Leeds United have drawn them in the 3rd round of the Carling Cup.

Undoubtedly the tie of the round, Simon Grayson’s men will “welcome” the red team from across the Pennines to Elland Road in the week beginning 19th September. The exact date is yet to be confirmed but, according to the club, all will be made clear next week.

Following Leeds’ win at Old Trafford in the FA Cup in 2010, Manchester United will be looking for revenge at Elland Road.

It’s sure to be a fantastic atmosphere and Chairman Bates will be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of a sell out.

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  1. bogdan

    Any idea if the East Stand upper will be open in time for this? I don't think it was scheduled to open so early on. If not, Kenny will miss out on a big chunk of profit.

    • Keir

      Doubt it will be ready, went past the holy ground yesterday and it still looks a mess.

  2. _dje

    Sorry, no romanticism in me on this one. Needless distraction – got to keep our eyes on the league and aim to be playing the scum twice a season every season, not just once in a while in a cup and getting giddy about cup upsets.

  3. Carl Pearson

    I would drag my balls over a mile of broken glass to beat them again !

    Saw that phrase somewhere else priceless!

  4. kev

    kind of agree with dje, could do without playing that load of shit and concentrating on the league and getting focused on that and getting promotion,all the part time fans will come out of the woodwork trying to get tickets and no doubt will be on telly, more money for bates to do up his penthouse in france !

  5. Matthew

    Hopefully this 2 week international break will get the players fired up and Grayson ready.

    We can't win matches when we get a player or two sent off most games.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    can't be assed the glory boys will be in town all those manu haters ,shame they don;t all hate hull .Peterborough etc we will be full every week . worst draw for me would have preferred a league 1 side ,will watch this on tele ?????. so as to avoid catching glory boy flu

    • Matthew

      Man United haters aren't all glory hunters though. Leeds and Man United have had a long running dislike of one another.

      Anyway, if we're going to lose in a Cup game, we may as well get a decent team, rather than a crap one, it should be a good atmosphere, and a good game, couldn't ask for a better draw.

      • number1inyorkshire

        Matthew i have a long history of these games ,home and away to be fair there isn't a good atmosphere in fact its awful in real terms full of hatred .there will be 22-25.000 manu haters who turn out every week ????? then there will be another few thousand who are the glory boys it will be difficult with a full east stand to get tickets because of them it will be worse with only half that stand .doing that stand has cost bates more money .
        there would have been glory boys had we got any of the top 6-7-8 not just manu they are entitled to do what they do but my does it pee me off and others who turn out week in and out

      • number1inyorkshire

        sorry forgot to add i n our recent history playing them WELL THE LAST GAME WE HAVE A GOOD RECORD === WE BEAT EM AND COULD AGAIN ??? bet old fergie dunt play all the kids !!!!

        cmon leeds M O T

      • Matthew

        I think in regards to atmosphere thats more a matter of opinion, sorry about trying to pass my opinion off as fact.

        Anyway, I couldn't care less if we go up this season, or down, as long as we beat the Scum again.

        Anyway pointess optimism aside.

        I'm worried that we may end up being relegated this season in all honestly, this isnt an issue with the way we're playing lately, no. It's more our complete inability to finish a game with 11 guys on the pitch when it really matters.

        We shouldn't be 19th at the moment, we fully deserved 3 points in the Ipswich and Middlesbrough games, but we were let down by the teams inability to stay on the right side of the footballing law.

        We should be 5th with 10 points. We deserve it.

        Its concerning. I'm hoping once Becchio returns the squad settles down a bit and starts winning games they can easily win.

  7. Matthew

    So whose the sad indvidual voting my comments down? A Manchester United fan? Seems all my posts have gone down by 1 vote and no ones saying why.

    • _dje

      For what it is worth I voted against your above comment – as I entirely disagree(d) with your fears of relegation and for saying that you couldn't care if we go up this season. I think we need to go up this season to hold on to players such as Nunez, Snodgrass, Howson, Gradel and Becchio – as anything else and most will be off and we have a very, very average squad beyond them. We might not get promoted, true, but say you don't care is flippant to say the least.

      As for relegation. Of course it is a possibility, but I think we have picked up our performances in the last three games and are beginning to play like a good solid team with an attractive attacking kind of play. The lads' heads wont be too down after today as they will know they we were unlucky and if we hadn't gone down to ten men we would most likely have won. We wont go down to ten men in many more games than any other team from here on it, IMHO.

      As to voting and comments, I'd forget about it and not take it so personally: with Bates in charge we have enough reasons already for conspiracy theories!

    • number1inyorkshire

      your lucky you get people to vote either way nobody votes on mine !!!!! its opinions not personal i voted for you on this one ?????????????? lol !!

    • Mark

      I voted you down too. How can you possibly say you don't care if Leeds go up or down this season as long as we beat "scum". I couldn't care less about the league cup, who we draw in it or how far we progress – its a pointless competition that nobody takes seriously, if we beat united fine if we don't who cares. To suggest your not bothered if Leeds get relegated as long as we beat united in a pointless cup competition, i just dont understand that mentality at all.

  8. Tim Campbell

    I was’nt at the game yesterday but heard there was an altercation between Gradel and Nunez – can anyone shed any more light on this and possibly comment as whether these two players can coexist in the same team

    • Gryff723

      Never thought if Gradel fell out with anyone I'd even consider which I'd keep. But Nunez is the better long term prospect for me. Partly because he might actually sign a new contract, but still!

      • Tim Campbell

        Gryff did you see what actually happened, was it the frustration of getting beaten when we should of been winning or I wonder it is more personal than that?

  9. jay

    On paper we should get well beaten….but we all know what happened last time ;-)

  10. dess

    mathew i have just voted for you for no reason except it seems to make you happy

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