Simon Grayson has dismissed suggestions that Billy Paynter will leave Leeds United on loan to another Championship club.

Whilst unwillingly to let Paynter join another Championship team, the Leeds United manager revealed that a League One club has expressed an interest and that Leeds are currently considering their options.

Billy Paynter joined Leeds United on a free from Swindon Town at the end of the 2009-10 campaign – a season in which he was League One’s highest goalscorer with 26 goals in 44 appearances.

The striker failed to make the step-up to Championship football however and has managed only one goal in his 24 appearances for The Whites. His poor goal return led to Leeds United fans dubbing the Liverpool-born striker “Barn Door Billy”.

  • Matthew

    Personally I think Barn Door Billys career is done at Leeds, its just a matter of loaning him out, getting someone interested and selling him in the next transfer window.

    Sorta like how we have 2 players currently with us from Premier league clubs who are no longer wanted, one of which(Danny Pugh) is joining us in January if reports are to be believed.

    Tis a harsh world, but if you suck at your host club, you’re gone lol

  • gary

    Can’t help but feel sorry for billy, it can’t be good for his self esteem to no even make our 25. Let’s hope he moves on and finds success with another team. Good luck billy

  • Paul South Wales

    You never know, perhaps he’ll find his form again, and we’ll have him back. There are goals in him, just his confidence is shot to bits. Feel sorry for him really

    • Matthew

      As much as I admire your optimism Paul, Billy is just so far down the pecking order that I can’t see him ever getting a game unless Nunez, Keogh, Becchio, Forsell, Ross, Snodgrass all became injured.

      On the plus side, if he joins a League 1 club and gets a good striking partner like Becchio and Beckford were for example, or him and Charlie Austin at Swindon, I’m sure he can make a good career for himself and eventually get back into Championship football again.


    Surely we should loan him to a bottom end championship club and he might help them pick up some points against our promotion rivals. There again…..

    I must admit that I feel for Paynter because he never got started with us but always seemed to give his all. I just think he was a one season wonder and ain’t good enough for us.

  • number1inyorkshire

    how did paynter become so inept at scoring i feel sorry for the lad

    • Matthew

      He had Charlie Austin as a strike partner at Swindon town, who just so happened to be a great player who gave Billy has oppotunitys to score.

      • Matthew

        *his opportunitys
        (Lack of an edit button shows)

  • number1inyorkshire

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    • TSS

      This isn’t a refit, this is how it was originally before we added Disqus.

      If you want your own avatar (although no one seemed bothered for the first two years) you can add one at – this will then work on most Leeds sites, like TSS, TSB, GGL etc…

  • MattBB1

    poor billy paynter, i remember the day his signing was announced on the Official Website – Billys The Boy it proclaimed – i excitedly noted the tagline on newsnow – Billy Sharp, please be billy sharp – oh no.. and he has sadly disappointed since. Such a shame as at his best at Swindon he was a powerful, instinctive striker, and was deadly with Austin. Lets be honest if Davide Somma limped on in a plastercast he’d be a better bet for a gosl. Good luck Billy, prove us wrong.

  • CJ

    Players like Federico Bessone and Billy Paynter are perfect examples of why Ken Bates policy of only buying free agents is false economy. Good bloody riddance!!!

  • Ron

    Couldn’t we turn him into a defender? They’ll certainly be no own-goals from him as he’d miss.

    • Matthew

      LOL, sadly that says it all, we conceded too many own goals, especially from Andy O’Brien.

      He cost us a few games actually, anyone remember his late goal for Portsmouth last season in the 3 – 3 game? For a moment I thought he had an invisable Pompey top on.

  • RoystonLUFC

    I seem to remember him picking up an ankle injury during his first pre-season after scoring in his first friendly. He seems to have never recovered from that and that is a bitter blow for anyone – not least for Leeds fans who had high hopes for him. I can’t criticise the decision to sign him because it seemed like a good idea at the time. The wisdom of hindsight proves us wrong but I don’t think anyone is to blame for this. Like other contributors, I wish him well and I would love to see him promoted to the second division again next season…as long as we’re back in the first!

  • Irving08

    Paynter may be a limited footballer (and was the wrong buy in the first place – Austin, with his pace, was what we needed, and some of us said so at the time), but I have a hunch that he would have been more useful than either Becchio or Forsell on Tuesday; for one thing, he woud have been hungrier for the ball. Clayton, in his YEP interview, put his finger on the problem late in the game on Tuesday, when he said that the ball was not staying up front. Paynter couldn’t have done a worse job than the two subs of keeping it there. I would keep him, at least until we know what is happening with Keogh.

  • Darryl Weldon-Jones

    Hahaha, best title ever….