Manchester United successfully avenged their humiliating 2010 FA Cup defeat to rivals Leeds United, with a comfortable 3-0 victory at Elland Road.

For Leeds, this was always a no lose game. If they won, they got to wind up the Premier League champions, and if they lost, they were out of a pointless cup competition that a squad so severely lacking in depth could do without.

Draws like Leeds v Manchester United are supposed to be the League Cup’s saving grace, but when the Elland Road club use it as nothing more than a money spinning opportunity, and the Premier League champions field their reserve team, it’s extremely difficult to care. Hence the empty seats.

Once upon a time, Leeds and Manu could have met in a pre-season friendly and the stadium would have sold out twice over. The match, regardless of prize, would have been a “must win” for both sides – honour and bragging rights would have been on the line, and any player leaving the field without ‘blood on his boots’ (so to speak) would have been forever vilified.

But the overwhelming feeling amongst regulars at this one was apathy. No one expected to win, no one felt it would benefit us in any real way if we did and very few were buying the hype Leeds United had tried to create to justify the ticket prices. I think the only reason many of the regulars turned up was for the exchanges on the terraces, and even they were a little muted by previous standards.

The game itself wasn’t particularly memorable either. Leeds did OK, no individual player will have left feeling they let the side down and two of Manchester United’s goals were lucky, but the result wasn’t really flattering or in anyway undeserved.

The game, like the atmosphere, was a bit disappointing really. It was like seeing your favourite band attempt to take the step up from academies and arenas, to packed out stadium gigs. You hoped they’d still be able to impress on the bigger stage, but your suspicions that they’d lose their edge were justified.

There was a bit of tension in the air, caused in no small part by the idiot in the away end with an Istanbul banner – something I imagine will go largely unreported as it was the sickening actions of the Manchester United fans, rather than “Dirty Leeds”.

“Dirty Leeds” fans didn’t help their own case with trouble before and after the match, and even though it was only a small minority, no one will be particularly surprised by this, which is a pretty sad state of affairs in 2011.

Crowd troubles aside, this match left very little to report. There were no real surprises, meaning Leeds’ Worthless Cup campaign is over for another season and it’s back to League duty with a big match away to Brighton this Friday.

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  1. Jonathan Maclean

    The beeb did post a little paragraph on the Scum being scummy;

    “The only black spot of the night from Manchester United, in fact, was the chanting by their supporters of songs referencing the night in Istanbul when two Leeds fans were killed in violent scenes – chants that did neither themselves nor their club any credit whatsoever.”

    • TSS

      One paragraph though. Had Leeds fans pulled a similar stunt, I guarantee we’d have made the back pages. It’s fashionable to hate Leeds unfortunately – the press like to report our “dirtiness” because it sells papers. Same thing happens to Millwall (a club I promise never to liken Leeds to again)

      • Jonathan Maclean

        I read the comments of the vid (Sadly being a student in scotland, i can’t really see many Leeds games in the glory of Elland road) – Were there chants from the Leeds contingent about the Munich disaster? (If there were in the vid, i don’t have audio on this comp)

      • TSS

        The Leeds fans are singing to Marching On Together coming over the tannoy. I’m not saying there wasn’t unforgivable chants from Whites fans, but from what I saw, it was all sparked by the away fans. 

      • Jonathan Maclean

        Aye, coming into a stadium with a banner to upset the home side doesn’t bode well for anyone.

      • geoff chips

        nobody is duty bound to get upset. do we all go out battering people when third world fools burn the union flag?  well, no, we’ve got an army for that, but you see my point.  just chill out.  you don’t have to react. it isn’t a school playground.                                       defo not a rant at you – a general observation of the fragility of the human condition

      • David

        It’s pretty hard to look good against Man Utd, I thought we tried to pass and keep the ball, tried to get it wide, tried, in  short, to play proper football. I thought Adam Clayton looked particularly good, a proper footballer. If we didn’t quite pull it off then it’s perhaps because they were too good and didn’t allow us to do so rather than our under performance. However, we cannot defend very well and haven;t done for several seasons. Also, far too many stupid fouls and cards.

        In summary, if we play like that every week we’ll win most games about 6-5 and just about make the play offs.

        Regarding the chants and stuff, I’m often embarassed by our own fans, it’s about the football for me and nothing else. The Istanbul stuff is no different, they’re all a disgrace to their clubs, us or them. I respect Man Utd for their acheivements over several decades and the fact that Fergie is one of the best managers of all time. I love Leeds Utd but I’ll never condone abusive behaviour of any type, it holds us back as a brand.

      • Irving08

        Brand ? It would be the death of Leeds; it nearly was last time someone tried to ‘brand’ us. At least Ken is too original to be branded.      

      • Clive Sanderson

        It’s just a shame a small minority of Leeds fans had to lower themselves to a minority of scum fans who came out with the Istanbul provocation. From where I was standing they seemed to be the same lot that chant Bates out and all that crap, which only harms Leeds. Whether you like the people who run Leeds or not, it can only be bad for the team when they have to listen to such chants. These people are Morons and C**ts as well so it’s a bit pointless them saying they’d rather be a Moron when they are both.

  2. EastStandUpper

    “Leeds did OK, no individual player will have left feeling they let the side down…”

    That’s an exceptionally generous viewpoint! Too many non-performers for me, with Snodgrass and Howson at the head of a depressingly long queue…

    • TSS

      I honestly can’t understand what Snoddy and Howson have done to upset everyone lately. Sure, they’ve both put in a couple of below standard performances this season (Snoddy more so than Howson), but nothing to justify the level of scrutiny they’re coming under, and certainly not last night where both players chased everything down and tried to create something. They were simply outclassed by a better side. 

      Maybe we just expect more from these two for whatever reason? 

      • EastStandUpper

        Snod had a shocker last night… not helped by his general truculence. But he’s a quality player who has continually created chances/openings for the strikers, notably Ross. I’m commenting on his performance in the game, not the season to date.

        Howson, though, has offered the team very little this year. Too many games have passed him by, he has made too few contributions going forward – assists, telling passes, shots on goal – and offered precious little defensive cover. Last night, he barely got withing 5 yards of the ball… not remotely good enough, and certainly not for the captain.

      • ludlowleeds

        I though Howson had one of his better games last tbh, albeit in a match we were clearly second best in. Nobody created anything of substance with the ball but Jonny chased and harried more than anyone.

        Agree Snod is out of sorts. Very poor by his high standards last night.

      • normangunston

        Compare the Snoddy last night to the one who destroyed Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal. I’ll admit he’s not helped at all by Lees who is in no way a full back, but whatever upside we had from a left footed right winger seems to have passed. Every opposition full back worth their salt knows exactly what Snoddy’s going to try to do, and without the help of an overlapping full back he always seems to be running down blind alleys.

        Having said all that he’s still got a goal and several assists this season, but something’s clearly not right with him.

      • Anonymous

        perhaps TSS…… we can be a bit critical of our players…..look at poor old browny, if he reads half of what leeds fans have said about him on forums then he will be demoralized……

    • Lee B

      I watched the game on t’internet last night and the picture I got was quite poor. I was interested to see Mika on his debut, so was watching for him from the time he came on. Whenever a midfielder got in on a tackle, received the ball or made a pass I looked carefully and it was Howson most of the time. He didn’t do anything glamorous, so probably didn’t get noticed so much, but I can guarantee you he definitely put a shift in!
      I, like everyone else, would love to see him make more surging runs, incisive passes and accurate shots. Having said that, if Howson’s work-rate is giving Clayton more space/time, then he’s doing a good job. Clayton was – in my opinion – the best Leeds player on the park yesterday – yet again.

    • Anonymous

      well i wasnt excited about last night at all. It felt a recipe for disaster. Team leaking goals, best player just sold, fans protesting and half the team thinking about where there next transfer is going to be to……  TBH im glad we only conceded  3 and not 8 like Arsenal.

  3. Chicago White

    I’m not condoning the actions of a minority of Leeds fans outside the ground but they were provoked my brother who was at the game saw there coaches arrive with multiple Istanbul & Istanbul Reds banners that’s when he said it started to kick off & a number of there coaches windows were put through. I’m certain when we played at TOWD that if there had been a Munich Whites banner it would have been headline news, in fact when we played at TOWD & I was in the Beckford End that day there was not one Munich chant from the 9k+ LUFC fans there that day. My brother said that a small minority tried to start Munich chants to be shouted down by the vast majority where as he said the Istanbul chants were frequent & pervasive from the South stand, I even heard quite a number on the TV feed & for the BBC & even Winter to pick up on it indicates to me it was not isolated incidents. One of the major reasons I loath the red filth is not there success but for the fact they have lived off a tragic accident they added black to there kit come it every 5 years with some form of revenue generating event to cash in on the event while publicly feigning disgust when other teams fans call them out as hypocrites.

    • Eaglebagpuss

      Although I take your point reagrding our recent behaviour in not using the ‘Munich’ chanting. We cannot get away from the fact that in the recent era we have persisted with it from our arrival back in the old first division to our relegation from the Prem league. With that in mind I dont think we can have too many complaints that the Red Shite use the Istanbul incident to wind us up. I thought our support last night was magnificent, and as a polar opposite to the usual abuse hurling, we came out of it looking a far better bunch of fans than the half witted retards who had made the journey all the way up the M1!!.
      All we have to do now is get up and show them up on a regular basis.


  4. A Realist !

    Snodgrass is not interested since he found out what other players were being paid from joining up with Scotland. I reckon we turned down bids for him which would have made him better paid and now he is sulking.

  5. TSS

    It was reactionary from Leeds. Manchester United’s “fans” came prepared with banners. You can’t excuse that fact I’m afraid, and it’s about time your club stopped playing the victim and accept you have a minority of idiots like every other club in this country. 

  6. james

    i went to the game last night and didnt have very high hopes to be honest but i at least expected some fight from the team. How ever there was none. Apart from the first 15 minutes or so where we got stuck in we spent the rest of the night sitting back and when we got the ball we were scared to run forward or do anything with it. 

    I just didnt understand when they came out at half time 3-0 down why they didnt go for it. There was nothing to lose at all then and i and i know many other fans would have been more pleased with us going for it and trying to score and end up losing worse than just coming out the second half and doing sod all!

    if the players cant get up for a game in front of a big crowd against man utd when the rivalry still means so much then i am worried about us. 

    Also snoddy has to be on the bench on friday he was shocking. Put howson on the wing in a more attacking role where he is so much better than in center mid and put Vayrynen in the middle with clayton. He also needs to get rid of nunez who works better as an impact sub i think.


    • LeedsForLife

      At 3-0 the game was lost. Going for it would have increased the chance of injuries and bookings, not good for a squad lacking depth, and would have left the team more tired ahead of Friday’s much more important game against Brighton.

      There’s a gulf in class. We’re a 2nd Div team recently promoted from the 3rd Div. Man Utd have been at or near the top of the 1st Div almost for ever. They have more money and more and better players. One day, if we’re careful, we’ll be back there at the top vying with them on level terms, but that’s years away.

      It would have been a disaster if we’d been promoted last season, though. We’d have been out-classed like that almost every game. We’re still recovering, back from the death bed but not yet ready to challenge the rich clubs that are most of the Prem.

      • geoff chips

        you’re totally right but fans hate to hear it.  the stuttgart spirit is long gone in this era of preofessionalism.  re disaster: qpr swans and norwich seem to be doing ok.. 
        is it a fear of trying and failing? or that of the current team, maybe three or four could cope. still probably better having a dreadful prem season and getting a parachute pymt. yes its bad for the season ticket holders, but their support is mroe or less guaranteed anyway :)     nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  7. Anonymous

    first the hooligans a lad who i know that sells programs near to billy’s  bar /shop was attacked and robbed of his money and his remaining wears he was quite badly shaken and  hurt by Manchester fans he tells he me and has no reason to lie he saw a manu fan hit a bobby on the side of the head with a bottle and others do similar things ,,now when leeds fans go on the rampage they are plastered all over the place until they are dobbed in by themselves or others , i do hope west Yorkshire police and their over the border colleagues do the similar thing  with this lot.
     And although it was reactionary ??? by the leeds fans  , it was organised reactionary and i know because i have sat next to plenty at elland road in the FAMILY STAND area 34 near to the away fans for 4seasons now .There is an up and coming hooligan element 14-18 year olds add that to those that should know better and the 2-3000 of the extra 10.000 that appeared from Saturday (sat 22+000—Tues 32+000) who went to have a battle with manu fans, so although reactionary doesn’t make it right and it needs nipping now before we go back to the bad old days of the 80s .We have more banning orders than others and we all moan when the police move our matches to obscure times, well we have a duty ourselves to condemn these idiots and not laugh when we see it and stop it , before as we know heartbreakingly to our cost others go to a footy match and don’t get on the bus back home …

    now the match  lees and white should never have played in that match white will move forward as if expected Pugh signs today he is a talent but not a left back , O’dea should have played there Connolly should have played  at right back ,and if he was gonna play lees he should have been centre back with bromby .
    Clayton was again our best player for me .howson was part of a whole team that was poor last night so it would be harsh to criticize further ,snodders just aint happy about anything ,probably about how he is playing .

    The front 2 had little to do which was disappointing as they had a rookie keeper  and did varynen ?? touch the ball when he came on .. Forsell should start for me instead of keogh
    Nunez well was Nunez .

    look lets be right this lot although not that team beat arsenal 8 something they had a lad who has a squad number 52 playing for em they should be beating us ,but we were poorer than expected  the manor of defeat was for me what has gone before in the last 2 matches only these were better than palace and Bristol ,we are playing badly ..

    its time to stop tinkering play your best 11 til they start winning , but if we have to play some kids put them on the bench play Connolly .Pugh if he comes  white on the mid wing snodders on the other side

    • Anonymous

      dont agree about connolly, hes shite…..Lees should be playing central defence though. White can be ok, he was last week for example. He probably needs a decent defencive coach……and err doesnt appear to be one of those at Elland road

  8. Banditsteve123

    Im sorry but you cant say leeds fans reacted the man u banner every week you can bet the leeds fans will sing munich song so we cant get on our high horse over there chanting,now onto the game that was the most inept performence in years no fight no passion it was lets get the game done and not loose by to many,snoddy, becchio,howson should be ashamed of there performence,white lees are not full backs only clayton can hold his head up wat a shambles

    • Anonymous

      here ,here bravo .Clayton should be just given player of the season award now he just pips lonegran for me …….

      the rest all of em were poor last night and without igniting this old chest nut larry needs to shoulder some blame , many have said about playing the kids NOT ME EVER .What we need is quality.. We have none , aside from the 2 previously mentioned the rest at the mo are mediocre jobbing footballers ..

  9. Richard

    Im glad i decided not to go to maccy dees with the young`en, didnt realize it kicked off next to the ground with us being near the kop and coming in from Geldard road.

  10. Banditsteve123

    Once again we are promised a new player is going to sign by grayson well its 5.25pm were is he soon leeds  will be talked about the same has i have seen the loch ness monster i was abducted by aliens and leeds sign a new player

      • Anonymous

        yeah Pugh,  hes a good lad but its not exactly exciting days at the bargain basement transfer market.

  11. MUFC fan posting about fans

    (man) united fan here and i just have to say that we arent all c**ts. was at the game last night and a few rows in front of the prick with the istanbul banner and i just thought that i should tell you that i, and the majority of people around us were disgusted, and most of us didnt sing about istanbul. but as always the majority suffer because of the acts of the minority, and rightly so, the people who were singing about Istanbul should be ashamed. please dont think they represent all united fans, cus most of us have never and will never sing about Istanbul (or Hillsborough and Heysel for that matter) and im sure that most dirty leeds fans wouldnt and havent sung about Munich

    • Anonymous

      yeah its always the minority fans, a reflection of society. If i ever see any leeds fans singing about munich they will be in trouble! and yes im a leeds fan, i just dont like seeing my clubs reputation muddied by pillocks

      • David2304facebook

        what will you do if someone sings Munich songs? wave your scarf at them-ffs its you feebles give us a bad name

      • neil aspin

        check out the hardman.  are you a 55 year old postman that gives it large in the ground then leaves early to get the bus before it kicks off?  stop posturing, you fool.  there is nothing cool about being a fat man pretending to be tough.

  12. Phill570

    To be honest no one wants to hear your pathetic attempt at shifting the blame. Your scum which automatically makes you a C**t. From where i was sat (other side of ground) there was more than a minority singing about istanbul and the banner was an absolute disgrace. Not one person in the Kop sung one Munich song through out that game. What occurred outside the ground was a minority. Get off our site and crawl back to London or where ever else you scumchester fans hail from

    • Richard

      I was in L28 next to kop and the munich song did start once in the kop after the banner went up, it was quickly drowned out with boo`s then we all love Leeds. I believe a lot of man u fans sung istanbul but not all of them.

  13. Richard

    Anyway, i think snodders needs dropping cos he`s been pants for a while and Jonny seems to take an eternity to decide who to pass to. Lees needs to learn he can cross a ball and not just turn around and pass it back.

  14. Jimmy one eye

    Good article TSS, we wernt great on the night but who cares. Id have pefered to see one or two rested for this one with Brighton on Friday. Been better to be out of this competition against Bradford, wont be losing too much sleep if we go out of the FA cup in the 3rd round.

  15. BrianT

    Imagine us getting beat by Man Utd reserves team…whether its carling cup or not, its a very poor result.

  16. viennesewhirl

    i thought pogba who came on is the sort of player we could do with on loan, nice and tidy broke up a few things in front of their ‘defenders’, who are we after? danny f—ing pugh…..


    We did start brightly and if owen’s first hadn’t trickled in we might have given them a run for their money.

    As it was, they took total control and reduced the match tempo to almost a walking pace and that just doesn’t suit our style of play.

    Bromby is a complete liability due to his constant panic on the ball and just boots it long straight back to the opposition.

    Clayton did well and McCormack worked hard. Snoddy was poor again but will hopefully come good against Brighton.

  18. Sveifors

    Pityful performance I think. I am so tired of commenting on our defensive work, but it sickening to watch. SG and others can complain on personal errors , but in the end it is the managers problem.With proper organizing, formation and clear simple tasks for every player, I think a lot can improve.With bad organizing(like us) even top players leak goals. In modern football this is vital. I don’t think the manager with Miller/Snodin ‘s help has the abillity to fix this.

    Gloryfying a reserve ManU and pointing on personal errors is just a pitiful exchuse. I do not mind that we loose, but when  our defensive play gives away free goals season after season something must be done.

    Adress the real problem and Get help Grayson on the defensive from outside (trainer etc) or throw your cards

  19. Banditsteve123

    Watched the brighton game last night god help us i think we have to go back to three in midfield clayton vayrynen holding with howson just in front then becchio as striker with mcormack and keogh either side,also bruce might be a good bet with the way brighton play


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