Since retirement, Leeds United, Chelsea and Wimbledon legend Vinnie Jones has proved he’s more than just a brutal midfielder that gives the opposition nightmares, going on to become a big name in Hollywood.

And now he’s back to whip fat American’s into shape with his new fitness programme that guarantees success! Check out the video below to see the results for yourself.

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  1. steve maclaran

    Why on earth would we need Vinnie to give a half time team talk, when according to you Larry the great is doing such a wonderful job. Should have gone to specsavers laddy! Leeds could do with a Vinnie in midfield now.

  2. number1inyorkshire

    i wonder where Vinnie would come in a real list of leeds united legends as voted by the public ,he never was a sparkling footballer but i enjoyed his time at leeds for 1 ..

    we could as someone said already do with someone like him around now ,as could most clubs there are too many primadonnas around now .

  3. paulc

    I sometimes think Vinnie Jones does not get the credit for his time at Leeds. The guy was just what we needed , worked very well with Gordon Strachan and actually played some good stuff without being booked often or being sent off.

    Actually that time in the old 2nd Division was a great time to be a Leeds fan, the club was obviously going places. There was a real positive feeling around, sensible investment to help the manager to bring success and few fans knew or cared who the owners or chairman were

    Come to think of it , I knew nothing back then about administration , libel cases, shysters, CVAs, sickpots, off shore tax havens, off shore companies, secret owners, morons, dissidents or membership schemes, …oh happy days…..Doctor Who please take me back there right now !

  4. Arthur Graham

    I have to agree with the growing number of fans calling for Graysons head. Lets get a few chants going at leicester when no doubt his incompetence will cost us more points and drive the f**kwit out.

    • TSS

      That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The fans were in full support of him a week or two back, one result and you think they’ll turn on him? Don’t be ridiculous, the majority have more sense.

      This “growing number of fans” you speak of isn’t actually growing – it’s the same people who are never happy with anything, who think they could do a better job because they’ve seen the highlights and can pick flaws with the benefit of hindsight. When things are going well they pick up on every little error we make and use it as justification for their hate fuelled rants, and when things go badly, well, we descend into this nonsense.

      • Matthew

        Maybe by growing he means the several armchair supporters that whine on internet forums for Grayson to go have got 1 extra person.

  5. waccoe 4ever

    Too right Arthur lets drive the useless w*nker/fan/manager out. Keep the campaign going and with every lost match, points dropped, defensive nightmare and tactical nightmare many more will join the Grayson out cause.

    • Matthew

      Maybe you don’t understand, the current crop of Leeds United followers who go to games aren’t glory hunters, we’d be happy with the team just doing well and eventually going up.

      People can take a loss, but fingers need to be pointed if we get hammered like we did against Blackpool, of which, as someone who was at the game in my opinion was a team effort in said loss, although Rachubka is 100 percent the catalyst of our downfall these past few matches.

  6. Bradley-17

    Arthur Graham & waccoe 4ever – You’re morons. I don’t know if you’re WUM’s or just plain thick.
    “Support your team or fuck off home”.

    Answer me this, if not Grayson, who else that is around now, that you think we could get as a manager, would do half as well, with what resources we have? I look forward to seeing what stupid ideas come out of your heads.

  7. Arthur Graham

    You morons talk as if we have had one bad game, defend brilliant week in and week out and that fuckwit Grayson is on a par with Wenger and fergie. We will never get to the premier league with him in charge. Like you i will cheer our boys on from the ground not armchair but like a cancer i will spread gaining support every fuck up til homeboy gets the sack. Imberciles.

  8. Trig

    I can understand people’s frustrations at results such as blackpool the other night and our stop start form. One minute its doom and gloom the next there’s a ray of sunshine caused by a couple of decent results and then the inevitable slump again. But for the sake of common sense lets not start banging on about grayson getting the sack. Is it just because we can’t get rid of bates that someone else must go instead. Its madness the way people turn. So what we’re not in a great position at the minute yet I can’t see us getting relegated and so what if its another season in the championship, better than being a premier league whipping boy. I’d sooner be mediocre in the championship. Plus would master bates splash the cash if we went up? I doubt it. So lets stop calling for heads to roll (except maybe rachubka) and just stand side by side supporting a team we all love. Bitter discontent never won anyone anything and I don’t think thats about to change where we’re concerned either.

  9. Dave

    I have nothing to say other than the ‘Grayson out” brigade are utter morons. Morons our club could do without. Now go buy a man u shirt and have done with it… Please.

  10. Trig

    I don’t wanna appear to taking sides here either folks but when we start calling each other morons we sound like we’re in agreement with what master bates called some recently. Now I would never allow myself, I hope, to fall into that trap. Everyone is entitled to say what they like but as fan’s should we turn on each other. Unity in us fans is what will help our team get to where we want and know they should be. So lets get off each others backs support the boys. And maybe master bates will finally realise he may try and try to break us but we’ll never be defeated. He will love the fact that grayson is taking the flak when we all know its the chairmans lack of commitment to our club thats down to all of this. So come again, I implore you all to stay true to lufc believe in sg and the team and together we’ll get there. Mot!!!

  11. number1inyorkshire

    chanting for grayson to be sacked is NOT the answer ,and i do not want him to be sacked either but !!.

    We are at a cross roads with him or the club is ,and we are thinking the reason he shouldn’t be sacked is because he is leeds fan ,well he is ,but he is not getting paid for that ,he is being paid quite well to be leeds manager.

    He says he is happy with his lot ,finances etc etc ,he has brought most of the team in and sold some and brought in loans ??? now then ,now then .

    Bates will say he gets all he wants ,grayson that is ,and to be fair there has been plenty of players since he arrived .alright with a wage policy he will not get everyone he wants clearly but if we believe what we read ,Kasper ,paynter etc are on big ish money .

    His records not bad ,he got us up (just)and nearly to the playoffs .

    my question is when is the cut off point
    when will it become acceptable for him to leave or be sacked ,i hope its never but will it be ???

    • TSS

      When we’re in a slump he can’t reverse – as with any manager. Grayson has never been in that situation, he’s always turned it round, always racked up the points and continued to improve our league position year-on-year.

      Calling for heads to roll based on one game is oh so typical of modern football fans. They want everything instantly, can’t accept anything short of perfection and are generally, never happy. We’re turning into Arsenal with all this moaning, it’s ridiculous.

      It’s almost like these fans want us to fail. They seem to take pleasure in a bad defensive display because it proves their point – no one is considering the fact injuries have hampered our defence consistently for two straight years, before which, we had the best defence in the league.

      We had it sorted again at the beginning of last month and things were rosey (something the moaners are overlooking because it doesn’t suit their agenda) then Lonergan and O’Dea got injured and it was all change again. That’s been the problem for two years, dating back to Naylor, Kis and OB – how are people not seeing that?

      As someone said earlier, I think it’s partly displaced anger. They’re frustrated with other things at the club so they want someone to pay – it’s the wrong person that they’re venting their frustrations towards, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The rest is just reactionary nonsense internet forums are renowned for.

      Grayson is tactically inept because they know what he should have done with the benefit of hindsight is my personal favourite. But don’t worry, we’ll be back on form by the end of the month and they’ll pipe down again for a couple of while.

      • Matthew

        To be fair virtually everyone has been speaking about our defensive record for years. No one likes to lose, and especially by such a huge margin.

      • number1inyorkshire

        good answers but what does a fan do to vent his spleen ..
        its best to come on here and have a right go than to start doing a Blackburn and having a protest march etc ..
        with 90+post on the rachubka post its emotive and gates are dropping too .

        lets hope we can go on a run

  12. Trig

    Well he can only get so much out of what he has, so now maybe its time to break the wage and transfer structure enough to let us move forward and just get that extra bit of quality we need. Its highly unlikely that this will happen but maybe that will be the best way to judge just how much more sg can do with the team. I’d love for him to have just a little bit more class to work with. Wishfull thinking but gonna write my xmas wish list to santa asking for him to send the ghost of xmas past present and future to master bates and prey that helps our cause, and Sg’s

  13. Arthur Graham

    If Grayson had a team full of quality players it would make no difference. He cant coach a defence and thats been a problem for nearly 2years, he is tactically naive, he doesnt drop players whem they are woefully out of sorts. Thanks for dragging us back into the championship but with all the money in the world he wont take us any further. Bates scum and Grayson out. Mot!! Without the inept spackers at the helm of our great club

  14. Bremnersbarmyarmy

    I dont advocate sackimg larry yet though if im honest i dont think he will take us any further with or without cash. The fact is though as Matthew rightly says our defence has been a problem for a season and a half. Not just the one game. Being a Leeds/yorkshire lad may buy a bit more loyalty from us fans but lets not let that cloud our vision from the fact that there are ongoing problems on and off the pitch. How long should fans wait before they voice there disapproval? When we are facing relegation. It makes me laugh on here all the abuse amongst our own fans just because oppinions differ.

    • number1inyorkshire

      you are right about abuse mainly it has to be said from the grayson must stay brigade.
      Especially when us the fans will ultimately have no bearing in real terms .i mean by shouting , protesting etc ..

      what happens at leeds generally is a turn down in attendance when things are not well (fickle). Alright i hear you say thats us the fans not turning up because of results that will cost grayson his job especially with bates is concerned ,but results are borne out by the team and back to Larry , so he ultimately as tss said here until he can not turn it round ,but not because of that but because of the attendances not turning it round ,will bring (do you know what i mean )???..

      we need to get behind the team now til chrimbo ,it is easy though to be flying high one min and then be in a relegation battle next in champs at the mo ..


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