Is Rachubka part of a Blackpool masterplan to weaken their opposition so they can secure a return to the Premier League? Or was it Manchester United who trained him as a youngster so that he could humiliate Leeds United in years to come? And have we finally managed to sign a worse player than Tomas Brolin?

Whatever it was, I’m absolutely certain I don’t have the words to describe how bad his performance was last night. Only thirty minutes in and Leeds were 3-0 down, and all three goals were caused by Paul Rachubka’s dismal goalkeeping.

It was an absolute horrorshow of a performance; one which, in all my years of following this club, through all the highs and lows, I cannot compare to anything I’ve witnessed before. Make no mistake, Paul Rachubka made history last night.

It was like watching a complete breakdown happening right in front of you. Bemusement gave way to anger, anger gave way to booing, Paul Rachubka gave way to Alex Cairns. His career at Leeds United over in 45 minutes of football.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him personally. My reaction was one of stunned silence and pity, but those that booed did so justifiably. There was no other reaction for it – how else do you convey your frustrations after three amateurish errors?

Simon Grayson put Paul Rachubka out of his misery at half-time bringing on 18-year-old Alex Cairns to make his debut, but the damage was already done. Three goals down and with Tom Lees sent off for Paul Rachubka’s clumsiness, there was no way Leeds were going to get back into the game a man down.

It was the right move from Grayson. Paul Rachubka’s shattered confidence was only going to lead to further error, the defence had lost faith in him, the fans were on his back and it was an opportunity for Alex Cairns to make his debut free from any real pressure.

Leeds came out defiant and had Blackpool on the ropes for the first 15 minutes of the second half, but they quickly tired and the man advantage soon told with Blackpool knocking two further goals in to rub salt into our wounds.

Credit where it’s due, the two second half goals were quality from the Seasiders, with nothing young Alex Cairns could have done to stop them. But the writing was already on the wall, Leeds had beaten themselves. This wasn’t Blackpool coming to Elland Road and humiliating the Whites, the opposition were irrelevant. This was Leeds, or more specifically Rachubka humiliating Leeds.

Paul Rachubka made errors in his previous games and has been totally unconvincing dealing with balls into box, but there was no way anybody could have seen this coming. This is a goalkeeper whose pre-season displays impressed everyone, and who most felt would improve with a couple of games under his belt.

That wasn’t to be, and we’ve suffered a freak once-in-a-lifetime result as a consequence. His career at Leeds United is over, and that’s the end of it. Let’s not start calling for the head of our manager again and responding to defeat with the usual nonsense – we were on a seven game unbeaten run only a couple of games back after all, and that ability hasn’t just vanished over night.

We have to chalk this result up to a freak occurrence and concentrate on how we’re going to bounce back v Leicester City.

There’s some tough decisions to be made between now and then. Does Simon Grayson bring someone in or put his faith in young Alex Cairns, and who do we play in the centre of defence with Tom Lees suspended?

While Simon Grayson ponders those choices, Leeds fans should take solace in the fact we don’t get humiliated often, and when we do – we usually bounce back in style. Take the hammering at home to Cardiff City last season as an example which was followed by an unbeaten run that propelled us up the Championship.

Leeds will be looking to respond to this humiliation, and we have to believe that the lads are capable of doing so. All that matters now is how we respond on Sunday.

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  1. bremners barmy army

    A freak once in a lifetime result? Numerous times under Grayson we have lost games due to our inability to keep the ball out our net. Our goals against last year was terrible as was the last half of our promotion season. When will people realise that although Graysom is a local lad it isnt a guarentee of success however much the romantic in us would like him “one of us” to be. Graysons choices in the transfer market have been woeful on the whole and his defensive coaching shit. How many more POINTS will be thrown down the drain by his aquisisions and his ineptitude as a coach + his tactical naivity. Grayson the times up while we still have time to turn our season round and take that laser sighted goon Bates with you. We want our club back! MOT

    • Getgonenowlarry

      You have said it all in nutshell, Larry’s supporters want to take a good look at themselves or get to the opticians followed by the psychiatrists couch.

    • Mikelufc

      Couldn’t have put it better myself
      ” Let’s not start calling for the head of our manager again and responding to defeat with the usual nonsense ” says TSS.

      Is he for real, who the hell signed Rachubka, who is the manager, who is in charge of coaching, who has signed a whole string of very poor players?

      • TSS

        It’s one result caused entirely by one man’s breakdown – a man who was solid in pre-season. Get a grip, we’ve just come off the back of seven undefeated and Bates still isn’t giving us any cash to play with. SG has worked enough miracles.

  2. WhiteDubai

    I have seen this coming and I do not agree to not call for the managers head. The manager is ultimately for the teams performance and he is responsible for the players he fields. I have seen this coming for a long time, we were in an excellent position in the table 82nd9 at the beginning of january. We all expected the manager to strengthen the team but nothing happened. We just missed out of playoffs in the final days of the season and we all understood that the team needs to be strengthened to get us promoted. The manager and the chairman did nothing, we lost more players than we brought in. We can come with all kind of excuses but the fact remains, we do not have a strong enough team to get us promoted. All the excuses for not getting players in are just that: poor excuses.
    We have among the best attandance in the Championship, our ticket prices are the 5th highest in the country; why can’t we get a stronger team? Why do we still have to rely on loan players? Norwich have surpassed us on all levels without the same fan (funding) base we have.
    Obviously the manager can’t convince the chairman that he needs more money to spend.
    Or else the two of them should declare that this will not be the case and they are happy with our present position as a mid-table Championship team. Personally I am not. MOT

  3. dave

    i think bates is just treading water until the end of this season when he wont have to pay back any of the creditors millions of pounds anymore if we would have been promoted.

    as for grayson i think by and large he has done a great job with very small resources no matter how big the club is. the fact that we have to rely on freebie goalkeepers whilst the money for schmeichel miraculously disappeared has come back to haunt us.

    at the end of the day you get what you pay for and the fact bates didnt want to spend a little of that money to make sure we had two descent keepers has cost us at least 5 points all the space of three weeks since longergen got injured.

    we are we are because thats where we deserve to be. the thrashing to blackpool just emphasises my point even more

    • tim

      You have hit the nail right on the head.

      Bates never wanted to get promotion this year as you said it will cost him millions of his so called profits.

      He will push like hell next year for promotion ( and I say he will do it next year with out Grayson)

      • number1inyorkshire

        we ,myself and others have been saying this for a while .the embarrassment payments from admin are stopping us going up FACT ..

        he might aswell keep raking in the money then next year all that stuff runs out.

  4. Ls10

    What do you mean nobody saw that clown keepers performance coming? A traffic cone would have done better than him. He’s been at fault for every goal he’s conceded, if i and the rest of n12 can see this why couldn’t grayson? Persisting with him was wrong as was playing oh dear with blurred vision-Yes the keeper is shocking but the buck stops with the managers incompetence

  5. Peter

    it was a bit shocking, something we have all seen coming for a while, but come on, lets not go overboard. were leeds fans were used to not doing things the easy way :)

  6. Kev

    Shocking result,shocking performance Leeds had 24% persession to Blackpools 76%. this at elland road,I totally blame Grayson not a freak result it’s been coming and it’s time for him to go not once in 3 seasons has managed to get any kind of a defence together,

  7. PETE

    Leeds boss Simon Grayson says he still has faith in Paul Rachubka after the goalkeeper was taken off at half-time in the 5-0 defeat against Blackpool.

    if Larry plays him again he needs sacking END OF !!!!

  8. Cheesy Fingers

    I’ve been a staunch Grayson fan and have always backed him when others lost faith. But how long can LUFC march on with no defensive capability? The wing backs are playing out of their skins but centrally we are pony! Yes Kisnorbo committs to the header but he’s as quick as me Gran and I’m not even going to mention the flappy @rsed, butter fingered sideshow that is Rachubka! For me, people should stop shouting for Bates’ head and lean into Grayson!!

  9. Ken Bates

    Dear Morons,

    Thanks for calling for the manager’s head. I’d especially like to thank Cheesy Fingers and WhiteDubai for specifically trying to deflect criticism away from me.

    Keep arguing amongst yourself and blaming Simon. I hate the bastard for having the temerity for asking me to pay Max Gradel more than £8.50 per week. There’s a recession on!

    Anyway, the Autumn/Winter catalogue is out now, so make sure you buy some overpriced tat.


    Kenny B

  10. number1inyorkshire

    to be fair i said on a post earlier that in a team with more money rachubka would be 3rd choice it seems he is not that good …

    that said subbing him for cairns at that point didn’t serve a purpose either Because cairns was on when we got beat 5-0 and rachubka got a public humiliation which is never if rarely done in football ..

    that was bad management ..


    Although this can,t be placed at the door of bates he is still a c@#t..

    please some one tell me what happened !!!

  11. LUFC Quej

    You idiots calling for Graysons head are just deluded…. Go on then, tell me who could have done a better job with absolutely no resources and while your best players are allowed to leave for nothing because the Chairman doesnt want promotion.

    Grayson has continually had to fight against not only Bates lack of investment but has continually lost key players through no fault of his own…. Throughout all this, he got us promoted, and the following season just missed out on the playoffs while competing in the championship, with league one players against clubs that have spent millions of pounds…

    So go on, tell me WHO. Who is YOUR Jesus Christ who can change water to win and walk on water and perform other more impressive miracles?????

    This is what pisses me off so much about my fellow Leeds fans. A large contingent (too large) are nothing more than fucking deluded idiotic morons who still believe we “Deserve” to be in the premiership just because we are Leeds United.

    Get a fucking grip and get of Graysons fucking back you moronic wankers…

    • Cheesy Fingers

      Sorry Mrs Grayson!
      QUite honestly my Gran could be doing a better job!
      Tell me when over the last couple of seasons we have had anything near a quality rear guard. Other than loaning old mates to give them a last outing or loaning young kids who don’t want to be there, what has he done? I am not a Grayson hater as you can see if you read my email but while you stand there holding your tool and thanking him for promotion in seasons past and hoping for mid table success I will stand on the terrace and beg for glory aiming always upwards….I guess that’s the difference between “fucking deluded idiotic morons” and true whites! MoT

      • number1inyorkshire

        i don’t think thats MRS GRAYSON quite frankly right now i don’t think she could give a nats ass about her estranged husband .
        its clearly his blonde club employee who he is shacked up with LOL

    • Mikelufc

      Your foul mouthed response clearly highlights your intelligence so there is no point in a proper reply.

    • Graeme

      Well said, Grayson is performing miracles with no money; let the moaners come up with the billions required and a messiah manager.

  12. LUFC Quej

    number1inyorkshire – And if Grayson had left Ratty on and we had been beat 6 or 7 nil, you would be moaning about his lack of balls for not making a decision.

    Taking Ratty off was as much to do with the fact that Ratty was probably ready to open up his own wrists at half time. The game was already over so he might as well give Cairns 45 minutes.

    Grayson cant win with some people….

    • number1inyorkshire


      secondly the manager has come out and blamed him publicly there was no need ,everyone could see he had a bad night .
      wenger ,Ferguson etc etc would not have done that ..

      his replacement let in 2 ..
      he has not played at all well since he came in HE HAS SINGLE HANDIDLY COST US POINTS .
      he should have been replaced with a loan last week not when the door has been opened and the horse is down the road .if there is money now ,people have said it for 2 weeks now there would have been money then ..

      bringing on cairns did nothing for him at that point either ..

      lastly I am not bothered we got beat 1-0 or 5-0 you get the same points ,and neither am i picking on grayson in general i think he does alright ,but for him to play rachubka and publicly give him confidence which he did , when results and incidents tell a different story ,to change his mind when the going gets tough , to take him off ,them blame him in the media is poor judgement and bad management for this incident and something a good manager would never ever do ….

      so before you start blurting you foul mouthed rants about how good our manager is think about what people have said because me ,others and even grayson as he goes in to the loan market knows on this goal keeping issue he was wrong

      i thank you if only for reading my post to reply to it

  13. lufcboy

    Can we get an emergency keeper because ours is dogshit???? Almunia is available now I believe. But could we pay him more than £10 per week??

  14. dazza27

    To be fair grayson has made plenty of errors in the transfer market, however, I was at the peterbrough match and saw a good enoguh performance from a team that was basically put together for free and all but howson and technically white were grayson picks/transfer that day.
    We have progressed every season with grayson so far. Give him until the summer and then start moaning instead of supporting.

    • oldlufc

      Surely the Peterborough game is not a particularly good example to quote if you remember were were up against 10 men for almost an hour and contrived to throw the win away but for a fortunate winner in the 95 minute.

      I did’nt see Blackpool messing up against 10 men last night.

      Any team that ships goals like Leeds do has no chance of winning promotion.

    • oldlufc

      Surely the Peterborough game is not a particularly good example to quote if you remember were were up against 10 men for almost an hour and contrived to throw the win away but for a fortunate winner in the 95 minute.

      I didn’t see Blackpool messing up against 10 men last night.

      Any team that ships goals like Leeds do has no chance of winning promotion.

  15. Supetstarhozza

    Dave and LUFC Quej…WELL SAID! Simon Grayson is simply a tradesman without tools. What have we seriously spent? Where was Beckford and Delph’s replacements? Where’s the ambition? Bates is laughing his cock off at all of us. Yeah go sack one of the best managers in the country then let him keep Blackburn up or get Leicester promoted. The players try but are simply not good enough. Let’s face facts, Bates out! MOT.

  16. Will23

    Can’t agree with the comments in the report above that Rachubka humiliated Leeds, or will go down in history, or is comparable to Brolin, or that it should be the end of his LUFC career.

    And, to then claim a feeling of sympathy for Rachubka is surely the most insincere comment of the year Mr TSS?

    Our manager, “Grayson-Out”, his new moniker, SHOULD have demonstrated real-man man management skills and shown faith in Rachubka by keeping him on in the second half in my view. To give the man his full indefatigable support; the man he bought.

    Real-men support each other through thick and thin, marching on together and all that.

    Okay perhaps Grayson-Out felt he was doing Rachubka a favour, but you always tell your child to get back on the bike after they have fallen off and got cuts and bruises. He has done Rachubka no favours whatsever. I can hear the boos ringing out already when Rachubka next lines up, such is the fans support of players. Marching on together…unless you make a couple of mistakes then we justifiably boo you in a manner akin to what you can hear at a children’s pantomime – but this is grown men! LOL ;-)

    Why are fans so forgiving of Mr Leeds Howson’s many horror-show midfield disappearances most weeks?

    Bad days at work happen, mistakes happen, but there is no need to slaughter ONE performance.

    You give people a chance to show they are consistently incompetent before wielding the axe.

    Grayons-Out has had plenty of chances, but to many fans his tactical failings will be solved once he is given a million pounds or more to spend…as if somehow this best manager since Revie (as acclaimed by some)…is being held back by lack of funds?

    Sorry, that is nonsensical reasoning.

    Taxi for Grayson. I’ll pay for it.

    • number1inyorkshire

      YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT WILL he should have kept him on .although i have been lambasted by quej??
      but taking him off in these circumstances and replacing him with a kid was the ultimate in bad management until he slagged him of post match

  17. Tyler75

    We’re all hurting this morning but Grayson Out ? Get a grip. Who would we get to replace him ? Billy ‘job done’ Davis ? Strachan ? David Jones ? Ian bloody Dowie ? Rest assured the only managers prepared to work under a Bates regime would be the useless, the unemployed and the desperate.
    The argument hurled at Grayson often is that he is too loyal to players, arguably a more ruthless Manager (with deeper resources) would have axed ‘Chubs’ well before last night’s game.

    • number1inyorkshire

      the only manager prepared to work under bates would be USELESS ,UNEMPLOYED AND DESPERATE ,so is Larry 2 out of the 3 of those then ,,interesting

      • Tyler75

        Larry falls into the category of ‘Leeds United fan’. I also believe, god help us, that Steve Maclaren also falls into that category.

  18. oldschoolbaby

    Not sure now is the right time for a bun fight. Grayson has a hellof a lot to answer for in terms of our defensive frailties but goalkeeper acquisition has not been his primary failing.

    What we witnessed was the dismantling of a human being. Rachubka cannot be that bad a keeper. His problem is mental robustness. Confidence is an issue for most players. His makeup obviously leaves him particularly vulnerable in this regard. Sad, but football is not a sentimental business. He had to come off. You wouldn`t allow a dog to endure the suffering. He will pay a heavy price but he just needs to grip himself. He hasn`t lost his legs in Helmand. He`ll find a new club

    Cairns lookedlike a goalkeeper should look but you can`t judge him on last night. Oxygen tent for Mr Lonergan, please

  19. Danel

    Putting the goalkeeping performance aside, i think we need to make changes at Leicester. Pugh and Clayton look shattered and playing with 10 men was the last thing they needed. Lloyd Sam deserves a game, Becchio needs a start and i think Varynen should have a game.
    I am a Grayson fan but the one critisism i have of him is he isn’t willing to rotate, this has been a taxing run and he hasn’t changed his team once till this game when O’Dea was injured.
    Changes needs to be made for the Leicester game just to show that no ones place is certain.
    Also, i am gonna give credit to Howson, not having the best of seasons but fair play to him, went out to right back and argubly gave his best performance, was up and down the pitch trying to get us going and never gave up , how as captain he should be every game!!

  20. Gryff

    I don’t get this school of thought that whatever goes wrong it can’t be Grayson’s fault.

    This is because he has a small budget? Well we have no idea what his budget is but if we have to guess:
    he’s paid Paynter somewhere in the region of 13k p/w
    he paid Schmeichel somewhere in the region of 13k p/w
    He paid somewhere in the region of £1mil for Ross McCormack

    These are just 3 examples of the past two seasons but they’re not exactly indicative of a shoe-string budget. In fact I bet the likes of Doncaster, Palace, Millwall etc. would kill for the ability to spend £1mil on a player and give him £13k wages.

    That’s not to say I think Grayson should go. He’s built a good team this season. The problem is that Howson is lacking form and that good squad is about 15-men deep with failed buys on pretty decent wages filling the rest of it. Is that Grayson’s fault? Yes. But what would kicking him out and signing someone like Roeder or Dowie do for us?

  21. Mightywhite83

    Are we really blaming Grayson for a goal keepers inability to catch a ball?????

    I’m not defending Grayson one bit but let’s be honest we know bates has given him no money to spend so wat quality of players do you think he’s gonna be able to bring in??? The only 2 problems I have with this situation is 1. I blame rachubka for 95% of the goals Leeds have conceded over the last few games the goal against Cardiff was as much his fault the ball was in the box for god sake when o’dea got pushed he should of come and collected that ball, because of this he shouldn’t of played last night. Yes cairns maybe inexperienced but I can recall Alex smithies making his debut against us at 17 yes he made a mistake but look at him now give the lad a chance grayson I’d rather him play than pay ANOTHER loanee for the sake of a few games till lonners is fit again.

    2. Grayson should of stuck with rachubka in the 2nd half yes he was shot at confidence but maybe you would of got a reaction from
    Him 2nd half instead Grayson put a 18 year old debutant on instead it was obvious he was gonna be put under pressure and have lots to do we were on a hiding to nothing so why put him on and risk him making mistakes because of the pressure caused by rachubka? In this risking also damaging his confidence along the way so now we have 2 keepers with no confidence, as it worked out he didn’t do too bad and could do nothing with the 2 he conceded.

    Some people may disagree but I don’t think it’s the defence or the personnel to blame here it’s the system used, howson and clayton are not defence minded players howson uses to be a striker let’s not forget, we wouldn’t ask a striker to play in goal would we?? For me we should go back to a proper 4-5-1 with a player just sat infront of the back 4 like Scott Parker for spurs, push McCormack out wide and bechio upfront, this would solve our problems massively I feel.

  22. Bradley-17

    “Support your team, or fuck off home”
    Those words belted out, even 0-5 down with a man sent off. “We are champions, champions of Europe” still sung out at the closing of the match”. I’m still so proud of the fans, even the lads on the pitch. It’s a game where one person ruined it for us all. Let’s pick ourselves up, lick our wounds like we always do, and come back fighting.

    I’m sorry, but calling for Grayson’s head? You’re a mug if you do so. You’re talking about the man who won us over in his first 4 games. The man who won us promotion from league 1 with nothing but a packet of crisps and some jelly tots to bargain with. What has he honestly done wrong? Ask yourselves that. Have we been relegated under him? Wait, have we even been near the bottom of the bloody tables under him?! No. We’ve always been in the top half fighting for promotion. Calling for his head is totally unreasonable, and i’m sorry, i know we have to stick together as Leeds fans, but you’re an absolute tit if you think sacking a manager will do any better for our club.

    As for Bates, yes, you’re right, i don’t agree with what he’s doing, or what he’s done, but we’re stuck with him, so we have to deal with it.

    Times like these show everyone else what sort of a club we are. I bet some of the “Grayson out” comments up there, don’t even go to the games! Those complaining how Bates charges them to much, when all you buy from Leeds is a scarf and the occasional air freshener. This isn’t me hating on you others, because as Leeds fans, it makes you the best people in the world, but come on, let’s stick together, see it through.

  23. derbyshirewhite

    Surprised to hear Grayson say the only problem was the goalkeeper and ‘not the tactics or the players’. We looked second best from the whistle and totally unable to cope with the pass and move of the other team. Completely overrun in midfield. ‘That’s what Blackpool can do to you’ so why play 4-4-2? We’d have still been beaten with Joe Hart in goal, and Grayson needs to address that fact.

  24. Andy in Wakefield

    What’s the worst job in football? No not England manager, its being the Leeds United manager. Only a manager with a true love for Leeds could put up with the antics of Ken Bates. To find out what is wrong at Leeds one only has to read the hateful words written in the first pages of a matchday programme or look at the ground – millions being spent on the east stand whilst the team is filled with players on loan, free signings and players not good enough to be troubled by a wage cap. Simon Grayson, the entire team and staff at Leeds United need a medal from the Queen for getting Leeds United to be a mid-table club in the Championship. Poor Simon Grayson will today be looking for a goalkeeper with no funds to buy one. All fans need to direct their frustration at the correct target, not Paul Rachubka, not Simon Grayson but the snake within our midst -KEN BATES. Regards, Andy in Wakefield.

  25. mattbb1

    This is absolutely our worst ever performance at elland road. Rachubkas confidence will be at such an all time low that he needs probably to go and play in the MLS. It would be complacent to write this off as a bad day at the office. There were tactical blunders galore, chief of which was not just bringing on O’brien at half time, and sticking to a 4-4-1 with keogh up front, why on earth did we make life so hard for ourselves. I expect better performances will come and the season is not over, but perhaps grayson had ignored the warning signs with rachubka, and that is his responsibility. He pulled of good saves at Birmingham lets not forget, but something is clearly not right with his confidence.

    a loan keeper is needed until january, Stuart Taylor would fit the bill 3rd choice at City.

    • paulg

      Can’t agree that this was our worst performance at ER ….. were you not at the 4-6 Preston horror show last year? Last night was cuased primarily by the implosion of one man; Preston by the collapse of an entire team.

      No contest.

  26. Charlie Big Potatoes

    Every team loses games but the some of the comments on here just shows how stupid, unrealistic, impatient and what bad losers we Leeds fans really are. No wonder everyone hates us!

    We’ve lost TWICE in eight games and Grayson is now completely incompetent and should be sacked! Bates is right; there really is a significant proportion of Leeds fans that are utterly short sighted and completely moronic!!!

    This defeat (albeit embarrassing) was almost entirely due to being down to 10 men down and a freak goalkeeping horror show the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. How can Grayson or any manager for that matter legislate for that?! You wouldn’t expect that from a 17 year old academy graduate for god’s sake.

    Those saying Grayson should have had faith in Rachubka and left him on are talking rubbish! It bordered on a mercy killing, putting him out of his misery for his own sake as well as that of the side. He simply had to come off for the good of the team and there has to be a point where sentiment stops for a player and you say enough is enough! – God only knows how many more we would have conceded if he hadn’t been hauled off and how many more of you would off been asking for Graysons head if he hadn’t.

    And for those of you that are completely deluded about our current status let me say it as simply as I can – We are in the championship / we have a midtable championship squad / we are midtable in the championship / Bates spends no money / we have just sold off our player of the season. We are exactly where we should be given the resources!

    We are not a football power anymore, we’re not even famous anymore – A lot of you are still living the dream with wild expectations way above our current station; until there is investment this is our level so get a grip of yourselves and stop with the apoplectic, knee jerk, over reaction to every defeat like a bunch of spoilt kids! It’s embarrassing (even more so than last nights defeat) and gives us all a bad name.

      • Will23

        “A lot of you are still living the dream with wild expectations way above our current station;”

        No, this is bull…a few of us actually realise Grayson is a poor manager.

        This judgement has nothing to do with history, or expectations…just an objective assessment we do have a manager who is above his station actually, matey boy.

        “ get a grip of yourselves and stop with the apoplectic, knee jerk, over reaction to every defeat like a bunch of spoilt kids! ”

        The defence of Grayson is quite frankly embarrassing.

      • Chareose

        …….Will23 any substance to your disagreement ? other than saying you dont agree ??! lol

        Grayson = no money to spend = promotion and mid-table / playoffs with zero investment and despite bad morale, demoralized fans and his best player sold…….and you want him sacked ???!

        Your a xxxxing idiot….. as for the quality of Graysons signings…. how many players have we brought in over the last 2-3 seasons ??? Loads ! Because we came from div 1 and the players we had then wouldnt be good enough to play in the championship or potentially the Premiership. So hes had to replace most of his team with ZERO MONEY. To be perfectly honest with you hes done bloody well finding the Gradels and Claytons amongst all the cheap dross available to a manager with ZERO funds !

        Wake up you fucking idiots

      • Matthew

        I agree, but if anything I would like to see Grayson use the loan market before buying said player, most clubs if they dont want a player will loan them out too, so try before you buy per say. It worked with Lichaj the club are interested in him. This way we get less Paul Rachubkas and Andy O’Briens and more Adam Claytons.

    • Matthew

      @Charlie Big Potatoes

      Your ignorant and quite frankly contradictory rant reeks of hypocrisy, your kneejerk comments were especially funny to read when you were attacking Grayson saying he should be sacked blah blah(Sums up the words you used).

  27. CorbyWhite

    Even though Rachubka had a shocker I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Grayson’s tactical naivety. Yeah we had a great run, but he never rotates and has players with a point to prove i.e. Forssell, Vayrynen, Sam, Nunez…even Becchio isn’t getting started. Yeah McCormack and Keogh were playing well, but now they’re not scoring, give Becchio a chance again? And since he’s been in charge our biggest fault has been defence and he’s failed to bring in a player so far that has given me confidence before a game.
    Its all well saying “we’re leeds united we do it the hard way” but why the f*** does that mean before games against bottom of the table Donny/Coventry etc. we can’t believe in our own team.
    I’m not calling for Grayson’s head, but please if there is an oil rich baron out there willing to buy our club PLEASE DO!!

    I fear if the current Bates/Grayson regime continues we will be banished into mid-table nothingness with Snodgrass and Howson playing in the Prem and all our good players gone! MOT

  28. Matthew

    Hate to be honest, but as a team we were collectively shite last night, Rachubkas terrible goalkeeping skills aside had he not been in goal we still would of lost this game, we just wern’t good enough and Blackpool wanted it more.

    That’s all I have to say.

    • Matthew

      Also Grayson should of taken off McCormack and Keogh and put O’Brien and Becchio on and changed the formation to 4 – 4 – 1 after taking off Rachubka.

      Wasn’t fond of seeing Howson out of possition, at least with a somewhat unchanged midfield, a weaker defense with O’Brien on and Becchio playing the Lone Striker we could of at the very most made more of an effort to salvage a goal back at least.

      Graysons sub choices were almost as bad as Rachubkas goalkeeping lol

      • oldschoolbaby

        Don`t always agree with you but you`re right.

        I was thinking McCormack off, O`Brien on with Keogh and Becchio splitting the shift running themselves into the ground alone up front

        Howson gave his all but we still need to be scouring everywhere north of Stirling for a flame haired tyrant to lead this side.

  29. Colin

    Get Lonergan, tape his dislocated little finger to his 3rd finger and give him a Leeds United branded oven mit.

    It’s heat resistant too, giving Lonergan all the protection he needs.

    Job done.

  30. Rizzo

    I do not think Grayson can be held responsible for Rachubkas display last night. Although the team were rubbish as a whole the excuse might be they were in shock from witnessing our now EX goalkeepers display It is no fun watching our teams displays at the moment. The players do not seem to be enjoying themselves or have a true belief they can get promotion. Snodgrass being one and Howson- especially Howson at the moment. Why cant we drop and then sell Howson and bring Nunez into cenral midfield. We will not get promotion this year anyway but we will have a better understanding of Nunez qualities instead of the flashes we have seen so far. Also we can buy that guy from Coventry in midfield ?Clingan who we were after earlier. Howson is after being away anybody knows that. Clingan Clayton and Nunez seem to me to be better options.

  31. Dave

    No doubt in anyones mind about the goalkeeping errors, but that does hide a few facts.
    Before the the first goal and first goal keeping error Leeds couldn’t get hold of the ball, when they did get it they were awful.
    Leeds were slow out of the tracks and couldn’t get going in the first half, they come out for the second half 3-0 down and with ten men and scared the hell out if Blackpools defence, why couldn’t they show more in the first half when it was 0-0 then we could have won even with a shit keeper.

    • Matthew

      I doubt we would of beaten Blackpool even with Lonergan back and a full squad of 11 players, it likely would of been a 1 or 2 – 0 loss to us, as a Leeds supporter it pains me to say, but we simply were outclassed by an average team that made us look awful.

      If I was Grayson I would be looking to make big changes in the squad, possibly starting Becchio when he’s 100 percent and dropping Ross, and giving some of the better fringe midfield players more of a look in like Sam or Forsell.

      • Matthew

        *Mikael Forssell in as a Forward

        Sorry lol somewhat left that sentence unfinished

      • Graeme

        Yep, 4-5-1 with Snoddy & Sam out wide with Howson attackin midfields, watch em go!

      • Matthew

        I agree with 4 – 5 – 1, I hope Grayson sees sense and goes back to this for a few games. We’re fragile like glass at the back for now, a strong midfield is needed

    • Andy Nattan

      Yeah, I was particularly DISGUSTED by the period before we conceded when they’d not had a shot and we’d carved them apart down on the flank and had their keeper make a double save from Kisnorbo.

      Pro tip. If you’re forced to claim your “fact” is a fact by typing “FACT!”, you’re talking out of your arse.

      • number1inyorkshire

        uhhhhhhggggghhhhhhhhhhhh you don’t half look like ken bates!!!!!!! Halloween is over man that mask is offensive lol

      • number1inyorkshire

        sadly most of us are not pros thats a FACT ,FACT is most of the stuff i have read on here that has been written lately has come from ken bates ,thats another FACT ..

        for the most part they are opinions not FACTS including yours another fact …

      • Matthew

        Well said Number1, I havent seen anyone here passing stuff off as fact, if anything its all opinion. Anyways I think Rachubkas performance had a negative effect on team morale, we’re not a bad team just we played bad obviously because of the fact Rachubkas efforts were soul destroying for anyone and everyone who loves or plays for Leeds. Have to wonder if we would of played better with Lonergan in goal, I’m thinking we may of lost still but we would of played a damn sight better.

  32. oldlufc

    There was a time ER was a ‘fortress’ and teams disliked coming to play Leeds. They knew that Leeds would be at them from the off. In recent times Leeds struggle to keep a clean sheet and often allow the visiting team to seize the initiative and score 1st leaving the team with an uphill task in chasing the game. The Cardiff game was yet another example of this, gifting a ‘soft’ goal in the 1st half. Leeds did not really get going until the 2nd half. Can this be put down to SG, after all he is the man who selects the team and supposedly motivates the players is he not? It does make you wonder what goes on on the training pitch. I have real difficulty in understanding how Leeds can be so inconsistent with a decent display at Doncaster followed by poor home displays against Coventry and Blackpool. Of course Leeds are not going to win every game but they should be winning the majority of home games if they are to have any chance of making the play-offs.

    I am not calling for SG’s head, mainly because whoever was in charge would have a massive task working within the constraints imposed by Bates. However, we have now seen enough of SG, his tactics, transfer dealings, motivational skills etc to know that he will never be a top class manager.

  33. mattbb1

    We are gong through something of a mini slump at the moment its clear, but we arent good enough to compete agains the likes of cardiff, birmingham, leicester or Blackpool, so i wasnt surpsied we got beaten last night, and there is an argument that if you are going to get beatend you might as well get thumped.

    That said it hurts me when you see total incompetence, like last night. Remember Peterborough at 10 men? they nearly beat us – why the f**k couldnt we have done what they did? play possession football – at our own tempo – slow as you like, and then hit the balls forward? any team can do that.I rate grayson and i still believe in him but he has these dizzy moments where he lets his heart take over i think, he despearatwly wanted to show blackpool he was right to leave them, and just threw more attackers on last night.

  34. Colin

    This was a poor result…..Yes….but a lot of the problem lies with our manager who shows an inabality to rotate his sqauad.Same back four,same midfield,same attack.Swap one or two in every position every week and rest the players on the bench,that will keep the hunger to play at all times and keep them on their toes.McCormack and Howson and even Clayton all need a break once and in a while..

  35. Sailfin

    Graysons choices in the transfer market ! Lets get real ! hes had no choice, hes only been able to sign the dross thats left over after everyone else has had their pick. And, we all know that. Hes not managing on a shoe string but on a piece of very thin cotton. Who the hell realy thinks he would have signed most of these players if he had any real money to spend ! Come on, hes being shafted all ways round.

    • oldlufc

      “Graysons choices in the transfer market ! Lets get real ! hes had no choice, hes only been able to sign the dross thats left over after everyone else has had their pick. And, we all know that. Hes not managing on a shoe string but on a piece of very thin cotton.”

      Not sure that SG is having to manage on very thin cotton. Why is it always Leeds Utd that have the highest agents fees outside of the Premiership if we are only signing ‘dross’ and cast ‘offs’? If you analyse his transfer dealings he has signed some rubbish but you can bet he has paid good money for them in terms of wages, signing on fees etc. Look no further than Paynter, Brown, Bruce et al to see that he has had the budget but has not spent wisely. How much money have Norwich, Swansea and Southampton spent in comparison? It is not all about spending big money but about making the right signings. All decent teams are built around a solid defence and SG has failed in this area miserably, not just this season but ever since he has been at Leeds

  36. bradlufc

    There`s one good thing too come out of last nights result we now have an absolute outright winner for the goalkeeping postion in the “leeds worst team ever”, lukic had his moments and gary sprake was legendary for his craziness but i have never seen such an inept preformance in my life, my daughter could have made a better attempt at catching the ball for the second goal & shes only 2. youve gotta hand it to ollie though how he managed to sell us that tosser is beyond me.

  37. Matt

    Rabchumpka is a an ex-Scum, chinless freak. We got him on a free and should release him on one……
    Surely catching and holding the ball are prerequisites for being a good keeper..or just a keeper….is Jerzy Dudek still looking for a game?

  38. LUFC Quej

    number1inyorkshire – Graysons not one of the GREAT MANAGERS OF THIS ERA so comparing his decisions to managers like Wenger and Fergiscum is ridiculous!!
    He’s a Leeds fan, doing a bloody good job under very difficult circumstances. He is given NO FUNDS and NO BACKING by a chairman who just doesnt want promotion.
    He makes mistakes, he doesnt rotate the squad enough, he shouldnt have played Ratty for as long as he did, but what option did he have? An eighteen year old who has never started for the first team? He showed Rachubka support by playing him and he let him down. I wouldnt have just taken him off. I’d have taken him off and had 5 of the security guys beat him half to death. Why would Grayson leave him on for the Boo boys to boo and gear everything he did?

    The fact is that some of our players are underperforming…. Why? Is it because of Grayson or is it because they know they are playing for a club with absolutely no ambition. No doubt you’ll have the answer and would be able to sort it with a click of your fingers.

    Grayson needs a medal, not screams for his head everytime a result doesnt go our way.

    Oh, and Mikelufc – if you can read this post from atop your high horse. Just for clarity, you will find that swearing when passionate about something is not restricted to thickos and scratters and just for your info, I am a CIMA qualified management accountant, workin for Legal and General.

    Your assumption that my foul mouthed response is indicative of my IQ, says more about your IQ (or lack of it) than my original foul mouthed response does about mine.

    Oh my god, he swore. He must be a Neanderthal !!! Look no swear words in this paragraph…. I might run for the position of MENSA president….

    Get a Grip…

    • Will23

      “He’s a Leeds fan…” So what? This is zero relevance to judging him.

      “…doing a bloody good job…”
      Highly debatable of course. One man’s good job is another man’s average at best.

      “…under very difficult circumstances.”
      Compared to his peers there are far and away far better managers in and out of work who would have got the team playing proper football. Hoofball Grayson-Out is no better than Blackwell.

      If you want an average manager, Grayson-Out is yer man.

      “He is given NO FUNDS and NO BACKING by a chairman…”
      This is nonesense. He has paid out a fortune in wages…and look at how many of his signings have proven to be failures. You’ll need someone elses toes and fingers to count them.

      It’s a bloody good job Grayson-Out is not given a blank cheque – our club would then be as solvent as Greece.

      He cannot judge a player or even improve a player. He is not a technical nor tactical coach and not a very good man manager.

      Taxi for Grayson

    • number1inyorkshire

      1st= lots of our players are under performing because they are picked every week even when thy have been shite ,howson ,snodders ,rachubka to name 3 .thats down to the manager to pick his team ,he says he has competition at every place now so its down to him and of course he brought most of the squad in ,there can be no friends when picking the team ..
      2nd= you are missing my point when it comes to what i have said about grayson ,
      I have never ever heard a manager slag his player off like grayson did with rachubka ,ever .
      that was bad management some including me have said the job was finished he should have kept him on some said he was right to take him off ,what he was undoubtedly wrong to do was voice his opinion about his player ,which he brought here and give a public vote to recently ,and slag him off ..
      That is where my comparison with (i was gonna say analogy but couldn’t spell it)fergie wenger etc came in ,wenger sees nothing and fergie stood by Mr cantona when he assaulted a palace fan .
      what they say in dressing room is one thing ,but to the media is wrong ..

      Him ,grayson been a leeds fan has nothing to do with anything he will go down the road like his predecessors if there are more results like that ,he is not a leeds fan he is a leeds manager .

      swearing as much as you like for me by the way .
      grayson is not and never will be a great manger he will spend his time in the lower leagues in fact he is at his biggest club ,thats why he puts up with bates

  39. barneywhite

    There is only one man to blame and it is bates. We are a mid table championship side – if all play at their maximum we’ll flirt with the playoffs and if a few are below par we are bottom half. look at the tat in the club shop – the home and black replica kit are dreadful and the quality is atrocious. It is not because macron can’t make decent shirts but cos bates orders the cheapest possible and sells them at top price. Same goes for the squad – cheapest possible but charge supporters top price. We are the mugs in all this but what can we do? many are voting with their feet judging by the poor crowds – for me it is buy nowt from the club – next decision point is season ticker renewal. Grayson is doing a good job at a great club with a complete twat at the helm.

    • Matthew

      Personally in regards to Goalkeepers I blame both Grayson and Bates, as things stand we would of been better off keeping Kasper and getting Lonergan and having both competing for that number 1 shirt. We’ve proven we’re weak when Lonergan is injured in the goalkeeper area which could of been preventable, Kasper wanting to leave on a free after the 2 years were up on his contract aside he would of saved our arse yesterday, no one could deny that.

  40. Steve from North Carolina

    I have been a LUFC supporter since 1969. In my opinion the team and field management will not get Leeds back into the EPL. Grayson has taken Leeds United as far as he can. Investment in the team is lacking. LUFC supportrs should realize that it is going to take a change in ownership and field manager to move forward. It breaks my heart but I think this is reality. Best wishes to all.


    FFS, get rid of Grayson?! He is still learning his trade and we are on the right course under his management. The Blackpool result was a freak occurrence.
    Revie was an inexperienced manager when he took over at Leeds and giving him time certainly paid off.
    Bates is the only person holding our club back.

    • Matthew

      I agree, if anything Grayson just needs the money to get the players he needs, he’s playing trial and error at the moment and it doesnt always pay off, not his fault.

    • Will23

      “Learning his trade”.

      But is he actually learning at all…I don’t think so.

      Some people reach the level of their competence early in life and are not destined to change the world.

      Grayson’s level is league one. He is a journeyman manager who got lucky in getting the Leeds job.

      Giving money to Grayson will be like giving money to Greece. Wasted.

      • Matthew

        Journeyman manager, what after being at 2 clubs including Leeds? I suggest you look up the meaning of journeyman.

        And his level is league 1, did you not see how he tends to get promotion with the sides hes at?

        Lol funny comment is funny. Some fans have a funny view on things, funny in a stupid way.

      • Will23


        He IS a journeyman manager at the start of his journeyman career.

        If you prefer, I can state it differently…

        He WILL BE a journeyman manager when we look back on his career.

        Either way, you cannot avoid it, the journeyman description is most fitting.

      • Matthew

        But the thing is, he really isn’t and likely never will be. After Leeds he’l likely be at his next club for just as long especially if he drops a league and gains promotion with another decent side.

        Also apoligies, I wasn’t calling you stupid, more the very notion of your comments.

        I’m not Graysons biggest fan but he’s a great manager non the less, the fans at Elland Road at games back him, myself included. As someone else said, it seems more Grayson out only on the internet?

        I can see him still being manager next season, especially if he gets us into the playoffs but ultimately fails to gain promotion, Bates will love the attendence figures for those gains and will likely think as we’ve improved from last season the next season could be it for us.

        Anyway we’re all entitled to our opinions, I’ll leave it at that.

      • Chareose

        Dear Will23, again i read your posts and again there is no substance or argument just your opinion stated as fact.

        Ok you think its all Graysons fault…..we get you, now if you have nothing else intelligent to add – doors over there mate. Cheers

  42. CorbyWhite

    He clearly isn’t learning a thing as defensive capability has been our problem for the last god knows how many years!


    I’ve never heard the crowd chant for Grayson to be sacked at Elland Road and we always get a chorus of “there’s only one Simon Grayson”. How come all the ‘Grayson out’ comments are only on Internet forums? I can probably guess the answer, but instead i’m really interested in who they feel is a better alternative.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but how about some realistic suggestions or accepting that we need to back Grayson and the team and turn our negativity towards the true cause of our problems – Bates.

  44. bremners barmy army

    Ive been a season ticket holder for the last 25yrs and followed our club home and away since 1970s when i was a bairn. Ive spent more than i should on merch. Though i dont buy merch at mo or anything else on matchdays that will benefit that twat Bates. It is my opinion and many others i talk to on match days that Grayson has taken us as far as he is going to. I will carry on cheering our boys on whatever. I wasnt one of the many booing our inept excuse for a keeper wednesday night. Mot

  45. Minden12

    I was at the game Wednesday night supporting the mighty ‘Pool. Yes it was a fine display over the 90 mins. But, it would not of been a 5 nil whitewash had it not been for ‘Chubs’ and the sending off of Lees, who deserved to go. What the outcome would of been if all 22 were on the park; is anyone’s guess and this league is wide open?
    I felt sorry for ‘Chubs’, but also know, from experience at Blackpool, what a liability he can be. Yes, the damage was done and in the second half you came out with all guns blazing, which was an obvious reaction to the start of the second half and then the extra man became an obvious advantage as Leeds tired. To be honest, if we hadn’t played about with the ball and constantly passed it about in the latter part of the first half; it could of been more than 3 nil, but then again we could of been open at the back and conceded and the same applied in the second half. It could of been 7 nil if Ince and Co. had scored or perhaps 5 v 2, we will never know?
    As for the minority of Leeds fans that are calling for Larry’s head – shame on you; he’s a damn fine manager and will take you up with us!!!!

  46. oldschoolbaby

    With all due respect Minden 12 we`re not so much interested in whether you think SG has qualities as whether you would swap him for Holloway ? I haven`t been screaming for his head but when a number of Championship managers drmonstrate they have better credentials it is perhaps time to ask if he`s the right man to lead us to the PL

    Does he present himself well and exude quiet authority ?
    Does he express himself well inspiring confidence ?
    Is he a motivator ?
    Does his tactical nous appear obvious ?
    Can he create a, say, defensive unit greater than the sum of its parts ?( Look at what Adkins has created with two former Leeds defenders )
    Can he identify a Captain who can enforce his will on the Pitch ?
    Can he identify his personal weaknesses and enlist backroom support to compensate for the deficiency ?
    Are the clear majority of his transfer forays successful ?
    Is his eye firmly on the ball or the secretarial pool ? ( cheap shot but legitimate question )

    He works in a, perhaps uniquely for the Championship, challenging environment with massive expectations. He has Bates as a boss. He clearly loves the club and has passion to burn. He will never have all the managerial qualities you need. But, if he isn`t over 75% of what you want and need him to be then, shameful or not, I`m afraid there will be fans asking the question

  47. Mark O'Connor

    Have to question graysons judgement on signings , I don’t think he can take us to the next level .

  48. Phil Lawrence

    And how come a goalie cannot play because of a “broken” finger? How bad would it be if one of our incredibly brave soldiers couldn’t fight because of a grazed knee?!? Get a grip football managers, these are grown men you’re working with!! Tell them to stop pi55ing about and get on the field!!

  49. Ben Rosamond

    I suspect ghat a soldier would be taken off the front line if his trigger finger was broken. A fully functioning hand would seem to be a basic requirement for a goalkeeper – catching, parrying, throwing etc. Mind you Rachubka started the game will two fully functioning hands last night. His arse and his elbow didn’t seem to be communicating very well though.

  50. John Cunningham

    Bad signing but how much is this down to bates with is wages, where going nowhere with him

  51. Ben Rosamond

    Has anyone picked up on the fact that Rachubka played 121 games for Blackpool before joining us and might have been extra-nervous last night? Still, the policy on goalkeepers has been very strange of late. Kaspar S (or Casper A for that matter) would have been perfectly good back ups for (the admittedly excellent) Lonergan. I also thought we let Shane Higgs go prematurely. Goalkeeping strength in depth has been a a defining feature of Leeds since I was a kid in the 1970s .. I hope Alex Cairns has a touch of the young Lukic or Robinson about him. That was a tough baptism for him last night.


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