The majority of fans in attendance at Elland Road tomorrow will struggle to remember the last time we beat Cardiff City, which is hardly surprising when you discover the last time was 1984 – some of our fans won’t have been alive!

The Welsh side are Leeds’ ultimate bogey team. Since 1984, the side have met eleven times, ten of which were in the league, with Leeds collecting just 3 points. Cardiff City meanwhile collected 24 points from the same ten fixtures, and knocked a Leeds side featuring Mark Viduka, Jonathan Woodgate, Rio Ferdinand and Lee Bowyer out of the 2001/02 FA Cup.

The strange thing is, that before Cardiff’s unbeaten run against us began in the 1984/85 season, Leeds were on an unbeaten run of their own having remained undefeated in nine previous meetings with City – six wins, and three draws.

It’s almost like someone decided enough was enough back in 1984, placing a curse on Leeds United that would make them incapable of beating Cardiff City ever again. Either that or they’ve simply wanted it more ever since.

That’s always the case with Leeds’ bogey teams. They are, without exception, teams who seem to believe the game is a huge rivalry, only they’ve forgot to tell anyone in Leeds and we turn up wondering what the hell is going on.

In turn, that gives the players of our faux-rivals a huge lift. Leeds United’s players meanwhile share bemused looks with the crowd. “We don’t get paid enough to work hard every week!” a frustrated Mark Viduka was heard muttering in January 2002.

Perhaps the hooligan problem of the 80’s caused the shift in attitudes, and developed another largely one-sided rivalry. In fairness to Cardiff, they’re not my most liked team, and I took great pleasure in watching Peter Ridsdale teach them financial savvy, but I’ve never considered them actual rivals – just minor irritants with annoying accents.

As you can see from the below video, Cardiff City most definitely hate us. Perhaps we need to acknowledge them as huge rivals – or at least feign rivalry for the sake of victory?

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  1. Joe Gamble

    That video was fantastic. Ever since they beat us in the cup I have always had a bit of a hatred for Cardiff. Didn’t they storm the pitch or something?

  2. derbyshirewhite

    Puzzling isn’t it. Looking back over 50 years of supporting Leeds I can honestly say that Cardiff are barely on my radar. Most of that time they were hoofing around in the lower leagues. We have always tended to come unstuck against the lower league teams with something to prove – Gillingham and Colchester spring to mind – and Cardiff have a similar outlook. The lack of atmosphere in ER tomorrow might just do us a favour.

  3. mattbb1

    Cardiff, we owe them several dont we, and wouldnt it be brilliant if McCormack and Keogh put a few past them.

    These next 3 games are critical for us, and form me will play a big part in the shape of the division. It will be a true sign of our progress this season if we win against these tougher teams. I’m wondering if Howson needs a rest? with varynen starting?

    • Bubionwhite

      You’re right there mattbb1 … Jonny Howson certainly needs a rest, if only to get Adam Clayton a bit more support We might then come up with a Hull performance and result

  4. number1inyorkshire

    this is another 1 i don’t get ,the rivalry that is ..
    this lot are not even in the same country and are of lesser intelligence ,ohh that might be it ..

    no seriously though what is it ..

    to be fair to them they have a record against us in recent times that is enviable and they proper kicked us at ER last time out ..

    To beat these would be fantastic , if for no other reason they are playoff rivals ..

    any result without us getting beat will be acceptable but a win would be fantastic ..

    • vinny

      We beat u in red
      We beat u in blue
      Were cardiff city
      We will always beat u


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