Did you know that the highest total gate receipts for a match at Elland Road didn’t involve Leeds United? It was the FA Cup Semi Final of 1995 between Everton and Tottenham Hotspur, and should only be whispered very quietly just incase Ken Bates is in ear shot and gets ideas.

Did you also know that former Leeds United striker Tom Jennings was the first player to score hattricks in three consecutive games? He did so in 1926, and it’s a feat that has only been matched by Liverpool’s Jack Balmer (1947) and WBA’s Gilbert Allsop (1939).

You’ll find both of these facts in just two short paragraphs of Joe Mewis’ new book, Leeds United Miscellany. Alongside them, you’ll find another 160 pages packed full of Leeds United trivia and stats that will provide something of interest for even the most knowledgeable Leeds United fan.

Like Mewis’ previous book Leeds United On This Day the level of research here is quite frankly astonishing – this isn’t just the quick search of Google people like myself do when a post requires some statistical evidence, but a deep delve into the glorious 92 year history of Leeds United FC.

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to outsmart friends with your extensive knowledge of all things Leeds United, or just an average fan that enjoys learning about our history, this book is sure to serve up plenty of new information for you to enjoy.

Consider it an encyclopaedia of sorts – the kind of tool you’d use to prepare for Leeds United as specialist subject on MasterMind. 

Leeds United Miscellany is out now and available from Amazon and all good book stores.