For those of you that missed it, my radio debut on TalkSPORT has been uploaded to SoundCloud by one of the #TwitterWhites.

Apparently I sound like “Jonny Howson without the sniffing.” I’m not sure whether that was meant as a compliment, but I’m taking it as one regardless.

Apologies, this content has had to be removed. 

Had a few people ask why I didn’t mention the protest fans are planning before the Middlesbrough game. I did intend to do so, but had a million things running through my head and simply forgot (crap excuse, granted).

For those that haven’t heard about the protest so far, there’s more information on this Facebook page.

  • Colin

    May I say that I think you sound like a Yorkshire Michael Owen – which is a good thing.

    Brilliant job TSS – I liked it!

    • Colin

      Just make sure you don't get into gambling, spend all your money on horse racing and get injured (a lot), wear a Man Utd shirt and become rubbish.

      • TSS

        There's no danger of me ever wearing a Scum shirt. As for the rest… I make no promises.

  • Superb mate! just beware as Mr Bates is well known for calling up members and season ticket holders after coming out and telling the truth! but superb and agree with it 100%

    • Colin

      Let him call!! I'm sure TSS would love the opportunity to talk to Beardy Bates.

      p.s. TSS – if he calls, record it!!

  • mojoluafc

    You did sound common, which is good in these parts. ;)

    • TSS

      My brother phoned me afterwards and said I sounded the most common I've ever done in my life. I was cringing listening to it back – I don't sound like that in my head.

  • Chareose

    nice interview, clubs going nowhere so its time for action from the fans

  • number1inyorkshire

    i had one of those calls from a very drunk foul mouthed bates from Monaco after we got beat 4-0 by millwall and his wife it . trust me the email he got sent which made him ring me was full of any word he can think off as was the phone call which was 40 mins long i gave as good as i got trust me , i still have his mobile number on my phone although he has probably got a different one now .
    some good points raised though tss that is the million$ question where is the money going you are right it is his money ,in return for us buying a ticket we watch the team ,.but the team is in danger of putting the club out of business ,should they get relegated again the consequences would be far worse next time round now i don't think that will happen ,but we didn't last time either .

    is Simon grayson ready to throw in the towel or would bates sack him. I feel we have to win 3 of our next 5 games including city and a draw to see bates act or grayson

  • i am a big leeds fan and really enjoy watching them play, yesterdays game was a massive shock to the system however its only the first game so here is hoping we can bring it back, my comp is being a bit slow so i am not too sure if people are talking about the protest else where, as much as i agree there needs to be a change at Leeds i don't think the Protest will work, because no matter how much we complain Baits will not do anything about it, TSS says that action needs to be taken well in my opinion and i don't know if any one will agree with me the only action that baits will recognize is an effect on his finances and the only way we can do a thing like that is if for us the fans of Leeds UTD to stop providing him with financial gain, stop buying the kits and stop going to the games, Fortunately this will never happen even if god for bid were in a relegation battle by the end of the session we will still turn up in our tens of thousands because of how much we love this club. I just hope that one of two things happen the first is that baits takes his finger out and at least raises the wage cap before we lose out on more players to teams who are not as respected as Leeds or two that our performance on the pitch indicates to both baits that grayson cant work with the players we have and then dose the first point that i suggested. I also think that Grayson is one of the best managers in the championship and we would be sorry to see him go he put a lot of this team together but it seams like we had more money in league 1 then we do in the championship.

    • Actually the second point sounds stupid pleases ignore

    • number1inyorkshire

      the best way to give bates a massive problem is just to do 1 thing buy a match ticket and nothing else .no pints ,pies shirts ,programs, tea coffee ,even parking and mascots or memberships .

      i do buy a program but for 2 seasons now only the match ticket as well ,my mate who sells programs has gone to Huddersfield now though so won't get that now .i give bates the absolute minimum if everyone did that he would soon see .

  • The only thing you can do to hurt Bates is to not buy a ticket. At all. Not buy one then don't buy merch, not buy one and don't go, not buy one and have a protest outside first, just don't buy one at all. Don't go on the website, don't follow his radio show on Twitter, don't listen to his radio show.

    Of course this stops the money getting to him, which might make him listen. The downside is it will probably annoy him, and seen as he has absolute power over a club he has no emotional connection with I'd imagine instead of selling it on he'd just suck the life out of it and plow it into oblivion (cue the person who says he's already doing that). The other issue is that the club will struggle financially.

    Ken Bates is an 80+ year old man who is very bitter, and very vindictive. He has nothing to lose. I would strongly suggest the more we protest the more likely it is that he will kill off the club.

    He has a strangle hold on this club and I can't really see any way of getting rid of him. Nobody will buy off him (due to KB's over-inflated valuations). We're basically going to have to wait till he dies, or develops a sudden urge to spend money.

    Good interview by the way TSS.

  • mikelufc

    This old bastard is only interested in money and effall else.
    cut off the supply NOW.
    no tickets, no merchandise NOTHING.
    He will give in because it costs to run the club and he doesn't want this cost to come from his satchell which he seems to think is gong to hell with him.
    There is more to following a club than spending money.
    This is war!

    • mattbb1

      i think its an excellent idea in terms of a protest, buy a ticket but nothing else on a matchday, perhaps that would make him reconsider how important the peripheral stuff really is??

      If you go to Bolton they have a shiny de vere hotel plugged on the side of the stadium, so do Watford, Man U , Man City &, Liverpool Dont either, which of these clubs would you describe as well off?

      key to steady and voluminous revenue is strong attendance (including executive) sponsorship deals, advertising & TV revenue. You just dont get that unless you invest in the team.

      I think when there is talk of dissent we all need to be aware that there is a potential side effect of the team suffering – hence i suggest buy tickets – support grayson & the team – but make sure Bates knows its him we're not happy with – I mean what an ego?? spending £7m in plain sight of the fans and spending no money on the team -disgusting. Does big business is read any of this? The fans would back a genuine takeover from an investor who understands the history, pedigree and standing of this club that is currently being dragged through the mud, and basically mistreated by the current chairman.

    • mattbb1

      i happen to think SG & KB on a collision course now. SG in the YEP is questioning the current squads ability to get into the PL, that wont sit well with KB and to me is a thnly veiled attack on the fact Bates hasnt backed him in the transfer market – shame on you Ken Bates. He did exactly the same to Blackwell, selling Hulse from under him and replacing him with Geoff Horsfield, on loan, and then allegedly cancelling the David Livermore transfer undr KB's nose, it all smacks of the Schmeicel, Johnson, Kilkenny bilge this summer.

    • ross mccaramac

      dont go to games . turning up and moaning in the bar /in a seat at the ground wont bother bates one iota. he wants money not fans opinions.

  • Will23

    Would have liked to have heard a comment casting doubt over SGs own abilities as well!

    • mattbb1

      Will, the result on Saturday was to be expected, no manager can hope to win a game of that type of tempo with one physically fit central midfielder (Clayton), Four lightweight forwards (Howson, Gradel, Snodgrass & McCormacK) one psycho (Brown) running round like a headless chicken – wioth no other midfielder to replace him in case he gets injured, and four donkeys at the back – its the chairman whose provided this dearth of ammunition.

      Though I agree -the paynter experiment has gone on long enough, and i do blame SG for that.

  • @OlMaGough

    I can understand Grayson sticking by Paynter up till now, I would imagine he was given the benefit of the doubt last year due to the step up in divisions and the impact his early injury had on his fitness. There is no excuse now that he's had a full pre-season.