Sky Sports claim Danny Pugh is set to return to Leeds United on loan after Tony Pulis omitted him from Stoke City’s 25 man squad.

The midfielder originally joined Leeds from Manchester United as part of the deal that saw Alan Smith head in the opposite direction. He made 57 appearances for The Whites from 2004 to 2006 and was Kevin Blackwell’s first signing as manager.

Pugh is capable of playing in several positions including left back and may be seen as a useful utility player by the Leeds boss.

Simon Grayson may also be interested in Danny Collins, Michael Tonge and Tom Soares who also failed to make the final cut at Stoke, when the emergency loan window opens tomorrow.

  • Hewittrob

    Seems like we’re going backwards again

  • TSS

    I think Slackwell was stupid to let him go the first time round. Was always a useful player who can cover in several positions. He now comes with added experience. Good move in my opinion. 

  • garry.

    At last “hopefully” we are starting to get lufc in order, but maybe we should of done things before the start of the season, well not maybe we should have, then the start may have gone better, but as always the emergency window comes to our rescue.


  • Rex

    No brainer. Hard tackling, committed player, who can play LB or DM. Scores a few goals too. Perfect for us.

  • Umboto Gorger

    I liked Pugh when he was with the club, hopefully he can be an effective signing. As TSS points out he provides cover for positions and with decent experience. 

    • Mav

      I would be please with the signing if we were paying for him, so on loan is a great deal. lets hope we can make it perm in Jan

  • Andy

    Good reliable lad, doesn’t just rely on kicking people like Brown.

  • James Barnes 23

    I like pugh if anything he will be a replacement for Andy Hughes i.e. offers good versitilty and cover, just the kind of guy we need in the squad.

  • James Barnes 23

    I like pugh if anything he will be a replacement for Andy Hughes i.e. offers good versitilty and cover, just the kind of guy we need in the squad.

  • Mikestone

    Certainly will add versatility in a number of positions. Kept us afloat with his goals in first season after relegation. Good excuse to resurrect “Daddy Cool” too.

  • CRaig

    Would be good. How about Forsell, was quality and only 30 but why is he a free agent?

  • Tim Campbell

    Reports in YEP state forsell is flying in to sign a deal

  • Tare

    Miklu is in a sharp condition. I watched the both games Finland v Moldova/Holland. His movement and position playing is like he was in 20+ years. He will give some selection headache for SG. Regarding this free agent issue, it is more a loss for Hannover. Miklu is a scorer “in a box” -player and they (Hannover) had other ideas in mind, seeking more a target man who is dropping balls to other players.


  • Tyler75

    IMO Forsell and Pugh would both be significant improvements on the players we were ‘talking to’ during the transfer window. Danny Collins would also be a good shout. 

  • Ron Galea

    Decent without being a player who is clearly better than Championship level. Is anyone else mystified that we have not been linked with a defender for the past few weeks? Grayson can sign up as many forwards and midfielders as he likes once he fixes the back four. Even with Bates strenuously pulling on the purse strings, surely SG will not make the same mistake as January and not attempt to fix our defence?

  • normangunston

    With 5 man benches now, having someone like Danny Pugh could prove invaluable.

  • Eaglebagpuss

    ps sorry my spelling, it appears my sausage fingers dont like this keyboard

  • Skill Kil

    Smithy is a scummer, he ****** off to Man U. But we don’t give a ****, ’cause we’ve got Danny Pugh!

    • Anonymous

      thats what i was gonna write ,but without looking i knew someone would of done it any one for the chorus !!!!

    • Smudger1714

      well I do give a …. Pugh wasn’t great I had a season ticket during the dark days of championship and league one first time around he wasn’t all that
      only reason I don’t have a season ticket now is I can’t afford one wish I could go to every game but looking forward to Palace & Scumchester bring it on MOT

  • Kaiserchief82

    Definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion IF we do sign him up, and hopefully if he does well I see no reason (apart from Bates salary cap and woeful contract negotiation skills) that we can’t sign him up proper in January?…


  • songster

    I think pugh will come in and it will mainly be as a dm/cm i have a feeling an out and out lb will come in. Someone like…. Wayne Bridge.

  • Pugh could come in, maybe in place of Brown. Collins is the next player for Ipswich, so we can forget about it. Bridge or Bertrand are de best options for a LB. MOT!

  • Anonymous

    please let this be true Danny Pugh the make weight for smith from manu .we should never of let him leave ,i know this was pre bates ,grayson but it was the same old story ,

    danny pugh would have been a massive player for us had he been given the chance by Blackwell i think  ???

    take him back for good ….

  • Anonymous

    i think Danny Pugh will come in as a left back not a midfielder  forgot to say that 

  • Kaiserchief82

    I would be seriously impressed if bridge signed even on loan. My faith in us getting real quality signings has dwindled somewhat so I’d be over the moon with players like Bridge, Bertrand or even Collins from Stoke.

  • Dinger.B

    Danny back would be good cant understand why we got rid of him or Dan Harding. Now go and get him back SG and the problem position will be resolved!

    • Anonymous

      anther we should have kept dan harding although with bates been ex of chelsea and mike Harding .i know for a fact that the hardings hate bates .
      and that comes from his grandfather it would have been interesting

  • Smudger1714

    not sure about it, didn’t set team alight first time around but could be useful utility player with a point to prove. On a personal note he’d remind me of Mr S’s departure and I don’t want to go there again thanks…onwards and upwards!

  • Smudger1714

    good point….

  • Smudger1714

    if we can’t even get a certain ex no17 on loan we sure as hell aren’t and won’t be getting Bridge on loan…although they can afford to pay most of wages unlike Fat Cashley and Tightwad Bates


    him and tonge would be good acquisitions in my eyes, filling some gaps. upfront we have bodies in there with forsell and becchio back, pugh coming in at left back and tonge in midfield.