Five of the European and domestic medals Allan Clarke received during his time with Leeds United, including those received for winning the UEFA Cup and League title, have appeared on an auction site.

We’ve heard that the medals were previously sold by Clarke and are being re-sold by a private owner. Up for sale are;

  • 1970 FA Cup runners-up medal
  • 1971 Fairs (UEFA) Cup winners presentation trophy
  • 1973-74 League Champions presentation trophy
  • 1973 FA Cup runners-up medal
  • 1975 European Cup runners-up medal

The auction is expected to raise between £16,000-£24,000.

The most eye-catching piece up for auction has to be the 1975 European Cup runners-up medal, since the circumstances of Leeds United’s defeat to Bayern Munich were marred in such controversy with a series of dodgy decisions made by a referee who it’s believed was bribed. It was the controversial 1975 final that led to the “We are the champions, champions of Europe” chant still sang by Leeds United fans to this day.