeping his pecker up” is not a euphemism for finding comfort in some kind of sexual act, although he is a good looking lad and footballers tend to be the playboy types so if that is the case, please take some precautions Davide! And that doesn’t mean you should be buying party sized boxes of Durex, it means we don’t want to see you aggravating the injury – although the world is over-populated enough, so both pieces of advice are valid.

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  1. Matthew

    I thought the same about that pecker thing. But he basically means Somma was keeping his spirits up.

    • Matthew


      You’re joking right? You’ve even been a fan of Leeds for less than 12 months or have been living in a cave. Because everyone knows who Somma is, it’s Somma time.

  2. DubaiWhite

    Injury problems… needless to say the recent injuries does only exemplify the need to get some new players in during the January transfer window. Even with all regulars fit we need to strengthen the team since we need to be able to change the starting lineup whenever a player is out of form (McCormack, O’Dea) or injuries. Without players with skills to take players on and create openings (Gradel, Snodgrass) we are to easy to defend against; we become the typical “long balls in to the box”. We need to have a midfield that can feed the strikers and wingers that can break in to the box with speed to put oppenents under pressure.
    The nightmare scenario is to loose Snodgrass during January… and without any quality players comming in. On the other hand; keeping Snoddy, add another new Gradel-type player and some solid boost in the midfield, then we will at least make the play-offs.


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