Barnsley’s manager, Keith Hill (I’d never heard of him either) has taken it upon himself to spice things up a little ahead of today’s fixture, telling the Yorkshire Post that Simon Grayson has no right to complain about players lost, but should instead be satisfied with those recruited.

Contrary to popular belief that Ken Bates has been a hindrance to Leeds United’s promotion push by failing to supply adequate funds for the manager – instead pouring funds into the redevelopment of the East Stand – Keith Hill’s delusional rant suggests he thinks Simon Grayson’s budget is reflective of our current position.

The Tykes manager’s exact words were;

“Give every manager in the Championship or every respective league the same budget and let’s see who the best team and the best manager is,

“But it’s not like that. It’s unbalanced. There are those who have and those who have not.

“I would like to see what Arsene Wenger suggested a few years ago because he was 100 per cent right. At the beginning of the season, every Championship club should pool their resources and share it equally amongst the teams and the managers. Let’s see who gets promoted and who gets relegated. Let’s do that. I would probably finish top!

Setting aside Keith’s enormous ego for a second, he really should have taken a little peek at the respective spending of each club this summer, as it may prove enlightening for him.

Barnsley’s summer transfer activity saw the sale of Jason Shackwell for around £1,000,000 with Craig Davies brought in for circa £700,000. A net gain of approximately £300,000.

Using Keith Hill’s “I am God” theory on football success, cash spent is directly equal to the quality of team you end up with – thus, Barnsley’s team decreased by £300,000 in terms of quality.

At Elland Road meanwhile, Simon Grayson made just one signing. Andy Lonergan arrived for the bank-busting fee of £300,000, whilst the sale of Kasper Schmeichel and Max Gradel was believed to bring in somewhere in the region of £2,500,000 – Leeds therefore have lost £2,200,000 worth of quality.

Strange then that a manager who “would probably finish top” if it wasn’t for the uneven field he has to battle on finds himself 10 places below Simon Grayson despite the £1,900,000 difference in net transfer fees.

Maybe it was that hefty £700,000 Simon spent the year previous, when Barnsley spent erm… around £300,000 more?

What about 2009/10 when Leeds spent a grand total of absolutely nothing despite selling Fabian Delph for £7,000,000 worth of East Stand executive boxes? This would be the exact same season that Barnsley bought Andy Gray for £1,000,000 and Adam Hamill for around £500,000.

As damaging as this may be to Keith Hill’s over-inflated ego, the facts tell you everything you need to know about Simon Grayson’s allegedly “good budget.” It’s non-existent.

Yet despite three consecutive transfer windows where Leeds have lost their best players and made financial gains rather than pushing the boat out for big name players, and despite the fact we lost half our first team as Bates cashed in, Leeds still sit 10 places above Barnsley and their God-like manager.

This is why I’m all for Keith Hill’s idea to level things out. If Simon Grayson is ten places above him with a disadvantage, just imagine how easy this league would be if we levelled things out.

In fairness to Keith, the rest of his interview was actually quite balanced and complimentary towards Leeds, but his delusional self-belief was hard to ignore. Read the full interview on the Yorkshire Post website

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  1. CJ

    Big thank you to Keith Hill for doing Simon Grayson’s team-talk for him. Let’s hope we give his team a good drubbing!!
    Keith Hill has achieved nothing so far. Let’s see where Barnsley are at the end of the season.

  2. Mushy

    You forgot how much the respective clubs pay in wages. The less you spend of your budget on transfer fees, the more you have left to pay wages. I think a lot of Grayson’s funds have been used to pay the wages of loanees from top-flight clubs. I’d be curious to see a comparison between the top earners at both clubs, but I doubt the figures are available.

  3. number1inyorkshire

    i did think he was talking a little from his bit from his seating arrangements when i read that in the post or wherever it was .he obviously doesn’t read this site with all our ramblings about no spending .

    at least we will have a replacement for lazza when he leaves for the prem .he will get us promoted with no dosh.

    he will be a god at bates towers ,no money promotion WOWEEDOWEE !!

  4. WILKY

    Can’t recall Barnsley FC ever paying anything remotely close to the figures suggested in this post. Sold Hammill to Wolves to the tune of £500,000. Keith Hill would win the Championship with the same cash and will probably win today with less. COYR!

    • Birstall white


      keith hill…who is kieth hill? win the champoinship no not with barnsley, and as for today…not a chance

      • WILKY

        @Birstall white Oops it’s 2 now … how the hell has this unheard Manager producing such a feat? BarnsleyFC

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Birstall white@WILKY even i have to agree birstall white you have a massive egg nog on your face

        hindsight is the most exact science

  5. Michael

    Craig Davies joined Barnsley on a free transfer which is just a tad less than this mystery 700 grand you speak of. Our total transfer activity this season cost £1.2m, but since we got in £1m our net spend was 200k and we’re 15th. What would Simon Grayson have done with that?

  6. Gryff

    lol I love when people decide to stroke their own egos in interviews.

    That said, although he’s clearly a bit deluded, we haven’t taken wages into account. Bobby Hassell ex of Mansfield, or Jim McNulty ex of Brighton probably don’t demand as much as Luci Becchio or Jonny Howson?

    Then again, I have no idea what that specific idea of Wenger’s (no doubt as part of a bitter complaint at the ref not letting his team cheat) was.

    The wage cap in NFL is pretty good, though. All teams can only pay their team so much, with cap-hits for releasing a player and cap-allowances for being crap. Don’t necessarily see a problem with spending on transfers though. If a club makes money it’s got to spend it on something, and I’d rather Arab oil-barons spent their money in UK.

  7. Junkster

    What a ridiculous post.!!! If you are going to post figures on here then please make sure they are accurate or at least close to the truth..!!! The only sum mentioned on here that is anywhere near that is the fee recieved for Shackell.

    Hamill, purchased for around £250,00, sold for £500,000

    Gray purchased for around £600,000

    and I’m not sure that Barnsley have layed out a fee at all for Davies.!!!

    Please lets also bear in mind that Hill has only taken over at Barnsley this season so any other purchases/sales are actually irrelevant to the thread, ie Gray, Hamill.

    To add some balance to my response however, I will say that I do agree Grayson has done an outstanding job at Leeds with the apparent lack of budget he has had, though as another poster states, what is the wage budget like.?

    I can only wish that some Arab/Russian/American benefactor would invest in this little town club and give Hill the same resources some of the other clubs have had as I believe that with some money behind him, Hill would do as he says.

  8. Michael

    You also forget to mention the gulf in wages and loan fees paid. Simon Grayson has a much bigger budget than hill, just chooses to spend it on wages and loans not transfers. Which is probably best since the only player he bought this season has been a flop

  9. CJ

    Facts are, whatever Leeds United spend on transfer fees or wages has nothing whatsoever to do with Keith Hill. Who the hell is he anyway? He should concentrate on his own crappy little club!

  10. Whitey

    No wonder the author of this factually flawed article is nowhere to be seen.
    What an embarrassment.
    The figures are so far out its quite laughable. And to claim “Ive never heard of him either” says more about you than it does Keith Hill.
    Keith Hill who captained Blackburn in their rise back to the Premier League but was sold when Uncle Jack spent his millions on winning the title with Hendry, Ripley and Shearer etc..
    Keith Hill who took over at Rochdale 5 year ago at the foot of the football league, and with no money got them to 2 playoffs, before getting them promoted for the first time in over 40 years.
    Keith Hill who then guided them to 9th in their debut season in League One, after been around the top 6 all year.
    Keith Hill who made the careers of Grant Holt, Craig Dawson, Chris O’Grady, Rickie Lambert and Adam le Fondre to name just 4..
    Keith Hill who took our job on this summer, a job that Mark Robins bottled due to 50% budget cuts. And a job where Keith Hill lost captain and POTY Jason Shackell for under a million, and then had to build a squad with that money. Around 10 new players brought in..
    Scott Wiseman & Matty Done from Rochdale – 250k..
    Jimmy McNulty from Brighton – 75k..
    Rob Edwards, Craig Davies, David Perkins and Ricardo Vaz Te – FREE TRANSFERS..
    And Miles Addison, Danny Drinkwater, and now Nile Ranger on loan deals..
    And to the author, who obviously does no research in preparing such drivel, I suggest you go watch Barnsley Player, and the interview where Keith made these ‘budget’ remarks.
    When he said the top of the league comment, he, and the interviewer were laughing. It was said in jest!
    Jeez.. nay wonder nobody likes Leeds.
    And how can you mock a manager like Hill, when your gaffer is Grayson?! He’s hardly a name is he? Just an average player who somehow made it into management. He’s the deluded one to be honest. He reckons your team is better now than it was when we spanked you last term!?
    Aye, alright matey..
    Schmeichel and Gradel arent there anymore, and they were your best players with Snodgrass and Becchio. And the latter doesnt even get in your team anymore…
    Ah well, I cant wait to take the points this aft, and show you who is the better team, AGAIN!

  11. johnfrumtarn

    Davies was a free transfer – and as previously stated Hamill and Gray were before Hill arrived – Get your facts right before you spout your tripe

  12. Allen

    The other point is… if you had heard the interview itself, the comment about him probably winning it was said in jest, not as a serious comment. Lighten up.

  13. Whitey

    Where are you? The author of this mess I mean?
    Giving your head a shake I hope… dear oh dear

  14. AbeFromPlevna

    This ”article” is one of the reasons Leeds fans are hated by every other clubs fans, what a pile of crap!

  15. picks

    What an over reaction to tongue in cheek interview. Shocking ‘facts’ with the transfer fees. Terrible article

  16. tarnboy

    lets do a 10 year spend comparison, or even a 20 year one, or at least let us get the facts right, we signed graig davis on a free!!, we signed andy gray for much less than a million,( and hes not very good),

  17. albundy

    Firstly, the interview wasnt with the yorkshire post, it was on Barnsley Player. The words about everyone having the same budget were not his words, he was quoting something Arsen Wenger said and agreeing with it, and finally, Keith saying he would finish top was a joke and he giggled to himself.

    He isnt arrogant, though he is a cofident fella and has a right to be. Not heard of him? well you soon will have pal. P:S. get your facts right before spouting crap.

  18. AbeFromPlevna

    egg on face Leeds 0 – 2 Keith Hills Red Army…………and its only half time…..this could be a massacre again

  19. AbeFromPlevna

    what’s it like to be outclassed yet again? you gobshite Leeds fans never learn. LOVE IT !!

    • number1inyorkshire


    • number1inyorkshire

      @picks talking of penniless leeds alright you beat us today ,but as they say its a marathon not a sprint and i will bet come May we will be nearer the top than Barnsley

  20. AndyJames


    change contents to: facts that resemble the truth

    illustrate it with: nice little pie chart

    continue to: live in the past

    • number1inyorkshire

      @AbeFromPlevna read above what you doing here anyway haven’t you got a sister to take out its saturday .

      you must have a barnslah site to slag us off on ..

      ohh i know you are a leeds fan in disguise

  21. number1inyorkshire

    right i will take one for the team here from all the Barnsley clog boys who have posted and no doubt will come back!!!!!

    you were better than us all of the 1st half and most of the second and we never looked like scoring from open play .you deservedly won !!!.

    now thats it you don not need to say owt else and can go back to Barnslah wi thi heds held hi sitha tha noz ,(my spell checker fainted) lol dust off your best cloth hats for the sunday ritual of ferret slingin /

    but well done you won your cup final and a usual we were second

    i than kyou


    So what about the wages? If you think he was referring to the transfer fee only you are making yourself look like a complete prat. Compare Leeds and Barnsley’s respective budgets. Like him or not he was 100% spot on.

  23. Matthew

    I’m usually the first to defend Grayson on here, but today convinced me he isn’t the guy to take us forward, beyond the teams performance, the sub choices were fucking dreadful, why take off your 2 top goalscorers when you’re trying to come back into the game(Granted Becchio was from last season) but man oh man..

    I’m not a Bates fan either, but he really should of left Ross on the pitch, also Nunez at times is too lightweight, it was clear in the Burnley game, a good defender/midfielder can easily muscle him off the ball, granted he had some good efforts in both games.

    Ugh.. I would be saying this even if we won or drew.

    • number1inyorkshire

      Matthew .oh Matthew ,we had this conversation recently about lazza and you almost made tss run out of computer sticking up for grayson .well let me tell you where i sit in family stand L34 there was a lot of dissenting voices today again not chanting, but saying the same as you said some giving him til Christmas at best ,this as i said before is growing by the match and it was just as bad walking the 10 minute walk back to the car .

      there was only 1 player worth his wage today ,snodders .

      i will reserve my best thoughts for the post match posting =post mortem

      see you on the post match , its gonna be a rough ride for team and manger today

      • Matthew


        My main issue is more the tactical ineptitude being shown by him, if anything if he isn’t panic subbing someone, he’s taking off the wrong players lately costing the team the game, he needs to like, having more faith in some of the guys on the pitch, even if they aren’t doing so great, historically Becchio even on off days is good at getting last minute winners, we’re a team with the right guys on the pitch that will sometimes get either a last minute goal to level things, or a last minute goal to take the win. Taking off the pieces that can yield this result is just ridiculus.

        Defensive issues aside, it feels like when we take one step forward we ultimately take 2 steps back. This game is solid proof of this. He needs to learn that just because you have 3 subs per game, you don’t have to use all 3 lol.

        Ugh.. I wanted to keep faith in him but my patience is starting to wear thin, I almost don’t want to bother watching games at ER or away because we end up making the same stupid mistakes, with the same inept tactical issues game after game.

      • Matthew


        But yes, on a whole this game we were dreadful, more a 4 out of 10 performance.

        On a whole we do need a new manager, if we want to leave this league, we make the same defensive mistakes, the same bad tactical choices game after game and It’s the quality of some of the players that essentially rescue the game for us when we get the win, or the draw, any less of a team and I firmly believe we’d be relegated.

        Of course, we also have the whole issue of players getting injured in training.. Coaching staff/manager lately have been showing nothing but ineptitude lately.

        Granted this is a pretty radical change in views from me on a whole and yes I think I probably made TSS run out of bandwidth defending Grayson with the huge speeches I made in support of him but ugh.. again..

        On a whole I’m someone that likes to give someone a chance, but I won’t be mourning the loss of Grayson if he ends up being sacked by Christmas or end of Season.

        And yes I don’t think we’re going to get promoted this season, playoffs if we’re lucky.

      • Matthew


        I’m not the protesting type. I’ll just quietly watch him either throw games away, or just enjoying the moment when we win lol

        I never have been the protesting type…

  24. RichardMarkHarper

    What was the score Mr Again?

    And am sure its easier for Leeds to attract new players more than Barnsley!!!

  25. RichardMarkHarper

    This reporter needs to do his homework!

    Davies was a free transfer!!


    And how much did McCormack cost??

    I bet he cost a Bomb!!

    Think he needs a new job

    Some bad reporter or what!!

    Nothing against Leeds

    just this reporter!!

  26. Colin

    TSS – Barnsley have spent more than Leeds? What a load of bollocks. Completely incorrect.

      • Colin

        @TSS Nope. Beardy Bates won’t allow the numbers to come out, but there’s nothing to prove. You certainly put the cat among the Barnsley pigeons though! Mieow :)

      • TSS

        You mean the same transfer fees you’re happy to discuss and speculate on the rest of the time?

        These things always get out Colin, you know that as well as I do. However much Bates would like to keep in a secret, when there’s half a dozen lawyers, two managers, two football clubs, the player and agents involved, it simply doesn’t happen. If the widely reported figures were so far off the mark, Bates would be the first person to shout about it and you know it.

        As for pissing the Barnsley fans off – fuck ‘em.

      • Gryff

        @TSS If you take issue with one, then by implication all the rest are true. I’m not so sure Bates would talk about it.

        It is noticeable that the one time he came public was with Gradel’s fee, which was about £1mil less than some of the media were speculating about.

        Sure the figures will spill out, but there’s also going to be a lot of fans making it up for respect, a lot of hacks making it up for their articles, and it’s difficult to distinguish between them all when the real fees only ever come from mouth.

        And especially if we talk about – it’s actually a German website and I’d be surprised if they’re that bothered about rigorous standards for one of numerous foreign leagues they cover (Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, not exactly specialists)…

        Couldn’t agree more with the Barnsley sentiment tho.

      • Colin

        @TSS I’ve got a slight bug bear about transfers (and that’s why I get irritated – sorry!) because, I don’t think they are that important. My feeling is that wages and contracts are what is important, and we rarely get to hear about them. I think Bates somehow dodged a bullet on Gradel (don’t know how) when it came out that Leicester got a massive cut of his transfer fee – i’m not sure why we agreed to that.

        I’m pretty sure that if we get promoted, all the talk will be on how much the manager has to spend on new players, but to be honest, it’s more about what wages they are paying. BTW, Eddie Gray made an interesting point the other day – he spoke to Paul Lambert last season and asked him how much he had to spend on players. He said “Eddie, I’ve got £36,000. That’s it.” That’s how much we spend on wages for Paynter and Rachubka in a fortnight. Now that amount is okay if you’re spending it on Snodgrass and Clayton, but when it’s on non players, that’s when the problems come, and I believe, the money pinching Bates, then put’s the pressure on Grayson.

      • Gryff

        @TSS I’ve heard the rumours that Paynter was on £12k p/w, but that would put Rachubka on £24k p/w when he was on a free with little interest in him and so no position to negotiate?

      • Gryff

        @TSS That was a reply to Colin, despite Livefyre’s confusion btw lol

      • TSS

        Wages are relevant to the division Colin, not an unfair burden only Leeds United have to tolerate as Ken Bates would have you believe. There’s an average wage, and some clubs are below it, some above – Leeds are definitely not the latter based upon the players that turned us down for “lesser” sides paying better wages.

  27. matt

    Mccormack was bought for around £300,000. Not a bad price considering andy gray was bought for around double that

  28. thisarticleiscrap

    Tongue-in-cheek comment about finishing top. It;s obvious who the ‘deluded’ one is after reading your ramblings. Slack research, slack writing, slack article. Shocking. Craig Davies 700k? Haha. Doesn’t take a genius to find out he signed on a free. Andy Gray 1m? You added three extra zeros! Don’t believe what you read in the Leeds Post either, he didn’t say ‘I’d probably finish top’ go watch the interview on the video first. And then you go and completely contradict yourself and the whole point of the title and article with the quote ‘the rest of the interview was actually quite balanced’. CLUELESS, PAL.

  29. CupFinalWinnersAGAIN

    That Cup Final taunt just plays into our hands..
    We must have a (scratching) shed full of trophies now, considering how many of these finals we win..
    And speaking of cups, when was your last FA Cup final? Or semi-final even?
    Ours was 3 year ago, THA KNOWS SITHI!
    See you at the ‘Well, when 6,000 of you turn up for YOUR Cup Final replay!
    2-1 to the Football team

  30. number1inyorkshire

    tell you what tss you have upset the barnsla fans .

    god knows what would have happened if more of em could read ….

  31. WIll23

    What to do about a problem called Simon (& Captain in name only, the awol, Mr Leeds)?

    Nothing else to say that has not been said before, but only to observe that, better late than never, the murmurings in the crowd are getting louder.

    The writing is on the wall for SImon Grayson, as much as it is for the Euro. Both are overvalued.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @WIll23 we will,Will finish above Barnsley ..

      howson is mr absent when we play like we do its time for a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 as some call it .to be fair they were all absent yesterday apart from snodders ,why do we continue to play him on the right ????

      when i get my staff today i am gonna get my waitress to chef and chef to run the bar and the cleaner to wait on tables .round holes square pegs .

      what a bad team performance that was ,bring on the post about it

      • WIll23

        @number1inyorkshire@WIll23 Have you got a spare job going for Grayson?

        He’s not very adept at rising above the ordinary and has no defined principles on how things should be done other than apparently to “entertain”…so have you got room for a clueless jester? ;-)

      • Matthew


        Graysons problem is that he can’t get the team and club out the hole its currently in, its not just down to money, its also down to motivation too, we shouldn’t be shit on by crap teams like Barnsley from the get go, we should be taking the fight to them the moment the game starts.

        I dislike performances where we’re absent for a large majority of the game and only come back into it when a goal is scored or when we wake up and realise we’re actually playing a game of football.

        Where the hell is the motivation if as said above, crap teams are piling on the pressure and attempting to pen is into our own half for large portions of the game resulting in hoof ball. Excuse my language but I fucking hate hoofball. We can easily play the ball on the ground when we turn up.

      • TSS

        @number1inyorkshire@WIll23 That 5th place hole? Damn you Grayson, how dare you put us in the position we demand to finish the season in. The cheek. I need a rolls-eyes emote

      • Matthew


        That’s a false situation if I’ve ever seen one. Have you looked at the table lately? If we don’t improve things in the next two games we’l be sitting in the bottom 6-8 if we lose our next two matches.

        Fact remains we’ve been getting by on dodgy/unmotivated performances for too long in this league at the moment, it’s all well and good saying chill we’re 5th, but as said above our situation is all but comfortable.

        I’m personally unhappy with the way we never seem to turn up lately and the way teams have us on the back foot most games from the get go.

      • Matthew

        But all Grayson can say is, oh well we play better and still lose, or we can play bad and win still. Dumb luck will only get you so far, and won’t get you out of the Championship.

        He has been at Leeds long enough for quite a few people, myself included to conclude he isn’t the guy to get us out of this league, no doubt he is a fairly good manager but isn’t good enough for promotion.

        I would be interested to see if you still hold this opinion if our decline in form continues and we will plummet down the league TSS.

        8 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses and we’re not even half way through this league yet, this isn’t acceptable nor is it enough to get promotion. All well and good saying Bates doesn’t invest but plenty of other teams get by on low budgets. Infact Nottingham forest speant less than us and still finished above us *Gasp*.(Mostly because they had a better manager in all)

      • Dje

        @TSS@number1inyorkshire@WIll23 Dropping to the bottom 6-8 in the next two matches is a tad over-dramatic. Down to about 10th would be nearer the mark. But I agree with the concern. The results this weekend saw most rivals draw or lose (southampton at Bristol City!), so our situation could or should be less rosy.

        What worries me more than being 5th, or 10th, is that we are already starting to drift away from the top two promotion spots. 3rd and 4th – Cardiff and Middlesbrough aren’t going to be easy to over-take either.

        This is the third time now over Grayson’s tenure that I have been left to itch for a ‘push before we slip’ mentality towards Grayson. Each of the previous two times I really, really thought he had nothing else in the locker, and we really would stall. Each time we then went on a ‘run’ and were back up their amongst them or just puled it out of the bag at the last (promotin from League 1) and I was left feeling like a numptie and a Judas. Are we about to have a mini renaissance and see us up in the top two by Christmas. Hmm. Once. Twice. Three times a lucky, lucky, b*****d?

        To be honest, I’d just prefer to have a manager that didn’t leave me feeling unfilled so frequently, tempting me to stray and bat my eyelids at other managers when they come to Elland Road as a ‘better option’ than our same-old-same.

      • Matthew


        My view was mostly the way the way the table is now the teams between 5th and 11th are only seperated by 3 points, and each one of those teams is capable of winning their next two games. Assuming the teams below them win or draw their next game I can see us slipping below 10th if we lose our next two matches, thats more worst case scenario.

      • Dje

        I think we can finish in the top two (‘can’ being different to ‘will or ‘likely too’) and if I thought there was no chance of it then I would genuinely stick with Grayson and hope that we end up 6th and he/us get lucky in the play-offs.

        It is because I have considerably less faith in Grayson to get us into the top two positions that I’m heading more for ‘twist’ than ‘stick’ with our current manager. I just think that with the players we have, better use of the squad and tactical nous at home (which is harder to set-up than when we play away), we have enough – with the right manager – to get us up there with the top two. Currently we aren’t competing, and that flatters Southampton and West Ham.

        Come our hard run-in from the start of March onwards (seriously, look at our fixtures between the Millwall match and the start of March and we HAVE to be in the top three by then or else I think we’ll be lucky to finish in the top six) we want to be right on the shoulder of the automatic promotion places to make our hard games all six-pointers, and to make the top two nervous of ‘throwing it away at the death’ (ie. what we have been good at for the last two seasons!)

  32. mattbb1

    just read on BBC Gary Speed has died? anyone know more – just gutted to hear that.

      • mattbb1

        @Dje its on daily telegraph website, and they write it was a suicide, really sad to hear that. god bless Mr Speed. total legend.

      • Dje

        @mattbb1 Dead at 42 would be a tragedy under any circumstances, but, yes, suicide makes it even more wretched.

        What with the inevitable media attention, ourselves included, I couldn’t think of a worse situation for his family and friends to be in right now. This is a personal tragedy, far more than it is a footballing one.

      • Dje

        @mattbb1 Sorry, ^^ just saying in general – not having a go, matt!

      • mattbb1

        @Dje@mattbb1 dont worry mate i didnt take it that way. youre right however it happens its horrendous for all concerned. if we do manage to escape this division this season we shoud dedicate it to speedo.

  33. number1inyorkshire


    every era and generation has its heroes that was my era, full of my fondest memories at my favorite time of watching leeds .going up from div2 and then winning the title for which gary speeds contribution to was impossible to over state …

    the amount of games played in the top flight says it all

    a sad day for football in general but for .leeds, everton ,newcastle bolton. sheff utd and wales a tragedy iam sure /

  34. Gryff

    I honestly think you’ve got a point in general TSS. It’s pretty obvious that while Leeds have a bigger budget than Barnsley, we’re hardly big spenders with Project Meccano etc.

    I reckon with your indefatigable inventing you should start up a more reliable version of Transfermarkt for the UK only! ;-)

  35. Irving08

    Never heard of Keith Hill. But if he wasn’t our manager, I would never have heard of Simon Grayson either. Yet at least Mr Hill appears to know how to set out a team and to get his substitutions right. It can’t be easy being Mr Grayson, needing always to get a result. But I would prefer to fail’ gloriously’ with a Manager who has footballing convictions than fail ‘miserably’ with one who seems to know only how to react. For I have no faith in the ability of our present Manger to get us into the Premiership and judging by the players’ posture neither have they.

  36. Scott

    Your main argument about budgets is based on Craig Davies costing £700,000 is totally flawed – he didn’t cost anything, he was out of contract at Chesterfield.

  37. adamdavies

    craig davies was a free transfer and nobody would pay £1m for 31 year old andy gray you cock. get your facts right. and yet we still beat you


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