Simon Grayson

The Elland Road silence was broken today as Simon Grayson gave his views following a disappointing deadline day for Leeds United fans. 

Simon Grayson described yesterday as “the most frustrating day I have had as a manager” reciprocating the feelings of annoyed Leeds United fans who feel the club have failed epically in the transfer window.

It was not through lack of trying Simon Grayson insisted however, revealing that Jason Puncheon was set to sign for us until Queen’s Park Rangers came in and snatched him away at the last minute.

Two other “irons in the fire” also disintegrated as the days events unfolded, leaving Leeds United without any replacement for the departed Max Gradel.

The silver lining we’ve all been looking for was perhaps Simon Grayson finally admitting we are short on numbers, but that will only lead many fans to question why it’s taken the Leeds boss so long to realise/admit that.

It’s a little concerning that on the final day of the transfer window we were desperately trying to sign three players up. Leaving things until the last minute is not the policy of a successful football club, but Simon Grayson knows this. I can only reason that there were no funds available until Max Gradel was sold, and it was his sale that sparked this attempted flurry.

Finding positives after the summer we’ve just been through is an incredibly difficult task, but the starting XI we have shouldn’t be too much of a concern to anyone.

There’s room for improvement, definitely, but the team have performed well so far and deserve our respect. I say that because a lot of what has been written over the last few weeks could be misconstrued as a dig at the current squad.

It’s important we appreciate what we have got now because the window is closed and we have to concentrate on the football. That means getting behind the lads no matter how ill-equipped we may be for the season ahead.

The depth we require will have to come via the emergency loan window. None of us want to hear that, but that’s the reality. Until January at least when we get to go through all the fun and games again.

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  1. @DolfanPhil

    I'll be more worried than relieved by the January window. Becchio will be fit again and playing regularly by then. I think his current injury is the only thing that saved us from losing him in August. Add in that Nunez' contract will only have months left to run and another bright prospect may be disappearing out of Elland Road in to the sunset. Sorry, this sounds really negative but I just wonder how often we can hope that SG can keep rummaging through the cast-offs bin and finding unpolished gems for Ken to ship off either for a profit or wave out the door on a free. DOH!

  2. mate

    Kakuta from Chelsea was apparently another player we almost had until he went to Bolton. Pinch of salt etc but that woud have been awesome. Terrible day.

  3. mojoluafc

    It sounded like we were in for some good players by Larry`s excitement, but typically it all went pete tong,phhht.

    • Matthew

      Jason Puncheon would of been a good replacement winger for Max, too bad he got greedy and went to QPR.

  4. Rex

    I'm 61 years old and have been a fan since I was 13.

    Not too bothered about Maxi – good, but not real class. A bit 'headless chicken' at times.

    Excited about what we were going to do with the 3mill. plus though, kept checking the latest news to see who we had brought in – proper LB, strong, pacey CB, class DM – woo hoo!

    Hard day at work, so went to bed at 10.00.

    Woke up at 1 o'clock to check 'Newsnow'

    Back to bed feeling suicidal.

    Rubbish day at work – no sleep.

    This is no way to treat an old man.

  5. Yorkwhite

    We now need to focus on signing our current decent talent on longer contracts, ie; Clayton, Nunez etc etc…

  6. Rodge

    What a joke.I’ll bring my boots along to the next game might get a game lol. Bates your ruining this football club.

    • number1inyorkshire

      don't bother turning up at leeds you have already been sold ….where do you want to go !!!!

  7. neil1964

    Well I went to the car showroom today and saw this lovely shiny white car that goes real fast.. Sales man was a real pig though, I offered him what I thought it was worth but all he was interested in was his commission and wouldn`t let me have it.Said it was worth more than I would pay. Bloody salesman, just a greedy grabbing git. I`ll show him. Now, where`s the second hand auction?

  8. Marty

    this transfer process is hard for everyone. The less players in the pool to choose from, the more they will gel as a team, and care for each other. Too many players can cause a lack of solidarity. SG is no fool, he will work well with what he has got and we should give him all the support we can come thick or thin. KB is working to suppport him so could do with less internal team bashing…we're Leeds…we're all in this together….come on, lets make the noises the players need us to make…TO WIN!

  9. sveifors

    What concern me most is that Grayson is appearing like a " lame duck". He has "ion in the fire" and so on. But on the final day he can not seem to get player want to play for him. Yes there is question of money and Bates, but this is not all. I question his abillity to make thing happend.

  10. Cumbrian White

    Simon has said that when the premier league clubs name their 25 man squads there will be a lot of good players available , i agree with him but why the f**k would any of them come to our club with the lack of ambition and wage structure that is in place at Elland Road, any decent players will go to Leicester, Ipswich or West Ham. We are a F*****g laughing stock and this board are taking the P*** out of our fantastic fans – We do not deserve to be treat like this. MOT, probably back to League 1

  11. Chareose

    Yes i agree he was given a few days to sign players from the sound of it so it was reliant on Gradel going……. and we come accross as desperate so i think we are not attractive to players at the moment

  12. henry_v

    It is amazing how many players we have nearly signed over the last 2 years.
    I watched many teams in our league signing players without our problems,
    ALL our targets ditched us or were too injured!
    It does not seem possible.
    Why or why do we leave it until the last day?
    A nonsense!!
    How can players who are not good enough to get into the top 25 at there club be any good at all?

    • ross mccaramac

      we'll end up with sanchez watt and alan smith! poor excuses and PR from grayson and bates to appease fans. if a players phone is switched off, tweet him larry!

  13. Marty

    when the emergency transfer window arrives, at least some of the clubs will have settled down and we may get a chance at some quality players from the top clubs, even on a loan basis. I have just heard that Beckford has signed for Leicester. That'll make for an interesting match!

    • Matthew

      Not really, if you view the team ratings for Everton after each game in Newspapers, Beckford is usually rated pretty low, 5 maybe 6 at best. I don't honestly think we have anything to fear from him, he's a goal poacher yes, but cut off the service to him and he'l dissapear for the whole game.

  14. Sean Kavanaugh

    "but the starting XI we have shouldn’t be too much of a concern to anyone."

    One point above relegation, no signings, and this is SG's opinion. I can only assume this is a stall tactic to avoid the PL this year. What are we fighting Ken, what is your strategy?

    • Matthew

      Our league placement doesn't represent our current form, if anything we deserve to be in the top 6. Some dodgy ref decisions screwed us over majorly. The Ipswich and Middlesbrough games, and the own goal at West Ham robbed us of 9 points, and we deserved all 9 of those points as we outplayed all 3 teams in question till the Ref screwed us.

      • Judy

        Yes, but we had Gradel in the team then. Who knows how we will fare without him.

    • mojoluafc

      One point above relegation is very pessimistic, barring the saints game weve played well,we`ll have games playing crap and pick up points.

      • Sean Kavanaugh

        Refs always screw up. It still doesn't take away the fact we're closer to relegation than promotion. A ref took a Wes Brown own goal away from Leeds in 2001. Cost us the CL. We have to be better than allowing a refs call to cost us a game. If a Championship team is willing to sell its player of the year so cheaply, us fans are being kept in the dark over something. I won't put a penny in Bates pocket this year. He'll understand my strategy.

  15. Matthew


    We basically need, a decent winger, a center midfield player for cover, and one or two defenders. Our attacking options are fine. So maybe 3 maybe 4 players at most will come in on loan.

    • Judy

      I can't wait! The excitement of 3 or 4 unwanted premiership players coming to Leeds United fills me with joy! I remember Vokes, Livermore and McCartney – they were all fantastic – NOT! The only loan signing I would have been pleased to see at ER was Lichaj but he is out for 4 months.

  16. Czechwhite

    Maybe Snodgrass will feel that he is 'the main man' now and lift his game a bit more. Soon we will see if we have a team of men or mice. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
    God knows, Leeds love the adversity, it's what makes us tick!!!
    Also: Football is a brutal business these days, which makes Mad Max's resons for leaving quite applaudable. Still we live in hope, even fans such as myself who suffer from afar keep the faith.

  17. Will23

    This early season optimism about performances is very misplaced given we don’t do clean sheets…still.

    The two beacons of light in Clayton & Nunez cannot paper over the cracks in SG’s inability to make good signings nor to build a strong defence.

    For SG there is no defence….just like our starting XI.

    • TSS

      In fairness, we got promoted with the best defence in the league. We've suffered from injuries since then at key times so it has been a bit of a bodge job. I think the new line-up is the answer though (don't quote me on that though lol)

  18. Andy Midd

    Enter text right here!Another failure Mr Bates….the fans are tired of your constant propaganda. If you were more transparant, there would be more trust and more interest, which breeds excitement and bigger crowds….just what we all want for this club, instead we have depression and cynicism.
    The game v Man United was a chance to show some compassion…but what do you do ? – You charge A category prices for a Carling Cup Game – Not for me !
    I was not present during the recent 'protests', but all the same, what right have you got to call them, and by association, all of us, as morons ?
    You are arrogant and self centered and slowly ruining this club Mr Bates…please go

  19. Gryff723

    I've always been a Max Gradel fan (well, since he arrived at Leeds), but he's definitely not in the same league as Kakuta. Real shame we couldn't sign him.

    So what [i]do[/i] we have?

    GK: All sewn up with two good keepers.
    Right-back: Tom Lees (who is more a centre-back?) and Paul Connolly
    Centre-back: O'Dea, Kisnorbo, O'Brien, Bruce, Bromby
    Left-back: Aidy White (who is more a left-winger?) and Ben Parker (ever injured.)
    The wings: Snoddy, Lloyd Sam… must be someone else???
    Centre-mids: Michael Brown, Howson, Clayton,
    Forwards: Becchio, Keogh, McComarck, Somma, Paynter…

    And Ramon Nunez who's good enough for the first XI, but where?

    Clearly we need a left-back, but other than that our team isn't too bad. Need depth in centre-mid and the wing. It doesn't take away the fact that Gradel shouldn't have left for the reported E2mil.

  20. sparkx

    TSS and all the rest… last minute? did you not see all the last minute business going on yesterday? planning your targets is one thing, getting them to sign is another. the players realise they can delay any decision and more clubs will come in, they realise teams get nervous and start offering more money nearer deadline, they are already secure in a team so they’re not going to lose out.

    for a team to sell they need to ensure they have cover before agreeing unless you are Leeds, Everton or Liverpool and the player holds a gun to your head.

    doesn’t anyone here understand this system? you select your targets based on those with the right attitude, ability and salary requests as well as those you think are available and only those you believe will improve the team. if those targets don’t come off should we be buying inferior players?

    Our first 11 is not far off, those inferior players can be tried out as lonees with no long-term committment.

    I think Leeds have the right attitude to the squad and player purchases, although it is an issue we’ve missed out on a few signings. But of those we’ve missed and of those other teams have purchased how many went to pl teams? no contest, how many went to ch teams that weren’t over priced that would actually improve our team? Beckford worth £4m? Regardless he wouldn’t ever play for Leeds again after the treatment he got from
    certain sections of the fans…

    Looking forward to no more rush purchases and being considered about developing the team. we want Leeds back at the top of the pl. that is a long term project not for short term measures from short sighted fans…

  21. number1inyorkshire

    we have all become optimistic again seems bates and his radio broadcast have worked .
    do you know i can't be assed i have so much to say ,,,whats the point ?? we are weeing in the wind .
    we are not the big draw we thought anymore I'm over it …….for now

  22. DubaiWhite

    I don't understand why SG names Jason Puncheon but then refuses to name the other 2 players! Just be honest with the fans! Show the fans the ambition in our attempts, instead we have to speculate!

  23. halifax white

    this goes to show that we have either no ambition to proceed up the table or the players the management team targeted believe that leeds is not the place to go!! its all about money nowadays, not loyalty, players only want the big bucks and unfortunately the once mighty leeds cannot or will not pay the coin!!! we can protest as much as we want but nothing will change! pappa smurf would rather spend on a stand that will not be used more than 3 or 4 times per season than decent players to get us up and in the mix, it does begger belief!! anyway might go and watch halifax town this week they spent more than us!!!!!! (MOT) for now!

  24. henry_v

    Simon does have a few million to spend.
    He has admitted that.
    The players he was after proved that also.
    Our squad is weak and he knows that.
    The first 11 is decent but the reserves, in midfield and defence are woeful.
    You can forget Davide Somma for most of the season.
    O'b is not match fit, and is struggling to perform just now.
    Bruce is injured and I don't think he will figure in Simons plans anyway.
    Likewise Lee Bromby..
    We have young players making up the numbers on the bench.
    Paul Connolly seems destined for the bench, or a loan spell.
    Michael Brown is, like O'b, off the pace just now.
    It was unfortunate that Eric L got that injury, or he would maybe be with us now.
    As he is not we must get at least 1 good full-back: At least 1 center-back:
    At least one midfield player.
    2 of each would bring us up to par.
    We have shed so many players in the last 12 months, I have lost count.
    I have no problem with that, but our arrogance, short-sightedness, in not
    replacing them with better players, cost us promotion last season, and remember,
    this season is not going too well either.
    We have all battered Uncle Ken, but Simon & Gwyn Williams (what does he do all day?) HAVE THE MONEY and are responsible for choosing & buying players.
    We have played well at times but we are at the bottom end of the league, with the worst
    disciplinary record in the Universe and 2 or 3 own goals!
    There is room for improvement!!xD

  25. Jez

    Grayson – you, like Lorimer, have turned into a little Bates puppet. Grow up, stop whining and stand up for the club you support and manage.

  26. normangunston

    Simon says "I'm only interested in a certain calibre of players", which is fine, but with the club unable/unwilling to pay the going rate we're left with a skeletal squad filled out with youth team graduates. Something has to give.

  27. g is the man

    We need to put this bates out to the back of our minds has he is'nt going anywhere soon. What he is doing i think is getting the ground and area to look more attractive to buyers (if there is any thats). If you look at when he was at chelsea he did'nt really spend big on players and they were a top six europe team i would'nt mind if he gets us like that would you? Getting back to the prem why would bates be bothered about paying debts of 5/6mill when you get about 30millso does that assumption come from? We need to get behind the team and grayson as boycotting games is'nt going to do bates any harm he already has money all you will do is hurt the club and the players we have than have been alreadybates wont worry about nor loose out. I remember before leeds got relagated from the prem bates was asked after selling chelsea what planned to do. he was told leeds needs help his reply was what do i want them for so before he came i did'nt like him but for now we stuck. so fk bates and lets get behind the team and i hope grayson gets some good loans in nxt wk marching on together

  28. Odie Curran

    Then why the fuck didn’t they sign someone!? I know it’s not Grayson’s fault but the way the club is run is a shambles. We used to be feared by everyone and now we are becoming a joke. Bates out and quickly!!


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