We’ve heard from the journalists and other sites on where they think Leeds United will finish the 2011/12 season and the general consensus appears to be mid-table. But are the fans any more optimistic? On the eve of the new season, we thought a poll was in order to find out. 

With Luciano Becchio and Davide Somma set to miss the start of the season and Bradley Johnson, Neil Kilkenny and Kasper Schmeichel all parting ways with the club, the starting line-up in Southampton tomorrow will be a lot different from the one that ended the 2010/11 with a win over QPR.

The transfer window has been a largely uneventful one for The Whites. Despite four new signings made by Simon Grayson, none of them have really captured the fans imagination quite like Kasper Schmeichel did last season.

And the bookies seem to be feeding off the Elland Road silence and are offering surprisingly long odds on The Whites being promoted;

Winners Promoted
Ladbrokes 20/1 11/2
William Hill 22/1 5/1
Coral 20/1 6/1

Are the bookies right? Are Leeds United rank outsiders for promotion this season, or do you think we’ve been underestimated and will be able to climb that final hurdle back to the Premier League?

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20 Responses

  1. dskimcbski

    HAS to be the play-offs for me or we have indeed took a step back. Our squad is alot more settled than most in the Championship, lets keep it together and stay behind our boys, no-one else will do it. MOT

    • derbyshirewhite

      Surely the only Championship club starting a new season with a defensive back 5 that have never ever started a match together. The fans deserve No1 spot but sadly that ambition not backed by the owners. If we can get Becchio back reasonably early then play-offs possible.

  2. Matthew

    If we improve from last year. Between 3rd and 6th place, likely 6th knowing us.

    Daily Mails sport section predicted we'l be in 5th place come the end of the season in yesterdays paper.

  3. trueyorxman

    No lower than 10th, we definitely wont struggle like that bellend on Talksport says. I actually dont think Leicester will do that well despite spending all that brass, unless they make a stellar signing as they've threatened. 2nd spot deffo up for grabs if we can keep our top players firstly at the club and free from injury & suspension. We MUST also consolidate in the Jan transfer window if we are in the mix this time around. Enjoy it Tommy

  4. Brian T

    The play offs are a strong possibility but SG cannot afford to miss out if he needs added strength come January. This is where he failed last season and where he almost failed the season before.

  5. PAUL

    For me this is the year……settled squad, we will always score goals and with kis at the back a more solid back line,the loss off only 3 replacable players and keeping hold of our more talented players says it all for me.. i honestly believe bates has stood firm on graysons say so…we might not of spent any were near leicester but did we need to on the preformances of both teams last year.we,ll never see big wages payed again until the likes of city,arsenal,and other unmentionted teams are visiting elland road.grayson knows this but also knows he will be backed in the loan market and we are big enough to attract great players.there,ll be a lot of goals scored from midfield never mind the wings and up top,to justify out scoring any team in this division (starting saturday) we,ll be buzzing this season…………..so bring it on (onwards and upwards) MOT

  6. Max

    I'd be surprised if we get promoted again with Bates in charge, though if he goes it could change everything.
    My guess is we'll end up somewhere from 5th to 8th, and if we make the playoffs would go out in the semis. i.e. much the same as last system, and very much depending on how everyone else does. I predict West Ham (which is annoying as I can't stand them) and Ipswich for top 2.

  7. Georgies Best

    If i was a Leeds fan like my son i wouldnt be happy with anything less than promotion. The general malaise that Bates has spread around Elland Rd is appalling. He has crushed the spirit from the club and destroyed your expectations. As ive said before i miss playing you, leeds,L’pool and Arsenal were always the first fixtures i’d look for.

  8. Henryv

    Feels like 8th place just now.
    I hope we build steadily and creep up on the leaders towards the end.
    Cautiously optimistic seems the best approach until we see the full squad.
    We need Lucciano ASAP, but Somma will be out for a long time.

  9. Cumbrian White

    Well me being a manic depressive because of supporting Leeds all of my life i think we will finish in the bottom 6 . I hope all of the other more optinistic posts are correct and i am wrong but we will see . MOT -

    • TSS

      Thumbs up solely because you correctly identified Leeds United as the source of your depression.

  10. Marc Butterworth

    I don't think a 6th place finish is out of reach and I'd be happy with that to be honest. We simply will not compete with the big boys in this division while ever Bates is in charge and that's the simple truth. Bates shows little or no ambition and this will prevent us from ever competing with the teams who do.

  11. mikelufc

    at the moment 66% of 467 voters can best be described as cockeyed optimists.
    Thats potentially an awful lot of disappointment.

  12. chris

    i think super leeds could well get top 2 keeping our best players was our main goal this year so job done

  13. Will23

    Okay, I still stand by my last season prediction that SG will be out of a job before Xmas as we struggle in the bottom five.

    There still seems to be too much optimism in SGs ability based on flimsy evidence.

    This division *is* tougher than last year – when it was relatively weaker than usual – and given our defence will remain as full of holes as a speech on financial management by that thieving tw*t Gordon Brown, coupled with a strikeforce reliant on Gradel’s goals and nothing else, then it is absolutely wide of the mark to suggest we will be in the top half never mind mounting a play-off challenge.

    We can’t afford to be relegated, so it will be curtains for SG under Bates axe.

    Have people forgotten we went from the play-off final to relegation one year later?

    It seems so.

    A rude awakening away to the Saints will shatter some illusions that SG is the man to take the team forward.


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