As much as we try to be a one-stop site for all Leeds United news, rumours and speculation, some times there’s simply too much to cover and other issues take priority. To address that, I thought a quick weekly round-up was in order.

Too skint to loan Fulham’s reserve keeper

Fulham goalkeeper David Stockdale has told the BBC his proposed move to Leeds United was thwarted by “complications”. In Leeds United speak, this generally means Club X wanted more money than our loveable old chairman was willing to shell out.

“For God sake Ken, stop being a tight old git” I hear you all cry!

And I understand your frustrations, but do you not want some shiny new executive boxes bolted onto the East Stand? What’s that… you don’t? Erm… over to you Ken.

Little Jonny Howson is the captain of the crew

Simon Grayson has confirmed Jonny Howson will keep the club captaincy for the forthcoming season despite the return of Patrick Kisnorbo and the arrival of Michael Brown – two players who some Whites fans felt may be more suited.

The Leeds United gaffer said homegrown hero, Jonny Howson thrived in the role of leader last season and would be continuing to serve as club captain.

Howson, who is still only 23-years-old, has made over 200 appearances for The Whites – more than any other player in the side – and was the only player to play in every game for the club last season.

Waxing numerical 

The release of the squad numbers for the 2011-12 is one of those stories impossible to add opinion to. Let’s face it, this is a list of players names with numbers beside them – not much I can do with that, is there?

Project Meccano assembly continues 

Regular visitors to the official site will already have basked in the delighful news that the staff have moved back into the East Stand. The rest of you probably didn’t care. Regardless, here’s a couple of recent pics.

Leeds United – A bad example since 1919

And finally, hundreds of you (well, two actually) have asked why The Scratching Shed made no mention of the Football Governance Report.

As much as I love to stick the proverbial knife deep into Ken’s back whenever he’s hunched over and taking a pounding from lawyers/law enforcement/HMRC/The FA/The Football League or any other organisation with the power to do some damage, this report is page after page of pure tedium that I continuously lost interest in every time I picked it up.

There’s a slim chance The FA may buckle to the pressure coming from Parliament and that the Inland Revenue will take a fresh look at Bates’ dodgy “buy-out(s)” but the fact of the matter is, the Sports & Culture Select Committee have no power whatsoever. All they can really do is make a public spectacle out of the whole thing and hope someone else (in this case, The FA) takes action. Your Government at their finest ladies and gents.

All the report has really done then is add to global warming. I reckon it took a tree worth of paper and the best part of a new ink cartridge to print so whoever is running the Environmental Select Committee may wish to try and pressure the S&C Select Committee into offsetting the carbon emissions they’ve caused by planting a new forest… or getting someone else to do it, as is the norm with these people.