I know it doesn’t speak well to my mental well-being, but I really do love the hate-fuelled vile constantly aimed at our club from all directions. It makes us unique and rather interesting.

Take this, from an Arsenal fan as an example;

Arsenal have, as we all know by now, drawn Leeds United in the third round of my favourite competition, the FA Cup. More recent Arsenal fans might not know this, but Leeds United are the embodiment of all that is ugly and wrong with soccer and parents should steer their kids away from being Leeds fans just like they steer their kids away from talking to balding old men who lurk at the edge of the playground in a windowless white van.

Such a captivating opening to his rant, right?

It’s rants like these that make me love being hated. Aside from Millwall who are universally despised for being Millwall, the Championship is a league full of boring clubs no one could care less about. If we were in the Premier League at present, would any of us be looking down at the Championship for an exciting cup tie? Would any club for that matter be looking down at the Championship for an exciting cup tie? I sincerely doubt it.

Leeds are the exception to an otherwise boring set of teams that are either yoyoing back and forth between the Premier League/League One or content with their own mediocrity, happy to make the numbers up in England’s second tier. These other teams are totally devoid of character – going to Portsmouth or Barnsley is no more or less interesting than going to Southampton or Burnley.

If Leeds have been cast as the Pantomime villain of this division, then so be it – Christ knows it needed some character.

The Arsenal fan whose rant I referred at the top of this post goes on to explain his hatred, citing the general “Dirty Leeds” nonsense we’re all used to by now. He even takes a shot at one of his own club’s legends, David O’Leary, for putting together a team that beat seven bells out of his own set of pansies.

You can read the rest of his stereotypical, wildly exaggerated rantings here (it’s amusing, if nothing else). You’ll notice a major inaccuracy in the following paragraph that speaks volumes to his research;

Leeds spent the rest of the 1980’s in the Second, gaining promotion back to the First in 1989-1990. Up until the late 1990’s, though, Leeds didn’t amount to much, and it was only after George Graham was named manager shortly after the start of the 1996 season that Leeds started to play well again.

We didn’t win the title in 1992 then? Funny how so many of us imagined that.

Summing up, the bitter Arsenal fan explains his hatred, referring to the game as “soccer” which could explain his lack of knowledge – I assume he’s American and most of them think the game was invented around the time Manchester United started winning things;

[Leeds] personify everything to me that is wrong with the game – ugly play, a massive financial overreach, and the arrogance to believe that both of those things were and are acceptable. They may be running their club in a more fiscally responsible way now – I don’t pay attention to them these days and thus have no idea – but the fact that they borrowed so heavily against a future that provided no guarantees, all the while playing a style of the game that would make your average prison basketball team blush, means that in my opinion, Leeds got and are getting what they deserve – lower division soccer.

Deserving of lower division soccer indeed. We’re also getting an FA Cup tie against Arsenal that few of us care about, but will still do all we can to maintain our “Dirty Leeds” reputation in.

For sport is nothing without characters and if the Premier League was a division full of Arsenal’s with their sleep-invoking manager and team made of lightweight pansies who spend as much time moaning as they do playing football, it’d be an extremely boring division no one would be interested in.

Once upon a time I had a great respect for Arsenal. When the team featured warriors like Patrick Viera, Tony Adams and Sol Campbell, it was hard not to look on enviously. But the modern day Arsenal is a side full of over-hyped, perpetual moaners who think they have a God-given right to be successful – a myth predicated on the basis that their squad cost relatively nothing and shows more skill than effort.

Arsenal supporters have dropped dramatically in my respect levels too. Highbury had a library-like atmosphere few people enjoyed but their fans were entirely genuine. With the Emirates however came an entirely new fan base who love nothing more than to indulge in half time prawn sandwich eating contests, and boo their players every time they lose possession or have a bad game. There’s a large percentage of glory hunters, no different from Manchester United, who demand and expect success that represent all that is wrong with modern football.

Quite how anyone can consider Leeds United fans arrogant when we have Arsenal to make us look humble is baffling, but let me add to that stereotypical attribute by theorising the real reason the above Arsenal fan hates Leeds United is the passionate, vocal fanbase we take everywhere that puts all else to shame – even when we’re losing. Perhaps it’s the enjoyment we take from following our club, despite our recent struggles and ongoing attempts to regain Premier League status they find so hard to stomach? Maybe it’s our devilishly good looks?

Or maybe it’s just the arrogance I gave you a perfect example of above? I don’t really care to be honest with you, I love being hated.

On and on…

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  1. sparkeface

    I hate it when morons say ‘soccer’. We are NOT Americans, it is football.

    • GoonerGeoffersRSA

      Soccer or football? who the hell cares… find something decent to complain about. Where I come from we also call it soccer and it makes perfect sense to us. We all love the same game regardless of what it’s called. @sparkeface

      • tim leeds

        its football you fool , we invented it so we should know what its called

  2. Tyler75

    Obviously a ‘fan’ oblivious /wilfully ignorant of his/hers own club’s history – Peter Storey, Sammy Nelson, Pat Rice, Frank Mclintock, Steve Bould were all silky ball players who went their entire careers without being booked or sent off. Charlie George was all elbows and hair.

  3. Luke49

    What a pointless article. You allowed yourself to get upset over the ramblings of an American football fan who calls the game ‘soccer’..

    Obviously your view of our home support is complete bollocks, I can safely say that given I’m a season ticket holder. Not sure you can call fans who support a club that hasn’t won anything in 6 years glory hunters, but maybe due to leeds’ greater lack of success it seems that way.

    Not to mention the soccer fan has no reason to be jealous of leeds’ away support given that Arsenal’s away support is one of the best in the league.

    I’d like to ask one question, the David O’Leary team ‘that beat seven bells out of his own set of pansies,’ what did they win compared to that Arsenal team…

    • TSS

      @Luke49 I didn’t get upset, on the contrary – the article amused me. I enjoy the hatred, especially from people like this Arsenal fan who have absolutely no idea why they really hate us.

  4. msec

    The Arsenal fan who wrote the article clearly only has a superficial knowledge of English football and its history. He certainly has no idea of being a true football fan in this country. When you are from a country where sports teams are franchised and moved from one location to another, how can you expect them to understand our culture? He doesn’t even deserve a reply, yet this poorly constructed article has played right into his hands. Arsenal are a great, historic club, as are we and all true fans on both sides are looking forward to another great game. Its what the cup is all about. MOT

  5. Matthew

    Ah TSS you made an article quoting a clueless idiot which in turn is drawing more attention to his idiotic rantings.

    This person clearly has no idea about Leeds United and is clearly just basing his opinions off the ramblings of Leeds haters stuck in the past.

    We’re a pretty humble club now, we don’t overspeand, hell we don’t speand much at all. We’re a club with a passionate fanbase tha wants to get back into the big time. Ignore the fact we have some troublemakers after games, the majority of fans are decent human beings. Just very passionate :P

  6. Tbone1

    TSS, anyone with a ounce of footballing knowledge will read the said article and ignore it for the hate filled nonsense it is. The guy obviously does not have a clue what he is talking about. After the events that have happened with our former number 11, I personally find that hating another team/player is just a little bit childish. After the death of Gary speed I look at football in a slightly different light and I never thought I would say this but it is only a game. Some things are much more important.

  7. tonyyeboah

    @Luke49.. You wouldn’t happen to be the soccer fan who original posted the yank nonsence would you?.. Great Post TSS. Ignore the yanks, probably on a baseball blog now having a moan. We all love leeds, dirty leeds.

  8. Matthew

    Just had a peak at the comments section of that website and gosh Pot kettle black much, they’re quick to call some Leeds fans trolls for calling them out on that crap they published but don’t realise their little rant is troll incarnate. Seriously, they’re not even from England and know next to nothing about the club, they’re not even worth taking seriously, however I can see why you were annoyed, their whole attitude is utterly retarded. I’m sure BRITISH Arsenal fans will think the same as BRITISH Leeds fans that the article and the attitude of some of the people on that website is just poor. Thanks for pointing that site out to me regardless TSS, reading that article felt like my brain cells had been blasted away one after another, so harsh LOL

  9. Gryff

    Two things I could be bothered noticing from the bitter & lonely ramblings of this fatuous little cockney:

    Ugly play & financial overreach = Leeds’ financial overreach was to secure the services of some of the best players of pretty football at the time. I’m not sure if he’s been in a drug-induced haze that sees 1961 mixed with 2000? If so he should probably seek professional help.

    We deserve lower league football for spending what we don’t have – I take it then he believes the UK population should have its tax-rates increased about 5-10% and have their work-hours increased to guarantee Britain maintains an edge over the rest of the world after the nation decided to myopically vote for whoever gave them the best short-term advantages?

    What’s the betting he’s a public-sector nothing-job desk-jockey who was out on strike a few days ago calling for “fair” (ludicrously inflated) pensions? (been a long day…) ;-)

    • TSS

      @Gryff Pretty sure he’s a yank, although I based that solely on the word “soccer” and a basketball reference, so could be in danger of extreme conjecture usually reserved for the Daily Mail’s editor.

      • Gryff

        @TSS A yank-cockney-wannabee… what IS the world coming to!

    • vinylmatt

      @Gryff Don’t bring politics in to it – i was close with agreeing with you until it turns out you’re an arsehole.

      • Gryff


        “We’re all in it together!”

        Except Dave. And the NHS. And all public sector workers.

  10. TSS

    Hi Jamie, no need to apologise on his behalf, I hope you realise the above rant was aimed at a sub-section of Arsenal fans that seem to have been lured by the shiny metallic finish of the new stadium – glory hunters like most successful clubs have and nothing more. I didn’t for one second intend to insult the “real” fans, although on reflection, it does perhaps come across that way a little so my apologies for that.

  11. Mucker

    It’s just another American hating a group of people on the other side of the world based on a false reality that they seem to have invented themselves. It’s what they do. Keep calm and carry on.

  12. casco29

    “I’m 42 and have been watching English soccer since about 1990″ this one single statement says all we need to know about this “American Handball” fan. clearly has no idea what he is talking about. we cant even comment on the page anymore as he has come to the conclusion that he is actually a total tool. Arsenal fans i urge you to find out who this twat and his band of bellends are and disown them ASAP.

    Lets have another cracking FA Cup 3rd round tie.hopefully the result we want this time.

    We are Leeds and we’r proud of it. MOT

  13. @Spanish_Leeds

    “We didn’t win the title in 1992 then? Funny how so many of us imagined that.” Priceless David! That gooner dont know a shite about football…I mean soccer…(WTF!!) As some of you already known I´m a Leeds fan from Argentina, hard to being one here where most of all are glory hunters idiots fans of Scum or Bluescum (post big pockets Abramovich arrive obviusly….) Some few supporters love the game & the team despite the hard times, like me with me boleved Leeds and a few Scousers or Barcodes fans.

    Dont waste more time with this shitty fans TSS…

    Proud to be a Leeds supporter the best fans in the world! MOT!

    (sorry if my English is poor)

  14. GoonerGeoffersRSA

    Commenting on how good another team’s player is and then demeaning “our” players is hardly the way to prove you are a proper Arsenal fan. The season is only 40% complete and you are already describing it as poor even though we have not lost a league game since sp*rs away on the 2nd of October. Stop worrying about sucking up to other team’s supporters and support your team properly especially when they are fighting so hard to get back into the top four.

  15. Leonickroberts

    Mindblowing article from the gooner, but it’s the comments that are the highlight for me. I’m not a football xenophobe, prone to commenting on the nationality of fans impacting on their understanding of the sport, but this guy really knows absolutely nothing about ‘soccer’ – even some of his opinions on arsenal are totally inaccurate.

    That aside, cracking article TSS – even when Rachubka drops 3 and we get smashed at home to Blackpool i’m proud to follow Leeds, and I really think that even though we’re a fickle bunch, we thrive on the knowledge that we’re hated, and that carries us through.


    P.S. Went to the Emirates a few weeks ago with a mate – £4 paninis instead of pies, and all the atmosphere of a funeral wake. Give me the crap view from behind a pillar in the kop any day.

  16. Gryff

    What a gaggle of f*ckbrains.

    Can’t believe one of them went “I’m a PHD candidate so I’m clearly the smartest here”

    PHD in what?

    If somebody with a PHD can endorse something so wildly innacurate and incoherent that it would make the DM blush, it doesn’t say much about the Canadian education system. It’s not that he was wrong or offensive and TBH couldn’t care less that he exists.

    (in case he’s reading: no I’m not wrong, watch this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om7O0MFkmpw)

    It’s that he clearly can’t know anything about the sport he says he’s a fanatic for. He uses the excuse that he’s not an historian and has only been watching since 1990 – that doesn’t excuse not even knowing that Leeds were renowned for exciting football in 2000, not thuggery. He’s basically watched Damned United and decided that is what Leeds is like.

    Which shouldn’t surprise us, as after all he’s an American.

    PhD… tsch. Should’ve roled craig out lol.

  17. Leeds Forever

    I saw the FA-Cup final Leeds-arsenal the other day .

    There was one team on the pitch that was playing very dirty,

    and it wasn’t the boys in white.

    So the arsenal-fan can get a copy of the old tape and see for himself , ’cause it was from that era the dirty-chanting started. probably from jealous arsenal fans

  18. SLG

    Sounds very American to me. Also sounds like a man with a grievance against Leeds. At least he sounds like he’s old enough to die soon.


  19. Dave

    Obviously it was a tongue-in-cheek article from the American, I don’t know why you’re all getting so angry? Perhaps you’re just enjoying the attention from a big club? Take it from me, as an Arsenal fan, the overwhelming majority of us don’t hate Leeds, don’t consider them rivals and no longer even consider them to be big. You only get 20,000 at your home games, even when poor Gary Speed passed over the best you could muster as a tribute was 27,000 fans. You’re a mildly hateful club, but that’s about all there is to say about Leeds United these days. If we’d drawn an equivalent club, like Middlesbrough, Leicester, Derby etc., something would have had to have been written about them too.

    • Irving08

      Funny thing about Arsenal: (sometimes) under Wenger fantastic team, but always (and forever) a deeply boring club.

  20. Matthew

    By the way, slightly offtopic but the game was moved to ESPN on Monday 7:45pm, those who have Sky and can’t go will be screwed, however ESPN is free on Virgin Medias top tier package, always an option for those who can’t make it and want to follow the game.

  21. Captaincrash

    A truly great ‘away moment’ was that Viduka 3-2 strike and the relief and joy that brought.

  22. billy white

    I’ve just received an early christmas present its a Van Persie tea tray, its guaranteed to carry ten red and white mugs


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