The Sunday Times claim Leeds United are set to bid upwards of £1,000,000 for Arsenal’s Henri Lansbury. 

Lansbury spent last season on loan at Norwich City where he narrowly missed out on the Championship’s Young Player of the Season Award to Connor Wickham. He also scored against Leeds United in the 2-2 draw at Elland Road back in February.

After a summer of little excitement for Whites fans, Henri Lansbury could well be the inspirational signing fans have been waiting for.

But with a rumoured fee upwards of £1m, Leeds United fans will be somewhat sceptical of the link. Very little has been spent on player acquisitions since Simon Grayson arrived from Blackpool and with £7m currently being absorbed by East Stand redevelopments, some fans believe the transfer kitty is empty.

Another reason not to get your hopes up is the injury crisis Arsene Wenger is currently having to contend with. Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wiltshere and Alex Song are just three players from a growing injury list at The Emirates.

Considering the rumoured fee, the shortage of midfielders currently available to Wenger and the standard caution you have to meet any rumour with, I wouldn’t suggest having “Lansbury” printed on the back of your new glow-in-the-dark away shirt just yet.

But Henri Lansbury is the kind of player that would fit perfectly into an exciting, attack-minded Leeds United midfield. Perhaps Grayson has had funds all along and as other deals fell through he decided to throw all his eggs in one basket for a big name signing before the transfer window closes? Fingers crossed.

  • ErniW

    Interesting rumour for a quality player with good vision and the sort of pace that keeps defenders on their toes but who would you see making way for him assuming nobody leaves in the transfer window. OR is this conditional on someone like Max leaving ??

  • I doubt Arsenal would sell him. If they did he'd go to a Prem Club – possibly Norwich. I'll personally give my next pay cheque to K£n Bat£s if this rumour proves to have any solid foundation.

  • derbyshirewhite

    You sure it wasn't Angela Lansbury? Norwich have already had a bid of around £1.5m turned down by Arsenal.

  • Bobster

    No chance of this, we simply could not afford it and as the previous fella said, I think he would go to Norwich over us, sadly

  • henry_v

    I do believe Simon has funds to spend, but I think this is another 'Rocky' rumour!:)

    • Matthew

      Speaking of this, although I think Simons funds are limited, i.e virtually non existant, he really needs to get all the excess crap players off the wage bill ASAP. He'd probably be in a better condition to sign if people like Paynter, Bessone, Grella and a few others who are useless are off the wage bill.

  • Batty's Shinpads

    He played in Arsenal's game at the weekend, very much doubt he will be sold. Anyway, we need to focus on our woeful defence. Either that or deal with the caravan Kisnorbo was pulling on Sunday.

    • Irving08


    • MRM

      A lot of players played for teams this weekend that will be gone by the end of the month, 3 or 4 of the West Ham side that played us for a start, and several of the Arsenal team.

      Nothing can be read into things until the Prem sides release their squad lists.

      Having said that, and I hate to say this but, Lansbury is a level above what we can afford at present, both on price & wages he would want, and there are others out there who would be able to pay those figures.

      A non starter, then again I have already been proven wrong in my ideas what Keogh was a pointless signing, so I hope I'm wrong again.

  • number1inyorkshire

    arsene wenger has been told by someone to start playing these kids i like lansbury but a mill is not enough i concur with others he will not be seen in a leeds shirt this season unless on loan and norwich are in front of us

  • number1inyorkshire

    thanks for sorting out ARSENAL ON THE FILTER tss though it has spoilt my fun LOL !!!!!!!

  • Brian T

    The defence really should be the priorty. If they can pull in good quality defensive player before the transfer deadline then it should allow the team to progress well.

  • Kaputz

    I'm absolutely certain that SG knows that based on current squad there are other areas that need improving. Let's consider this rumour does have some credence, given the source it isn't all that unlikely, there is only one explanation for this link: Gradel's on his way and this is the fix. Hate to say it but this link spells trouble to me

    • MRM

      If it were certain Gradel was on the way out we would have signed Mendy.

      Obviously if a stupid bid comes in we will sell him, as we should as long as it's re-invested, as we have Sam & Nunez who can cover, but it will be a last minute bid that has him leaving.

      I'm more worried about the fact that we have so many players who can just walk at the end of the season, and nothing seems to be being done about extending contracts.

    • Ron Galea

      My thoughts exactly. Expect a player being sold to finance this. We haven't spent a million quid on one player since O'Leary was in charge. Truth be told, although I rate Gradel highly, we can't keep players who don't want to be there. Especially not when we have some decent back-up on the wings.

      • Matthew

        Personally I think Gradel is a gamble for Grayson, he's betting on us getting promoted to offer him an improved contract, if we don't, he'l leave on a free like Beckford did

      • GMcG

        Didn't we pay City a million for Clayton – and then proceed to hide him away for a season?

  • badras

    I think the first team squad at leeds is almost complete. It will be very strong once the injured players return. 1 more mid player and a striker on loan as backup .

  • felix slackbladder

    hopeful thinking TSS. I would have thought the continuing defensive woes more important to find quality for?

  • leeds_lad

    DEFENCE DEFENCE DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought i would write it big and bold as Larry appears to have forgot where our problems have been for the last year !

    • Matthew

      We need a 10 foot giant as CB lol

  • leeds_lad

    DEFENCE DEFENCE DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought i would write it big and bold as Larry appears to have forgot where our problems have been for the last year ! Err, …….. and then write it again !!!!!!

  • mousy2211

    I think our midfiel is settling well and the performances are getting better, but it our defence that is letting us down. Yesterday we could nor defend set pieces and Patrick is still slow. Our money if there is any should be spent entirely on our defence especially cente backs. If we get that right and get back our injured players than we will be quite a force, but if we keep in letting in goals its all a waste of time. Already one of the highest teams to let in goals except for Ipswich.

  • Simon

    I don't see how this would be conditional on Gradel leaving, Gradel is a winger and Lansbury plays in CM, an area where we are currently short in numbers. We are also looking to sort the defence as we are apparently still looking at that Senegalese laft back and are interested in a Barcelona B CB, hopefully having Kebbie go to them could swing that deal in our favour. As for Norwich haveing a £1.5m bid turned down, the article does say it is "upwards of £1m", and any deal could also invlove sell on/ int. appearances clauses etc. Hopefully Larry is saving up the transfer kitty he does have for this one Marquee signing. Howson, Clayton and Lansbury in CM with Brown and Nunez as back up? Yes please.

    • Matthew

      I don't like the thought of Nunez being backup, he's a quality player with an eye for the goal, he should be starting every game in my opinion as he has the capability to get at least 10 or more goals for us.

      • number1inyorkshire

        counts for nothing with grayson ,you only have to look at somma last year ,didn't even get a game some weeks from the gench

        • number1inyorkshire

          the gench is an olde English word for bench .
          meaning to "sit on your ass whilst being payed loads "
          not really a typo SORRY BOUT THAT

          • Matthew

            In the case of Somma, he doesn't play 4 – 5 – 1 very well, and Becchio to be honest is the only player that fits into that formation, thus when he was injured last season we were in trouble and lost games we could of won as Simon was trying to mix things up to find the right combination.

            Still what was odd to me was the way Grayson insisted with that formation, when we could of done 4 – 4 – 2 with Somma partnering Becchio last season, just play Becchio in the way that he excels in that formation and you have a relatively good partnership.

            I had the impression that Somma was more the impact sub, the supersub to Grayson all last season, if I were Somma I would ask to go out on loan or leave.

            Anyway Nunez works in any formation Grayson could do, but Grayson has his favourites so who are we to judge? Lol. Great manager, just unwilling to make huge leaps of faith unless he has no other choice.

      • Simon

        Nunez for me does nothing much for the team when he's not scoring right now, he's far from the finished article and shouldn't start ahead of Howson, Clayton, Gradel, Snodgrass or Lansbury if he comes

  • Just as we dismiss one crazy rumour, along comes another…

    You read it first here: "Leeds' spending power can compete with that of Fulham and Swansea, even with their Barclays Premier League status." The reporter has obviously never spoken to or read anything written by Ken Bates!

    • YorkshiremanInDublin

      I think the four key words in the article are 'according to The Sun'. Like the Lansbury deal and the Santa Cruz deal the Lozano deal aint gonna happen, simple a that. If we can get Lihaj from Villa that would be great though, and that's one that I could more realistically see happening.

  • normangunston

    Lansbury's a quality player and to get him would be brilliant. BUT… he's a central midfielder, very much in the Adam Clayton template. Who would we drop to the bench? Some are saying Lansbury would maybe fill Gradel's slot, but no way is he a winger. To be frank I'd rather see us dropping a million on a quality young centre half, our need is greater there…

  • grayman

    I agree that defence needs building. It looks like Kisnorbo and O'Dea are building some kind of understanding in the centre – and Tom Lees is doing well at right back until his time to move to the centre comes. I believe that SG is waiting for Aston Villa to establish who they want to keep for the season and he will make a move for Eric Lichaj hopefully a permanent deal. I think the defence might look pretty solid then. Now we are playing 4 – 2 – 4 we dont really need a 4th midfield player do we?

  • tallaght white


    • Matthew

      What do you mean you don't right Keogh? Have you ever seen him play? His work rate is incredible, if anything we need players like him that turn up to every game and give 100 percent, no more or less.

      • Matthew


        Sorry typo

  • tallaght white

    agree with you matthew I DID NOT rate KEOGH but since he started the 3 games for us I have changed my opinion long may he keep it up

  • Ron Galea

    I think the other positive re. Keogh's performances is that Paytner will be loaned out once Becchio is fit. Probably a significant revenue gain for Bates also as Paytner would not pay full fare for his pies.

    • Matthew

      We'l end up having to subsidise part of Paynters wages if he goes on loan, its likely the only sides that will want him are league 1 and below.

      The clubs gain in terms of wages will be minimal but we'l get the fat tosser out of ER and the games hopefully lol

      • Ron Galea

        Ha. Poor Billy…….I guess the other great thing about Keogh's industry up front is what it allows McCormack to do. It has infuriated many fans on here that McCormack has either been benched when Becchio is fit (4-5-1) or not played with a suitable partner. Finally we are seeing what ability he has. The Gradel situation is the last piece in the attacking puzzle, but like many have said it's clear our defence is still not good enough. Add Lichaj and one decent CB and we are good to challenge for promotion, especially as we'll get a boost during the season with our two talented strikers (Becchio and Somma) returning at different stages. I'm sceptical as to whether we will see Somma again this year as rehab can be precarious and I feel Keogh will sign permanently if Wolves can be mid-table come Xmas. I hope we destroy Doncaster to build on this momentum. Please SG give Nunez plenty of match time.

        • Matthew

          I think we can all honestly say, Paynter was a waste of space, a space that could of been filled by someone more capable, but as Simon had blind faith in him, he stuck with him, hopefully his eyes have been opened.

  • Michael Lord

    A potential replacement for Gradel?
    Off topic (apologies) but I am so excited about Adam Clayton and his performances. When was the last time someone like this imposed himself in a Leeds shirt?

  • Peacocksince57

    Norman Gunston, you used the word quality for the centre half we need and you dont know how close you were because i was at farsley a few weeks ago and would like to know more about a young Gordon McQueen lookalike Tony Qualter who came on for Bruce and looked very promising. Composed and always organising the players around him like a hoary old pro! why havent we heard more about this lad?

  • Keld Søgaard

    Only as backup so! Howson, Clayton and Brown is ahead

  • Steve Oates

    nice thought :-)

  • Tom Roberts

    We need another CM, can’t get through a whole season with just Howson, Clayts and Brown. Especially when Brown gets suspended every other week

  • Shaun Collins

    He is awesome would be great addition, saved Norwich many times last season!!