Leeds United’s decision to move the away fans from Elland Road’s South Stand into the more expensively priced West Stand has left the fans of upcoming visitors Cardiff City furious.

Users of the CardiffCityForum.co.uk were disgusted to find out how much a ticket to see their team battling it out at Elland Road would cost with some of the fans even threatening a boycott.

It’s not difficult to muster up a little sympathy for the travelling contingent from South Wales. Thanks to Sky Sports, the fixture has already been shifted to Sunday morning which means Cardiff City fans are being charged £36 to get up at the crack of dawn and travel 230 miles to Leeds where they’ll be housed in the most rundown area of Elland Road and treat like third-rate citizens by our famously over-zealous stewards (and no doubt West Yorkshire’s finest).

Whilst I approve of the club’s decision to make cheaper tickets available to home fans by freeing up the South Stand, this doesn’t change the fact that Elland Road is seriously overpriced. Research from The Square Ball shows Leeds United have the fifth highest ticket prices in the entire country – topped by only four Premier League teams – and a recent survey conducted by The Scratching Shed showed less than 4% of fans felt our ticket pricing represented value for money.

There’s simply no escaping the fact that Elland Road is overpriced and despite dwindling attendances and growing disquiet amongst home – and now away – fans, the club is stubbornly refusing to address the issue.

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  1. Matthew

    I shudder to think how high the prices will go when we eventually get back into the Premier league, no doubt we’l be on par with the big 4 of the Premier League, despite no investment by Bates in team building.

    • barmyarmyccfc

      You Leeds fans are so funny. If I was you lot I would just stay at home and watch it on tv coz you just know that Cardiff are gonna beat you. Your just a league 1 side with a league 2 dilapidated ground and Mr Bates is laughing his arse off.

      • Andrew

        to barmyarmy the only reason you have a new stadium – legoland – is a certain Mr Risdale

      • Matthew

        I’m curious why you got 4 likes, I assume people found your comment so stupid they had a good laugh, either way I wouldn’t expect a win again, sorry buddy you relied too heavily on the likes of Bellamy/Chopra/Bothroyd to lead your attack, specifically Bellamy, you have neither of the 3. It’s open season on Cardiff as far as I’m concerned, you have nothing that can be of threat to any Leeds side sent out to face you on the pitch.

  2. Colinjohnstone104

    I know they are Cardiff so I shouldn’t feel too sorry for them, but I think it’s a complete outrage to charge £36 for anybody to sit in those awful seats.

  3. CJ

    I know they are Cardiff fans so I shouldn’t really feel sorry for them, but I think it’s a discrace to charge anybody £36 for those awful seats!

  4. Doverdave05

    oh so glad, serves them right the welsh gits, we have been ripped off at the majority of away games, so what goes round

  5. Anonymous

    It is a disgrace alright they have been moved to the west stand its not their fault though .
    bates is an idiot he can not see that he should be charging them the same as the south stand / kop
    he also should see that away fans not turning up is his money he is loosing  not Cardiffs .

    I would not pay £36 in that the worst stand we have, however that is the choice of the home fans it is not he choice of the away fans  ..

    he also needs to remember what goes around comes around so you fans that go away prepare to be robbed ..

    Don’t come is my view all away fans can hit him where it hurts £36 in any league is just too much ,it will cost him and leeds


    • irving08

      Oh I reckon, if I was a travelling Cardiff fan, I’d cough up to visit the mighty Leeds, even if it means forgoing my annual trip to, say, Donny Rovers. Anyway, they beat us so  many times in the third round of the cup in the late 1950s that I find it hard to feel sorry for them. And they received a massive subsidy from the Welsh Assembly so they could have a Test Match at the expense of Headingley. Let’s have some patriotism on this site !   

      • Anonymous

        LOL if you want patriotism I’m all for it ban them to the welsh leagues with Swansea , and  wrexham   there is no difference in my opinion to any of the Scotish lot wanting to come in to English leagues ..

        That said them not buying tickets comes out of Bates and his team spending it does not affect Cardiff .its another reason for the gates to be lower .


        If you are talking travel and a ticket from Cardiff i bet you are talking about £70 before you get on the coach .

        football needs to give its head a shake because in the real world it is not that important if its a choice of things on a list footy comes about 5 or 6 on mine there will be others with a bigger list and it will be lower down .
        A  chap who works or doesn’t should be able to afford to go to a footy match once a fortnight …. AMEN


      • irving08

        So long as said chap does not subscribe to Sky, waste his money on talking on the mobile, spend more of it on silly gadgets, drive daft cars, buy dvds’s and books instead of using the library, forget to switch his credit card in time to get % interest for 18 months – to name just a few things chaps are prone to do – I can agree with you. Now tell us more about eh 5 or 6 things that can beat a Saturday afternoon in late November when your team has won and you are with your mates, kids or grandkids, celebrating afterwards in Ken’s Pavilion….me, I can think of only one thing, and that’s not even cricket at my beloved Headingley, talking of which……    

      • Anonymous

        you old romantic ..
        i am lucky enough to be able to afford all the things i want to do, what i am trying to say if i wasn’t in the list of things i would have to prioritise   of having to do it would be 5/6th..

        bills ,food ,car .insurance clothing for kids etc  ,not necessarily in that order .

        but everyone who works should be able to do something for pleasure like footy it should be £20 

  6. B-boy

    why don’t people just stop going to games? i used to follow leeds home and away but haven’t been to a home game for over 18 months now and i wont until bates goes. hit him in the pocket, thats what will hurt him most!

    • CJ

      I still enjoy my fix of footy on a Saturday afternoon so will continue to go to the games, however I don’t blame anybody who can’t or won’t pay sky-high prices to watch third-rate football. I’m sure there are plenty of fans who have taken your stance. As I said last week- Nobody owes Leeds a living. Just because a person doesn’t attend games, it doesn’t mean they’re not Leeds.

    • Woody

      I was a seas sin ticket holder with my daughter for 13 years I gave up 2 seasons ago and will never return whilst bates is there

  7. jimmy one eye

    Although the price is a disgrace, the idea of sticking the away fans somewhere thats not behind the goal and filling both ends with Leeds fans is a very good one and can only give us an advantage at home.

    • Tim

      no truer word spoken , in the promotion season of 1989 / 90 leeds fans filled all 4 sides of the ground with the away support being given a small section of the lowfields , this worked wonders and gave leeds the ( fergusons words ) ” the most intimidating ground in europe ” as for the cardiff fans boycotting the game …. fair enough , we wont miss them , come on LEEDS

  8. yeboah the glower.

    leeds might have the 5th highest priced tickets but we also pay the highest police bill in the country, couple that with the rent and maintenance on our decrepid stadium and you wont have much change

  9. Mersey Whites

    I could not give a dam , how much Cardiff pay for the honor of coming to ER..

    As far as i am concerned if away fans did not come to Leeds, It would only help us in the long run…

  10. Robert Bapty

    I go to most home games but I wont be going to this when it’s a cat A & on sky, might as well stay at home & save myself £32 PS I can’t feel sorry for cardiff, the sooner they enter administration & sink the better! MOT

  11. halifax white

    This is blatent bates ripoffmanship!!! what did he say “you have to pay prem league prices to see a prem league team”!!! soz but wot a joke!! we have at best a fairly good championship team that i see as mid table, i would not blame any away fan not forking out good money for over priced seats where you can see no action! does his masters voice not get it into his thick southern head that he is driving both sets of supporters away so he can fill his dream of more corporate boxes and a museum that nobody wants or cares about!!! sooner he retires back to monte carlo and sells to someone who cares the better!!

  12. heckywhite

    I was a season tkt holder for 24yrs until this season,but will no longer pay Bates & Harveys rip off prices,£516 was it for me,why should i invest my hard earned money in the club when Bates refuses to invest his? 

  13. Mark

    I am a Leeds fan but the way Bates Et Al are treating fans coming to ER is a complete joke, No respect for anyone he just wants to rip off every football fan he can. I’m sorry Bardiff fans and all other fans that will be coming to ER. Stay at home and don’t give Bates your money.

  14. Marc Butterworth

    I couldnt give a shit about “the poor Bardiff Fans”  Let em pay high prices.  in fact double it and if they dont like it, they can fuck off and moan to thier sheep…..

  15. oldschoolbaby

    Taking Cardiff out of th  equation

    Is it o.k to stick away fans in the West Stand ?  Absolutely yes, no finer sight than the South Stand full of Leeds fans and bouncing.

    Is it morally right to rip them off ?  Don`t care much but you have to expect a tit for tat response.

    Is it sensible to rip them off ? absolutely no, 11 Championship tems are proper southerners and you`re effectively inviting them not to come.  If only a trickle of die hards tip up it doesn`t cover the costs associated with accommodating them.  Personally speaking a match wouldn`t be the same without an away contingent

  16. Tyler75

    Cardiff bring very few to Leeds anyway so its not going to make much difference in numbers. No problem with away fans in West Stand either, but the over zealous stewarding and rip off prices are things we have been complaining about for years at away grounds – which will now only get worse because of Bates actions. However at least he’s consistent in showing his complete and utter disregard for the people that put cash in his pocket . Away fans can think themselves lucky as Bates previous attempts at crowd control have included moats and electrified fences (although as the latter was at Chelsea, I have some sympathy !)    


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