Transfer deadline day was rather predictably uneventful for Leeds United. 

There was to be no return of the prodigal son, Coventry City’s captain remains Coventry City’s captain and Nick Montgomery suffers on at Bramall Lane.

Those were just three of the regurgitated rumours Whites fans had to cling on to as the Armageddon clock on Sky Sports News ticked away with what seemed like everyone but Leeds United adding the finishing touches to their squads.

Bizarrely, the rumour sites that have been bursting at the seams with Leeds United-based speculation seemed to ignore us completely on the final day. It was like they’d just given up. Perhaps they felt we’d been tortured enough without them adding more false hope to equation?

Also strange was the lack of comment from Ken Bates or Simon Grayson. It’s understandable if the Leeds United manager doesn’t want to torture us further, he is one of us after all. But for Ken Bates to remain silent on a day when his words would echo around the world in seconds is beyond belief.

Perhaps everyone has given up? The rumour sites, the fans, our chairman, the manager, even those annoying 13-year old brats on Twitter who have spent their summer holidays tweeting “reliably sourced” rumours when they should be out robbing TV’s or using the internet to look at naked women like normal teenagers.

The worst thing about yesterday is that the day began with so much expectation for so many. Max Gradel left for a fee rumoured to be anywhere from £3-5m (undisclosed by Leeds United obviously) and the more optimistic fans woke up expecting a replacement to be announced at any moment.

Fans spent their entire day glued to Twitter feeds, watching Sky Sports News, listening to sports radio stations or scouring the internet desperate to find something that would fuel their diminishing levels of hope.

The rest of us were taking the Benjamin Franklin approach to football; “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed”.

You see, apathy and cynicism reign for us like-minded individuals. It’s not that we don’t care any more, it’s that hope terrifies us. We’ve been hurt so many times before that we’ve created a mental block to protect ourselves from further suffering. A shield to deflect Bates’ lies.

But this shield wasn’t as infallible as I’d hoped. The lack of activity at Elland Road wasn’t the problem, it was the thousands of defiantly optimistic fans that allowed themselves to be hurt once again.

Empathy trumped apathy I guess, for I was once as perpetually optimistic as they were. Not just me, we all were. Each and every one of us.

We’re not born cynical. It’s a disposition that manifests itself deep inside when we’ve been told one too many lies. When truths have been bent one too many times. When we choose to believe and suffer for our naivety.

The truth is, I’d love to return to the days when I was as optimistic as this other group of Leeds United fans. Back to a state of mind when a day could be wasted watching a transfer clock tick by with absolutely no news whatsoever then take Fede Bessone’s departure as a silver-lining.

But I can’t, it confuses me. Sure he was dire for Leeds and his wages were an unnecessary burden, but he’s gone to a Premier League club on a free transfer! And those wages won’t make a blind bit of difference to us anyway. How can anyone be excited about that?

The only silver-lining I can find is that the transfer window has now closed and I don’t have to watch more hope being sucked away from the Leeds United fanbase. Silly season is over and we can finally concentrate on the football -however depressing that may turn out to be. On and on…

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  1. Danny

    well, only 2 words need to be said so i will say them and leave it at that


      • TSS

        Bates won't sell any time soon, he has nothing better to do. But I assume his theory is based on the lack of spending – you don't invest money in something you're trying to offload.

        Would make sense, but then you don't strip the biggest assets of something you want to sell either.

      • Chareose

        He isnt asset stripping the club, i beleive him when he said he was forced to sell Gradel.

        However he is investing in property just like he did at Chelsea. He does want to sell us but it will be when the building work has finished so he can maximise the price…….thats assuming ayone would spend big in the middle of a recession ofcourse. We maybe stuck with him

  2. Twice Nightly

    Here Here, It's going to be a long old slog from now on in. I was one that believed we may get at least 1 player in.

  3. Paul Heneghan

    Excellent reading as usual, painful truth about where we are, pandering to a geratric millionaire who clearly has no thoughts or feelings about OUR club. #batesout.

  4. Peterv

    Must disagree with you – our torture is not over we have the loan market to contend with, whist the last two appear to be a success watch whist we get the services of slow, aged past it players not able to get in the 25 man squad of the premiership clubs.

  5. AltrinchsmAndrew

    SG to walk?? He CANNOT be happy being Bates poodle anymore. Well done Ken: allowed Beckford to go for free then worth £4million just 12 months later…..if only you had paid the wages you could have a profit.
    Time for us West Standers to join the BATES OUT campaign……..

  6. Bubionwhite

    If we'd signed another Adam Clayton the midfield would be sorted and to find another Lucas Radebe would be the something that only happens in dreams … bring him back as defensive coach please.

  7. mattbb1

    the yep has a good report this morning about what nearly happened.. Paynter was on his way to Brighton, but they wouldnt meet our £250K asking price (optimistic on our part I think) Cov City were buoyed by some sell on transfer funds so averted the need to sell Clingan (another one off the post) and of course Lichaj went and injured himself against Hereford, and he was supposed to be joining. Its like so many of those chats I've had with my gaffer about preparation (or lack of it usually) that when things are left to the last minute and there is no plan in place then you are at the mercy of lady luck, and shes never been kind to Leeds. Yes as usual it will be the loan market and the close to £6M of transfer funds we've raised, plus saved wages for Kilkenny, Johnson, Grella, Bessone, Schmeicel, Gradel will mysteriously vanish. As will the TV money for Man Utd, our trumped up season ticket prices. As a finance man I've seen many businesses present a picture on their balance sheet that suits them, for me something stinks to high heaven at Elland Road, but Ken's approach will probably now sadly bear fruit in relegation, hes taken his eye off developing the team for too long.

    • Keir

      Those funds won't vanish. They will slowly, brick by brick, rise up to form a monstrosity of a hotel in front of our holy ground . .

  8. Bluesman

    Ken Bates doesn't give a xxxx. He is preparing to sell, but not yet. In two to three years maybe and with Leeds probably clinging to a place in the lower Premier League, if we are lucky! lol

  9. indie

    Any 1 else herd the rumour that Ian Harte signed for us last night? Would sound about right for pappa smurf!

  10. Marc Butterworth

    LUFCROB, are you having a laugh? There is still plenty for the grey bearded old twat to ring from the clubs throat yet. He is far from done with us. while ever there is a cent to be made, Bates will continue to suck our club dry. the only way to stop him is to stop going to the games and deny him his income. I know, it goes against supporting the club and i know it will result in a rapid decline of the team but it's better than the slow miserable death we are going through at the moment. If an animal is suffering, it is humane to kill it quickly. This same principle goes for our club.

  11. Adam

    Ino its been absolute disgrace this transfer market n we will finish bottom half but maybe just maybe the loan market Santa Cruz not in 25? He might be signed or am I dreaming?

  12. mattbb1

    so your proposal is to stop going to games?

    the answer for me is to follow the Gandhi route of peaceful protest. Go to the games. Dont spend on merchandise, dont spend on LUTV, dont buy drinks or food or programmes. Wear a particular colour like the man u fans did to show your disagreement, possibly blue (it is after all one of our original colours) anything to stand out on tv. Support the team, hit bates where it hurts in his pocket, and dont give him the audience he craves. If anything stop wirting to him – start writing to potential investors.

    • from the bunker

      am with you on that, been thinking along those lines my self. we should all take are own sandwiches and eat them at half time in protest!

    • Kevin Scorah

      What about the old chant "shoes off if you hate Ken Bates"? That'll look bloody good on tv during our match with the beloved Scumchester Rowdies.

    • Horsforth White

      Like it Matt but would suggest yellow is also one of our prime colours & would be highly visible from distance – maybe even Monaco

    • Funkygtc

      Funny you should say that Matt, about 6mnths ago I suggested following the Scum idea of using & wearing a Different colour Scarf ie: BLACK & FLORESCENT YELLOW {as per away kit} with Blue/White/Old Gold with the LUFC Script on the End Panels with the Captions Keeping The Faith! Our the likes of… Maybe with the proceeds going to some fund for the supporters club to buy Shares! Or other projects.
      But more than anything else it’s Visual!& that would probably draw more the ongoing plight of LUFC & Whats left of a carcass of a once Great Team! The Proverbial Giant Just Waiting for the proper Investment to Awake Frankensteins Monster, the club Everbody loves to Hate! I Firmly believe Golden days & Greatness are still just around the corner! Ours is just a case of who holds the Key to the door?
      With the correct Financial backing & Development, Either our Larry or Gus Poyet could be just the reyt type of people to deliver!
      Ok our Larry might Not be Cpt Carisma! But Then again Sgt Wilko was hardly Smashy & Nicey…. However they both worked on Shoe strings!
      Keeping The FAITH & M.O.T.

      LAMBY Telford White(Yorky in Exile! :D)

  13. Adrian Marsh

    Flat!!!!!!!! The fans play such an important part in any club. I think it only right we could have hoped for a signing to inspire us all, get us buzzing. Just gutted that we languish in this position. Even the most patient of us are losing faith in the policy of balancing the books. I understand the off field investment but this club needs on field signings too. It’s the quality of the squad not just the team that needs improving. I just await the spin.

  14. Duval

    Just waiting for Nunez to score 10 goals before Xmas and then get sold to Leicester in next transfer window as he’s out of contract at end of season, no doubt his agent will ask for something ludicrous like £2k a week so we’ll have to sell him, F#ck off Ken! MOT

  15. Craig1919

    I was gonna write a post full of vitriolic rage about Bates bleeding us to death, terrible wage structure, no ambition etc but I’ve finally succumbed to defeat, wasted words and wasted breath. I am a moron and a dissident but as much as we tell him that he’s a poisonous old b*stard the more he digs his heels in. No doubt when we have the undoubted mid table scrap this season and lose the 10 or so players who’s contracts expire this summer and our best players request transfers as we show no ambition we will all be able to look at the remains of out club whilst Grayson gets fired as he’s not got us promotion. Maybe I’m letting the pessimist out today who I normally have shackled up but I can’t seem to help it today.

  16. number1inyorkshire

    the loan market will not be our salvation keogh and lichaj apart the rest ,and i include watt have been poor more than 1 club have have withdrawn their players early because grayson simply didn't play them , can i add Doyle who served a purpose ,

    this is serious something is wrong ,whatever bates says he had no loans for building the banks are not lending especially to bates who has been in admin more times than a man can shake a stick at so that rules out the argument about banks won't lend for players but they will for building.

    Is he buying Thorpe arch well if he does and its his when he sells up it will have planning permission and houses no training ground
    the ground makes more sense he is building on it so it could be that ,now if he came out and said that fans might have a little more happiness in them today .however the fact he is building removes the " this looks like he is ready to sell" rumor SAD AGAIN
    or is he just paying himself back for buying the the club off himself .

    the spin today will be well no one left ,apart from gradel who handed in a request and the loan market opens in 7 days .we were always looking to bring in premier league players who are in and around the premier league mainly AROUND IN OUR CASE

    will anyone be happy with that , well there is a theory that leeds united after not buying anyone for ages and using the loan market ferociously BADLY ,SHOULD BE BUYING THERE OWN F#*!@NG PLAYERS

    or is it that we are in a poor state financially having been over stretched by building

    some on yesterdays post ,the last one , linked a n article about bates and his financial dealings if that is true how on earth can he be a fit and proper person

  17. Jez

    Strangely, I feel as low now as I did when we went down to the third division. Then, it was a numbness of disbelief. Now it's the crushing inevitability of failure.

    I am not going to another home game until that bastard is gone. I will not fund him. I will buy dodgy knock-off replica shirts from the market and mugs from eBay. I will not pay Sky for footy, as this goes, in some small part, to him – I will watch poor-quality feeds on the internet. I will do NOTHING that puts a single penny in his pocket.

    It's a small stance, but it's mine and in my own way, I am doing my bit. Bates Out. And Harvey. And also (and this pains me but he is culpable) Lorimer out.

  18. Peterv

    Why don't we all for the Man U high profile TV game take along a simple A4 poster with " We love Leeds" on one side and on the other "Bates Out". Think of the impact if the small mindless minority of 30,000 raised these above their heads when Leeds came out would have. We could all print say 50 and hand them out to others at the match.

  19. Carl Pearson

    Grayson have some pride and fk off mate , make a statement and be forever remembered as the one who said 'no more' to Bates , you will get another good job probably a better job and you will always be LEEDS!

  20. Paul South Wales

    A complete fucking shambless (excuse the french). Surely Grayson knew Max was off a while ago, and whilst I don't blame Leeds for him going, they should have at least had a replacement lined up. I hope we get hammered a few times now (after Crystal Palace cos I have a ticket), and show Bates/Larry the world os shit (population 2) they're in!!! Tossers

  21. Mr K Bates

    I don't care what you write you bunch of morons. I will ignore your pathetic moaning as long as you keep spending your scarce money on tickets, pies, programmes, shirts, lutv… I don't care about you or your team & will continue to suck you all dry whilst serving up the cheapest form of the game I can. I will sign 6 or 7 freebies as you will still pay top money to watch them, win or lose & if one comes good I will sell him and pocket the money. As I've told you, you are all morons.

  22. Ian McMullen

    with apologies to Gloria Gaynor…


    At first I was afraid now I’m petrified
    Kept thinkin’ Leeds could never live without you by their side;
    But then we spent long “window” nights
    Thinkin’ how you did us wrong
    And we grew strong

    So you must live, in outer space
    We walked in to find you here with that stupid beard upon your face
    We should have changed that East Stand lock
    We should have made you leave your key
    If we’d known for just one second you’d not back us one penny

    Go on now, go, walk out the door
    Just turn around now
    (’cause) you’re not welcome anymore
    Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt us with D Wise
    Did we crumble
    Did you think we’d lay down and die?

    Oh no, not Leeds. Leeds will survive
    Oh as long as we know our football I know we’ll stay alive;
    We’ve got the best corporate stand alive,
    We’ve got loan players to sign, and we’ll survive,
    We will survive. Hey hey.

    It took all the strength we had not to fall apart
    Kept trying’ hard to mend the pieces of our broken hearts,
    And we spent oh so many nights
    Just feeling sorry for myself. We used to cry
    But now we hold our heads up high

    And you see “morons”, dissenters new
    We’re not that chained up little person still in love with you,
    And so you feel like droppin’ in
    And just expect us to be free,
    But now we’re savin’ all our lovin’ for someone who’s lovin’ Leeds

    Go on now, go, walk out ER
    Just turn around now
    (’cause) you’re not welcome anymore
    Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt us with D Wise
    Did we crumble
    Did you think we’d lay down and die?

  23. Brian T

    At the end of the day Leeds aren't buying many players. The loan market is what they're tapping in to.
    The real disappointment is that the fans are suffering because they see such a lack of positive investment in the team. To see Max leave was another blow and we shall probably hear them saying something like 'it was 'good business'. It is not good business for the fans who would have preferred it if he had have been handed a decent contract to keep him for another 3 years at least.
    Bates is not interested in encouraging the Leeds fan base at all. Instead he hurls insults at dedicated fans who expect and deserve more than they're getting.

  24. Adam

    If James mcfadden is free get him because what will or has happened is we’ll rush and panic and resort to crappy signings and just go downhill but then again bates isn’t fully to blame I think Simon grayshon is shocking in the market so because ee sign someone n a year later he’s gone bessone Collins kasper nearly paynter so he is a overated manager

  25. grayman

    I believe like most that Gradel was pushed. He said he is leaving with a heavy heart. I believe we are all feeling that heavy heart. I have posted this on a couple of sites now cos I see no other way out. As someone said earlier let's pray Bates leaves or the club is sold. If you believe in prayer this is the time to pray. We all feel gutted. We all feel powerless cos a money greedy madman is running wild at our club. The madman has the skin of a rhino and listens to no one except his own wallet. No amount of protests will make any difference. What do we do when we are cornered with no hope? We pray! Let us pray and see what happens. Pray that dodgy deeds done in dark places will be exposed for all to see and justice will be done. Amen!

  26. Ken B

    I don't care what you write you bunch of morons. I will ignore your pathetic moaning as long as you keep spending your scarce money on tickets, pies, programmes, shirts, lutv… I don't care about you or your team & will continue to suck you all dry whilst serving up the cheapest form of the game I can. I will sign 6 or 7 freebies as you will still pay top money to watch them, win or lose & if one comes good I will sell him and pocket the money. As I've told you, you are all morons.


    It must be the only business that can treat it’s customers (fans) like crap and still expect their continued support. Bates lack of honest communication is disgusting and if the man wasn’t so obnoxious and properly explained the lack of investment in the team perhaps we wouldn’t all be so critical.

    The only conclusion we can make is that he does not have any good reason not to invest in the team and is bleeding the club dry.

    It’s our club not his and he needs to start acknowledging that.

    I can’t stop buying tickets but will no longer pay for any extras at matches and will have to explain to my son why he can’t have the new shirt I promised him.

    I suggest all ‘morons’ do the same until Bates leaves or starts being honest with the fans.


    • Ken B

      As I said I don't care what you write as you 'have to' keep buyin tickets & we all know you will buy a pie, then a drink and after a lucky win a shirt for your son. You can not hurt me, unless 20,000 turn up to a game but do not enter the ground, that would hurt my pocket and expose my sham to the world… But you won't do that you morons will you?

      • Tim Campbell

        Theres always one smart wanker – probably a scummer in disguise

  28. Been

    I don’t see what everyone is complaining about, Nunez and Sam get more opportunity, Lees and Clayton have shown they can play. Zac Thompson and other youngsters will get to show what they can do. Gradel was playing like a spoilt brat. We still have Snodgrass & Luciano is coming back. I remain positive, I dont see the point in bringing in a new bunch of players, you know the quality will be poor or they are overpaid. Develop the youth players.

    • Carl Pearson

      Was just a couple of proven quality players tied up on minimum 3 year deals to take us forward too much to ask for though ?

    • number1inyorkshire

      quality quality quality
      championship players are needed not kids ,they get there time coming on a sub etc when the game is won or Carling cup etc etc or in JPT next season

      • Been

        I don’t have to be related to Bates to have my own opinion. Tell me who we’ve missed out on? Noone special that I can see.

    • Bubionwhite

      Well said Been and I'm not related to KB and perhaps someone should tell Sir Gobshite over the hill that bringing the kids through doesn't work before he wins another Premiership title.

      • number1inyorkshire

        there are kids and there are kids manu keep their kids .leeds sell them .if lees has a fantastic season he will be gone next season to a prem team and never be seen again .thats the difference !!!

  29. Tim Campbell

    Another day has dawned, the sun is out, and life goes on as we know it at elland road. The old codger is still sucking the 'milk' from the proverbial breast of leeds united,and his insatiable appetite will not be satisfied until the boobs are sucked dry!! That analogy is much too kind to kenneth; a picture of a bloodsucking leech is more appropriate

  30. John Hunter

    It's not the only business that can treat it's customers like crap and still expect their continued support. I flew Ryanair during the summer – and it was a similar experience. Utter contempt for the customer as Bates has for us. There is a massive groundswell of opinion mounting. The Leeds faithful will not stand for this much longer. MOT and trample that idiot into the dust (and Grayson – grow some and go if you can't stand up to him)

  31. Guest

    Yes, I am bitter! I am sick of that bearded twat!
    I am a proud MORON – A M ember of the O rganizstion to be R id Of O rangutan's N utsack, also known as Bates!

    Greedy Bates out! Greedy Bates out! Greedy Bates out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. fuck off bates

    @TSS please start some sort of campaign similar to scums to get bates out!! release some shirts and scalfs in a stand out colour like orange and sell them on the cheap. we need this cunt out and we need him out now!!

      • fuck off bates

        perfect idea – doubt it will ever happen though :/ and to 'ken b' below, some of us still want to watch the team and not abondon them – i have a season tick, should i just stop going??

        ***this does not mean im spending one more penny at the club for the remainder of the twats stay – and no renewals for me!!***

  33. mattbb1

    @TSS when are we getting a `Moron' T Shirt on the site? perhaps we could have `Mug' on the rear? after all its what Bates thinks of the people who put £14M a year into his pot just through the turnstiles?

  34. Ken B

    F***Me morons is too kind!

    Sure wear an orange t-shirt, come to the games with a flower sticking out of your arse, I care not.

    Just make sure you come, spend your money as this is the air I breath.

  35. number1inyorkshire

    has the Arab spring come to ELLAND ROAD .

    i can't wait til I'm whacking bates with the bottom of my shoe .
    mine will be hob nails and on my feet at the time

    checking obituaries in Yorkie post B…..B……B……. NAH HE IS STILL ALIVE !!!!!!

  36. RoystonLUFC

    "Been", thanks for providing a thoughtful comment – it was a breath of fresh air amongst all this ranting. The ranting seems to crystalise as follows: let's buy a team, ignore our home-grown talent…and rent a gold fish bowl.

    • Ken B

      Wise words indeed, you morons should listen to him (just don't ask how long the current crop & home grown talent are contracted for)
      also don't forget buy tickets today, and sign up to LUTV….

      • number1inyorkshire


      • Been

        Wow, your point is so well articulated! Hope you enjoy your season of anger.

  37. jay

    Well what a surprise we havent signed anyone.Maybe we will get a couple in on loan but even if we do i cant see us doing owt this season…GUTTED.

    BATES OUT!!!!

  38. COL

    The transfer window might be closed but the "emergency" loan market opens very soon. No doubt we'll bring in some 18 year old nobody.
    It was always Bates' plan to sell Gradel, bring nobody in & wait for the loan market to open. Bates is ripping us all off, as usual and there's fck-all we can do about it!
    Everton are exactly the same. It's a discrace to see clubs with such a long, proud history being run in this manner.

  39. normangunston

    Your last few posts have completely hit the nail on the head for me. I've had enough. Fine if Bates doesn't want to spend his own money, I don't blame him for that, but the asset stripping that's gone on over the last 18 months just breaks my heart. Grayson has performed miracles on the smell of an oily rag but I wouldn't blame him if he walked. At all.

  40. Mark__R

    The lack of investment throughout summer and the sale of Max in particular – without a replacement – is scandelous.I thought KB & SG had a plan to build upon last season ? Financially we must be in a real corner as we have spent very little on player recruitment over the last couple of seasons. The fact we let Beckford go on a free, then he is sold 1 season later for £4million to rivals Leicester, is bad from from KB & Co.Not being flexible with the salary structure is a real hinderence. Improved performance related bonuses surely could bridge the gap? Relying on Paddy returning after a serious injury was a big gamble to strengthen the defence, and the welcome emergence of Clayton, Lees & White is a big gamble on inexperiened youngsters over a long arduous league campaign. This confused and unambitous player recruitment is the foundation for a current league record of 4pts from 5 games, conceding 9 goals – again almost an average of 2 goals conceded per match, whilst scoring 8. It's a worst start than last season with the defence still an issue.No amount of propoganda can mask the facts. Let's see how September progresses with another couple of loaness – unbeaten and a good performance vs. MU would be a start. MOT

    • Kevin Scorah

      Despite everything that's happened in the past few days, we can't harp on with the old argument that we were Mugs to let Beckford go on a free. He refused contract extensions. We could have sold him in the Jan window of 2010 and got about a million or so (worth more but buyers knew they could get him for nowt in 6 months). Instead we gambled that his goals would get us promoted and therefore that would be preferable to a million in the bank. This gamble paid off, not only that we got tv and gate revenue from the Scum match and the 2 against Spurs. His going on a free was in the end a calculated trade off. Look how Wenger fought to keep Nasri – he was prepared to turn down 20 million plus, reckoning one more season from him was worth him walking for free 10 months hence.

      • Mark__R

        A fair point Kevin. Having said that I think the club's inflexible contractual stance didn't entice Beckford to the negotiating table at any stage – not even on gaining promotion from League 1. And when a club wins promotion and gains momentum, that's an opportunity to push on and support ambitions with investment in improving the squad. We're treading water instead of pushing on.

  41. Gryff723

    What on earth does a tele possess that's worth robbing, TSS? :P

    I'll admit I've pretty much given up on this season already. We looked good at times despite the poor final results. But the left-back position is as weak as ever. In fact, our only cover for Aidy White is the seemingly eternally injured Ben Parker! With Gradel gone we've a massive hole to fill on the wing (and Nunez would be better used in the centre of the park).

    Which makes me wonder if this wasn't always Grayson's plan, given he was trying out Alex Mendy in pre-season?

  42. Tim Campbell

    Lets hope a major investigation takes place into bates shady dealings and hes exposed for the fraud that he is – saviour indeed? more like the devil in disguise

    • grayman

      I agree Tim. I believe that is our only hope now – cos the old codger wont listen to anyone.

  43. number1inyorkshire

    just been watching lutv there is a reaction to leeds transfer dealings on a at 6 lol that will be the worlds shortest tv program

  44. Mark

    The problem is:
    It’s our club but it’s Ken Bates money (or he has control of the funds) and in any Business the Chairman makes the decisions, which i don’t have any issues with it’s the correct way to run the business. However in business your customers are king and they should be treated as such, i would never call my customers Morons and would always defend my product (unlike Gerald Ratner and we know what happened to his Company).
    Whether we like it or not football is no longer a sport it’s now a massive business, but as customers we have a choice as to whether we support the business or not. I don’t believe the Chairman of the club understands the feeling the customers (fans) have about how the club is being run at the moment.
    Football (Leeds Utd) like life is full of disappointments especially when you hear your star striker has been sold or you spend all night watching the TV and scouring the online transfer centre waiting for quality replacements to be found and nothing happens, then the disappointment turns to anger!!
    As Customers what we need is better communication we need to know what is happening at our club good or bad. We used to have a supporters club that we could trust to air our thoughts and grievances but now we are all Members with no voice and are basically drip info on a need to know basis.
    Football is all about opinion which means no one is ever right or wrong, but when a business treats its customers with contempt, then they do have a choice whether to support the company or not. The dilemma we have is that we don’t all stick together other than for 90 mins at a match. You only have to look at the differing comments made on various Leeds websites, Bates in/Bates out. We have a split but cannot assess ourselves the percentages of for and against for any topic, so when situations happen at the club that the majority disagree with we have no voice or strength to change items
    A members website that has a direct line of communication into the club that customers can voice their opinions. The website could be run by a fans panel and highlight current issues that fans could vote on. If the topic was supported by the majority (over 60%) then we could discuss with the club our feelings for change and get some answers from the powers at be and report back to the membership.
    At the moment the only benefits for membership is to receive information from the club and have first dabs on tickets we are told what we like to hear but have no voice.
    I am sure the club are doing things in the best interest of the Business but sometimes i don’t think they understand their customers’ needs!!

    • number1inyorkshire

      i have written to bates about fans panels and indeed spoken to him too .when he goes on about fans groups not been representative of fans like for instance ray fell etc i agree .however he does have according to him 40.000+ members of the official members club ,why not have a representative panel of people on there to meet and talk with him and co every month ,these can be put forward and voted for by the rest of the members so making it fair and only allowed to do 2/3 seasons and no more ,
      this can be done a 10-12 man /woman panel would be a start

  45. nostradamus

    In the 1950's Ronald Crowther the highly respected sports columnist of the now defunct Yorkshire Evening News wrote a highlly critical article of the Board and Management at Elland Rd.As a result the newspaper was banned from from the club.Such was the cost of honest journalism.Where are the modern equivalents? We have the YEP who are supposed to represent the views of the general public, yet they offer no words of condemnation of the disgraceful,demeaning lies and fabrications coming from Mr. Bates and his cohorts.I first stood on the terraces at the age of13 in1946 (yes,I may be long in the tooth but not yet senile) and never throughout those long years have I been so downbeat and ashamed of the way in which the club is being run by the current incumbents.The YEP appear to be in the pockets of the the chairman.and unwilling to criticise him.As for Yorkshire (AKA Bates) Radio,this is nothing more than a propaganda outlet,a pathetic totally biased,amateur example of broadcasting mediocrity.One of most saddening aspects of the affair is witness our former heroes such as Lorimer & E.Gray acting as proponents of the Bates diatribe.Mr.Bates you have truly succeeded transforming the name of Leedsd United into the laughing stock of English football SHAME ON YOU!!

    • nostradamus

      P.S.Where was the Chairman on Wed.evening? Usually,at around 5.45pm on Wednesday he pops up Yorkshire Radio to give us his philosophical view of all things Leeds United.Not so this week! Instead he sent Peter Lorimer to act as his mouthpiece (although I did seem to sense KB somewhere behind the scenery pulling the puppet strings) Please don't tell me that he was in hiding and afraid of coming up front to protest his innocence and to assure us that everything was progressing according to plan.

  46. Fisto, Beverley

    First time poster, not going to rant but I admit i'm totally confused. Bates has never splashed the cash but HAS always supported our managers with a reasonable if prudent budget in terms of wages, loan fees etc.

    This season is totally different to all others, such focus on wages, no budget to invest (Lonergran from KS sale), selling players at the drop of a decent bid

    So what is Kens strategy I don't understand? no one can be stupid enough to believe our current actions are designed to get us promotion so whats he up to, I don't get it!

    I don't go with conspiracy theories but could it be that he is worried by the attention about his ownership. Scared he may lose the club & his investment has he decided to take out as much cash as he can now?

    Only a thought but something is different this season and its not just the East Stand. Sad to say i'm losing interest still going to the games but with a weary heart

    • mattbb1

      SOmethings not right, thats for sure. We are behaving like we have the financial clout of Port Vale, our turnover, wage bill and recent profits would suggest some money should be available. Given £1.5M for Schmeichel, allegedly £5M for gradel, plus wages saved on all players who left over the summer to yesterday (thats 8 players) and even taking into account the 5 who came in our cashflow should be up by nearly £6M at least for the year? we can only hope its because Bates is pulling his horns in and is ready to go, but i doubt it, I suspect we have a big Tax Bill or something to this effect to settle.

    • Gryff723

      I said a while back that with the looks of the teams coming down into the Championship and the likes of Leicester spending big bucks, I'd be sorely tempted not to spend anything this season and save it up to spend in a burst to get promoted once the better teams have gone up and the likes of Swansea have come back down.

      Could be that he's thinking the same?

      There's also the £12mil(I think?) that we'll owe if we get back to the Prem in a specific period of time. Could be that he'd rather we tick along making a small profit and not get promoted until the debts have expired. That way he can still invest in the clubs' assets and make some slow progress.

      I wouldn't put asset stripping past him but surely he'd make more money just keeping our squad together as if we didn't lose the likes of Max Gradel we'd be guaranteed promotion within a few years…

  47. mattbb1


    50% off selected ranges of stationery in their back to school offer. All summer we've had this sh1t, waiting for something on the official website to happen and all we see is an assortement of "Why not Spend £300 to watch Carlisle in style". "Big reductions on Golfwear" "Why not bet £100 on Leeds winning?" – because they f**king well wont in answer to the last one.

    • number1inyorkshire

      the official silence is deafening that is for sure
      having said that MAYBE and a few other stories that are on the Yorkie paper sites all about what nearly happened will not do much to appease the paying public .
      there seems never to be a plan b

  48. Steven Stevethefish Crabb

    I'm going to have to assume that plans are a foot next week in the loan market with the view of buying in January.
    I would imagine for Kb to make money the club has to do well,with regards to buying we have to use our own money due to past regimes as we can not get loans anymore lol.
    What with the international break we have the time next week to get replacments if only on loan for the time being

  49. MJF

    Max Gradel, player of the year, we let his contract run down to the final year and sold him. Beckford 2010 player of the year, we let his contract run out and a £4mil player goes for nothing. Johnson and Kilkenny, nothing. We now have Howson, Clayton and Nunez in their final year, will we learn our lesson? Will we sort snoddy out with a new deal seen as he now has less than 2 years to go or will we let that run down and then sell him this time next year? Yes we will probably have to pay slightly increased wages but it is false economy not to do so when players leave for nothing or for less than we could get for them!
    If we want quality footballers we have to pay the going rate, yes we should have a measured wage structure and we shouldn’t bend over for agents and players silly demands but why are we not offering our better players new deals?
    Sell them on and get somebody in who will cost less, develop them and then sell them on, all the while making profit and having a mediocre team in a mediocre league… Who are we? Crewe Alexander? Donny Rovers? Happy with our lot? NO! We are Leeds United! Have some ambition to get us back were we belong, in the top 6 of the Premier League, OR kindly pack up your bags and fuck off! Or at least stop charging us top 6 Prem prices! If we’re an average championship side how about some average championship season ticket prices? Stop robbing us blind you fat chelsea bastard, get out of our club!

  50. KohsamuiWhites

    Fair play to Ken Bates,i didn,t think he could possibly take the piss out of Leeds fans anymore than he already has,but this weeks transfer fiasco has proved he can.Ably assisted by his clueless little puppet grayson.Wonderful season of abject mediocraty to look forward to.

  51. mojoluafc

    SG tried to get players, they fell thru so im just moving on. We`ll see in january if SG spends the Gradel money.

  52. Funkygtc

    Who gets the distinct feeling that Not giving the likes of Beckford a Proper Improved Contract is Gonna Seriously Bite us in the Ass! **£4Mill** for a player who at LEEDS was at times Sublime & other times Bloody Infuriating & Lazy/Greedy!
    And was made to look like a super star by our one & only Super Star Becchio! It was his hard work that projected Mr Beckford into the limelight!!
    So Lets just hope Mr Big’ed Beckford doesn’t have the same kind of hard working Genius as Becchio as his partner on crime!
    Also its Worth Noting just How Badley we conducted business by not tying up an obviously very talented young man, letting him walk for free and watching Everton make a Straight 4mill profit!…..Seriously Amateur on our part! The ONLY Conclusion I can come to besides thinking our 2ND Hand Car Salesman Ken (aka. Arfa Daley!) IS A SHYTE OVER HYPED, SELF-PROMTING

  53. Funkygtc

    Who gets the distinct feeling that Not giving the likes of Beckford a Proper Improved Contract is Gonna Seriously Bite us in the Ass! **£4Mill** for a player who at LEEDS was at times Sublime & other times Bloody Infuriating & Lazy/Greedy!
    And was made to look like a super star by our one & only Super Star Becchio! It was his hard work that projected Mr Beckford into the limelight!!
    So Lets just hope Mr Big’ed Beckford doesn’t have the same kind of hard working Genius as Becchio as his partner on crime!
    Also its Worth Noting just How Badley we conducted business by not tying up an obviously very talented young man, letting him walk for free and watching Everton make a Straight 4mill profit!…..Seriously Amateur on our part! The ONLY Conclusion I can come to besides thinking our 2ND Hand Car Salesman Ken (aka. Arfa Daley!) IS A SHYTE OVER HYPED, SELF-PROMOTING

  54. Funkygtc

    Who gets the distinct feeling that Not giving the likes of Beckford a Proper Improved Contract is Gonna Seriously Bite us in the Ass! **£4Mill** for a player who at LEEDS was at times Sublime & other times Bloody Infuriating & Lazy/Greedy!
    And was made to look like a super star by our one & only Super Star Becchio! It was his hard work that projected Mr Beckford into the limelight!!
    So Lets just hope Mr Big’ed Beckford doesn’t have the same kind of hard working Genius as Becchio as his partner on crime!
    Also its Worth Noting just How Badley we conducted business by not tying up an obviously very talented young man, letting him walk for free and watching Everton make a Straight 4mill profit!…..Seriously Amateur on our part! The ONLY Conclusion I can come to besides thinking our 2ND Hand Car Salesman Ken (aka. Arfa Daley!) IS A SHYTE OVER HYPED, SELF-PROMOTING SHORT SIGHTED BUSINESS-genius? SORRY I MEAN RETARDED MUPPET! I CAN ONLY THINK HIS EXCUSE IS HE WAS AWAY ON SET MAKING THE NEW SURF MOVIE!……Hmmmmmmm?
    We get knocked but get up again, ain’t you ever gonna keep is v down!…M.O.T.

  55. Jez

    Why do so many of you believe Bates? It genuinely puzzles me.

    Why do you who want him out keep going to games? you don’t “have” to go. If crowds suddenly drop below 20k he will notice where it hurts. Nothing can damage this club more than he can and already has. Stop going to games. It’s the only way. I have, some others have, join us.


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