Keen to understand the mood of Leeds United fans across the world, The Scratching Shed has created an Independent Leeds United fans survey that covers ticket pricing, management, progress and ownership.

The survey consists of just eight statements with five possible responses for each, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. We’ve tried to keep the survey as balanced as humanly possible, and don’t wish to affect the results in any way whatsoever so without further ado you can find the link below.


The results will be published on The Scratching Shed in due course. Please spread the word in the meantime, as the more responses we get, the more accurate a reflection of the fans overall mood the results will represent.

25 Responses

  1. leeds_lad

    Just seen the BBC documentary. I think Kenneth will be moving from Monaco to Armley soon, and lets hope he has a liking for porridge and a talent for sowing up post bags. …. Can’t wait for it !

    • JonnyBee

      Bloody hell your optimistic mate! You must be young…at 30 I’ve lost most of my optimism, and I know nothing will come of this other than a few articles in the daily arse wipes for a couple days-unfortunately mate Bates ‘aint going anywhere’ as he put it, and its about the only thing he’s ever said that I believe. But we all live in hope

      • BATES OUT!

        just turned 20, and i know nothing will come of it. the sad thing is i dont know what we can do?!? protests fall on death ears, boycotting will never work at this club as there is too many season ticket holders for it to have any affect – only thing i cant think of is some sort of picket line… god knows how that would play out, im a season ticket holder and i would miss a few games if there were a few thousand fans outside the ground with me.

      • Matthew

        At this point we only have the waiting game to play, Ken Bates is 80 in December, and I can’t imagine his family wanting to run Leeds, so I think most people are hoping they sell up in the future. I think this honestly will happen in the next 5 years.

      • Andy Barron

        well pointed out Matthew, that could be the best and quickest soloution and the most probable, we wont get rid of Bates until he sells up or pops his clogs! time will tell. Knowing our luck, Bates will last until he’s 110 ! 

      • Keir

        I bet he leaves the club to his wife in his will. And stipulates that she has to run it in accordance to a plan he has drawn up.

      • Matthew

        I doubt it Keir, we all know Bates is thick skinned and none of this Bates out stuff will work, when he does eventually pass on due to old age in the future, his Wife and family won’t want the hassle.

      • Anonymous

        5 years ,5years ,i will be 26 by then its nearly a lifetime !!

    • Matthew

      BBC documentary was rather pointless, I think most Leeds fans with a curiousity about the club and access to the internet would have some idea there is something dodgy going on at the club in regards to Ken Bates.

      Largely the BBC program was crap.

      However it highlights an existing problem. Ken Bates. Nothing will change until someone at the BBC or Goverment etc investigates him properly.

  2. Matthew

    I found myself answering strongly disagree a lot on that survey, apart from the Simon Grayson one which I selected I agree he is the right man to take us forward, and also noting Strongly Disagree that he is being given the resources to gain promotion.

  3. Simon O'Rourke

    A poll set up by a site that is blatantly anti-bates. Hmm, I wonder what the results will look like… 

    • Matthew

      Yes because we all know that Ken Bates has the clubs best interests at heart, loves the fans, and treats said fans with respect, and of course he totally doesn’t rip the fans off with ticket prices nor does he slag us off does he?And naturally the Bates motel is the greatest idea he’s ever had, and is totally in the interests of Leeds United.


  4. LeedsForLife


    Can you tell us how (or at least that) you ensure no-one gets multiple votes and only Leeds United fans get a vote?

    Would you explain what you mean by ‘Independent’?

    • Matthew

      Only 1 Ip address per person can take the survey so once you or someone in your family has taken it just once, you can’t do so again.

    • TSS

      Independent from the club, and us in the sense we can’t alter or affect results. 

      Logged IP address stop multiple voting as Matthew says. 

      As for only Leeds United fans taking it, I can’t see anyone else taking time out to complete it, plus it’s being shared between Leeds United fans from a Leeds United site and across the social networks – no one completes a survey that is of no interest to them

  5. Anonymous

    just thought i would say that bates brings on the anti stuff himself he has noone to blame other than the chap who looks back when he is admiring himself in the mirror . there is absolutely noone anywhere apart from his co conspirators who stick up for him he has a history of doing this ..

    But it was interesting watching last nights program that he popped up on every regime old and new at their press conferences .he has no dosh so what does he get out of all this he has to be careful

  6. Anonymous

    i was watching sky news and was feeling really happy for that couple who won 100.000.000 until he said “i am going to buy a house in Chelsea and some Chelsea season tickets “what a twat i hope he looses his cheque on way home ..

  7. Chris

    leeds wont go up while ever bates is there and grayson is tactically inept which he as proved on many occasions can you imagine them two together in the premier league together its laughable trying to compete with the man citys and chelseas of this world and grayson sending is defence out saying hold them at all costs man utd never got out of first gear other week and tore them apart there light years away unless somebody comes in and invests big money which is highly unlikely in the forseeable future

  8. Fordy181

    we have got better every year under grayson what do you people want. we are not amn city

  9. Fordy181

    If we go up this year i hope most of you get banned from leeds for ever because no doubt all the people who are not going now to games will suddenly go if we are back in the prem. Leeds till i die no matter what.


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