The journalists in attendance for Simon Grayson’s press conference pre-Birmingham wasted no time in asking whether he’d be interested in the vacant Leicester City job.

Grayson laughs off the suggestion, saying that he’s fond of Leicester City, but much fonder of Leeds United, repeating a message he’s voiced many times – that he has his dream job, and he’s here to stay.

Commenting on Sven Goren Eriksson’s sacking Simon Grayson uses one his favourite football clichés “it’s a results orientated business” whilst pointing out that Leicester City are just two points off the play-off places. Basically he sits on the fence; it’s a “no comment” reply with a minute or so worth of padding. That’s crucial to being a good manager – answering without really offering an opinion.

Journalists fooled, no one offended, next question please…

You can catch the full video below;

  • Gryff

    “My focus has never dwindled in two and a half years”

    He’s enjoying this…

  • Mike Lord

    thanks for sharing the interview, i enjoyed watching it

  • Ros Tiernan

    Of course.

  • Odie Curran

    Why would he be!? WE ARE LEEDS!!!

  • Jonathan Ketteridge

    …not now he’s got a bird in Beeston :o)