An article on TalkSport titled ‘Manchester City outcast a shock target for Leeds’ has caused a fair bit of hysteria amongst Whites supporters across the social networks today. 

A lot of this hysteria has been caused in no small part by TalkSport’s uncanny ability to read between the lines and spin a quote into something it most certainly was not.

Roque Santa Cruz’s Dad and Agent (Aproniano) spoke of the striker’s unrest at City and how they’d like to send him elsewhere. He adds that there are clubs interested in his services, but concedes that he may have to settle for Championship football because of all the injury problems he’s had.

He then goes on to cite Leeds United as an example of a big club in the Championship Roque could consider;

“The second division is very competitive in England, with powerful teams who were in the top division and have huge stadiums, like Leeds United, but the future will be decided by Manchester City.”

That’s all we have here. Leeds United being used as an example of a big club outside the Premier League. No interest expressed from Leeds United, no cloak and dagger deals being done behind closed doors, just an agent telling the press his son is willing to drop a level in search of regular first team football – something he won’t get at City based on their performance this weekend.

Take the quote away from the highly misleading title TalkSport added and there isn’t even a rumour here.

You also have to consider the monumental wages Santa Cruz will be on. I can’t see him taking a 90% pay-cut to join Leeds United. It’s much more likely that he’ll join Leicester City, where the rest of our summer targets are currently raking in the big bucks.

  • mattbb1

    One C*nt called Santa with millions in the bank who doesnt give a sh1t about the fans is enough for me.. enough expletives there?

  • Tim Campbell

    Not that I'm advocating Santa Cruz coming to our club (God knows one santa at the club is bad enough and hes an evil one), but the only way he could come would be if City paid 90% of his wages, and he came on loan

    • Tim Campbell

      PS sorry matt you got in first with the santa barb – great minds think alike lol

    • TSS

      And then he agrees to take a 10% wage cut.

      • Don't think I would want him at the club anyway. Liked the way keogh put himself about last night, I take it there might be a possibilty of getting him in on a permanent deal come January if he continues to do well. You could sense the overwhelming relief around the ground last night; rumours abound that Mr Chairman was getting his relief in other ways lol

        • TSS

          I felt physically sick by those comments. Does he not realise the kind of sick images those words conjured up?

          I'm just glad I didn't pay £4 for the displeasure. That would be like paying for sexual favours from a busty blonde and finding out she had a cock.

          • Tim Campbell

            TSS the old codger revels in such picturesque warblings. He has to get aroused in whatever way he can; after all he certainly could'nt 'keep us up' in the first few years of his tenure, and they do say you lose that ability rapidly in the twilight years. I was going to call him a tight-arse but ……..LETS NOT GO THERE!!

          • Carl Pearson

            Never paid less than £50 for one of them!

  • ErniW

    Last season City paid 90% of bellameys wages so shelling out money doesnt seem to be a problem for mega bucks City. The people who believe this probably believe in Santa Claus as well.

  • felix slackbladder

    Theres more chance of my tena mans size inco fashionware staying dry all night than Santa Cruz signing for Leeds!

  • Paul South Wales

    Sign him up!

  • I suspect Ken would sum it up as follows:

    "Yes Ben, we'd love to sign a player of Santa Cruz's calibre, but he'd need to half his wage, take a nought off, then divide the sum by 10, then square it, subtract £500,000, divide it by five, find the cube root of it, half that, then subtract anything that Susanna is likely to want over the next two years, then factor in the losses made by Yorkshire Radio, then whatever your left with, delete the number and replace it with £2k/week, and hey presto, we've got a new signing. Sadly, players are so greedy now that they don't seem to want to take a 98% wage cut. It sickens me. This man is everything that's wrong with the game. What a moron."

    • Tim Campbell

      Would prefer rachel riley from countdown to do the maths rather than kenneth

  • trueyorxman

    I'd f**k her if she didn't support Scum!!:p

    • Tim Campbell

      Trueyorxman I think its at times like that, that footballing differences must be put to one side:D

      • Carl Pearson

        Just take a run up :)

  • number1inyorkshire

    this is getting silly now forsell OK i can see no contract no wage coming in so will take whatever he wants in wages and half it to sign for leeds ,but Santa Cruz on mega money of what 80-100 grand a week at manc city now if old gray beard would not pay smith a million he aint paying half his wages 2-2.5 million not in this or any other talk sport planet .
    this is almost BET 365 ESQUE .

    this aint reading between the lines , its making up your own story

  • John Salkeld

    Load of old tosh. Leeds were wanting a striker. City want to off-load him, 2 + 2 = 5.

  • Marcus

    Sounds unlikely but Man City's surplus will go out on the cheap if they cant get permanent moves.
    The worlds richest club letting players out on loan for the season? Grayson is bound to be sniffing!

  • Ron Galea

    This may just be the worst transfer rumour ever fabricated. I would be happier if we signed his wife for the perve value. Carlos Tevez will be coming next………

  • Michael Lord

    I don't think we have a cat in hell's chance of getting Cruz

  • Matthew

    More chance of Leicester City or Millwall going up this season than there is of him signing for us.

    • number1inyorkshire

      if Leicester carry on like they are they will be looking for a new manager not another striker another defeat at Bristol last night ,god i am glad we didn't spend all that money LOL ,grayson might get picked off by them ,ex player and all that we have to fight to keep our fantastic manager ,same can't be said about chairman gladly do a swap and becchio as a sweetener

      • Dave

        Larry wouldn't go to Leicester.

      • Matthew

        I think Grayson is a great manager too, he does the best he can with one of the worst chairmans in English football as his boss.

        Regardless, Leicester are living proof that you cant buy promotion :P

  • Riviera Kid

    Just a complete nonsense rumour and I’m annoyed at myself for even bothering to comment on it. Utter sh1t.

  • mattbb1

    amazing how things change after one win! glad we beat Hull naturally, but West Ham are a different animal, and we need to cure our travel sickness, doing it at Upton Park will be a big message to send out to the top of the table. Will we sign Santa Cruz? of course not, I suspect we'll see someone like Lichaj coming to us imminently to cover the full back positions, and a midfielder, hopefully not livermore. Both on loan though…

  • bobtasticlufc

    The reason he was linked initially is because his father (who is his agent) was at the hull game, but so was Fabian Delph and theres no story about the one coming out. But the wages wont be a problem no matter who he signs for, City will do what they did with Bellamy last year pay the majority let him get fit and have a good season then sell him next summer cos he's under contract till 2013!

  • pabs1983

    Away from Santa Cruz, i've just noticed that Hull have released jimmy bullard, I'd love to see us go for him, he may even come in on our wage structure as he'll be getting a nice wad of money from Hull for terminating him early…

  • Matthew

    Doubtful, he will want the same money he was on at Hull or close to it, and if I remember right he was on much more than we offer. The only way we could realistically grab him is if his new club, say if he joins a prem league side, loan him out.

    In this day and age, its all about the money. It's rare to see players drop wages to play for a club they love/admire.

    • Matthew

      Also places are reporting he was on £45,000 a week at Hull, a wage they couldn't afford no doubt. Ridiculus amount of money for the championship anyhow.

  • Tim Campbell

    What started out as a very sketchy rumour has today gathered more pace. This is beginning to snowball – I will admit that it just does'nt look like the sort of deal larry would do – but City have chosen their 25 players and santa cruz is not one of them – City would have to pay the vast majority of his wages; but hey its been done before!!

  • Dean Bentley

    Not a chance. You think Kenneth’s gonna pay those wages?

  • The Scratching Shed

    Nope. I don’t even think it’s a credible rumour. Hence the post.

  • Joey ‘Frickin’ Driver

    rather stick with Keogh :)

  • Paul Mortimer

    Could be good for us me thinks reckon could be good exposure think Bellamy last year for taffs
    Plus he’s a goalscorer not top class for prem but for our league at the mo just right
    Still a rumour though

  • Darryl Weldon-Jones

    got more chance of Santa Claus

  • Domenico Peluso Massimilliano

    erm…yeah im sure we can match his 100k a week wage packet ;) what a crook of bullocks

  • Rob Breckons

    I have a funny feeling this was the big name striker we couldn’t agree terms with last week :/

  • John Fickling

    If only! But complete bollocks!

  • Jonathan Lufc Kelly

    No mention in the article about City continuing to pay his wages a la Bellamy instead of having a go at our wage structure…

  • Michael Lord

    More chance of climbing Everest and head butting the pope than getting Cruz.