Football management is a fickle business. Regardless of how well any manager has done in the past, a few bad results can change the mood rapidly.

Despite guiding Leeds United to promotion in 2010 and finishing just outside the Championship play-off positions in 2011, Simon Grayson is now the bookies favourite to be the next Championship sacking after picking up only four points from the opening five games.

Leeds United fans will point to three red cards as reason for our poor start, but a poor transfer window leaving the club lacking in depth and the loss of star player Max Gradel means Simon Grayson is facing an uphill battle to turn things around.

Factor in Ken Bates, a chairman who has never been afraid to sack an under-performing manager and you can understand why the bookies are shortening the odds.

At the time of posting Simon Grayson is 2/1 with Sky Bet, which is by no means an odds on certainty, but his odds are significantly shorter than anyone else in the division. Steve “Under My Umbrella” McLaren of Nottingham Forest is next up at 4/1 followed by Coventry City’s Andy Thorn at 11/2.

Whilst I personally think Simon Grayson has been unlucky so far and should be safe, the high level of expectation always present at Elland Road makes the odds understandable – a couple more defeats and pressure will mount for the previously untouchable Leeds boss.

  • number1inyorkshire

    Steve mclaren has to be favorite surely ,then Sven ,then chap at Watford 

    • Tom Swinden

      dreaming! it will be a cheapie from lower divisions knowing bates, but I guess it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. these high profile managers tend to fail alot.

      • TSS

        He means as favourite to be sacked, not as replacement lol. I’d proper kick off if MClown was brought in to replace Larry. 

    • Anonymous

      Steve McLaren – Are you serious? He was in talks with the Forest Board last week over the lack of activity in transfers etc and considering his position! 

      I could not work with such a man. These managers will be wanting a say in how the business is run next!!


      • Morleyboy

        Couldn’t agree more!
        I would rather stick with larry much as I think he is clueless, he is at least er! er! er! Oh you know what I mean.

  • Wafllufc

    He wont be sacked who will carry Bates paper in his mouth to the office.

  • Bates will not sack Larry, yet, he needs to find another former Leeds stooge first. Thanks fuck Lorimer never took up management.

  • Jonesy

    I bet this doesn’t appear on the official site ‘in association with Sportingbet’

  • dave

    i actually think larry has become quite good at polishing turds. Hes had to over the years as we are still operating on a league 2 wage structure, a non existent transfer kitty, and a policy of giving our best players away for next to nothing because ken is too scared to get them on a proper contract.

    And to add to all larrys worries we cant even attract any average players anymore because they have all got wind of the club lacking any sort of ambition, they have seen other loyal players been tossed out of the club (schmeichel) and they know we have a chairman who likes to dip a toe over the line of illegality too often and who relies on the unconditional loyalty of the leeds fans to keep the money pouring ever nearer to the event horizon of his trouser pockets.

    with all this going on i think larry should be knighted not sacked. 

    • Jim Parkin

      What planet are you on Dave? We certainly dont pay top wack for players, but a L2 structure? dont think so… footballers are only interested in their own career (understandably), and Schmeical loyal? do me a favour…he would have happily jumped (look how many clubs he has had – tells a tale).
      There has to be something wrong tho regarding players and contracts…or are our expectations too high…?

      • dave

        ok its not quite a league 2 wage structure but i was making a point by way of exaggeration (i realise people pull you on every word on the internet rather than understanding the general point you are trying to make) but back on topic the wage structure is definitely not as competitive as i would say the majority of clubs in the championships. Clubs i would also like to add who get nowhere near the amount of fans through the door as leeds do.

        And yes i consider schmeichel to have been loyal to us. football fans moan about players always going for the money but from what i have read and heard peter didnt want to leave leeds even though he was going to a club with a better chance of premier league football and who i would guess threw more money his way he was as surprised as the rest of us when he was shown the door.

        what chance has our club got anyway when half of our fans think everything is graysons fault and the other half (the less naive half in my opinion) think he has done pretty well and its bates fault for throttling any ambition the club has  and at the same time fleecing the paying fans.

        i hate to say it but as soon as manchester united had a bit of political turmoil they all got together and created an action plan, as they knew the fans are club and without them the owners have nothing.

        Us leeds fans on the other hand cant even agree amongst ourselves whos to blame when its staring them in the face. 

  • Andreasfrandsen

    Bates will never sack Grayson !!!!!

  • Stevemac

    His time to go is long overdue and if we are to rescue the season thi sooner the better.

  • Stevemac

    You have an odd way of viewing things dave.
    Ken is an utter arse and a mean bastard, that does not make larry fautless, we have no real evidence of the complete lack of funds and his signing of paynter on a 3 year 12 grand a week is proof of that as well as proof of his inabilities.

    • Whitefanman

      Cant blame SG for Billy – the guy scored more goals than Beckford and on a free he has to be worth a gamble surely – sometimes these things just dont work out

      • Morleyboy

        He was definitely not worth a gamble and certainly not a 12,000 a week for 3 years gamble.

  • ludlowleeds

    Can’t believe the unrelenting nonsense written in comments on this and other sites. Grayson is a young manager with limited experience but his record speaks for itself. He’s working at Leeds with one hand tied behind his back and still we compete. So-called fans who call for him to go would no doubt delight in watching him succeed somewhere else, which, believe me, he would.

    • TSS

      Agree. I don’t believe there was any money available until Max left – hence the desperation to sign players on the final day. Leeds clearly need investment from someone who cares more about the playing squad than corporate boxes. 

      The problem is, that Bates will never accept blame. If the results don’t pick up, Larry will be used as a scapegoat. A new manager will arrive and we’ll no doubt win the first couple of games as is generally the case, then a couple of months later the same complaints will arise once more and people will be calling for the head of our new manager. Meanwhile, Larry will no doubt be managing in the Prem.

      • ludlowleeds

        Spot on.

    • Morleyboy

      The hand is not tied mate, he doesn’t know how to use 2 simultaneously and at the same time, however your loyalty is admirable if misplaced.

      • ludlowleeds

        That might be the first time I’ve been patronised by someone from Morley.

        • Morleyboy

          Why am I not surprised?

  • Anonymous

    I’d be surprised if we did badly enough for him to be fired. I’d also be surprised if we did better than last season. I suspect avoiding relegation will be good enough for him to retain the job.

    Bates generally feels like he is lining up to sell, by the way. He doesn’t have access to enough funds to guarantee promotion. If he sells the club he’ll get the value back plus the money in the bank (or in bricks and mortar, in his view). He’ll get nothing for squad investment unless we are somehow promoted, so no point investing unless there’s a threat of relegation (probably pushing out a potential sale by a couple of years). Note if he fires Grayson, he will have to pay him off, which is even more pointless.

    On the money available – remember that Schmeichel was also sold.

    • TSS

      I did consider that, but the accounts for the last couple of seasons have shown LUFC to be a loss-making business if you exclude player sales. Maybe Kasper’s sale was the one that balanced the books and we therefore had no funds (or very little anyway) until Max left. All conjecture of course, I just find it odd we were desperately trying to bring so many players in on the final day.

      • Jgleisner

        Why should player sales be excluded from an assesment of our financial health ? Sellling players is a perfectly valid business decision in a crowded industry. It is completley arbitrary to single out this factor in deciding whether a club is run profitably or not. I trust you are not putting a negative slant on affairs in order to serve an agenda.      

        • TSS

          I was pointing out that we have to sell players to break even – interpret that however you like, but that’s fact. I used that as basis for my theory that the money from Kasper’s sale was used to balance the books and it wasn’t until Max was sold that Larry had money to spend – which is all the more believable considering the attempted flurry on deadline day. 

          Think you’re getting a little paranoid everything is anti-Bates now mate. You drew your own conclusions there, I only stated fact.

          • Jgleisner

            Then change the banner on your site. My theory is that a site like this cannot be run, let alone funded by your good self, alone. So come one spill the beans who are your backers ?

  • Jimmy one eye

    The most important thing is he hasnt lost the dressing room, the players are playing for him and there is good team spirit, that much was obvious after the equiliser against West Ham. Contrast that to Paul ‘slag all my players off to the media’ Jewell, who is worth £10 of my money for the first to be sacked, we should have been 3 up at half time against them. Fans calling for Larry gone are the same ones who gave Beckford a hard time, retards!

  • Davyman

    Nothing to be achieved sacking our current manager. Some of the players who have been released, sold or have chosen to leave were not up to the task. Max Gradel wanted to leave, a good player but not irreplacable. Can see Nunez getting close too or surpassing his 18 goals. Kilkenny wanted to leave no loss, over rated, cannot remember the premiership clamouring for his services. Bradley again lip service went missing in games made an occassional good pass – spent the game reflecting on that pass. Schmeichel liked the keeper but by good luck or judgement feel we have a better replacement. We need to show our young guns that we have faith in them we will start getting 3 points home and away, week in week out. Clayton, Lees, White, Zac Thompson and Nunez are vital for a sustained push for automatic promotion. Before you ask I am not in a crack den in Beeston or a share holder with bostick. I believe we will succeed and Grayson will show that he is one of the most gifted managerial prospects in the championship. As for Ken he is merely a custodian of our club, hopefully when the time comes the cupboard will not be bare.

    MOT, Leeds are going up as f***ing champions.

    • Judy

      Can I have some of what you are on, please?

      • Morleyboy

        Good one judy.

      • Morleyboy

        Good one judy.

  • Anonymous


    I was rather hoping that this story would not break until I and my offshore buddies had placed a decent wedge at long odds.

    So Plan B, I will get Shaun to issue a statement as a public vote of confidence, that I, as majority shareholder/owner am content, threaten to sue any media types who try and play this story up, restate that Simon has a transfer war-chest available but is happy with his squad, we only just missed out on 4 signings on dead-line day, we have a few options in the loans market etc etc. Throw in something about the hotels and shops, you know all that stuff to keep the ‘plebs’ onside.

    I am having a few old Chelsea friends over  to Monaco for dinner this weekend, including Denis who is looking for a job (Plan C) but this time Denis could be manager for the 2nd half of the season, from Christmas onward, nice change for him. Chopper Harris may pop over as well, but Chopper doesn’t like Leeds.

    We will follow the next game, can’t for the life of me remember who we are playing, on Yorkshire Radio, are you all signed up to that? – real bargain you know – get Eddie to spout some tosh and Peter to back him up. That will keep the ‘morons’ happy.

    Keeping Simon as manager is one of my priorities,. along with buying back ER and TA blah blah blah, as he does come cheap and does toe the party line. However, he will be judged by results – No not the match results – on his transfer dealings. Made a nice profit on the litlle winger chap.  All, good for the bank balance (mine of course)!

    That should get the odds for Simon getting sacked back to a decent level and make it worth a few grand wager!


    • Morleyboy

      You lost credibility when you mentioned old chelski friends, Bates doesn’t have any kind of friends at all.

  • Irving08

    It would take a disastrous run of results for Bates to sack Simon and then it would be justified.   

    • Morleyboy

      And exactly how long does this run extend for? where are we? 4 points from 15 is it?
      After having all summer to plan his campaign…………….

      • Jgleisner

        Seven defeats on the trot.

  • Bubionwhite

    Hope not, the other suggestions posted on this, and other sites firghtens me silly … anybody imagine Martin O’Neill without money to spend, or Sven, Paul Jewel and even Poyet. SG has made mistakes in the transfer market, team selection and tactics, but so did Sir Gobshite who was on good odds to be sacked at the start of his Scum dynasty. He gets my vote to stay, we need management stability. Before anyone asks about the planet I’m on … it’s called Reality.

    • Morleyboy

      You call your planet whatever you like mate, it’s your planet.

  • the reason why his price is so short is he’s most likely to resign, given the fact he’s had no support in the transfer market. To build a successful team, you’ve gotta be able to keep hold of Beckford’s, Johnson’s and Gradels. Bates won’t do that, Grayson deserves better.
    Bates –  keep your fingers and toes crossed that your coach doesn’t walk! Coz you really will have irate protests then!

    • Morleyboy

      We have a coach?
      When is he starting?

      • Yeah, it’s a redundant Wallace Arnold. Didn’t you know??

  • Gryff

    I have high levels of expectation, too. But there’s a difference between failing to improve the squad, and the position he was in at roughly this point last season where we were nose-diving and only a handful of points off relegation.

    He survived then, showed he can get good results, and now he’s building on a stable Championship budget. Maybe he was too ambitious in this window, but I don’t think he’s in danger of being sacked. Who else could we sign nowadays, anyway?

  • Tyler75

    Who the hell would we get to replace him ? Working with Bates and no budget has to be the poisoned chalice to end all poisoned chalices. Does anybody seriously believe that Poyet, for example, would give up working with a Chairman who backs him to the hilt to come and risk his reputation to work for Bates ? Even Mourinho would struggle to do more than Larry has done with the resources available – McLaren threatened to walk from Forest because he was only allowed to spend £2m in the transfer market – I doubt Larry has spent that in the last 3 years !  Larry sticks it out and puts up with the crap because he’s a genuine Leeds fan and for him, this is where he wants to be, this is his perfect job (as it would be for any of us) and he’s probably realised that Bates is not in it for the long-haul. It would be an absolute travesty if he was sacked.

    • Dinger.B

      The next three results will define SG’s future. Bates will not hesitate to sack  him. By doing so will hope to deflect attention away from himself. It has been no surprise to me that the last two managers have been old boys employed to act as a buffer if things did not go to plan. Any guesses who the third old will be if Simon gets the chop as he inevitably will. 

      • Rhobson72

        possibles: micky adams although after the blunts im not sure he would walk out on port vale again, john sheridan, why leave a good job to work for bates? i hope sg gets 10/12 games. lets see where we are then.

    • Morleyboy

      If larry was a genuine Leeds fan he would fuck off ,this being in the clubs best interest.

  • Ridiculous…. Like Bates is going to be prepared to sack Grayson and have to pay him off!!!  come on…..get real…. that would mean 2 less boxes.

  • trueyorxman

    Grayson should only go if he comes out an tell us exactly whats going on at ER, he is a Leeds fan after all. 3 home wins next week will cheer everybody up no end, although 2 will do. I’d rather we get 6pts than beat Scum

  • trueyorxman

    By the way has anyone else noticed Robbie Savage has signed up for Strictly Come Dancing! He would have loved to play for Leeds but the BBC offered better wages

  • Brian T

    SG has proved to be a fair manager although he has shown some poor decisions in his player selection and team tactics. He has very much suffered from the limitations of not being able to sign decent players and it is problem that becomes even more exposed every time it approaches transfer deadlines. All in all, he has done ok considering that he has Bates as his boss.

  • Magsemusgrove


  • Anonymous

    when does a young manager become an old one
    is there a transition ???
    is it an age thing ???

    • Morleyboy

      More to the point, was he signed up to do an apprenticeship or was he signed to do a job? Should we waste 5 years of our lives waiting for larry to learn his job, he should start at the bottom and if he is good he will rise as rapidly as his ability deserves.
      If this was the case he would at best be in league 1 and with few prospects.

  • Shakamoto Insurance

    A manager’s lifespan has nothing to do with how skilful he is or how much money it costs to remove him. It’s all about results and points and not arguing with the Chairman. A bad result like Histon got MacAllister the sack. A low points tally got Venables the sack. O’Leary stood up to Ridsdale over the sale of Rio and got the sack. If Leeds don’t get some points quick sharp, Grayson is in trouble. 

    That’s all there is to it. Rightly or wrongly, that’s what Chairman do.

    Less than 4 points in the next 2 games and a humiliating defeat to Manchester United and this message board won’t be talking about how good Grayson is and how good a job he has done with financial constraints, we’ll be talking about relegation and embarrassment and there will be a lot of posters calling for Grayson’s head.

    Fickle? Yep.


    it is not simon who should go ,if he can t get money of bates what can he do
    ken needs to think about the team not the stand

  • Az32

    Grayson just go please , you are shite in the transfer market and tactically inept , you look like a lost sheep and utterly clueless of what to do when the team is under pressure , ok you have done a respectable job but you have taken leeds as far as you can , do the right thing step aside and let fresh ideas in, its obvious that the players do not believe in you anymore , thanks for your efforts and goodbye

  • Az32

    Grayson just go please , you are shite in the transfer market and tactically inept , you look like a lost sheep and utterly clueless of what to do when the team is under pressure , ok you have done a respectable job but you have taken leeds as far as you can , do the right thing step aside and let fresh ideas in, its obvious that the players do not believe in you anymore , thanks for your efforts and goodbye

  • lufc801

    Az32 your deluded i wonder if you was saying this when he got us promoted or when we beat scum? no didn’t think so

  • Mattnash

    Can you honestly say you looked at the first 5 games on the fixture list and thought that we’d be riding high at the top of the table. We probably would have got a couple more points at least without the sendings off and 6 points from our next 2 very winnable games will see us above mid table and probably only 4 points off a play off place given the competitive nature of the league. We would all love to be west ham buying players for 4m and paying premiership salaries but the reality is we are one year out of league 1, we don’t have 18m in parachute payments to fall back on and like it or not (and I can understand that most people don’t) we have a chairman who likes to run things on a more prudent basis than your Ipswich or leicester’s who let’s face it are both going to go tits up if there gamble on getting promoted doesn’t pay off. Think how good it could be, with a couple of additions if we can engender a bit of team spirit as witnessed at west ham from a young enthusiastic side who can gain in momentum from a couple of good results.

    I don’t agree with every decision larry makes but he does seem to have more success bringing on younger unknown talents rather than taking on”proven” players



  • Nigelwilks

    well said michael !!!!!!!!

  • diesel

    SG top manger leave him be he will take us to the top .we are leeds

  • I don’t think there’s anything in this. I think it’s some people looking at the table, seeing the position that the Not Famous Anymore LUFC are and thinking… That’s not good enough for them, SG is a goner without knowing anything that has happened in our matches and that we probably deserve 3 times as many points as we actually have.