It seems Simon Grayson has solved Leeds United’s left-back crisis with a deal agreed “in principle” for the season-long loan of Glasgow Celtic’s Darren O’Dea. 

Many Whites fans have been desperate for Grayson to bring in another left-back before the start of the new season despite having three players capable of playing there.

Federico Bessone arrived last season but did little to impress Leeds United fans and looks unlikely to be offered much first team action now, despite words of reassurance from Simon Grayson earlier in the transfer window.

Aidy White has also highlighted the position as one he can make his own, despite being regarded by most fans as more of a winger than a full-back.

Darren O’Dea’s main competition is likely to come from Ben Parker who showed great promise when he first burst onto the scene but has been blighted by continuous injury problems ever since. Our young winger is so fragile that I’d be insisting he avoids speed bumps and maintains a steady 20mph speed on the way too and from training, just in case any sudden movement leaves him with s season-ending injury.

O’Dea has made 49 appearances for Celtic and over a hundred in total with loan spells at Reading and Ipswich Town. A medical and paperwork remain before the deal is officially completed, but it looks like he’ll be here in time to feature against Southampton on Saturday.

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  1. Dave

    Just watched highlights of our home game against Ipswich where he didn't impress. Looks more like a centre back than a full back. Parker must be first choice if he can stay fit.

    • Nigel

      I watched the full match again, he looked to be playing in a defensive left midfield position

  2. shark

    Great signing o`dea is a good no nonsense defender.the right age(24)and a full international.well done larry!!

  3. saltburnwhite

    sorry darren odea …couldnt resist it…………..seems like darrens next job is as a jockey …an arse jockey! check the link out……..its foreighn so probablt not very well known and may need translating but you will get the picture…literally!

  4. birdie

    Thought O`dea was standout defender for ipswich v leeds last season gr8 signing!!

  5. Miles Laprell

    Another pathetic atte Grayson to cover up the fact that Bates won't spend any money. Relegation beckons

    • Mersey Whites

      You obviously have not seen him play, more than capable of playing anywhere across the back line
      as well sweeper.
      A very shrewd singing by Larry and will add quality competition in the squad.
      Building a competitive squad as opposed to numbers .

      Just like he said he would.

      • Mr Realist

        and where have you seen him play because he only got 20 games last season at ipswich spending your time watching them were we or are we just another 'anyone signed is brilliant, probably sang bessones praises last year'

        he looked a good prosepect at celtic a few years back, hasnt really progressed and isnt in their first team plans anymore so its hardly a signing to set the world alight. the only thing it adds to the squad in the short term (because hes a loan only) is a bit of back up at centre back or possibly a left back. Hopefully he'll do a good job and they will want to sign him in january but once again asbolutely nothing to get carried away about on loan. If he is going to play at left back then the question needs asking why when hes been told his future isnt at celtic havent we just bought him???????? which goes back to miles laprells original question that you jumped on

  6. derbyshirewhite

    I guess we'll know Grayson's got this sorted when he puts a spare goalkeeper and four left backs on the bench. What's Hartey doing these days?

  7. saltburnwhite

    yes i agree , good signing but it should have been a permanent ….im sick of these loan signings …it stands to reason you just dont care about the loan club as much as you do about your parent club …its human nature , we need permanent signings , but i suppose if we are going to do laons then this is the sort of player we should be getting on a permanent basis….?

    • TSS

      Not so sure that's the case here. He'll be playing in the hope of securing a permanent contract. Considering this is now his third loan spell, Celtic obviously want him off the books.

      • _dje

        The problem is that if he impresses with us it'll boil down to what wages we ill offer him as way of a permanent contract ~ then in sweep Ipswich, Cardiff, Notts Forest, Derby, Watford, Brighton……

        I'd like Grayson to be more committed to his faith in his judgement of players ability and how they fit in the squad. Too many loan signings reflects a lack of confidence.

      • ross mccaramac

        permanent signings include bessone, bruce, paynter so im pleased hes only on loan, please no lichaj and no sanchez watt tho.

  8. Tim Campbell

    Would be REALLY happy if we could get eric lichaj back either on a permanent or at worse season long loan

  9. saltburnwhite

    yes i agree although conolly is solid he needs some competition , if we did it looks like larry has kept his word albeit with loans and hopefully has sorted the defence out ……lichaj kisnorbo o'brien o'dea looks VERY strong!

  10. neil Lennon

    Never seen him play? You have never seen him play you clown im from Ireland and a celtic fan and i can tell you he is average at best and no improvement on squad whatsoever. Also I would be suprised if he even signed as he stated about 2 months ago that he wanted to leave celtic on a loan or perm deal in order to get first team football and I can't see grayson promising him that. Shrewd signing lmfao

    • terry

      I dont think you ever seen O'Dea play for Ireland I'm from Dublin and have seen him play on a few occasions…And I can say that he is more then average…And also a big improvement! To the squad…

      But cant be blamed for coming from bally-go-backwards-…Down the Bog''…

  11. Unckle K

    This signing is the definition of meh. I would've been 100x happier with Lichaj, who is an actual full-back and can play on either side. O'Dear is merely a CB, sixth one in the squad to be precise. Five at the back next season, anyone?

  12. Paddy1992

    I have watched o’deas career closely since he 1st came through at Celtic and although a good prospect at centre half, at full back he can be a bit of a square peg in a round hole. Similar to bromby in that at full back his distribution attacking and occasionally positional sense let him down. However I think that OB’s fitness has let him down and Grayson doesn’t trust bromby Bruce or lees so has signed him as cover in the centre with Parker deputising at left back should kisnorbo or OB’s never ending injuries return. Good signing.

  13. _dje

    Anyone know what's happening regarding Mendy? Yea or nay was supposed to be cast at the start of the week, but as is the case with this pre-season, deadlines and deliverance seem to be vague at best.

    "Irons in the fire"? Must be one hell of a bonfire Grayson's got going!!

  14. arniemar

    Isn’t it more pace we need at the back rather than these big stopper types?
    If this guy replaces Parker on sat I would start packing my bags if I were him. Shame for the lad who looked like he had talent when he first came through. However I think his fragility and lack of pace may have done for him at LUFC.
    Hope Grayson isn’t about to dump Alex Bruce either. He is a better long term bet than either OB or Bromby IMO.

    • NDL

      Alex Bruce? Ok as back up but basically an accident waiting to happen. Along with Collins we should never have signed him in the first place as he was not good enough to nail down a regular spot in the Ipswich team. If they stay fit Kisnorbo and OB are a quality CB pairing we are just a but thin on decent cover. Let's hope O'Dea is the answer because Brue & Bromby had enough chances last year and aside from the odd decent game were nowhere near consistent enough to provide any level of confidence……i think this signing might mean Bruce is on the way out which in my view is no bad thing…MOT

    • Hugh Hefner

      alex bruce will never make a regular centre back, the only hope for him at this club is if he plays defensive midfielder even then his tackling is so wild he'd be suspended all the time.

      saying that id keep him at the club for his whole career if hes still going out with that lindsey strutt, she can sit next to me and keep me company while hes playing

      • Martin

        I like ALex Bruce, better than Bromby and more experimented than Lees. Alex is our strong replacement for Kis & OB. O Dea and Parker will compete for LB…

  15. Bowden

    I must've been watching a different Andy O'Brien all this time, as the only positive thing I have to say about him is that he is tall and seems a nice bloke; which a good footballer does not make!

  16. Dan Goldthorp

    My Reading-fan mate says the general consensus on O’Dea at Reading was that he was slow and clueless. Let’s hope he has improved. Hope this doesn’t mean we stop chasing Lichaj. That is so obviously the answer.

    • Matthew

      I'm almost 100 percent certain we will see Lichaj in a Leeds shirt in within the next 6 months.

      • james

        Villas new manager told grayson tht if he wants lichaj he will have to wait as villas new manager wants to assess his performace and he may be in his plans, tht was about 3 weeks ago

      • Matthew

        I know, I said that enough times on here.
        Fact is, Lichaj if he isnt needed at Villa is coming home to ER. :P

  17. Tyler75

    He went out on loan to Ipswich part way through last season, played 20 games and seemed to add to an improvement in their goals against column and as somebody else pointed out, he was very good against us at Portman Rd. Plus he will be playing for a permanent contract either with us or somebody else – so lets give the boy a chance. Also he looks like a middleweight boxer which (along with Paddy and Brown) should mean that we are more 'competitive' in Yorkshire derbies and at places like Millwall.

  18. mojoluafc

    I`ll see what he`s like after a few games for us then judge, heard mainly positive comments about`im, not outstanding but seems to be able to play all along the back 4 which is good.

  19. number1inyorkshire

    that,ll be interesting in the dressing room if that's a real video ,now im no homophobic but fu=-*ng hell .
    seems he is not that good but he could be for us .Jewell has signed plenty this season so why not him if he was any good. Celtic in real terms are only a championship team so .
    i know this is this post but i agree with what people have said on the other post about where we will finish ,can't see us getting in the playoffs ,just can't keeping snodders and gradel i agree are key but not the be all .we have again got absolutely no quality not anywhere in our squad ,don't get me wrong snoddders will be and is the only one who could play in prem ,max maybe but i don't see any one else .

    i wish it was different sadly we are becoming a laughing stock and i an not just talking about football but everything as a hole ,signings ,hmrc,BBC the whole kit and caboodle

    • Martin

      If Becchio & Somma get fit quickly after their injuries, we can reach the Play Off. I think Snodgrass, Gradel, Howson, O Brien and maybe Becchio, Kisnorbo and Lonergan could be at least average Premier League Players

  20. Michael Lord

    That's the proof point……how many of our 1st team could play Premiership football? Seems to me our squad is designed to survive the Championship not gain promotion.

    • Matthew

      I would say most. But not for a whole season.

      Gradel, Becchio, Howson, Brown, O Brien, Nunez, Conolly and a few others have it in them, we would however be a bottom table side without new recruits in the Premier league.

  21. Rikton

    wolves and stoke don't have world beaters in their teams yet they have managed to stay in the prem. couple of flair players and the rest 100% grafters/ team players. Howson, Becchio, Gradel, Nunez, Brown, Snodgrass, and i reckon if Kisnorbo had pace at the side of him he could do it aswell.

    Last thing as well what does grayson see in paynter i mean really, he runs around like a baby giraffe and just doesnt seem to have confidence to just smash the ball. like the goal at preston. everytime he trys to sidefoot it.

  22. Ron

    At this stage, I’m just happy we have a new face. I have stated before, our situation is so embarrassing, signing Pavarotti would be worth celebrating. Why on earth can we not attract and finance a loan for a player on the rise from a Premier League team, instead of picking up the rubbish and trawling through League One? It would be such a boost after such a calamitous summer. I’m afraid the biggest news for Leeds this year will be MPs chasing Bates.

  23. mattbb

    I'd be happy with a season of 1-0 wins one after another, and perhaps if we become a more solid side with the likes of Brown, O'Dea and Lonerganadding to our ranks then we'll do that.

  24. banditsteve123

    It looks to me that we are looking for a more solid team this year QPR last season played that way with just a coupl of flair players,i really dont get all the doom and gloom i think we look stronger than last season we wont go down i can see us in top six,this team looked like they are getting better

    • g is the man

      Finally some1 with agood head on hs shoulders why is it when you read these comment who wehave signed or could be we have all the negitives wh not keep your crap moaning comments to yourselfs and get behind your team rather than against. christ we have a stronger team than last season as we have got akeeper who will talk to the defence rather than shout the odds like kasp good but older def mid man in brown good younger players coming in to stake their claim rather than being shot out on loan. I would grayson to play two up front and adiamond mid with brown in front of the def and howson in behind the two forwards either mcork and grella giving a chance or nunez as he can play upfront and paynter and get gradel on along contract what he and all of us want.


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