Simon Grayson has told West Ham United to multiply their rejected £2.5m offer for Max Gradel by three or four times and he’ll consider parting with Leeds United’s 2010-11 player of the season. 

The Leeds United manager challenged his Ivorian winger to show West Ham what they are missing this Sunday by putting in a performance that forces the Hammers to return with an increased offer.

“West Ham made an offer for Max this summer, but it was not acceptable.

“Will he want to show West Ham what they are missing? Every time a player pulls on the shirt, you want him to play to the maximum of his ability – and that’s the case with Max.

“If he goes out there and scores a hat-trick and they come back in with three or four times the money they offered previously, then it’ll be something to think about.”

With just one year left on his contract at Elland Road, the reality is that Simon Grayson is unlikely to get anywhere near the figure he’s demanding.

The decision to release such a statement now could be taken as a “come and get him” plea from Grayson who fears contract negotiations will not yield the desired result for Leeds. It’s an entirely speculative suggestion, but the timing of this does seem a little odd.

But The Whites have shown before that they are not scared to lose out on a potential windfall by keeping hold of players until their contracts expire. Several offers were rejected for Jermaine Beckford with Leeds United keeping him until his contract expired at the end of the 2009-10 season, whilst Neil Kilkenny and Bradley Johnson both left on frees this summer.

Looking ahead to this Sunday’s clash, Grayson believes Leeds United could cause an upset at Upton Park with the odds stacked against them.

“Hopefully, we can go out there and become coupon busters. It is their remit to win promotion at the first time of asking, but I know we have a team who are capable of beating anyone on our day.”

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  1. JonnyBee

    Yeah well done Simon, make our star players feel wanted by the club wont you! Twatt. If he's worth that much, heres an idea:why not, um, maybe offer him a new CONTRACT. Make sense, huh? "Duuuuhh, contract, whats that? He was asking for one of them ages ago…"!
    Sorry I do like SG but I find some of his decisions baffling to say the least. Why is he touting (one of) our best players to a championship rival, really close to the end of the transfer window? Especially when he knows he wont be able to spend the money on the squad if we were to sell. And what message does this give Max? As a player, I would always rather play for the club that actually wanted me. Flippin stupidity if u ask me

  2. yorkwhite1

    I can only assume that either Grayson has orders to become a salesman or Max has expressed his desire to leave. Why else would he make such a statement? As usual with our chairman we have the right to know nothing despite the fact that it’s our money that funds the club. MOT

    • Bowden

      If Scott Parker plays for England so can I!
      If Scott Parker plays for England so can I!…

      Clayton had him in his pocket all day today, and penalty aside, Gradel was awesome. If you're suggesting a swap deal, I hope Grayson isn't considering it. I'd rather have those two and Howson any day of the week.

      Crap Frank Lampard! You're just a crap Frank Lampard! Crap Frank Lampard! You're just a crap Frank Lampard!

  3. Craig

    Assuming you’ve quoted Simon correctly, the clue is between the quotation marks TSS. Grayson was clearly being asked a question to which he was responding.

    With this in mind, his answer can be translated: “he’s our player, not yours… watch him tomorrow and weep”.

    The only downside to the comment as far as I can see is that it might pump Max up – and, as we have seen before, that is akin to lighting the blue touch paper.

      • TSS

        Happens when you edit a newly submitted comment before refreshing the page for some reason. I've sorted it.

        As for the quote – it's accurate. He was clearly asked about Max, but there's better ways to say "he's not for sale" <<< that being a prime example. What Grayson has done instead is told them to increase their offer.

      • Craig

        Not if the question to which he was responding was something like: "West Ham were after Gradel in the summer, how hard will it be to hang on to him if he plays a blinder on Sunday?"

        Be honest TSS, if Gradel scores three on Sunday and the Hammers or a PL team offer between 7.5 and 10 million for him, would you resist the offer? Not with Nunez in the squad!

      • Craig

        Agreed. But we're now in the realms of speculation – has Gradel been offered a contract and is stalling?

  4. squirecraig

    people have their own opinions we all know that but if you dont go to watch the matches at elland road you wont be funding bates funds with your money will you

  5. campbellog

    As is often recanted. Every player is for sale if the price is right. If SG had opted to say "he's not for sale" no one would believe him and it would just become another stick to beat him with if a sale did go through.

    There is a chance he is just being honest. Isn't that what we all want from the club?

    • TSS

      Fair point. I actually think we should sell him if he's not going to sign a new contract. We'd be mad not to.

  6. AD

    I would hate to see Gradel go, but like it or not every player at every club has a price! I agree it’s more ‘look what you missed out on’ as far as a comment, but let’s face it as valuable as Gradel is on the pitch all clubs like numbers in the bank! Just unfortunate it’s ol’ Kens bank account for us!

  7. Mark

    This is the worst article you have ever written, do you not like grayson? First the quote is incorrect, it should read "If Max scores a hat-trick and they come back in with an offer three times or five times the original money then it would be something to consider…" and that would be where you would finish it as someone against the current management and board, but then he finished with saying "… but I want him to play for the shirt – not to show them what they’ve missed out on."
    So not a selling statement really more of an, I want him to play to keep his shirt and show me he is worth a new contract.

    • Colin

      Spot on Mark. The quote is wrong. In addition, Grayson was talking about 'players' in response to this topic at the Press Conference. It wasn't a direct question about Max Gradel.

      If someone offers you 3 or 5 x £2.5m (the original offer), then yes, every team is going to take £7.5 – £12.5m for a player on an expiring contract. It was just a standard drab response from Grayson to an obvious question. There was nothing 'come and get me' about it.

    • TSS

      Quote extended (although I didn't think the original one was taken out of context).

      And for the record, I have nothing against Larry. Quite the opposite. But I don't think Gradel is going to sign a new contract, and I think he's looking for an increased bid. Can't blame him for that.

      • Colin

        Honestly, did you watch the press conference or did you read The Mirror article which got it wrong and said 3 or 4 times?

        The Press Conference was completely harmless and as dull as every Grayson press conference.

        As for Max – there are 2 price estimates of Gradel's worth – the Leeds price and the price of other clubs. Leeds are planning on signing the player up on a new contract and probably put him at £7.5m. And that's about right for how much you would pay for a Max Gradel replacement on a 3 year contract.

        The other clubs see Max Gradel as a quality player that has less than a year's contract, so about £2.5m. But for Leeds to sell, they have to get the figure of a Max Gradel on a 3 year contract and £7.5m is about right and very similar to the £8m price tag that Leeds put on Snodgrass.

        Inflated? Yes. But you can dictate prices like that when you don't have to sell and Leeds don't have to sell.

  8. derbyshirewhite

    The last thing Gradel needs is to be wound up for a match by his own manager. He's quite capable of losing it and earning a red card all by himself Simon. Seriously.

    • @leedshippriest

      Think you are right about Larry. I do not think he is a good man manager, why keep talking about selling your best players ?

      It does not give either the players themselves or the morons, sorry fans, a message that we are a club planning any future other than that of a selling club.

      I fear the hand of Ken behind those words

      • Matthew

        No. It's likely West Ham and other clubs making offers for him. Much in the way Leicester keep making offers for Maynard at Bristol City that keep getting refused.

        If anything letting Max know he's worth at least 7.5mill/10 mill would be a huge confidence boost, could you imagine playing football knowing you're rated so highly?

        Still if Max had this kind of scoring record in the Premier League we would be asking at least double figures, thinking 15 million or more.

  9. leeds_lad

    BATES OUT ,…. and I have never said it before, but maybe time for Larry to follow. This statement only gives Gradel the incentive to demand a transfer and look after his own interests, just like the "ownership" of Leeds United does.

  10. jon

    Not often critical of you TSS but I agree with Colin,Craig and Mark on this – think you are over/mis-interpreting this one.

  11. Craig

    To be fair to TSS, he never actually suggested that Grayson was touting Gradel to West Ham. The following paragraph is more nuanced than I saw initially.

    "The decision to release such a statement now could be taken as a “could [sic] and get him” plea from Grayson who fears contract negotiations will not yield the desired result for Leeds. It’s an entirely speculative suggestion, but the timing of this does seem a little odd."

    The only thing I was commenting on was the 'timing' comment – the only time to answer a question is immediately after it is posed and therefore Grayson had little choice.

    • Colin

      Craig, to be fair to the facts, Grayson never "told West Ham United to multiply their rejected £2.5m offer for Max Gradel by three or four times and he’ll consider parting with Leeds United’s 2010-11 player of the season."

      Now this has angered a number of posters against Grayson, who haven't seen the Press Conference. I did (LUTV) and Grayson never said what TSS mentioned above. What has it come to when I have to come out and actually defend Grayson!!

  12. John Salkeld

    Well done Grayson, Who you going to pimp out next, Snodgrass, Clayton maybe? I question his judgement and his ability as a manager.

  13. trueyorxman

    At least we can look forward to seeing the talents of American footballer Tony Taylor, who's allegedly on trial at ER. Has anyone else seen the pic printed by the Daily Mail…TOUCHDOWN!! There's no room for end-zones at ER surely

  14. Chareose

    The problem is…………perfect scenario Grayson gets 8 million for hawking Gradel to WH…….. How manyof you are nieve enough to beleive Uncle Ken will allow Grayson to spend that………assuming there was any time left in which to spend or indeed any decent players willing to come to Elland Road…………

  15. mikelufc

    "“If he goes out there and scores a hat-trick and they come back in with three or four times the money they offered previously, then it’ll be something to think about.”

    If Larry said that then it is not open to interpretation, as someone he said already, he is pimping, that is not the action of a manager with the clubs best interests at heart, he has bates interests in mind and that is effall use to the fans.

    • Colin

      He didn't say that Mike. If someone wants to pay £7.5m – £12.5m for Gradel then I'll drive him there myself. He was saying F' Off politely to West Ham and the impression I got is that Grayson was suggesting that West ham were chancing their arm and just trying to annoy Leeds.

      He built up West Ham and said that Leeds were the underdogs. It was all a ruse by the press to try and catch Grayson in a trap – they asked him about when he plays and does well against West Ham, then he's got a point to prove. Grayson was quite clever. He said "if he plays."

      He was surprisingly calm. I think he's going to send Leeds out in all attack – not necessarily 4-4-2 but almost certainly DIRTY LEEDS. Expect cards. He's already had a go at a referee and I know why, because he wants a bit of leniency from the ref, because he's going to send Leeds hard into West Ham.

  16. Matthew

    If we sell Gradel we won't see the money anyway. It'l go into the hands of the bearded prick

  17. Matthew

    By the way, Schmeichel got sent off for Leicester today, costing them the win lol

    Anyone else saw? Thank the gods for Lonergan haha..

  18. number1inyorkshire

    this isn't selling gradel they came in with 2.5 mill ,its telling em to forget it , 3or 4 times that is absolute top money for a championship player same with snodgrass 10 mill for each i would take their hand off so will bates and grayson

  19. Teeth

    What a Stupid thing to say- quite a difference to spurs on moderic.
    On another note Stockdale certainly is getting some match practice!
    Think lonergran now was a materstoke!
    Ha ha ha

    • Matthew

      I'm just greatful we didn't get Stockdale now. I don't think I could handle seeing us lose 7 – 1 lol. Seeing the Preston/Barnsley games was more than enough for the next decade.

  20. tallaght white

    a result against WH tomorrow is what matters dont mind the spectulation about alleged tranfer rumors come the whites

  21. MattN

    I’m no defender of bates and agree we could do with some investment in the form of another defender and a holding midfielder but given the number of people slagging of Grayson and bates for selling schmeichel and losing players on inflated wages to Ipswich things don’t look too bad after today’s games – basically if Ipswich and Leicester don’t go up they’re both going to be in administration by the end of the season and we don’t want to join them by effusing to accept lessons of previous attempts at living the dream

  22. Irving08

    Simon's message was adressed to both MG an WHU. To Max he was saying that if he wants to go then it is in his interests to put on a top show which, with similar performances from others, could deliver us a victory. At he same time it would enhance his value to WHU, thus delivering, if MG does want to go,considerably more than the relatively paltry sum of 2.5 million they offered in the summer (which we were right to reject). Seems quite intellligent to me.

  23. AD

    Having seen full quote I agree with those who think Grayson is being backed into a corner by press & maybe some fans! This article isn’t right in context of questioning & considering full quote! Seems quite clever to prompt Max to push himself, after all a win tomorrow shows we’re better than a club that (let’s face it) are still premiership quality, not only that he’s told Max Leeds value him higher than West Ham! Fight for your shirt not for a bid! I do fear a stupid bid though, n starting to worry if Clayton shines Gradel & him may follow quality like Lennon, Delph, & Beckford out of Elland Road! One thing came of this week, maybe we can get Bates for Rape cuz none of us want him sexing us up!

  24. paulg

    Talk about looking for stories where none exist ……..

    Pretty much every player at every club (with the exception of Man City and Chelsea) is available if the price is right. And come to think of it, looking at the Tevez nonsense, even at Man City ……

    More to the point, if Max really wanted to go, he and his agent could have manufactured it by now. My own view is that, as with Beckford, he's prepared to run down his contract for a more lucrative move next summer. And (my view agaqin) is that Leeds could offer him a contract on 5 times his current one, and he still wouldn't sign.

    On a connected subject, it was interesting to see the Sunday Times holding Leeds up as a paragon of finacnial virtue at a time when the Champ is going mad …… Leicester and West Ham being the primary basket cases …..

  25. trueyorxman

    Sunday Times suggests Leeds to bid £1M for Henri Lansbury…would be a good signing as long as he doesn't do that ridiculous goal celebration he did at ER last season for Norwich

  26. craig havit havice

    Life long Leeds fan, now living in Florida although these days IM an arm chair supporter, after watching Max play I’d sell him at 2.5 he’s either hot or total crap, far to inconsistent. Scoring goals in friendlys do not count for nowt

  27. Matthew

    The fact we didn't win today was pure unluck and nothing more. We did the best we possibly could and to be honest if we played this this against Southampton and Middlesbrough, we would of won both games.

    Jesus christ though, that goal at the end of the game, I was on the edge of my effing seat, that has to be one of the most nerve wracking goals we've done this season, the build up anyway, come on it was like its going in its going in YESSS

    Anyway onwards and upwards folks, Doncaster on Tuesday, lets make it one extra, 6-2 win. Ipswich, well they suck now, so 3 points there. Come the end of the month, we'l be sitting with 7 points and a ticket into the 3rd round of the Carling Cup, hopefully we'l last long enough to beat Scum one more time.

    Major positive from this game, we're playing like the champions we are.

  28. Kev Charlesworth

    Why the hell is he doing this now, day before a game .. poor relations if you ask me – Get him signed and have done with all this

  29. Paul Mortimer

    This club is run like a croc of shit at the moment
    Fans don’t deserve this

  30. Ian Thompson

    reading that it looks like they want to sell him but they just want more cash as bates wants to put gold plated bogs in the new stand development.

  31. Jeff Craven

    Looks like were are worried about missing out on a big transfer fee again. No doubt he will run down his contract and leave for a big pay day in the summer. We are a laughing stock. ”WE ALL LOVE LEEDS WE ALL HATE BATES”

  32. Paul Mortimer

    Fook the team let’s make more boxes in the east stand
    Hmmm nice logic Chelsea boy!!


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