Billy Paynter is set to leave Leeds United on a emergency loan deal, teaming up with Leeds’ former assistant manager Gus Poyet at Brighton & Hove Albion.

The former Swindon Town striker has failed to find his feet at Elland Road, scoring just once in 26 appearances.

After a strong start to the season, The Seagulls form has dropped off dramatically in recent weeks and Poyet will be hoping that Panyter can rediscover his scoring boots and help fire Brighton back up the table.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United’s announcement that Alan Smith will be released on loan has reignited rumours of his return. For those of you not keeping count, this is Alan Smith return rumour 4,547.

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  1. number1inyorkshire

    good news for paynter i am sure he wont be able to play against us but lets hope he continues to not score as he is going to a play off rival ,which surprises me a bit …

    hope this doesn’t mean as some media outlets are saying we have to go through the whole smith thing again ..

    • TSS

      He wouldn’t. Not a prayer of getting a game up front. Howson and Clayton have an excellent partnership in centre mid too, so they won’t be dropped, and even if anyone is injured then Nunez, Vayrenken, Sam and Becchio are all waiting in the wings.

  2. Gryff

    Can’t for a minute see what Smith would bring to the team now. He’d be a gamble whether he’d be successful and we’ve already got Clayton, Howson, Vayrynen he’d need to dislodge. At £25k p/w or more what’s the point?

    Billy’s is a good move for all concerned I reckon.

  3. Tyler75

    As Smith’s career has gone backwards in parallel with his position – maybe Larry’s got him lined-up as a centre-back option or cover for Chubbs !

  4. chareose

    Smith is better than a lot of our players but not worth the wages hed demand.

    Hate to point this out but wed be singing now if we still had Gradel. His quality on the left needs replacing as we are too dependant on Clayton and to a lesser degree Snodgrass….

    As for Clayton, we could end up burning him out. Yes resting him could effect our performances and his replacements wouldnt be half as good but perhaps its better to have a fit buzzing clayton for the start of next years football calender and take the hit on form for 2-3 games.

  5. chareose

    By the way, think its time for Becchio to return to starting line up. We need the goals.

    • TSS

      We’re the third highest goalscorers in the division, are you really complaining about a lack of goals – seriously?

      Disagree on Smith too. He’s not really a has-been, he’s a never was. We over-hyped him the first time round, there’s no chance he can displace any of our strikers and even less chance in midfield – both Jonny and Clayton are better players these days. That’s why Jonny is attracting interest from the Prem, and Clayton will no doubt follow, whilst Smith can’t get a game.

      We have a tendency to overlook our own players, believing the grass is greener elsewhere. Howson in particular seems to have caught Mark Viduka syndrome, whereby he performs well, but is criticised for anything the fans can think of.

      • Colin

        I have to admit, I’m keen on Becchio too. Grayson has to be damn sure that Keogh & McCormack can score at least as many or more than Becchio, because Becchio’s fit and he’s ready and he did it last year.

        Keogh and McCormack work tirelessly and intelligently, but Becchio’s different. He won’t score Ross’s long distance shots or sexy goals, but he will stick his face in the way of a defender’s boot or a ball.

        I’m not saying he’s the answer, but the return of Becchio is a question worth asking in my book.

      • Martin Lazialle

        Yes, I wont Luciano back! when he is fully fit, is one of the top 5 CF in Championship, but not rushing him.
        I like to see Smith in the White shirt again, if that happens, Larry got all the answeres for all the fans, about his position in the field and his minutes. I hope Newcastle pay part of his wages…

      • Gryff

        Couldn’t understand why during the match vs Brum people were saying “Becchio’ll get a goal” and “now lets put Becchio in for the next match.”

        What has his performance vs Brum shown that would put him ahead of a very creative Richard Keogh or a goal-machine Ross McCormack?

        He’s a great striker with a great record last season, but he needs to earn his place.

      • chareose

        Well lets agree to disagree then, Keogh will work hard – play well but rarely scores, Bechio works hard – plays well and will bag you 20 goals a season ……

        And the goals arnt exactly flying in over the last two games….

      • chareose

        P.s The same hype your talking about in relation to Smith is in evidence when it comes to our current first 11…… people delude themselves into thinking these guys are better than they really are because they are playing in a leeds shirt.
        To be promoted we need a midfeilder because we are too reliant on Snodgrass and Clayton and for me we need Both strikers to hit 20++sorry but that wont happen with Keogh

  6. CJ

    The debate over wether Smithy is good enough to improve our squad is completely irrelivant because there is no chance tight-fisted Ken Bates would pay even a fraction of Smith’s over-inflated wages. End of story!
    For the record, I can’t forgive Smith so wouldn’t want him to sign for us, but admit that a player of his calibre would be an asset to the squad. It would also be an amitious signing, which would give everybody at the club a lift.

  7. orangina

    nowt has changed since summer regardless of politics & rights and wrongs of past I can’t see ken coughing up its stupid nufc had chance to shift him in summer but demanded £1m contribution to wages. Hasn’t played hardly at all since pre season I can only assume IF we did unthinkable and he returned he’d either replace apparently Bolton/Blackburn bound Howson (again just rumours so don’t shoot me!) or be in a 3 man midfield with JH getting free role.
    I have stated my case a few times on here so not going to wade into arguments about going u know where but unless wages demands are cut drastically there’s nothing new to say
    here’s to 3 points on Sunday
    agree to disagree and support whites and Grayson regardless x

  8. Colin

    Did someone say Alan Smith?

    Okay, I’m going to speak up for those people, like me, who think that passion can be more important than skill.

    Alan Smith – if it’s possible, I say get him back.

    His agent said that Smith wanted a long term project – that could be back at Leeds as a player/coach. Forget what Smith can do on the pitch, think what he could do in the dressing room.

    If Danny Pugh or out of contract Varynen can get a gig in a Leeds shirt, then Smith will walk into the team. He’s so much better than them.

    Smith can soak up pressure like a sponge, so any boo boys can bring it on. He’ll take it. And take the pressure off the others and let them concentrate on what they do best. He won’t be shy of a tackle and he’ll always step in to take the ball and help out.

    Smith’s arrival could give Leeds the kick start, the edge, that they need to get into auto promotion.

    Love him or loathe him, you’d look forward to going to the game a lot more if he was on the pitch, either because you want to cheer on a hero and tell him to F’Off. Either way, you get your fill.

    Now the money. He’s on £60,000 a week. He’s contractually obliged to get that and he will whether it’s 100% from NUFC or someone else helps out. It’s not about dropping his wage. That’s not going to happen.

    And the cost for Leeds last time round was just over £1m. This time round, he might be available for £500,000. We know Simon has his magic pot and it must, surely, have £500,000 in it. It would mean Grayson blowing the whole lot on a loan player, but if he wants him (and we know he spoke to him over Summer), then Leeds can afford him.

    Gamble? Yes. Worth taking for a player that may help you get to the PL (Promised Land)? Yes.

    Are you with me or against me?

    • Colin

      i meant “either because you want to cheer on a hero OR tell him to F’Off”

  9. Ron

    New players outside of the defence are barely worth a mention. We all love Becchio, but it’s a very long season and he will get his chance again. We have a side for all occasions going forward and that will help over an arduous campaign. Find me a 6’6 CB in January and I will be happy. Everyone take a deep breath. We are cruising along nicely and as TSS noted this week, we fear no one in this division.

  10. mattbb1

    praise the lord, Paynter has gone, and it’ll be on a permanent in January in my opinion. Smith had his chance to come back in the summer but was more interested in his paycheque. I would have backed him then, but not now.

  11. chareose

    What annoys me is that with Gradel – Howson – Clayton – Snodgrass, we had the best midfeild in the division…….we just had to go and sell Gradel didnt we……….

    • Colin

      Gradel would have destroyed teams and Gradel and Aidy White together would have been the fastest left side in Championship football.

  12. lufcboy

    Yep – Never thought we would miss Mad Max so much. Pretty much irreplaceable in this league with the money we have/dont have.

  13. Jerry Smith

    Paynter will score more than forsell by the end of november . Ken get smith back drop howson ,then maybe just maybe we could be contenders .m.o.t

  14. The Scratching Shed

    You mean the reserve team Prem player who is well past his best and has already turned us down before, over our captain who covers every blade of grass and gets criticised for no apparent reason?

  15. Paul Kelly

    Super howson. But also super smith he would be great for the squad. Like howson smith always gives 100 %

  16. Jerry Smith

    Another midfielder of premiership quality would help .howson is not a captain and is off at end of season otherwise why not sign a contract . Just my opinion odie and tss .

  17. Dave Dunne

    Good luck to barn door! Here’s to him scoring 15+ goals before end of season gettin promoted and become a premiership player! Ha imaging that!


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