Amidst a united battle to voice our discontent against Bates’ continued ownership yesterday, there were still plenty of people unconvinced by the effectiveness of the protests.

Speaking to people at the ground and afterwards on Twitter, a lot of people told me the protests were pointless because Bates would revel in the hatred and that our chants would fall on deaf ears. And I don’t doubt they did, but there is a point to them.

Bates turns 80 this year and has never been a particularly well-liked character. He’s not going to change into a loveable old rogue now and start investing money into our squad, it’s all water of a ducks back to him.

The problem is, that Ken Bates’ ego won’t allow him to accept he could be wrong. He’s a stubborn old man who genuinely believes he’s leading a football revolution, that at some point in the future, people will look back and celebrate his genius, build statues around the country and that his name will become synonymous with how a football club should be run.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the deluded psyche of Mr Kenneth Bates.

But if we already knew the protests wouldn’t affect him, why bother at all?

Newspapers today will talk of unrest at Elland Road, the Football League Show aired pictures of Leeds United fans running around with “Bates Out” banners and the situation at Elland Road remains in the public domain.

The supporters of this club can’t take Ken Bates down directly. Save for a mass abandonment of the club we love, we don’t have the power to rid Leeds United of this menace. HMRC, the FA & FL and our Government however do and the only way we can keep the pressure on them to act is by keeping attention on the problem.

Our best shot at getting rid of Ken Bates is still the second takeover. If someone can prove this takeover was illegal, that the administration process was nothing more than a well-executed plan to clear an enormous tax-bill, Ken Bates would be in serious trouble.

This has been a widely held theory for a long time now. The only reason we’ve got the attention from Parliament, from The BBC, The Guardian and other media outlets is because they sense crimes have been committed. While ever this attention remains on the Leeds United situation, it exposes uncomfortable weaknesses for HMRC, weaknesses they don’t want bringing to the attention of the wider public. It forces them to investigate in an attempt to reassert power and show the world that sooner or later, they will collect.

The Football Association and The Football League are also forced to act. They don’t want their leagues to be associated with questionable ownership structures and tax evasion. What kind of sponsors want to put their names to that?

Others may have their own reasons for protesting. Some may hope it alerts potential suitors to the possibility of a takeover, whilst others may simply want to vent. But for me, it’s all about the attention. While ever this issue is being publicised nationally, the powers that be are forced to respond.

The Government could put pressure on the countries concealing our ownership to release details, investigative journalists with more resources than a disorganised group of fans could start their own crusades to uncover the truth and HMRC will be sat sharpening their knives. All because a group of “dissident” fans chanted loudly and forced the media to pay attention.

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    • daveratty

      funny you should say that cos we seem to have a lot of ''tools'' on the pitch every saturday

  1. @LUAmericas

    The protests do more they also show interested parties that if they are open & honest they would be welcomed at Ellland Rd with open arms.

    Additionally the protests show Bates that we as fans will not accept benignly his horrendous prices and his even worse transfer/pay/contract policies.

    Bates came into Leeds and adopted the same tactics he used successfully at chelsea to divide & rule the fan base he did they by picking a fight with the supporters club & also creating a single controlled media voice in Yorkshire Radio. It is obvious after nearly 6 years that while the protestors may be a vociferous minority there were no counter demonstrations pushing a Bates In agenda & I suspect 90% plus of the fan base would be happy to see the back of Bates.

    The very fact that Bates through his media machine have come out against the Twitter dissent & I suspect will have something to say against Saturdays protests shows he is rattled.

    The protests will escalate & need to be expanded IMO to full boycotts of LUFC merchandise including food & drink at ER followed by campaigning LUFC sponsors & suppliers about our issues with the policies in place.

    One thing is certain if we sit passively then we have no cause for complaint as we loose generations of fans and become what Bates has publicly stated and is trying to create at LUFC and that is to be like Blackpool, Brighton & Burnley never did I ever think LUFC would be aspiring to be like those three clubs!

    • @leedshippriest

      You are totally right.

      There are those Leeds fans, Waccoe types, that probably believe that demos against Bates and chants of "Get out of out Club you Chelsea bastard" will make Bates sit up, listen, and think he'd better change his mind and invest in the team, ir better still, acknowledge the hatred and leave us.

      Sadly, as the article says, he's a stubborn old cunt, and demos alone will not affect him.

      However, they do keep our problems with Bates in the public domain; and continued in parallel with a boycott of Bates merchandise, might, just might, make the old fucker think about selling up.

  2. yorkwhite1

    Well done to all who protested. I dream of the day when our club is free of this parasite. MOT

  3. michael horspool

    I have been against Bates for some time and some people have suggested that i have been harsh (although see if they agree now to setting him on fire, if not give it time). We have to protest, he is selling the club, players, the manager and most importantly the fans well short. While i also agree with TSS, i do think they have missed out one vital point. Mr Bates is not stupid he can see he is hated and the longer and stronger this goes on (i would love to organise a mass boycott of just one game to show what power the fans have) he can see the vaule of the club go down, and the power he would lose as a seller, which is all he is to leeds and all leeds is to him, a product, he might as well put us on ebay and when people see the discontent the lower the value and sooner he will ship it out. please go against bates but not the club, players and Simon he has done a good job considering the facts and i fear he will be sacked before mr Bates walks…i hope i am wrong. MOT. P.S also cant see leeds staying up, at 80 hes death would sadden me less than the death of my club

  4. Colin

    I don't think there's anything that Bates did wrong when he put LUFC into administration. HMRC served the winding up notice and there was no way for Leeds to find the £1m that they wanted to be paid immediately.

    Coming out of admin, getting the golden share (the right to play in the Football league) back and the return of the club to Bates was hardly transparent, but it was managed by KPMG.

    But that lack of transparency was matched by the Football League's 'exceptional circumstances' rule which resulted in other clubs voting on the draconian and quite frankly ridiculous -15 points handed out to Leeds. Add on top of that, the farce that meant that QPR were not docked points (even though a points deduction precedent had been previously set with Luton Town & Tevez at West Ham). Why did it take 8 months to make a decision? The Football League are no saints either. They have their dark side too.

    Bates followed the rules of the game and that meant that Leeds defaulted on their £7m tax payment, but admin was forced by HMRC and they got £700,000 rather than £7m. What HMRC should have done is wait until the new season and take the £1m payment from season ticket sales – this was an offer put on the table by LUFC to HMRC. They didn't take it and the tax payer lost out as a result of the actions of HMRC and not LUFC.

    I should add that HMRC are an incompetent organisation and the £6m they lost from Leeds is nothing compared to the billions in tax that are owed but HMRC have written off from companies such as Vodafone.

    The recent takeover from Bates however, is something that could be investigated. The thing is, it never will.

    If the authorities want to investigate Leeds, then that's fine, but investigate West Ham and Birmingham, and ask the question why Cardiff got a loan from the Football League, when they were in financial difficulty. Leeds United never got a loan, despite being in bigger financial trouble than Cardiff ever were.

    • oldlufc

      Yo omit the fact that bates and Co 'rigged' the CVA vote by adding 'new' creditors, i.e. Yorkshire Radio, at the 11th hour. Only when HMRC challenged the CVA did Bates 'panic' and go down the straight sale route and thereby fall foul of FL rules on exiting administration with a CVA. Bates requested that the -15 point penalty matter be put to a vote of FL clubs who, surprise, surprise upheld it.

    • number1inyorkshire

      Colin i agree but bates had no intention of paying that money to hmrc or anyone else it was his means to his end .he believed it was someone else s debt but when he bought the club he bought the debts ,he got it wrong going into admin he thought he would wait until we were relegated ,then off he went . he was caught on the blind side by that -15 .he made a mistake !!.

    • @LUAmericas

      You also forget that Bates/LUFC the money to spend 1M+ on Billy's bar, were the council also incompetent when Bates stiffed them on 600K in rates as well as all the other creditors he stiffed?

      Bates manufactured admin to clear debts then when he though he was going to loose he changed the rules, it's easy to blame the FL but it was Bates who forced the Exceptional Circumstances rule, the FL could have demoted us to L2 would that have made you happier?

  5. dubaiwhite


    • dalesteel

      'THE PROTESTS SHOW SOME LEEDS FANS TO BE MINDLESS' ?????????? You my friend are mindless by that very statement!

      • nik

        here here .i was the 1 holding the "bates out" banner. I own my own house. my own bussiness. Im saddened by your comment matey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @CommanderCody87

      I agree, protesting is only going to wind up Bates and put off potential investors/buyers.

      Just to make clear, I'm massively Anti-Bates but unless any of us have vast sums of money there really isn't much we can do to change this situation.

      The only thing we can do is support the team, and hope Bates invests. He's not completely brainless, that East Stand is useless unless you're in the EPL and that is his ultimate goal. If this squad don't achieve that he will change things, it just might not happen as quickly as we would like.

      Talk of boycotting is even worse by the way, if he's not investing now what makes you think he will if his revenue streams dry up? I get the logic to hit him where it hurts, but (as much as we don't like this) HE IS LUFC and if we start taking money out of the club that we love and support it won't end well. It's a big risk to take.

      Support the players, the ownership situation will resolve itself.


      • Tony C

        Quote:"if he's not investing now what makes you think he will if his revenue streams dry up?
        Then we as fans have lost nothing the only loss will be to Bates bank balance thats the logic if he's losing money then its not a cash cow he will hopefully cut and run
        I get the logic to hit him where it hurts, but (as much as we don't like this)
        HE IS LUFC No he is not LUFC was here long before Bates and it will be long after he has gone if it belongs to any one it belongs to us fans ….. No fans = No Money, No Money = no club

      • @CommanderCody87

        Ok on first thing you pulled me up on, if we take money out of the club so will he. He will sell players to make up for the losses. We have bills to pay as a club, he will find ways to pay those bills. The one thing we have to be thankful to Bates for over the summer is that he didn't sell Snoddy, Becchio, and/or Gradel – let's not give him an excuse to change his mind.

        As for the second thing, I think there's a chance you may have taken what I said too literally. I am aware that Ken Bates isn't actually a football club and is in fact a human being. The point I was making is he's the decision maker, he's where the money comes from. I get the point you're trying making about the club belonging to the fans, and emotionally this is true without question but regrettably for us fans we're not the decision makers.

        What we have to remember here is we're not dealing with a person who will just roll over and give up at the first sign of a fight, he's a vindictive bitter person who loves a scrap. Like it or not he can hurt us a lot more than we can hurt him.

        What we need to do is support the players on and off the field, and the manager.

    • @LUAmericas

      So the protests by Liverpool fans stopped multiple groups from buying the club?

      The Red Knights tried to buy scum during the continuing Green/Gold protests!

      Villa fans protested deadly Doug for years & yet somehow they still were acquired!

      Of course facts seem to be irrelevant to your argument like the majority of Bates apologists

      • @CommanderCody87

        Liverpool – Completely different circumstance. They have a squad that is worth millions, a stadium which they own and a brand that is as big as any in football. Very few things would put off an investor from that, especially when they are protesting well publicised financial issues at the club which could have resulted in administration.

        Man U – The Red Knights didn't do anything, they just got a bit of publicity. The Green/Gold protests served only to unite the fans which clearly isn't a bad thing. The Glazers couldn't have cared less.

        Villa, to be honest I can't comment on this as I don't remember any protests at Villa over there owner although I'm well aware he wasn't well liked. You might be right no this one?

        And as for name calling? Really do we have to stoop that low? A Bates Apologist?! I've been a season ticket holder since I was 9, I've seen it all during my time watching Leeds. Believe me (and I don't mean this for show) I hate Ken Bates, passionately. I didn't see anything in what I said that excused what he does or his policies.

        All I want is what is best for the team and the club, and in my honest opinion (and that's all it is) protesting and boycotting will only make it worse. If I had to choose one though I'd pick protesting, taking money out of the club in any way is a bad idea which will only hurt the club. Ken is loaded, us not buying a few programs here and there won't influence him at all it will just make the club less profitable.

        If we choose to protest though we need to be clearer about why we're doing it, there's a danger that the protests simply look like the fans being annoyed we're not spending bucket loads on players which we all know isn't the only reason (or even the biggest reason) why we want him out.


  6. dd

    Keep boycotting billys, the pavilion, the bars inside the ground buy the square call instead of his program that will make him think again

  7. john

    My dad was getting abuse and being called 'Bates Rent Boy' for going into the ground while everyone was protesting. He's 75. Thats not on.

      • COL

        I'm pretty certain that you have got your wires crossed. The rent boy jibe were not aimed at your dad.
        The only person I heard being called 'Bates rent boy' was the security bloke in the 'Matalan suit' with the bleeched hair.
        All things considered, I thought the Leeds fans were brilliant yesterday. They made a peacefull protest before the game & then really got behind the team once the game kicked off.
        I don't know exactly what impact, if any that the protest has made, but we live in a democracy so if people want to protest then that is their right.

  8. ErniW

    The only way the fans can hit Bates is in the pocket. While fans queue to get into the overpriced Pavillion, talking insurrection and protest while spending money on overpriced beer and wearing this years overpriced shirt then rush down for their half time pint and pie in the ground, money is pouring into the KB pension fund. I dont agree with protests in the ground, especially while we are playing with 9 men and only 1-0 down but everybody pays for their ticket and has a right to demonstrate as they feel fit.
    Bates will already have his plans for when he sells ands who he will sell it to. We had no credible alternatives last time (Simon Morris ..a crook and now bankrupt, RedBus who turned out to have no real money and Duncan Revie's mythical Arabs Milliuonaires) so why would there be a queue now to deal with Mr Awkward.

    • GezW

      Like all the other alternative bidders, except Bates, Redbus had to provide proof of funding (ie £11m cash sat in ESCROW). They were represented by their very credible CEO, Dean Dorrell. Their business plan included immediately appointing a "high profile" Premiership Manager and making £10 million available for transfers. Duncan Revie did not make a bid.

      Their were five other bids in total, including offers from Simon Morris and Nigel Pearson. These offers were made despite the bidders having had limited information provided to them by KPMG or Bates. At least five other seriously interested parties declined to make bids and complained that both KPMG and Bates had been "obstructive".

      Interestingly, only Bates didn't have to provide proof of funds. Another indicator of the shadowy nature of this process – Redbus offered to pay £8m to Astor, the largest creditor with over £12 million of debt outstanding. This £12 million had, apparently been lent to Leeds United only 2 months before we were put in to Administration. Astor refused this offer, insisting they would only support Bates bid and would waive the debt if his bid was successful.

  9. fiery jack

    I can't believe how much crap is spouted on this board… if you want to do one simple thing to protest, then boycott the games and listen to it on the radio.

    That will unnerve the board and the club and may result in Bates selling. But I believe the only time he'll sell is when we're back in the prem in 2 0r 3 years time and he can get £50+ million.
    Until then he'll make sure we don't go bust or get relegated, the rest is down to the players and manager.

    • COL

      Boycott the games? Bollocks to that! Season tickets are expensive enough as it is.
      dd got it right when he said if fans want to protest then they should boycott pavilion, billy's, club shop, food outlets etc……

      • Tony C

        yes Col boycotting the games when having bought a season ticket the only person that would hurt is you but as around12,500 season tickets have been sold that leaves around another 12-15,000 who attend the choice of not turning up I won't be attending any games whilst Bates is at the helm and thats after 46 years of going to ER if he had invested the money in players just one or two decent signings i would have still been attending but i don't like been taken advantage of then having my nose rubbed in it

      • COL

        Fair enough. I would consider supporting such a protest, maybe for a cup game, but it would have to be properly organised?

  10. oldlufc

    Bates is a stubborn, arrogant bully boy who wants the 'dissidents' to think that he is not bothered. The fact he rants in his programmes notes about such people, has banned both the Guardian and BBC from ER for prying into what has been going on at ER etc shows he is rattled. Likewise, when he knew the the Parliamentary Inquiry was going to raise issue about the ownership he suddenly announced he had taken a 70% owning share – from previous owners he claimed he did not know! – hoping that would be the end of the matter. Keeping these issues in the public eye is just what Bates does not want, it will also keep pressure on the FL authorities to act upon the recommendation of the Inquiry to investigate how Bates was able to complete the 'purchase' in almost record time without anyone else getting a look in. Finally, it will deter any prospective investors, not that I think there are any out there, from doing business with the Bates regime..

  11. kev

    talking of abuse me and my 10 year old son got called traitors for buying a programme by some lads about 17 years old,30 years of watching leeds it's a disgrace some of the plebs that support us !

  12. bogdan

    Here's a follow up question though – if you say our best chance is to draw enough attention and put enough pressure that the FA, FL & HMRC further dig into the second takeover and show it as the shambles it was, will that not bring further consequences on the club itself, rather than Bates?

    Let's face it, at age 80 he's in Monaco living the good life, it's clear he's hardly going to get done by for any dodgy business. And if anything illegal is discovered in those takeover/administration proceedings then it will probably be LUFC left to pick up the pieces, pay the fines (surmount another points deduction?), etc. So then what will we have achieved?

    • @LUAmericas

      If he's committed fraud at any age he can still go to prison plus the ownership could be declared invalid opening up a bidding process of which there would be multiple bids for LUFC from the UK & abroad. It is highly unlikely the club would face consequences by the FA/FL if a fraud was perpetrated, if a finance director commits fraud against there company the authorities don't penalize the company they penalize the individual. Additionally Bates has most likely tied the future ownership up in trust and has stated publicly that his wife will take control after his death, something I dread just thinking about is that really what LUFC fans want?

  13. DaveH

    I am not a bates fan, but two points to bear in mind, nobody was protesting when we were doing well, so bates will see the protests as a reaction to the results on the pitch, so what if he takes the decision to sack SG as a result of the protests, you could be stirring a hornets nest.
    People talk about hitting bates in the pocket by not going into the bars and buying the shirts, so then the club has less money for transfers, lets face it, supporters are a tied audience you can't switch off because you are addicted, and bates and every other football chairmen know it.

    Get behind SG and the team, we have been unlucky with injuries, the supporters don't need to add to the pressure just get behind the team.

  14. DaveH

    I am not a bates fan, but two points to bear in mind, nobody was protesting when we were doing well, so bates will see the protests as a reaction to the results on the pitch, so what if he takes the decision to sack SG as a result of the protests, you could be stirring a hornets nest.

  15. mattbb1

    from the best administration, to the east stand development Bates is poison to leeds united. He must be making money from us, or else hes someone weve mistaken for a kindly old eccentric. THere were other offers on the table at the time of the administration, i often wonder what redbus would have done with us? we'll never know we're stuck with a dinosaur who wont ever take us forward, and while hes here we wont ever get back to the PL. The protests' most useful purpose id to let investors know that the core revenue, and weekly investors of the club dont back the owner. We are intelligent people and we dont believe his BS, Hopefully youre reading Mr Gates..

  16. Peter T

    Maybe pointless (as LUFC are)
    BUT all the Bull from Bates is undermined
    We just hope that HMRC jails any tax cheaters
    and that we get a new owner before Sg goes

  17. number1inyorkshire

    bates is where the money comes from is not true for all those who have said it the club is making a profit according to him so its generating its own dosh ,now he is the person who spends it now thats different .

    to be honest this has nothing to do with anything other than we just do not want bates at leeds FULL STOP .

  18. Paul Wilde

    I was in the West stand on Saturday ,and when the Kop agtaganaised mr Bates he just put his arms like the cross to say "Bring it on Elland Rd" He is loving it. I really think we are going to struggle this season,and it makes my head boil Cant believe we have signed nobody that makes you lick your lips .The board should be ashamed of themselves .Wheres the negotiators and sales people!!!! Pathetic

  19. number1inyorkshire

    it was on calendar news if that means anything got a mention don't know if it will be on look north too

  20. normangunston

    if there's been any wrongdoing by KB absolutely I want it exposed. But I doubt HMRC or the Football League have the wit to punish the man and not the club/fans. In any case I fear KB has tied himself so deeply (in a financial sense) to the club that any sanction against him will inevitably hit us hard too.

  21. oldleeds

    Bates hasn't invested for years because he hasn't needed to. Peope have been happy to pay top dollar to watch league 1 players. The only way to make Bates invest is to reduce the revenue stream, don't buy tickets, t shirts pies, programmes etc. It won't take long to make an impact

  22. 4evalufc

    Just get behind the team, theres no-one out there thats gonna buy us cause if they are they'd be doing it. All the protests do, is upset the team and will eventually persuade SG that the grass is greener somewhere else……
    Due to the lack of investment ( yes we all know why) we need to back the lads more than ever MOT

  23. Alan Groves

    I wholeheartedly agree with this well written article.
    LU supporters must keep up their high profile campaign to highlight what Bates is doing to our club. One thing for certain the media will keep covering this action by supporters as they did at scum.


  24. White Ghost

    Ever thought all the extra turbulency the protests create might affect the players? Also, they give the club a bad name. Look at Newcastle, they are a laughing stock because all they do is moan about Ashley and he isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Bates. Deal with it.

  25. ParisVeteran

    First of all as a fan for over 40 years there is no way that any mindless mob is going to tell me where I can spend my money and when I can enter the ground. To desert the team and the club by not attending because you don't agree certain boardroom decisions is a coward's way of dealing with the sittuation and will make the club less attractive to would be buyers. As for the scum protests, who still owns that club ? Thirdly the morons that I witnessed in the Kop chanting anti-Chelsea crap aren't old enough to remotely remember how the rivalry came about in the first place and are just sheep following in the footsteps of a noisy minority. I doubt any Leeds fan enjoys the thought of Bates as our owner but until a legitimate alternative surfaces can anyone say what the outcome would be if a League or Govt investigation removed him? All protests do is scare off any would be investors. Why not protest against half-witted team selections and dumb transfer decisions both in and out of the club while your at it? Support the team, help it to achieve promotion and only then will Bates sell up because only then will the club attract a buyer.

  26. banditsteve123

    The thing that worries me if there is any wrong doing yes ken bates will be in trouble but so will leeds united,god knows wat division we could end up in if found guilty the football league would throw the book at leeds is that wat fans want just to get bates out,or we could try a novel thing lets get behind simon grayson and the players on tuesday

  27. number1inyorkshire

    there has always been a band wagon at leeds year on year there is a new generation of wagon drivers .for all those who are saying support the team ,well we are, you are missing the point BADLY .everyone is saying that and that is the point ,
    thousands go through the door ,season tickets ,40.000 members ,etc etc ,F A cup runs league cup runs and player sales 6-7 million for Delph and already enough TV dates so far this season to go to the bank and say lend us some money for players , this is football generated money , the money we pay our , investment in the team ,
    That money is the money which should be re invested in the team ,wages etc, but also new players not boxes we do not need as we already have empty ones ,£7 million is a large amount of money ,half of that would do massive things in this league for players .thats the point of the protest is lack of playing investment ,not the £7 million spent on building we should be able to do both ,the fact we can't is because smurfmeister bates took us into admin twice ,and we can't get any credit .
    AND thats the other reason no one will invest ,Harding at Chelsea bought players ,bates built his hotels .bates is not selling anything he wants to have someone to work with ,whats the point if leeds can't get credit and then there is working with him

  28. banditsteve123

    The point about leeds spending money on east stand should have gone on players wont stand up leeds only got the money because it was loaned against the ground i think leeds are finding it hard to get money for players from the banks

    • number1inyorkshire

      no it wasn't we do not own the ground it was gate receipt money he can't get a loan on something he does not own .its hard for leeds to get money from banks because he took us into admin

  29. White Ghost

    Due to our less than saintly financial past, no bank will lend us money for players, however they will for something that will clearly pay itself back e.g the stand.

  30. DDD

    Respect to the guys who organised the protest, I don't agree with the protest in that I don't think it's very effective and I'm not sure I want Bates out either, I just want him to listen to us. Talked to some of the lads on the way to the ground and they weren't protesting but backing the campaign by just not going into the Pavillion and I think an empty Billys Bar before a game would make the point far more (imagine how good that would look as a photograph in the Guardian/YEP/front of the Square Ball) perhaps followed by a protest. To the guy who was called a traitor bit harsh I agree but.. I'm glad people are challenging others the program is Bates mouthpiece after all. MOT

    • Bates Out

      You dont want bates out???????????? just what does he have to do. hes never going to listen to you because you keep letting him get away with it. Boycott all pavillion, billys and dont buy food from the club, hit him where it hurts bates out. BATES OUT

      • DDD

        You're not listening I'm suggesting boycotting all those areas too and have been for weeks as opposed to just shouting Bates Out (which won't work and will just impact on the team), is Bates as bad as the Glazers or Hicks or Carsten Yeung or Pompeys lot or fella at Newcastle, who could come in to replace him NO!

        Is he an arrogant c**t who should invest more on the pitch instead of the hotels YES. That's all I want from the protest, show him we have power. We don't run the business, we can't pick who owns the club by shouting get out if it gets worse he just won't turn up, but we can show our influence

  31. The Biggest Hobo

    They have no effect if you stop, but if you keep on then he will start to squirm remember hicks and gillette at the scousers. Keep on protesting

  32. leeds60

    Theonly way to tacklea bully like Bates is to confront him direct so keep protesting he will break and hopefully give SG some MONEY but having read we are loaning Keogh becase we can,t afford tobuy him whats happened to the Schmichel money gone with the rest to Monaco

  33. LeedsSydney

    Bates isn't going anywhere…..he's 80 years old.

    Do you really think he's gonna sell up retire and do nowt?

    you all whinge about the Bates hotel et al, but at the end of the day its investment and an extra revenue stream which will ultimately benefit the team, although im afraid to say it may be our kids or kids kids that get to see it….

    apparently players are let go to bring in players of a better calibre….well im not seeing any improvement whatsoever….other than getting lucky with a couple of bargain basement players we've had out on loan (clayton,nunez) so the replacements for schmichael,kilkenny and johnson are who……

    protest all you like but it wont change nothing other than dare i say even less money being spent on the squad :(

  34. George Sharp

    I has to pass the "protest" on the way to my seat. 95% of the protestors added up to what can be barely described as having one brain cell between them. That is NOT to say I agree with Bates and how he runs the club. Scratching Shed, you are a logical and intelligent voice amongst the nonsense that is spewed out by some fans. Watching working men chant "We F****** hate bates" whilst standing next to 9 year old kids shows the morons that attach themselves to anything like this. Especially when their 9 yr old kids join in! Turned my stomach. Getting fans to turn their backs as the chairman takes his seat etc will get far more national coverage than any chanting ever will achieve. Holding up Red cards with Bates out will again show that we support the team BUT not the manager. And we should not only do this when we are losing. One final thing..Grayson is a very poor manager and we should not be trying to suggest otherwise just to make Bates look like the only bad guy. Graysons selections and tactics are the most predictable in football. And McCartney(yes he was hopeless) was right. The players were mentally tired. After a victory in the league we keep the same team EVERY time. Teams that retain the same team only win 23% of the time. Bates OUT. Grayson OUT.

  35. banditsteve123

    So grayson is clueless so he took us from 9th in league one to 7th in championship in two and a half seasons with a limited budget,yes he has made mistakes well tell me a manager that hasent enen fergi at man utd has bought his share of donkys give the guy a break

  36. Peterpan3103

    Bearing in mind he is 80 and the average age for men in the UK is much the same these days. The question is this; who takes over if he drops dead? Who then owns the club? His wife? The FD? Question 2. If the government get involved and he's investigated and subsequently found guilty and maybe goes to jail, then he'll be ousted as owner and Chairman? So who owns the club? HMRC? In which case everything will be sold and our club will…………………..well who knows what will happen. Be careful what you wish for.

  37. scarboroughwhite

    I read the comments on this post with a lot of interest and figured that I might offer a legal perspective as a recent law graduate.

    I like the idea of getting rid of Bates by drawing attention to our 'plight' and setting the HMRC on a blazing trail of determination to take him down BUT what must not be forgotten is the ramifications for the club.

    If Bates is found to have done something illegal, which we believe he probably has, then yes he will be in a lot of trouble, potentially even a prison sentence BUT (bit of a company law lesson), the law sees Leeds, the company, as a 'person' or entity which has the same rights and responsibilites as a real person. This means that fines and costs etc of any Bates related criminality will also be similarly reflected towards Leeds Utd the club.

    I'm sure you can see the problem; do we hope Bates gets his just desserts at the cost of huge fines and the potential for very serious consequences in relation to the operation of the club (which could actually end up affecting far more individuals than Bates) OR do we just hang on and hope for the best? It's a hard one but in my opinion Bates being hung out to dry for the naughty things he's done might prove disastrous for the club!

  38. West Stand Rebel

    The situation with Bates is as I have commented before very complex. I do believe though your article is correct and that one way to pressurise him out ,is the second administration that just stinks. There is I am convinced fraud involved with the unknown offshore creditors who would only keep Bates in power. Yet £35m of debt was erased at a stroke. The pre-preferential nature of the football creditors also stinks whilst honest suppliers and the taxman were effectively robbed blind.
    Before you say "I don't care about the taxman" think for a moment as to whose money this actually is. Well it's mainly yours and mine. Vat paid at the turnstile or on purchases of food and drink at the ground and the shop.
    This money along with PAYE and NI deducted from the staff and players £7m+ in all was held in trust (some trust ! ) to be paid to HMRC on a monthly or quarterly basis.
    As a season ticket holder I will carry on going to matches as I have for 45 years. I love my club but the administration of it both now and in the past is farcical.
    PS I will not be buying a programme tonight. A 33.3 % increase at a stroke during a recession is again deluded lunacy from the tax exile from Monaco.

  39. The Scratching Shed

    Having a tight tax-dodging chairman, with a penchant for insulting his own fans and making an embarrassment of the club in public doesn’t made us look like c*nts though does it?

  40. The Scratching Shed

    Even have Chelsea fans sympathising with us at the minute. It’s just not right.

  41. The Scratching Shed

    LOL, where’s the Grayson has walked rumour come from? I sincerely doubt it.

  42. Emily Sambidge

    No bates won’t go anywhere if anything the protest might make him stay longer he’s stubborn and will love the fact many people don’t likehim

  43. Carlos 'stany' Standeven

    Bang on Emily well said!!!! he don’t give 2 fucks about us supporterts he is only there to try line his own pockets, proper makes the blood boil

  44. Simon Barter

    he almost certainly will love the protests, what he will not love is the increased scrutiny him & his takeover / running of the club will get put under by third parties if the protests continue.

  45. Jeff Craven

    We can’t just sit back like a fart in a trance, at the very least we are showing him up for what he is, A CROOK!

  46. Philip Boyes

    If the protests get louder then I’m sure someone will look into the bent sod


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