So Leeds have their first points on the board, Simon Grayson has relieved some of the mounting pressure and Ken Bates confirms he worries as much about how the Leeds fans perceive him as Ebay worries about where all these new TV’s have come from.

There is no doubt that Ken Bates comments in last night’s programme notes will steal the headlines today, in fact last night his cuddly words of warmth to the people who finance his sexual affair with the club appeared on the internet before match reports.

Perhaps if we are really lucky the club shop will be turned into a Ken Summers before the building work at Elland Road stops, white shirts replaced with a selection of Rampant Bates.

But most Leeds fans will just have been happy to get their first win of the season. When I saw the line up last night it gave me a little boost of confidence, particularly the defence.

Grayson was essentially forced into a 4-4-2, a formation which undoubtedly makes our attack more dangerous in the absence of Becchio. When we are on the back foot in matches we seem to revert to the long ball, which is never going to work with a shoulder height lone striker.

From this win Grayson can silence some of his critics, which have seemed to amass at the beginning of this season.

The criticism of him seems unfair. Yes,  he has made some terrible signings and more worrying is his decision to stick with them. I think last season Grayson must have caught Davide Somma pissing in his coffee and punished him by making him watch Paynter, a striker whose danger factor is akin to a blind sniper, who has no fingers, or a gun.

But his final league positions represent that of a very good manager. Disgruntled Leeds fans seem to be bunching him in with Bates’ lack of ambition. But Grayson risks getting kicked out of bed if he farts during Ken’s forplay. He can only work with the resources given to him.

If Grayson was to go there is no chance that uncle Ken’s wage cap would be lifted to get us a top class manager.

Let’s hope this result pushes us on, for there is one hell of a test waiting for us on Sunday.


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  1. Craig

    Classic – I laughed out loud 4 times!

    Hope there's a match report coming…

    • TSS

      Yeah, me too. New writer a hit already.

      As for match report – seems I did the same as every other site and focused on Bates' rant first. Will be on around 2-3pm (ish) I suspect.

      • Craig

        Re: Bates, how about listening to what your Mum always told you: Ignore bullies and they'll leave you alone! You are cruising for a 2am phone call at the moment!

      • TSS

        I'd generally agree as 90% of their rumours are made up by fans, but they do name sources.

        The thing is, his Father/Agent uses Leeds as an example of big Championship clubs – he doesn't say we're actually interested.

      • pabs1983

        Substitute Leeds for Leicester and i think you got a likely story

  2. Irving08

    To Editor: thanks for the biop. Rod Wallace your hero ? – what does that tell us about your judgement of players ? Hmm not from Leeds – no problem with that so long as you understand that, with our strong bonds of loyalty to the city and everything about it, we are not into destabilising our institutions – and we like people who can laugh at themselves, and don't take everything too seriously. So keep up the good work, chuck away your silly dissident t-shirt and just accept our 'ups and downs'. When you have been supporting us for 55 years like yours truly, you will understand the stoicism of that phrase.

    • TSS

      The "Editor" would be me. I am from Leeds (born locally, now live here). Have been going to Elland Road for the best part of twenty years and have followed the club across Europe, through the dark recesses of League One and am still at every game in spite of Ken Bates.

      Nick, like Tim, Ryan, Zak and Gary are passionate Leeds fans who help write the site. We can hardly describe ourselves as 'for fans, by fans' if there is but one person writing it, can we now?

      This was Nick's first article for the site and I think a lot of what you've just written was directed more at me than it was him. I am unapologetically anti-Bates, and whilst I would love to accept him as part of our 'ups and downs' that will be a lot easier once his reign becomes a distant memory. MOT

      • Irving08

        I just think it is self-indulgent to pursue a grey legal argument to the point of destabilising the club. KB knows a lot more about running football clubs (starting with Oldham in the 1960s) than you or I. He knows full well that a football club cannot be run like business for a profit (see Arthur Hopcroft's piece on him in the Football Man) but he insists on it being run efficiently and with a view to the longer term (which does not precludea debae about the East Stand investment versus player investment). Of course his public comments about players can be occasionally outrageous, likewise some of his other comments, but at least he is frank. And he has wit – though I take it you won't now be doing a 'morons' T-shirt ?.

      • felix slackbladder

        The only thing that Bates knows about running a football club is how to take them into administration and fleece the fans. I cant believe cretins who think hes just some harmless jovial crafty cockney Geezer done good. Idiot!! KEEP UP THE BATES OUT CAMPAIGN AND BOYCOTT THE BATES BARS, RESTAURANTS, AND PROGRAMS! KEEP THE PRESS ATENTION ON THE LASER SIGHTED ‘MORON’ and hopefully the law and league come down heavy on him and his fraudulant regime. P.s Irvo im Leeds born and have been attending since 1972 (so ive seen ups and downs and that vermin Bates is the worst down by far! MOT

      • TSS

        Doesn't have the same ring to it as 'dissident' – that is a great word I thank him unreservedly for. :D

    • Nick

      I will add that Rod Wallace played for Leeds when I was between the ages of 5 and 11 and it is easy to impress a child and the memories I have of him are the good ones, and for that he will forever have a place on my top list of Leeds favourites.
      And yes I fully understand loyalty, living in Essex and surrounded by Man United and Arsenal fans I have had to stand up for my club many times with no one to support my opinions.
      Thanks for reading though, to have such long standing Leeds fans reading my stuff is always great

    • TonyYeboah21

      I'm curious as to why the writers hero is of any relevance to, well, anything? Ridiculous criticism.

      Good article Nick – criticism of your favourite player or grammar should be ignored.

      • jon

        Have to agree – Why is all this criticism coming? I for one thought the article was good – the two comments, one on e-bay the other on the new Ken Summers shop definitely got a laugh out of me

      • Irving08

        It was mild ribaldry, friend: and 'head down' Rod would of course appeal to a young boy.

  3. Irving08

    Not every club is so lucky to have an original like KB – the classic self-improving working man made good with a big brain, loads of balls and an attractive partner. What other Chairman can quote Ayn Rand in his programme notes or come up with a great extended metaphor (OK he had a helper). Thank heaven for rogues and scoundrels. And the galling thing is he's probably right. Keep 'Em out Leeds.

    • Chareose

      Irving08 your Bates latest attempt at fan manipulation and propaganda ??? If you are really Ken in disguise id like to give you an important message ;

      Sell Leeds United and Fuck off !

      • ross mccaramac

        irving08 is a bates fan, bet he rates billy paynter too.

  4. MB73

    Bates has no right to call fans 'morons' the same as people on here and various other websites/chat forums have no right to aim personal abuse at him. Opinions are ok but sometimes are best kept to oneself.

    Get behind the team!

  5. Matt

    Who is the shoulder-height loan striker? Andy Keogh (at least 6 foot) or Ross McCormack (not on loan)?

  6. ZakLewis

    Great article that mate. Your right Sunday will be a big test but one i think we can overcome.

    • pabs1983

      if we play like we did last night, we will have a good chance, but i reckon Larry will drop Nunez and Keogh and bring back Gradel and Howson (and with them the 4-5-1).

      • kensblinddentist

        I think you're right but at this stage of the season, in what should be a tough away game, needs must. We might even retain Keogh as the lone frontman rather than McCormack – Not that Ross has done anything wrong – far from it, I think his workrate's been impressive. Simply that the former's added height gives us that extra dimension when we mightn't have that many attacking forays. Typical isn't it – we visit West Ham whilst they still have Green, Parker, Cole et al. Mightn't be the case for visitors after the end of the window.

      • ZakLewis

        Yeah your right, visiting Upton Park before the window will be a tough task, but it's a good indication maybe of how good we are. i hope we do stick with the team that played against Hull. if we don't, what message will that send to the team. As much as i like Howson and Gradel, they should be made to work for the shirt.

      • ross mccaramac

        maccormack and nunez have done well, gradel and howson should be on the bench sunday.

      • number1inyorkshire

        you see thats where grayson comes unstuck as great manger ,we have to play the team to win of course ,but i feel using that same set up last night would do that ,we didn,t miss either of those 2 you can say there is a an argument for dropping brown and bringing in howson but that would be all and still stay 4-4-2 gradel should have to wait his chance it might teach him to pass the ball

  7. Chris

    Good articile, no one seems to have mentioned the fact that Fabian Delph was sat in the West Stand last night with a guy in a suite who looked like his agent. (I was four rows behind him) Not sure if he was just up in Leeds for the night and went to see the game or whether he may be up for a loan deal? If he was here for the game though cant think why he would bring his agent? He was in deep conversation with Lucy Ward at half time.

    • Bubionwhite

      You must have woken up just after that bit Chris … would have been nice to see the end of the dream, but after reading what Big 'Eck thinks about Fab it brings to mind the chances of a snowball in hell.

      • TSS

        Delph was indeed in attendance, heard it from several people. But, he is from Bradford and I think he supports Leeds so I wouldn't read anything into that.

  8. number1inyorkshire

    not seen the reaper round here" longtime " any ways
    do we need all these writers and how do you decide upon them "jobs for the boys "
    the point is you might as well just stick in a title and let everyone else write the editorial .my friend had a site similar to this but a differing subject LAW it was taken over by of all the people the BBC and now he is an employee alright on big money ,but he can no longer write what he thinks without asking the POWER.
    I AM SAYING BE CAREFUL YOU DON,T GET TOO BIG alright you might get rich but you will get silent .
    there is always a bigger fish .
    anyway .do we want roque Santa Cruz = nah
    god performance from the whole team last night great performances from lonegran ,Clayton .Nunez and Ross mac Cormack and the whole team but i personally without scoring thought that Andy Keogh was my man of the match
    the biggest winner all the fans who think we should play 4-4-2 me been one

    • TSS

      We've had multiple writers since day one. MG from ClarkeOneNil started out writing here. You need multiple opinions if you want to represent the fans feelings, rather than just your own I feel?

      • Irving08

        The point is surely that we don't need 'special writers' – just threads suggested by us lay writers which you as Editor amalgamate to prevent needless multiplication. And the comment on getting too big is spot on: you will be bought out, perhaps the richer for it, but the site will perish, as your lay writers move elsewhere. Hell, we might even start one of our own…anyhow in a previous post on a different theme I opined that there was a good youngish team struggling to get out and, as is often the way, serendipity seems to have seen its way to giving birth to it. SG must be pinching himself about his good fortune – and he didn't need to spend anyone's either.

      • TSS

        I'd never sell the site, I assure you. I've put far too much effort in to let it get absorbed by some huge blog network and lose any semblance of free speech. I started TSS because I was bored of sites that didn't offer any form of opinion to fans, and even those that did moderated heavily and only approved comments that agreed with them.

        We'll remain independent. There's been approaches before to have us swallowed up by some uber-blog network and I rejected them instantly. The site is self-sustaining, so even if I didn't want to write it any more it would survive on it's own with the other writers. That's one of the reasons I feel it's important to have numerous writers.

  9. Tim Campbell

    Kenneths sexual fantasies should be kept to the bedroom , kitchen or wherever the hell he carries them out., and not ejaculated onto the pages of our matchday programme. Well at least hes 'Master' of something
    Signed A. Moron


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