Now that formerly respected manager and full time Swedish sex pest, Sven Goren Eriksson has parted ways with Leicester City, the bookies are offering odds on his replacement, and as ever, Simon Grayson makes the list.

Unlike previous links to new management posts however, I think this one could actually tempt Simon Grayson. Not only can Leicester City offer him the kind of finances needed to buy success but he also played for them, making 229 appearances in his six seasons at Filbert Street.

With the recent “revelations” (it was hardly the best kept secret) regarding his personal life, Simon Grayson may be tempted by a fresh start elsewhere considering his bit on the side works at Elland Road. The increased salary Leicester City could provide would also help pay for the divorce lawyers! (Sorry, it’s hard to resist)

Of course, there’s also a good chance Simon Grayson won’t be offered the position considering the money Leicester have available and the fact Martin O’Neill has been made bookies favourite (isn’t he the favourite for every manager’s job?). There are however two things I’m absolutely certain of. The first is that Sven will re-emerge again very shortly at a new club whose female staff he can systematically seduce, and the second is that Simon Grayson will be linked to this position while ever it remains vacant.

The chances of him actually leaving Elland Road? No idea, but if Simon Grayson was to leave Leeds United for any club, Leicester City is where I’d be putting my money.

*Odds on Simon Grayson vary from 12/1-16/1, with Ladbrokes a notable exception offering odds of just 8/1 at time of publication. 

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  1. Colin

    Although I don’t think Grayson will leave. If that did happen, would you consider Sven at LUFC?

    I’m no fan of Leicester City, but I am a Sven fan. Sven has always done well at big clubs. Which is why he may be good for Leeds, and also why he failed at Leicester, Notts County, Mexico and Ivory Coast :)

    • TSS

      I thought Sven did well with England, our expectations are just disproportionate to our actual talent. All things considered, his record was pretty good.

      He also has a history of success across the world, but he’s used to a higher level I guess and an entirely different style of football to that of the Championship. He’ll be back, but not sure he’d be right for Leeds or any other club at this level. Besides, SG has already bagsied the women at Elland Road.

  2. Ron

    If Larry is approached, we will finally see if KB has any money after all. This whole scenario may be a blessing if SG doesn’t walk and squeezes out a January kitty. Otherwise, get ready for Poyet.



  3. Matthew

    Oh come on, Grayson isn’t going anywhere, he’s a Leeds fan at heart and has put up with the shit when having Bates as a boss. No chance in hell he’s leaving Leeds unless hes sacked by Bates.

    • Ron

      On the basis he is the same odds as Carlo Ancelotti to get the job (25/1), it seems SG is going nowhere. As if Ancelotti would consider coaching in the Championship…..This will only get interesting if Martin O’Neill says no. I’d be very surprised if O’Neill was not lined up before they gave Sven the axe. As romantic as it sounds that a manager is coaching the club he supports, we all know what effect money can have on events.

  4. paulg

    Interesting that after tonight’s game against Wham, Brighton are down to 12th (even though they’re only 2 points behind us). No win in the last 6 games ….. maybe Poyet has taken them as far as he can ….?????

    (Just wishful thinking!!)

    • Matthew

      I never bought into the Poyet hype from some Leeds fans personally, I don’t rate Brighton at all and don’t see them getting promoted, its far too soon for them, infact I don’t think the top 2 teams currently will be promoted either. This league is so open right now, Brighton imo will be mid table come the end of the season.

      Call me crazy but I’m really see a playoff consisting of something like Leeds, Reading, Cardiff and Southampton, thats if we dont get into the top 2. And personally think teams like West Ham, Ipswich and perhaps Soton(If we dont get there) will be top 2 material.

  5. Gryff

    1) He walked out on his wife, she didn’t discover him, hence I suppose he’s serious about this LUFC employee and it doesn’t follow logically that she’ll want to leave the city.

    2) How awkward would training be with Kasper as the number one keeper after Grayson forced him from the club a year early?

    3) When he’s successful at Leeds (the club he supports?), why move elsewhere?

    Just can’t see it happening.

  6. Sveifors

    Svennis is not a good manager. He has to have a endless stream on money, buying and buying players he comes across. He has done it every time as club manager. Him together with Bates, who will not give him enough to spend in a week. No way

  7. LufcTyke

    He is 100% Leeds and in his dream job
    Can’t see Larry leaving Leeds unless he is sacked.

  8. number1inyorkshire

    think i mentioned this on previous post about Morris .Larry will be mentioned so will O’Neill of the 2 its most likely to be Larry as i think O’Neill is waiting for prem …

    lets be right Blackburn ,wigan or even Bolton might be available soon .

    in our division its a big job but i think grayson will stay at leeds maybe a job for Hughes

  9. JT

    Leciester v Leeds…mmm, they have a few quid granted, but Leicester? Backward step for Simon, money isn’t everything and they won’t even be in the play off shake up. Simon will achieve his goals with Leeds, I have a feeling about this year and Leeds always will be on a different level to The Foxes

  10. Dazzler17

    Sven to replace Grayson? Has the world gone mad??? The emperor has had no clothes for years! Is it coincidental he’s had success at big clubs? It’s been those clubs that allow him the funds to be reckless in the belief his hope and pray style management will earn results. Why can’t he succeed at the Foxes? For God sake this Bedouin of football management should pack up his tent, count his cash, and massage his own ego on his own time! The man is a hoax trading on early career success.

  11. Tyler 75

    It is a genuine concern. If MON turns Leicester down (wasn’t he being lined-up to replace Bruce at Sunderland?) Larry jumps to the top of the list and why wouldn’t he be tempted ? Leeds may be his club, but has has to put up with working for Bates on a shoestring. How long is he prepared to keep doing that for ? If he gets us up, does anybody believe that Bates will provide resources for anything more than survival ? He has history with Leicester and would get unlimited resources at his disposal – an exciting prospect for a young, ambitious Manager. MON, please take the job !

  12. Dave

    It’s not all about pocket money is it? This will not happen. Completely pointless article. Grayson is building his empire at HIS club (on a shoe string, granted), whereas Leicester are merely an ex employer, and quite frankly a joke of a club at the moment. The only bigger joke is the man who has just lost his ‘job’.

  13. Matthew

    The problem being, Grayson is universally known as being a good manager and has been linked with virtually every known vacancy in this league at one time or another, and the fact is, he’s still here.

    The guy wants Leeds playing Premier league football and as he’s been at Leeds for like 3 years now, it took him 1 try and then promotion in league 1, now lets see if history repeats itself and he gets us up this year.

    Either way I think people need to just forget the Grayson rumors, he’s not going anywhere and will still be manager come Wednesday, Saturday and every game therefore after until Bates(Tosser) fires him.

  14. The Scratching Shed

    Kevin O’Connor Ladbrokes have him at 8/1, but – as with every vacant post – Martin O’Neill is odds on favourite

  15. Mark Libertine Barraclough

    grayson wont leave us yet no way, he got a job to do, not an o,leary job tho lol

  16. Jason Saville

    he wont go there to a team that has 2 players big name signings in that he didnt want beckford & kasper.

  17. Craig Woodhead

    He won’t go, he’s employed by a prick that won’t get rid of him (due to paying him compensation) so why would he go to a club that’s run by a set of pricks that are guna have a new manager every 18 months if success doesn’t come immediately.

  18. Philip James Towler

    If a decent premiership club came in for him then we may lose him but why go to Leicester?


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