I get a lot of tweets asking who to follow on Twitter so thought it may be worthwhile starting a list of notable people you may wish to check out (all related to Leeds United of course)

@TSSLUFC – Naturally, we start with this very site.

Official Leeds United accounts

@LUFC – The main account for LUFC

@LUFCCommercial – Mostly covers promotions for the LUFC superstore

@LUFCPictures – Great account for behind-the-scenes and matchday photos

@LUFCTickets – Extremely useful for away day regulars, informing them of allocation received and sales dates

@LeedsUnitedTV – Updates from LUTV

Leeds United Blogs/Sites

@TheSquareBall – The Square Ball

@Ken_DeMange – Fear & Loathing in LS11

@DirtyLeedsBlog – Dirty Leeds

@RITGK – Right In The Gary Kelly’s

@TBG2005 – The Beaten Generation

@VitalLeeds – Vital Leeds United

@LeedsTheOffside – Leeds United – The Offside

@LeedsUnited_MAD – Leeds United Mad

@LUFC_Chat – LUFC Chat Blog

@LUFCDATA – Not a site per se, but this account tweets a lot of interesting LUFC stats

Overseas Sites

@Spanish_Leeds – Spanish Leeds Blog

@LUAmericas – Leeds United Americas

@LeedsUnitedBR – Leeds United Brazil

Local Newspapers

@LeedsNews – Yorkshire Evening Post

@YorkshirePost – Yorkshire Post

Leeds United Staff

@DewsyLeeds – Press Officer for Leeds United Football Club

@ThomKirwin – Matchday Commentator for LUTV

Former Heroes

@David_Batty_4 – David “Shoooot” Batty

@deanobri1968 – Brian Deane

@TonyDorigo - Tony Dorigo

Notable Hacks

@AndrewHaigh – Sun Hack and Leeds United fan

@PaulJNapier – Editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post

@PhilHayYEP – Sports Editor for the YEP, covering Leeds United.

@APOPEY – Leeds United reporter for BBC Radio Leeds

That should be a good starting point for any newcomers. Feel free to add your own Twitter ID’s below or any other accounts you feel should be included and we’ll keep adding to the list on a regular basis.

If you’re new to Twitter you can find an excellent beginners guide here.

  • Mr603

    That can’t be the real Batts, can it?

  • mojoluafc

    Ive got some of them, i might add a few more. If they talk shite they`re blocked. :)

  • TSS

    @Mr603 Think so yeah. Sure someone confirmed it. Never saw him as the Twitter type myself.

  • Jez_Scott

    @ScratchingShed1 You missed @henrywinter – best footy writer out there and sympathetic to #lufc

  • lufcjames2203

    @TSS you left me off there. Harsh!

  • TSS

    @lufcjames2203 Added in mate. Was bound to miss someone!

  • lufcjames2203

    @TSS haha don’t worry about it! Good to get a bit of a plug on the best Leeds site around!

  • TSS

    @lufcjames2203 Ha. Flattery will get you everywhere.

  • ScratchingShed1

    @Jez_Scott Was sticking to those more specific to #LUFC.

  • Jez_Scott

    @ScratchingShed1 Fair enough. I mentioned him as he’s written so many very positive Leeds articles but I get your point. Still, #ff him!

  • ryan.doran

    @cuddlykennyb not really Ken but seems to cut a similar dirty tone

  • lufc_chat

    We’re trying to get off the ground too http://www.lufcchat.com @lufc_chat @leedshippriest our newest blog being http://www.lufcchat.com/lufc-chat-blog/newdawnfades

  • mlord

    mlord13 is mine

  • lufc_chat

    We’re a new blog, only started May, so only have a small readership at present, but we offer impassioned opinion on Leeds United, unlike one or two of the “blogs” you have listed, namely Vital and Mad.

    Maybe you could give us a plug ?




  • João Brizzi

    There’s a Twitter for the Brazilian blog too: @LeedsUnitedBR:twitter 

    • TSS

      Added that in for you mate. MOT 

  • Loki316

    Duncan Castles!

    • TSS

      Not really Leeds United specific but he does start his fair share of rumours. He’s @duncancastles:twitter for anyone interested in following him. 

  • Great guide. 

    Thinking outside the box, how about [at]TrendsLeeds . Seeing as Twitter doesn’t allow us to set our trending topics to Leeds, this is a handy service. Most of the time there’s a few LUFC trending topics.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I follow @TrendsLeeds – worth a follow.