For the last couple of seasons it’s been easy for Leeds United supporters to look on enviously as Queen’s Park Rangers embark on a new era of success. 

Whilst we’re burdened with Ken Bates, the highest ticket prices in the division and the spending power of a local pub team,  a consortium of ridiculously rich individuals were buying up chunks of QPR.

The thing with billionaires however, is that they seldom agree on much and it was a case of “too many cooks” spoiling the caviar-laden broth at Loftus Road.

But eventually, QPR found their way into the Premier League and as billionaire majority owner Bernie Ecclestone (of Formula One fame) decided he’d had enough, he sold his 66% share to the mega-rich owner of Air Asia – Tony Fernandes.

In comparison to some of the other partial owners that have been spreading shares in Queen’s Park Rangers around like a sexually transmitted disease, Tony Fernandes’ can barely be considered wealthy with a fortune of just $470m.

But fear not, Queen’s Park Rangers can always rely on Lakshmi Mittal – the Indian billionaire who owns the other 33% and has an estimated wealth of over $31bn.

With QPR’s new majority owner comes the kind of news that would give Ken Bates nightmares – a refund for all those who have purchased season tickets for the current season.

So how much were these poor fans paying for their season tickets that Fernandes took the unprecedented decision to offer a refund? Well, they started at £549. That’s the fifth highest season ticket price in the Premier League, but still comes in at £63 less than the cheapest season ticket at Elland Road!

If a queue of ridiculously wealthy billionaires lining up to buy shares in Queen’s Park Rangers wasn’t enough to make you feel a little jealous, I’m sure season ticket refunds was enough to push you over the edge! After all, QPR fans already benefited from cheaper ticket prices than us, and they’ll be watching their team take on Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea this season whilst a day out at Upton Park is the highlight of our calendar.

So why is it that these billionaires aren’t queueing up to buy Leeds United? A club with unparalleled potential, an enormous fanbase stupid enough to pay Champions League prices for Championship football and a Chairman who has repeatedly claimed he’s open to investment?

Aside from the mysterious ownership situation of our stadium and training facilities, plus the unenviable inconvenience of having to work with Ken Bates, I can only assume the biggest stalling point is Bates’ valuation of the club.

Ecclestone parted with his 66% share of Premier League QPR for £35m which makes the total value of the club around £52.5m. Does anyone believe Bates would sell Championship, asset-less Leeds United for much less?

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  1. pnxb1019

    TSS – Stand by for the 'Stepford' Leeds fans trotting out their love fior everything Bates. You really do leave yourself open when pointing out reality and the truth and not the made up world Bates fans live in.

    They will tell us how lucky we are to be paying more than anybody else in Div 2 and most of the premiership, they will tell us how lucky we are that he 'Saved us' …Halleluja…Halleluja!!!! the great messiah!!!! and how they feel really sorry for the QPR fans who are so unlucky not to have Bates in charge. and to have some billionaires in charge.. ….poor bastards!

    • simonorourke

      So anyone who thanks our chairman for rescuing us (and he DID), is basically a blind follower? Nonsensical argument, typical for a person with an "anti everything" attitude.

      Bates has done some bad things with the club, but he has done some good things. Do the bad things outweigh the good? probably. Are the good things one of the reasons that despite a shaky start, we look just one or two signings away from being a threat for top 3 or 4? Yes, undoubtedly.

      • TSS

        What did he rescue us from exactly? That's the bit I've never understood about that statement.

        Takeover One.

        Krasner is in charge and we're struggling to rid ourselves of the debt Ridsdale left behind. Administration or a takeover is the only feasible option. Bates rides in on his blue horse and ends up putting us into admin anyway! Taking back over soon after.

        Takeover Two.

        Admin again and despite several more substantial bids on the table (KPMG and HMRC both confirmed this), Bates takes over the club again because he has the creditor in his pocket. What exactly did he rescue us from there? A better offer? A legal administration process that resulted in the best possible outcome for club and creditors alike? Starting the season on level terms with the rest of the clubs?

        Even if the worse case scenario happened and Simon Morris was the winner of the takeover battle (which was unlikely as their were higher bids than his it seems) Leeds would have only ended up in admin and been sold again. That's what Bates did anyway!

        For what Bates claims to be the most financially stable club in the history of football, he sure relies on this administration lark heavily. The first he can blame on Ridsdale, but the second was the debt he put on us.

        I admire the 'ignorance is bliss' approach but these are certified facts. Regardless of what Bates says, he's saved us from absolutely nothing! Or has he? Seriously, I'm genuinely interested in what people seem to think this is!

  2. Tare

    I have just the same feeling regarding KB. Obviously he is raising the stakes in this matter? The Global following and support for LU is certainly in different class than QPRs! I just hope that greedy thinking does not destroy the roots of this great FC of Leeds.


  3. henry_v

    Blackburn = £225 for a season ticket.
    You would think the place would be packed out every game!!:D
    I wonder why the 'chicken pluckers' decided to buy Blackburn and not Leeds?
    I wonder how much it will cost us if we get promoted??
    Everton are having money problems but their tickets are only £399.
    If they tried to put them up £100 it would still only be £499!!
    They would get lynched!!
    I wonder what the 'Office of Fair Trading' thinks?
    Not a lot!!!B)B)B)

  4. yorkwhite1

    I must admit I was surprised when I read what QPR fans were paying. I remember their protests during the pre season and I assumed that they had joined the thousand quid a season brigade. I should think most Leeds fans would be delighted at the prospect of paying £550 for a season of premier football. I’m not sure I agree that it’s Uncle Ken’s asking price that would put investors off though. Personally I think it’s more the man himself. I just wouldn’t do business with a man I couldn’t trust, who would?

  5. Mersey Whites

    TSS , and artcle recently conducted by the BBC had Leeds as the 8 th most expensive in the championship
    club to visit , when you take into account the average ticket price.

    So please use all facts when writing otherwise, what has been an interesting forum will become nothing more your own views.

    What has made TSS a very good website will become very much like the Mirror

    • TSS

      The BBC's figures are massively misleading because they consider the ridiculous category system Bates uses that distorts the actual facts. Anyone that pays on a match-by-match basis will tell you that the alleged £20 tickets are non-existent.

      I have my facts right mate. Maybe you should check the source before jumping to Bates defence with absolute nonsense.

      And PS – we were talking SEASON TICKET prices. The BBC's poll is on an individual matchday ticket. Maybe you should have checked your facts first…

      • TSS

        A season ticket at Upton Park – the place the BBC ranks as most expensive – is now £483. That's £120 more than Elland Road.

        They also do £1 per game for kids.

        Just a couple more facts for you.

      • Matthew

        Speaking of West Ham, if they get that Olympic stadium, it'l be empty most games. No way do they have enough fans to fill it, unless they give Leeds 30k away tickets, we'l fill half the ground for them.

        I dont think cheapo tickets will fill it either..

    • Chicago White

      Here is the real ST price league table the BBC pricing table was how can I say it politely BOLLOCKS,

      It seems while LUFC is not only the most expensive in the Championship we would be the 5th most expensive if in the EPL though I have no reason to doubt Bates would address that immediately on promotion

      • TSS

        Figures that are much more relevant to me and the majority of those at Elland Road each week.

        I linked to that above by the way

      • GMcG

        'It seems while LUFC is not only the most expensive in the Championship we would be the 5th most expensive if in the EPL though I have no reason to doubt Bates would address that immediately on promotion'

        Hahaha, I love a little ironic understatement. I'm sure that within minutes of winning promotion Master Bates would be announcing lowest price tickets at somewhere near the thousand quid mark. He really is taking the p**s……

  6. Whitefanman

    Sorry Mersey boy but you'll have to get up early in the morning to catch The Scartching Shed out…. At this point one would usually respond with "Sorry TSS, you are of course right" ?

    • Mersey Whites

      Sorry TSS you are right about your facts on season tickets, I was giving the whole picture as presented by the BBC.
      But as for Jumping to Bates defense, that a little too much take. So i welcome an apology regarding that comment.

      Also do you really think that Bates sets the pricing policy on Season Tickets I think that you are giving too much credit for actually having to think

  7. Gareth

    Atleast the front of Elland Road doesn't look like a block of old council flats ey, that surely must count for something?

    • TSS

      Doesn't look much better though – have you seen the bodge job on it? Horrible cream colour.

      Loftus Road is one of the ugliest stadiums I've ever been to though. Elland Road is falling down, but by comparison looks state-of-the-art

      • Matthew

        Yeah, that picture you used TSS does Loftus Road no favours, christ it looks like something from the 30s on the outside lol

        Elland Road has that grand feeling when standing outside, like you're standing outside the field of giants, arbeit slightly run down, but still grand lol

  8. simonorourke

    At the end of the day, Bates is probably waiting for Premier League status before selling the club. No doubt it would add a good 20% to the value, which is solid business sense. If that's his plan, then more power to him as long as he's willing to throw some money into the hat to push for that promotion.

  9. Matthew

    I'm hoping once Bates eventually dies(He's 79 now so won't be around forever) his family sell the club. His wife probably told him she'l take over so he doesn't ditch her or something lol

  10. banditsteve123

    Wat ever your views are on ken bates please stop the cant wait till he is dead that is just sick,im not sure i want leeds to be taken over by some mega rich play thing that would rip the heart out of the club,leeds have allways done things the hard way i am starting to really warm to this side if we could just a couple of good defenders in then this team could be on the way up

    • Matthew

      Most of us have no reason to respect a guy who doesn't respect the fans, and the club they love.

      I don't think you understand, no ones wishing he'l drop dead, that's horrible. If anything most of us know that because he's old, he wont be chairman forever, and hopefully his wife does the right thing when she inherits the club and sells up.

      Leeds can not advance as a club with the Bates name attached to it.

  11. banditsteve123

    You say leeds cant advance with bates in charge but i think they have the club is on a sound finacial footing the team look young ang hungry yes he has done things that are only just legal but im looking forwerd to this season

    • Matthew

      I have no doubt we will get promoted eventually. Even if its under Bates, I however have no faith we will get anywhere in that league with him in charge. Simple as.

  12. gav

    With reference to the ‘non-existant £20 match tickets’ which were mentioned on the bbc website…i pay £516 for my season ticket in the kop for 23 league games! If you do the maths, even as a loyal season ticket holder, I pay more than £20 per game on average!

  13. Cpl

    Grt site lads and spot on as always TSS.
    Did anyone notice a youthful Pen Picture of our Ken on the wall in the living quarters of Gaddafi's compound!


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