When news of Max Gradel’s departure broke I was sat outside Manchester Airport waiting to pick someone up, which is probably for the best, because the last thing Leeds United fans needed at that moment in time was an “I told you so” speech.

I’ve expected Max Gradel to leave for a while now. When there’s as much speculation as there has been, you can only assume his agent is trying to engineer a move elsewhere. Added to the “please guide me God” tweets from the man himself (Gradel that is, not God) and the unconvincing reassurances from Ken Bates and Simon Grayson, it always seemed inevitable.

Regardless of my views on Ken Bates and his cancerous impact on our beloved club, I’ve always remained hopeful. I knew little money would be spent this summer because Bates doesn’t believe in spending it on footballers. Nothing annoys him more. For Ken, long-lasting assets like hotels and bars are much more important than bags of meat and bones that can kick an air-filled piece of leather around for 90 minutes. They make him money, footballers cost him.

This Bates-defying belief I’ve maintained throughout his reign has helped me overcome two administrations, relegation to League One, a total loss of form in our promotion season, the Jermaine Beckford saga and even the red card of Max Gradel v Bristol plus much more besides. Through it all, I always had belief that Leeds would defy the odds and rise again. I’m a tough nut to crack – but at some point in pre-season, my outer-shell shattered.

What this hard, outer-shell left behind was a Leeds United fan submerged in apathy. One that met Max Gradel’s departure with a reaction of “ah well, life goes on…” rather than the contrasting rant of the messenger. Expectation governs these reactions – when you expect the worst, you can only be pleasantly surprised.

This fundamental change inside me has helped me accept Leeds United are not the biggest club outside the EPL any more. I know that’s a theory we all like to perpetuate, but what reasoning do we have for it really? The biggest fanbase? All that means is that there is more people to moan when things go wrong.

The truth is, you can’t call yourself the biggest club outside the EPL when your star players leave to play in a French league no one really cares about. Nor can you call yourself the biggest club when you’re unable to compete with Ipswich Town on wages. Football’s biggest club is measured by financial might, power in the transfer market and ultimately, success. Leeds United have none of that.

What Leeds United are nowadays is a club at odds with itself. We’re the Newcastle United of the Championship. A mid-table side with unrealistic expectations fueled by a fanbase that defies our level of success. Sure, every once in a while we’ll flirt with success and overreach, but that invariably leads to a huge crash landing soon after. We constantly build ourselves up for painful falls, we just can’t help ourselves.

Apathy is the last escape of all football fans. I’m not kidding myself, I know it’s a temporary state of mind that will undoubtedly be broken by a good run of form, but for now, there’s something comforting about it. With no expectations, I’m at peace knowing another kick in the balls will be along in no time and that Gradel’s exit will seem trivial by comparison.

With that in mind, I wish Max Gradel nothing but the best. In the grand scheme of things, he was just a small footnote on the long history of “ups and downs” this club will continue to endure. On and on…

  • col

    sign puncheon from soton

    • Lee B

      Is this the Jason Puncheon that turned Leeds down when we were in L1 and our lovable old chairman said 'hope he enjoys the rest of his career as a water-carrier in the lower leagues' (or something to that effect).
      Do you think KB will change his mind on that?

      • col

        i think its got to the point when SG stands up and buys the players A we need and B he wants

      • Matthew

        Wasn't that the same Jason Puncheon that speant a decent amount of time at Millwall? Not the brightest bloke turning Leeds down to go to a tinpot team in London lol

  • mattbb1

    Its all got a bit too much hasnt it, and to be fair after 7 years out of the top flight even the optimism of the best of is tried to its limit. hen you think back to 2000 and what we'd have thought if these same clubs were sniffing round our players what the reaction would be? well quite frankly it doesnt bear thinking about. I still beilieve our time will come, but not until we get a chairman with some vision – no not laser enhanced vision like Ken, but someone who understands successful football clubs play good football, with the best players they can. Where is that White Knight? I'm getting bored waiting.

    • mickyr

      While ever the Leeds faithful pay their money week in and week out to watch a second rate team the Leeds faithful will have, nay, will deserve what they have got. We are paying Premiership prices to watch a (now) Division 1 side. While the money is rolling in Bates will stay, when it drys up he will sell up, simples!
      I for one will now watch our team from my armchair, it will hurt but I can no longer support what is happening at our club.
      RIP the Leeds that I know and love

      • Chareose

        I think youve hit the nail on the head Mick…..I need to hybernate from Leeds united, pop my head out in a few years and see If Kens fucked off yet, trouble is its impossible to do that….. Leeds United is a desease or a psychological illness and I need therapy to break its hold on me………..

  • Lufc1919

    Just depressing really; not so much Gradel leaving,(i think we probably have the players to cover him) but the fact that our club is being run by someone that doesn't care about this football club other than the bank balance at the end of the season.

  • DCMag

    Newcastle and Leeds are nothing alike. Newcastle has spine, and didn't pull a Leeds. Geordies are constantly over-cited as delusional by press, and to be fair, so are Leeds fans. Check the blogs and you'll see the expectations are not so high. Nice try at stirring the pot.

    • TSS

      Wasn't a dig at Newcaslte mate, I think you've misinterpreted what I've written. I actually like NUFC, but I see yourselves and Leeds as two clubs hindered by their respective owners. Both sets of fans have good reason to expect some semblance of success.

      • That's how I read it also, I didn't see any pot stirring going on.

      • Bowden

        The difference being that the prick in charge of Newcastle actually spends money on the team, while our prick spends it on remaking Seacroft Centre on the side of our only good stand and pockets the rest for himself and his faceless crook friends.

    • I'll try stirring the pot then. Of course the Newcastle expectations are not so high, at least not from Toon fans younger than 70 years old . Maybe they would be if Newcastle had actually won something of note since 1969, unlike Leeds who were in the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2001 and Champions of England in 1992?

  • yorkwhite1

    Im not going to the Man.U match. The only thing Bates understands is money. So it's my tiny little protest and I'm sure someone else will take my seat but I have to draw the line somewhere. The one I feel sorry for is SG, it must be neigh on impossible to work for such a tw@t.

    • BarneyWhite

      I am also not going – this game should be boycotted by all (so no loss by season ticket holders). I am hurting right now – £1000 on season tickets for me and my two kids for what . He must go – all we can do is actively protest and hope he gets sick of it all

      • LUFC Obiwan

        Just can't justify paying £62 for our two seats at a Carling Cup game- no doubt to get humped by scum reserves. Can't Bates see he's destroying the loyal fan base of this once great club?

    • Same here,, Never thought i would see the day that I would miss a scum game and also hope theres no leeds fans at the game…money is the only thing he understands..chelsea bastard

  • Phil K

    You can have Alan Smith back from us. And we've got LOADS of great kids coming through.
    You can have "gangsta" Nile Ranger – promises much and delivers little. More trouble than he's worth, certainly not Prem standard, but maybe he could do an Andy carroll, do a stint in the Chapionship and come back firing on all cylinders, but for Leeds.
    Young Sammy Ameobi would be a fantastic loan signing from Newcastle. That said, we all love him to bits at NUFC, and like his big bruv, a homesick geordie who may not settle.
    It would be worth Leeds while asking for some Newcastle kids, believe you me. They'd do great in the Championship.

    • kev

      thanks mate but all they'd get paid is a packet of wine gums and a couple of conkers each week !

      • Carlos

        That comment had me in stiches!!!!!!

  • CD Sparling

    So true, these are sad times for all Leeds fans. After the humiliation of all the knockbacks this transfer window we loose our player of the year to a team I niether know or can pronounce! Bet Snoddy's now wishing he jumped ship when the offers came in….. The ambition has certainly departed Elland rd. And I hear Smithy has been spotted in Leeds today….. Cant for the life in me decide whether I think that move would be benificial or not…….

  • jay

    Up shit street without a paddle…BATES OUT!!!!!

    • Lee B

      This phrase, just like 'doing a Leeds' should be re-branded as 'up Elland Road without a paddle'…

  • pwm

    Re York white , I have just penned a note to Master Bates I too will be a one man boycott

    • Andy

      dont mean to put you wrong. But isn't this now a two man boycott?

      • number1inyorkshire

        3 i made a decision at the beginning of last season i would only do league matches and i have .no tops pies etc etc i am not giving that twot any more than i have to

        • Barneywhite

          agree – he gots nothing more from me – not one miserable penny until he has gone, – I take the kids a packed lunch and bottle of pop

    • tony c

      i started this season no Matches for me so far and unless we sign half a dozen decent players by midnight it will be all season unless Bates goes then i'll be back to ER in a shot. its the lack of investment is my bug bare, undisclosed fees nothing reinvested all this Bates speak of if SG wants to buy a player for 5.0 mil but he'll have to pay the rest of the squad 0.50p a week spiel. i'm too old and too wise to be taken in by the bearded shyster hit him where it hurts in the pocket its the only language he understands.

      • number1inyorkshire

        if it was just me i would do that too but i have my sons aswell .who are young enough to go watch their heroes no matter who they are or win or loose,they will soon become bitter and fearful of their hard earned cash going elsewhere as its me to pay at the mo they don't care
        morons in the making .

  • henry_v

    I think we all feel a bit low just now!!:S
    What concerns me is that Leeds Utd do not appear to have a plan,
    and meander from one staggering step to the next.
    We are great at letting people go – another two today, and the day is not over yet!
    We have the makings of a decent first eleven, with no strength in depth to cover for injuries, suspensions and loss of form.
    We don't need a big squad, but we do need 16 really good players to see us through.
    Does anyone else see any plan for the team?
    I know the hotel has been well thought out, and KB can now order the carpet and curtains!!xD

    • Chareose

      expect more to dissapear at the end of the season, Snods is probably already planning his fututre elsewhere. Lot of players on one year contracts and Kenneth hasnt quite grasped that players what more money on their next contract not less

  • pnxb1019

    I know where you are coming from TSS. For me it is thoroughly depressing being a follower of Leeds at the minute. Until Bates is nothing more than a memory we will go nowhere and deep down every Leeds fans knows that, even the most ardent Bates sycophants know that too but they just cannot bring themselves to admit it publicly.

  • kev

    Great article, u know what i'm not even expecting us to sign anyone today,nobody on loan, nobody on a free,can't even get excited by this anymore, I hope i'm wrong, Bates has taken any fun I had supporting Leeds and pissed all over it,it's like he's zapped the energy out of this great club,but then again where all morons anyway!!

    • Chareose

      we will get a loanee soon but i predict they wont be anything special, the best players are pretty much all signed up i think

  • The F*** in tea lady will be sold next , with this chairman we will never progress and may well drop back into division 3 , i agree totally with everything that TSS says and i am just sick to death of being let down knowing another kick in the balls is coming yet again. I honestly can't see any light at the end of the tunnel – I just hope i am wrong . MOT

  • neil1964

    All this makes me wonder why Gradel wasn`t offered a new contract for him and his agent to turn down?
    Perhaps it was always going to happen and Grayson knew it but was just making the right noises to keep the fans at bay. Gonna miss him though. Now for the exciting new signings!

  • jay

    Maybe all the Bate's lovers will now wake up and smell the coffee,just look at what he is doing to us,think its time 30'000 morons meet up at the next game and show him what we think of him and his bent regime.
    Get the bates out of leeds!!!
    Regards,A MORON

    • mickyr

      It's time 30,000 morons boycotted the next game, and a few after that, it's the only thing that will make a business man like him stop and think. A mass protest won't mean a thing if you all turn up to the game after it.

      • BarneyWhite

        Yes – It is the only way – he is taking the piss out of us all. I have season tickets but I would support this – This debacle cannot go on any longer……..

  • Ilkleywhite

    Bit down today, as once again a star player leaves, feathered his nest, and off he goes, one quick point, if we hadn't got promoted at the Bristol game, Max would still be looking for a club, because he wouldnt have been playing for Leeds, lets hope we got a few Mill for max, after all, the new hotel will need a roof, and Uncle Ken ain't paying for it

    I will go to the Man U game, I go because I support my team through thick and thin, but there are more thicks than thins at the moment.


  • number1inyorkshire

    decidedly quiet aside from grella and gradel who has a 4 year deal thats what I'm talking bout he knows his money and his time is sorted for that time "security" we need to give our players those deals

    QUIET ! quiet! quiet!!

  • Peter 69

    You know you all make me very mad, none of you will be happy until we have no leadership at all. I have supported Leeds since Major Buckley in the early 50's, so I know what I am talking about when I say that this may not be the best time over the last 60 years but it by no means the worst. Think positive the team have played very well in almost all the games this season with no luck at all, we still have Nunez who could well turn out to be far better than Gradel, the defence will improve we have been far worse in that department. We are SOLVENT, if Bates will not pay £25,000 pw for a player good on him, I bet none of you get paid anywhere near that amount, if you do PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, because that is the top and bottom of this argument.

    • Gaz

      Oh shut up you prick. Open your eyes, the man is sucking every penny he can out of us. How long can you idiots continue to defend the knob. "But he saved us" did he fuck.

      • Matthew

        I agree Gaz, Ken Bates is a leech thats draining money from the club for his self interests.

    • Gaz

      You Bates apologists are all so fucking boring. "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS" I do, I pay a ridiculous sum for myself and three kids season tickets every year. What do you fucking pay?

      • Lol……quality reply Gaz….. A totally off the cuff, unadulterated tantrum….. Loved it

      • number1inyorkshire

        me too gaz and have done for all the time bates has been in charge, now before in fact but we cant blame him for those before ,that said myself ,yourself and countless others have given bates plenty of money in the last few seasons and he has taken it and taken it ,myself and 3 sons have done season tickets ,cup games ,tops, pies beer ,pop.programs magazine etc i like you have probably since bates took over spent 10-15 000 thats what i call putting my money where my mouth is just like you ,its time for him (bates )to put his money where is mouth is and it might stop that old git spouting and calling all those who do the same MORONS i will moron him should i get chance

    • jay

      Bates is a conman and us fans/morons are being well and truly royally shafted.

    • Duncan

      Major Frank Buckley? How old are you, 115 or summink?

  • Gaffers

    What Bates fails to understand is that unless we have a successful team to come and watch the hotel will be empty ! Compare the number of visiting fans a premiership club would bring compared to the Championship and League 1 (Not that I believe visting fans would want to stay at Elland road anyway). If Bates wants to make his money he should focus on getting us into the Premiership and realising all the related income that brings (Even higher prices, TV coverage, sponsorship etc.). A Premiership club would sell for considerably more than a Championship club. For a supposedly shrewd business man he is making all the wrong financial decisions.

    • jay

      Spot on Gaffers.

  • number1inyorkshire

    WE need to remember its still against the terms of our admin to go up /embarrassment payment 5+million quid so bates don't want us to go up yet but thats no reason not to spend on quality to build .
    Pete 69 you should have given your typing finger the day off ,you will not get no friends on here with that utter rubbish

  • Tyler75

    You can't blame Max for leaving – the chance of a duet with the delectable Sarah Cracknell has got to be a significant improvement on a karaoke session with Andy O'Brien. Love Leeds, Hate Bates.

    • TSS

      I suspect that subtle joke will be lost on the masses mate.

      Besides, isn't she about 50 now?

  • Jp

    The hotel is being built for WHEN we reach the prem. If we kept hold max he would undoubtably leave for free in 12 months and we need as much cash as possible so when the time is right, we can launch a full blooded attack on English football once more.

    • Chareose

      Jp who the fuck is going to use a hotel, museum, exec boxes and various other facilities if we are relegated to Div 1 ????
      – Being promoted to the premiership would bring in 50 million, so which do you choose ? A hotel that will make a loss because it has a bad rep or 50 million from the prem ???
      – What happens at the end of this season when we fail to be promoted again ??? I beleive only Clayton and Bechio have more than one year on their contract out of our best players. The rest will fuck off…………….
      – The youth system rules on catchment areas is being changed so that clubs like Arsenal can pick up Yorkshires best kids so we are fucked there too……

      How is all of this part of some clever strategy ???!!!!

    • jay

      We will not reach the prem while bates is running things.IF bates really wanted us back in the prem he would have spent some of the delph money…do you think he will spend any of the gradel cash…he wont spend a penny of it…loans and has beens is the ken bates way and for a massive club like ours it just aint good enough…he needs to sell up and let some one with ambition and vision take us forward..its what us morons deserve!


    • Matthew

      JP your comment would make sense if Ken Bates actually invested money into the club.

      No doubt next year if we don't get promoted he will sell Snodgrass and Nunez too. It's ridiculus, we don't want a god damned Hotel, he can shove his hotel where the sun doesn't shine, just invest in the bleeping team already.

    • number1inyorkshire

      another 1

  • Peter 69….. You are completely missing the point m8. Yes we do have a starting 11 that is good enough to compete in this division and to be honest, even after Gradel's exit, I still think our starting 11 could get into the playoffs. The problem is, you don't have your starting 11 available all the time and we have no depth to the squad.

    The worrying thing for me is that I strongly believe that one of the big factors in Gradel's decision to jump ship is the clubs total and utter lack of ambition. Why would he want to play for a team that obviously is not even remotely interested in promotion (it's been obvious for some time that we are not)?

    The worrying thing is that Gradel is just the start and just a symptom of the cancer that is killing this club. Your argument that we still have a decent team so shouldn't worry is the same as standing in a leaking boat and saying "oh well, it still floats at the moment so no need to worry"

    LUFC is a sinking boat and Bates is the hole…… The hole needs plugging before we are left with nothing more than a sunken wreck.

    • Peter 69

      I agree with you on the strength of the reserves but i personally feel we dont have the money, perhaps the only criticism of Bates should be this damned Hotel, with regard to ambition it is a difficult one and really now is all about money, even if you spend wisely where do you go in the Premier League, apart from Abramovich and the Sheikh everyone up there is in debt or surviving on dodgy owners (that is people who might just jump ship if things do not work). It is actually about time clubs had to be solvent and not allowed to spend more than they earn. Remember Football is now big business and if clubs go bust they should go to the wall, then and only then would we all appreciate Ken. Lindsey I am in the end just another very frustrated supporter who was there throughout the Revie era, even if a very rich benefactor came in and bought us to the top again, it would not feel we had done it fairly and competitively.

      • Chareose

        Peter, we pay the 5th highest ticket prices in the country (including the Prem), we get plenty of TV money and we HAVE sold players for good money. If Leeds United still "doesnt have the money" to invest in a few decent championship lvl players after that then their is evidently something wrong with how we are being run…….it isnt rocket science.

      • BarneyWhite

        I do not want some rich benefactor, I also don't want to see millions spent on pla yers. We have some decent players and two or thee million pound players would go a longway to see us have a better season then last. Players should want to sign for us and stay with us, not for the likes of some little French club or half the teams in EPL. I really don't get it – Wasn't there in Revie era but I remember promotion with Wilko so well – surely it is not too much to ask for a repeat..

  • dalesteel

    If the £5 mill or so goes in a pot and we loose 1 player a year, providing we have cover, and he buys back the stadium with the proceeds I think I could live with that.

    The rent is £1.5 Million a year….. so that's 1 player a year we can buy/or fund on that basis.

    If thats what he is planning to do, which with the development projects one would assume so, then maybe he should F**KING TELL US AND MAYBE WE WOULDN'T BE AS PISSED OFF!!!!

  • GMcG

    Very well put TSS. The descent into apathy is probably a bit like senility – after a while you don't realise there is anything wrong, it's just that everybody else does. Take a look at this:

    Required reading for all the Bates apologists. He'd sell his Granny if it wasn't a little bit awkward digging her up.

  • banditsteve123

    I have spent the last year or so defending ken bates but thats it for me i can take gradel going nunez will do fine wat i cant take is nobody else has come in wats the betting that grayson says they had players ready to sign only for the selling club to change there mind at the last min

    • dalesteel

      bates live's in Monaco (France) gradel has gone to a french team???? Whats betting there chairman met bates in Monaco by chance(?) and that's where the deal was done. Maybe a million under the table to an 'off shore business' …… Who knows…

  • Turi1986

    Struggling to comprehend just how low I'm feeling right now in relation to LUFC. If Gradel wanted to jump ship then so be it. As many have mentioned previously; better make some profit rather than a Bosman at the end of the year. I feel strongly that the lack of activity in the transfer market over the last 24 months has left a number of our better players feeling discontent over our ambition.
    I despise Ken Bates and everything he stands for, he is a tinpot despot, who seemingly see's nothing else in our club other than a pension fund and sticking a Pontin's onto Elland Road.
    I'll always love my team and will struggle to ever boycott the match, but right now it feels like I'm being dumped rather than the other way round. Oh the heartache!

    • Matthew

      Speaking of Boycotting, It'l only work if you do a big campaign and really get the word out, not everyone who visits Elland Road knows/cares about Ken Bates, it'l be a task in itself to get the masses at Elland Road educated to what this douchebag of a chairman is like.

  • Ray

    Desperate times when on the transfer deadline day there’s not even a few rumours of Leeds united attempting to sign anyone. Bad times people wish bates would fuck off.

  • Chareose

    Sadly I think the brutal reality is that we are stuck with Ken for atleast another year.

    The only logical argument for what he is doing is building up Leeds infrastructure to sell us, so we are stuck with him until the building work is complete at the very least………..(thousands of grown men start weeping) (Suicide rates go up in west yorkshire)

  • Supawhite

    Sorry as I am to say it but hitting Papa Smurf
    In the wallet is the only thing that might convince him
    to move on and suck some other club dry. A few gates
    of 10,000 or less will be a start. Otherwise January
    will see us lose Snoddy and Howson and probably
    Grayson too. Bates won’t quit while there’s a dollar
    to be made so let’s show him his cash cow
    is running dry. LTID. MOT.

    • Matthew

      Snoddy is contracted to us till 2013, at the very most we will lose him next season.

      It'l reach a point soon where Barn Door Billy is our strikeforce lol

  • Matthew

    Oh and by the way.

    Lichaj is injured for several months, only just been announced, which pretty much screws up our chances of getting him on loan at the moment.

    Mentioning as a lot of people have mentioned his name here.

    See here http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/leeds

    • number1inyorkshire

      i mentioned about lichaj hours ago he has a hip tendon problem 4 mths at least

      • Matthew

        Oh my bad. Sorry about that.

  • oldschoolbaby

    Well I won`t feel as bad when the scum come this time as on their last visit. When they sang "let`s all have a whip round" I was praying for a belt fed machine gun to fall into my lap. I have never felt so sick at a match.

    I`m no Bates apologist but I cling to the hope that he has a plan to guide us to the point where football financially implodes, as it surely must. He`s coffin dodging FFS. Unless he`s a psychopath, and psychopaths wouldn`t care about East Stand aethetics and hospitality quotients, what does he hope to gain by asset stripping.

    Of course, as pointed out elsewhere, it would help if he gave us a fuckin clue

    • Chareose

      if he is genuinely trying to build the clubs finances then hes a fucking idiot…… as ive said repeatedly before, gaining promotion means 50 million in cash, thats way more than wed get with a couple of shitty hotels. no hes just trying to sell the club on like chelsea

      • oldschoolbaby

        Selling the club for what ? He will have a Stannah stairlift and zimmer frames can be picked up quite reasonably on EBay. The NHS provides incontinence pads.

        Superficially you make a reasonable point but we don`t have any players coveted by top PLteams and we could have the mother of all arguments about how many are of Premiership quality at all. In terms of Keogh costing Wolves £600,000, £50,000,000 sounds a lot. It is a lot. Except it`s not a lot in the current football bubble when you need to buy, and more importantly pay, a whole new team

        Treading water is preferrable to drowning and its positively joyful when the tide turns

      • oldschoolbaby

        Selling the club for what ? A stairlift, zimmer frame or incontinence pads ?

        £50,000,000 sounds a lot but it`s not much to buy the new team that would be needed and pay them the wages Prem players believe they are entitled to. It`s a scenario in which you could very easily get your fingers burnt in the current, wider, economic climate.

        Treading water is better than drowning and it can also leave you in pole position when the tide turns

  • Will23

    With Grayson’s extremely poor transfer record can we be surprised Bates refuses to open the purse strings for SG?

    The team is big enough, the players good enough.

    All that is lacking is a decent management team to put them together into a cohesive, solid and creative unit.

    Once 3 defeats in 5 become 6 defeats in 10 expect changes at the top. It will be good for the team and LUFC in the long run.

    Yes, Bates going would be better, but it aint going to happen.

    • Matthew

      Graysons poor record when it comes to bringing in players is down to Ken Bates not giving him the money for anyone decent, and our wage cap.

      For every 3 players we bring in, we get 1 great player, 1 average player and 1 shit player. Again, not Graysons fault. He has no way of getting quality everytime because of the above point.

  • trueyorxman

    I keep saying it…BOYCOTT THE SCUM GAME, we've got to do something! How would an empty ER look on live TV, powerful. So come on STOP buying tickets for that game

    • number1inyorkshire

      yorxman you are right my friend
      but the big game charlies will take the tickets
      now what needs to happen live on sky tv is for the morons to unveil plackards ,banners songs chants etc etc and have a LAWFUL annoyance of bates
      let the world see how much our loved chairman is loved NOT

      lets piss him off
      i think the moron tag has upset many it is a recurring theme on here for a start

  • JonnyBee

    Oh my God I am going to kill myself

  • trueyorxman

    Why cos Bessone maybe leaving aswell!!

    • mattbb1

      Does it strike anyone that if premier league club wants Bessone that we might just not have developed him properly or coached him.

      • TSS

        I've said it loads of times – he was good before he came to Leeds.

  • banditsteve123

    not felt this bad since our relegation from the prem not one player in i was hoping for monty or clingon but nothing wats the betting we get told we were going to sign players only for the selling club to pull out,looks like the loan market then,ive tried to listen to wat bates is trying to do but he is killing leeds

  • mattbb1

    10pm and not 1 signing in, a shambles. JUst read Nunez might be on the way out, not certain of the accuracy of this.

    • Matthew

      Nunez isn't leaving yet, he gave up his place in the national team to get more games at Leeds. I think that says it all.

  • banditsteve123

    if nunez then im done till bates goes

  • banditsteve123

    they would not sell nunez would they

    • TSS

      Course they would. "Every player has their price" – especially Leeds players

    • mattbb1

      as per below i think this pure sh1te, thoughin answer to your question, they wouldnt sell a key member of our squad – erm, well, yes they would if english pounds are on offer.

  • mattbb1

    the source was a cr@ppy rumour site who referenced BBC Sport, I've checked BBC sport and i cant see this, so hopefully bs.

  • As things stand the team looks ok but the squad looks light any news on forsell

    • Matthew

      I would rather see Barry Bannan back personally. He is kinda small and lightweight, but he's a good player who could make a difference this season with Gradel gone.

  • number1inyorkshire

    just can not believe there has at 10-20 no one in and no one out .bessone might go to swans
    some staying is as bad as players not coming ,
    we are clearly going the loan market next week prem teams will get rid of their cast offs who are not in their 25
    now we all know graysons track record is at best abysmal in the loan market

    my fellow morons its looking bad
    another day older ,another day nearer his maker

    I /
    going down BATES NOT US

  • Im feeling sad angry cant believe wat going on at leeds and if i have to listen to peter lorimer any more than i will go mad cant understand why this legend is going along with bates i hate to say it but he needs to have a long hard look at himself

  • number1inyorkshire

    10 mins and counting
    last Min deasl anyone

    • number1inyorkshire

      deals even
      last min ……..no takers…. please …….pretty please

      • Matthew

        News just in.

        Leeds United signs Tumbleweed on a 3 year deal, Tumbleweed is a fast moving, high flying player, he's here, he's there. he's everywhere.

        Boss Simon Grayson says he's happy to have him on the team, and thinks he will be an asset for the clubs promotion push.

  • tim campbell

    I for the life of me can't fathom it out how we could'nt pick up monty from the blunts off the back of gradels transfer. What would the blunts take for him £750K-£1M. Kenneth you are a top class tosser , a piss artist extrordinaire, get the message – YOU'RE NOT WELCOME!! Get out of our club!! Now 10.53pm and no players into leeds united – depressing

  • banditsteve123

    Agree tim i just dont get it i can only hope that the loan deals are decent not holding my breath

  • tim campbell

    The only thing i don't like about loan deals are that they are temporary fixes – like sticking an elastoplast over a cut. The majority of loans never work out because the loanee never quite sees himself as part of the future of the club. There are exceptions of course but the vast majority fall flat on their faces. If by some miracle we did gain promotion the gaping holes the loanees filled would still be there and would still need to be addressed. We've all heard of the pirate blackbeard; well his evil twin 'greybeard' is alive and well and is plundering booty around the leeds area as we speak

  • number1inyorkshire

    disappointed again as i was at Christmas
    where do we go from here its not about breaking the bank or wage structure its about making the playing side fit to fill the building projects .

    what is bates doing with the money ,saving it to buy the ground ,Thorpe arch ,or for a real build when the embarrassment clause is done on the team to go up ???

    or is he paying back money he borrowed to buy the club

    ken bates is doing something with it ,thats for sure and we keep giving it to him

    no money spent on players tells me that grayson was offered none or wanted none now every manager wants some
    loans it will be and anyone coming now can only stay 3 months i believe so don't hold your breathe we will have a mass influx next week

    if we think we are going up then we are morons we aint and probably no playoffs either

  • number1inyorkshire

    at least bessone left

  • tim campbell

    The ONLY thing I am getting genuinely excited about is seeing ramon nunez getting a good run out in the first team. The guy has talent and as many a poster has already said, he needs signed up on a longer contract

  • Mersey Whites

    At least Bessone has gone.

    No doubt we will bring in some loan signings in the next couple of weeks………………..

    • number1inyorkshire

      we will but the record on loans is shocking

      they are only here cos they can't get into their teams

      we should be buying our own players not loans
      i think we are under estimating this , big time it has repercussions that run deep ,what state is our club in that means players are abandoning us to go to Bristol ,ST Etienne etc

      • Matthew

        We have had some gems in recent years. Lichaj and Bannan and in some ways Watt and one or two others.

        And then we had some shocking players like Paul Dickov. I would love to know what Grayson was smoking when he signed him on loan.

        • Matthew

          Oh my mistake, we actually signed Dickov in 2010 until the end of the Season… I'm shocked lmfao. I cared so little about him being here beyond the fact he was completely awful that I never bothered to check his deal terms.

  • Ron Galea

    Cheer up lads, West Ham have signed David Bentley on loan for the season………..f&ck me!!!!!! Bates will be out before Xmas. If the HRMC and the MPs have any brains, they will seize on our ill-feeling and go after the old bastard. Now let's all sit down and prepare for the excuses we hear for all the loan deals we don't do.

    • Mersey Whites

      Feel good about missing out on Bentley thats for sure…. ..

      Would like to have seen any kind of CH coming to the club

      Hopefully next week

  • _dje

    Utterly bizarre regarding Bessone.

    I'd put a lot of money on him becoming a Premiership star for Swansea whilst Gradel becomes a forgotten nobody at St Etienne.

    My logic? Footballs weird f****** ways.


    Anyone know if Paynter went in the end?

    • Matthew

      Pretty sure Paynter is at Elland Road still. Not to worry, with Becchio back, and Keogh and McCormack impressing, Paynters days are numbered. Well as long as Becchio and Ross are okay.

    • number1inyorkshire

      nope he is still with us at leeds
      bessone should have been played for us.
      do you know i wish the lot of em would just fuck off bates ,harvey ,grayson ,snodin .the fucking lot
      no news from grayson etc
      probably because he is just running his tongue round bates shaft in a weekend of debauchery in monaco

      • _dje

        Too many images; not good images. lol

  • tim campbell

    Would that be the slow foreplay kenneth loves so much lol

  • Timothy Wilson

    TSS is now officially on my level…….Oh Bugger :)

  • Gryff723

    What gets me is what exactly we're doing with the income the club is generating. This club has the ability to generate revenue to match any other club in this league. And there aren't that many clubs being artificially pumped with money. There's no excuse for Leeds not to get playoffs this season. Yet it looks out of reach already.

    We sold Delph for roughly £6mil and there wasn't any discernable increase in spending on the squad.

    This year we've released no less than 14 players. Our incomings? Lonergan (who should be on roughly Kasper's wages), Rachubka, Andy Keogh on loan, O'Dea on loan, Brown….

    It's hardly as if five players should be on the collective wages of fourteen, no matter how proven they are at Championship level.

    The answer is obviously the £7mil East Stand development, but am I the only one thinking there's a couple of millions going missing each season to no discernable black hole?

    We're not a mid-table team in either division. We're a Tottenham, not a Newcastle. But getting back to the Premiership is hard when you've got a brick wall to walk through in the form of the Parachute Payments.

  • Colin

    TSS – Perhaps the most poignant, sad and absolutely incisive words you have ever spoken and you speak for many.

    All I can say is that you’re absolutely right. Nothing more from me, you summed it up perfectly.
    Well Done.

  • grayman

    Maybe no one will ever read my comments as I sign in in the early hours but I will feel better. Max Gradel left with a heavy heart and every Leeds fan will be feeling that heavy heart today. A young man has been ripped out of a team he really wants to play for and sent to some obscure place. I truly wish him all the best. I feel so powerless with this butcher in charge. Where we see a man who could get us into the premiership, he sees money. Will protests achieve anything? No, the man has had his own way too long and listens to no one. If you believe in prayer, as I do, start praying now and lets get the money maniac out now! It is our only chance.

    • Ron Galea

      I have prayed that Wayne Rooney is beaten and raped by a pack of Silverback Gorillas for years and it has not happened unfortunately. Reading everyone's commentary is testament to the pain felt by all Leeds fans at this point in time. Protesting by not giving Bates our cash is the only way forward I'm afraid. It is only a business for him at the end of the day and money is the only thing that matters to a business. After just seeing Samuel Etoo get $20m a year, there is still stupid money floating around football. Let's hope someone sees the real value in Leeds and takes this club forward. Bates has had is chance and we all know he's not one of us. MOT

    • Chareose

      I think Gradel would have stayed if hed seen ambition and been offered a contract, look agents can only do so much and hes nice lad but I dont think Leeds United wanted to keep him so in the end he did want to go. Who can blame him ?

  • Mike Durkin

    Is that not Gaddafi shaking Gradels hand!

  • Mike

    Just remember We Are Leeds – players come and go Leeds will always be around unless Ken strips us any further.

    To be fair though if a player wants to go what do you do – it represents good business financially and they have had sense to send him out of the CCC.

    Should be no come back on Bates, Grayson or the Players on this one.

    Two home wins and it will all look better, dont want to imagine anything worse than that really

  • Mike – Are you on f@*king drugs mate? Gradel has gone BECAUSE of Bates. He has gone BECAUSE of the total lack of ambition shown by the club.

    Of course it all comes back onto Bates. I have always previously felt sorry for Grayson but now realise he is one of two things:

    1) He is either happy with the lack of signings and having to beg for loans or
    2) He is a spinelss jellyfish who is willing to just bend over and take it up the arse

    Either way, he is not the man for the job at ER



  • Stuart Kamasz

    Great post and spot on…..

  • Adrian Butterworth

    Can’t argue, so true….!!

  • Domenico Peluso Massimilliano

    All them idiots who are still in support of Bates are strangely quiet today ey? Strange that. Its not what he has done what I give a shit about to be frank…its what he is doing (or not doing). Because by my calculations we have just sold a bright young team and manager down the river with this transfer…and for what? For Uncle Kens new fucking yacht probably.

    Too late to buy a replacement now…too late to strengthen the squad…I want all those Bates apologists to think about that when we are languishing in mid table…or worse.


  • Peter Skerritt

    Aye well said that man

  • Stephen Harte

    No truer words spoken

  • Ben Sowden

    Spot on.

  • Odie Curran

    As always, a superbly written piece. Hard to swallow at times but ultimately true. Well done. MOT!

  • Phil Holden

    That sums up exactly how I’ve been feeling for a while now!