Leeds United have banned the BBC from Elland Road press conferences. 

An announcement on BBC Radio Leeds tweeted here by Andrew Haigh from The Sun newspaper said;

[qtweet 99165506333966337]

That tweet followed an earlier one from BBC Radio Leeds giving few clues as to the cause of the ban;

[qtweet 99084655478833152]

So far, neither the BBC or Leeds United have explained the ban but it’s believed Ken Bates took exception to a programme being produced by the BBC on Leeds United’s ownership.

This is not the first time Ken Bates’ Leeds United have banned a respected news organisation from the ground for trying to uncover details surrounding the club’s ownership. Back in October 2009, The Guardian were also banned from Elland Road following a series of reports from David Conn.

The club can justify banning a newspaper like The Guardian by claiming they had no proof to substantiate the claims they made. But to ban the BBC; an organisation owned by the people and respected across the world for being able to report with absolute objectivity, free from financial and political sway is absolutely ridiculous.

By banning the BBC Ken Bates is simply inviting more people to question his takeover(s) of the club. The BBC is not an organisation Ken Bates can control by manipulation and threats of denied access, so I have absolutely no idea what he was hoping to achieve?

Closing the doors when the BBC attempt to investigate is the clearest admission of guilt Ken Bates could send. Guilty of what however remains the million pound question.

You can hear the announcement that the BBC has been denied access to the press conferences here on the BBC Radio Leeds page. It’s the only one dated today (04/08/2011) and is around the 04:30 mark. 

  • Chris Boothroyd


    Is it just BBC Leeds, or the whole of the BBC organisation? If the later, surely that cannot be allowed due to the TV deal in place (if BBC selected Leeds games to air live)?

    • TSS

      I assume it's all. Can't see how it would work otherwise. They can't block coverage though as it'd be in breech of league rules.

      • Chris Boothroyd

        But how do you ban all the BBC without breaking league rules? Must be an empty threat, otherwise what's the point in doing it?

        Going from being on the fence regarding Ken I'm pretty sure I'm turning into one of those dissidents he talked about.

        • TSS

          They've banned them from the press conferences. Players and management will be told not to speak to them. Quite simple really, Scum did the exact same thing.

          • _dje

            I thought part of the terms of the Premier League 'ticket' was showing a willingness to engage with all TV operators who have stumped up ludicrous amounts of money to pay for the rights to show Premeirship matches, live or highlights. Hence why Mike Knobhead Phelan talks on behalf of Ferguson.

          • Chris Boothroyd

            Ah I get it. Not a full ban. Still, idiotic either way.

            Bet Ken thinks we'll all rush off and get a LUTV subscription now in order to get the interviews that won't be on The Football League Show.

  • once a bully always a bully would he dare ban Sky I suspect not, IMO all media should boycott Leeds as I also don't agree with the Guardian ban if he has issues with the veracity of there reporting there is always legal recource

  • _dje

    Well, that'll tempt the BBC to show Leeds in the FA Cup then. The only loser is Leeds United FC in this nonsense.

    I have faith in order being restored shortly.

    • krustytheclown

      bbc dont show the fa cup anymore

  • mojoluafc

    I see you found another source to confirm what i said, well done TSS. I wouldve done it but i had to help my daughter on icarly.com, shit did i just say that. :x

    • TSS

      I had to visit to see what it was. Looks fun lol.

      I haven't got kids but I've had to sit through similar torture with my nieces.

  • Carl linley

    Watch what you say you might get banned!!!

  • Matthew

    Ken Bates has gone mad in his old age. The senile old fool.

  • TSS….. You're now banned from ER for having the nerve to run an article about someone being banned…..

    In fact, I have just received an email from papa smurf banning me for commenting on you post about someone being banned……

    Wait….. News just coming in….. Ken Bates has just banned himself for emailing someone who commented on a thread about someone who had been banned from ER.

    Who's gonna sit in the new exec boxes now that we are all banned……

    • _dje

      The exec boxes double up as skips (Mon-Fri 9-5pm), confessionals on non-Match Sundays.

    • TSS

      I know mate, it's insane.

      He's attracting further attention to whatever it is he's trying to cover up too. I've called him many names in my time, but I never for one second considered him stupid – I'm starting to rethink that.

      • Matthew

        I guess the question remains, who owns Elland Road? I doubt even Grayson or the players know.

        • TSS

          Bates does, it's the only way spending £7m improving it makes sense.

          You don't build a conservatory on a council house after all.

          • Matthew

            But it seems odd that the club aren't shouting from the rooftops that they've reclaimed the stadium, as we lost the place during a bad period as you know. You'd think they'd be saying guys we got the stadium back, its party time!

            I guess now if anything if Bates owns the stadium, the way he got the money/his ownership is somehow dodgy or something?

          • TSS

            How do you explain where the funds came from though? The £7m for improvements is dodgy enough, but an extra £15-20m on top? Someone would be asking questions, surely?

          • Matthew

            I don't know what to tell you. The whole situation just stinks.

            Whatever happens from this Ken Bates investigation, as long as the club doesn't suffer, it'l be for the best all around if all this goes public.

          • Chareose

            The reason he doesnt want to be seen as owner of the stadium will be something seriously dodgy…….maybe just an excuse to cook the books by showing us paying rent to the stadium owner who is actually Kenneth Bates

          • Brian Ted Smith

            Bates owns ER and he is renting it out to the club ….
            Just wished he die or go away ….
            I want my club back.

  • Dave

    Points deduction on the horizon anyone?

    • Chareose

      yes thats my concern…….im happy that the government want to investigate clubs ownership but simply jumping on the points deduction bandwagon is seriously unfair because its punishing the fans who have nothing to do with it and no say in how their club is run…….

      • Dave

        My biggest worry is that the club/fans are going to have an almighty shower of shit just when things are heading in the right direction. Buy bates will no doubt walk away scot free in the long run, leaving is fans to pick up the peices (yet again). We should not be punished, we and the playing/management staff have done nothing wrong, yet it will inevitably be us who get punished. If bates has been doing something against the rules HE should be punished, not the club and fans.

  • John Evans

    The noose seems to be tightening around Bates neck what the he’ll is he doing banning the BBC this is a world wide organisation not some local rag everytime someone gets near the truth he does this.

  • Paul C

    This is an excellent sign , Bates is losing it , fantastic . First he has been forced to 'buy' the club , then a Man Utd supporting MP starts a vendetta against him which is bound to keep parliament interested and now topped off by this with the BBC. producing a documetary about him.

    I was worried that the documentary would not be picked up across the country and it would only be shown local to Leeds , More chance of getting the likes of Newsnight & Panorama interested now!…good on ya Batesy

  • Phil

    who gives a shit, to be honest not showing highlights or live matches provides much needed cover from the shower of shit performances we will turn out this season anyway so probably a good thing!! ken bates u r a KNOB!

    • TSS

      They still have the highlights mate. That deal is done with the league – Bates doesn't have the power to stop that.

    • Matthew

      I see no reason to be negative, asides from the loss of Becchio and Somma for now, we have a full strength squad who are more than capable of beating the same 10 teams twice to get us 60 points, we will no doubt draw a few games, and maybe win a few random ones. I see no reason why we wont get 70 something points this season.

      Now if thats enough for the playoffs, thats anyones guess, however every team has bad performances, not just us.

      So jog on matey

  • Daz

    Hopefully if nothing else it will run him out of Leeds in the long run.

  • John Evans

    Phil couldn’t have said it better myself about Bates hope he dosn’t take the club down with him he must be one of the most hated men in football. My god how much more do we have to put up with

  • sam

    Well I would suggest that all this expenditure on the stadium is entirely due to the fact that the stadium is ultimately owned by Bates and his consortium…………………why else would you be willing to invest such sums of money? Banning the BBC is paranoia against the truth being delivered…………….give it time and it will………………………Never liked the radio commentary since BBC Leeds were prevented from broadcasting…………….and Eddie jumped ship……………..symptomatic of a dictatorship

  • Andy

    (…cont) It makes the most of its 'owned by the public and politically independent and objective' veneer, but only the naive and disinterested do not see through that to the biased, manipulative, contemptuous of the public, corrupt and rotten body behind it.

    Whatever BBC News and Current Affairs says about anything, any wise listener will ask why it said it, why it said it in that particular way, what it didn't say, and who is benefitting from what it is saying.

    Whilst the World Service may be generally respected, UK BBC News and Current Affairs is not, either in the UK or elsewhere.

    It is almost inevitable that BBC News and Current Affairs journalism will be institutionally biased against Leeds, the city and the club.

    • TSS

      Christ, you need to lay off the Dan Brown novels.

      The BBC is so unbiased they even reported on their own strikes – pretty objectively too. They answer to the public on several BBC shows (Watchdog, NewsWatch etc..) and will always come out and explain anything the public takes exception to.

      Vendetta against Leeds? Please.

      I can't figure out what your point was because you start with (…cont) and I can't see the rest, but if this is some kind of Bates defence you really have lost your mind. How many reasons does this bloke have to give you to start questioning his motives?

      • Andy

        The first part was cut off by the posting size limit…

        "the BBC; an organisation owned by the people and respected across the world for being able to report with absolute objectivity, free from financial and political sway"

        You have got to be joking! You are joking, aren't you?

        The BBC is widely referred to as the Biased Bullshit Corporation, and other apt expansions of its acronym, with abundant reason. It has a very strong agenda in much of its news and current affairs broadcasting. It does not act as a publicly owned body – its staff consider themselves to be too superior to the 'public' to be answerable to it – and its journalistic and editorial staff are clearly more concerned with political and social engineering than with the 'public interest'. It is manifestly heavily biased in both its selection of material and the way it presents it.

        It is very closely aligned with the Guardian, ideoligically, politically and intellectually; the two are staffed very predominantly by the same narrow group of liberal socialist pseudo-intellectuals. It has a strong Metropolitan Establishment bias and, like the Guardian, close associations with Manchester.

      • Andy

        It's not fiction or conspiract theory. Try typing 'biased bbc' into google; there's just too much there from too many sources to ignore. Watch and listen more carefully and critically. A great deal of BBC News & Current Affairs has a very marked liberal socialist metropolitan bias. It is very selective about what it reports and how.

        I didn't say 'vendetta', I said 'institutionally biased'.

        My posting didn't mention Bates. However, if he doubts the objectiveness and integrity of the BBC, and feels they have an anti-Leeds agenda, he's probably right.

    • Engraf

      Could not agree more.
      The BBC is an extremely left wing biased organisation,and TSS must be one of the few people who cannot see it.

  • mattbb

    anyone else sick of our chairman yet… appeasement never works with tyrants, about time someone took him on, i think he might have made a bad enemy with the BBC. as per usual its the fans who'll suffer.

    • Chareose

      yep thats my worry…….

  • craig

    It is the curse of Bates' Motel – must be driving the old geezer dulally. Skeletons are forcing their way out of that tightly packed closet as always happens when too many lies are piled on top of one another. Banning the BBC when they begin asking 'certain' questions is akin to following the eyes of a murder suspect when asking where he buried the body.

  • mojoluafc

    I cant wait to see this documentary, at least it wont be like the crappy interviews on Yorkshire radio, unless Ken owns the BBC.

  • lar

    ive a bad feeling that who ever is investigating ken bates has found some hidden sins and it will surface soon.he bought the club out of no where.(off-himself).gues the wat is on again.

  • It will be LUFC Dissidents next

  • John Evans

    Let’s hope the BBC take him down im sick to the back teeth of this man using the club and most of all us guys and all Leeds supporters as his personal trust fund.


    • lufcnutt

      Easy mate im a life long leeds fan born in london,I cant stand the prick,even when he was at chelsea everyone new he was a prick…..got my tickets for southampton saturday and if i bump in to him i will tell him his a prick cockney style so he understands…MOT…

  • mojoluafc

    We need the truth, well done to the BBC if it comes off, at least my licence fee is doin summat constructive.

  • eric

    While I hate ken bates with a passion im delighted ken stuck it to them, the bbc have a history of doing dodgy docs just ask the queen. Who's doing it John sweeney? Stick him in a room with ken bates and bates would have him losing it all over again lol

  • John Evans

    Wouldn’t bet against the BBC not taking this to the wire.Now if there is anything dodgy going on this lot will find it,they won’t like Bates banning them from Elland Road.Isn’t it great knowing that our licence fee could be used to finish this guy.

    • Chareose

      wouldnt count on it though mate, just as likely to see some lame documentary that doesnt go far enough………. Bates is like the Gadaffi regime…..he will still be in power even after Nato air strikes in monoco in an attempt to get rid of the bastard

  • Gabriel

    Programme, not program. UK English, please.

    I don't see that the Guardian ban is especially defensible either, myself.

    Colonel Kendo would of course disagree.

  • leeds_lad

    Bates clearly doesn't want anyone reporting outside the protection of his personally owned radio station ! Just imagine if he could be questioned without the interviewer fearing for his job. ,,,,, Of course, if the BBC was to report "nationally" on the likelihood of an MP driven investigation or scrutiny by the Inland Revenue this would make old Kenneth very uncomfortable. ……. It is no wonder that Bates is desperately trying to discredit anyone or any organisation pressing for this to happen ! …… I hope Uncle Ken has a talent for sowing mail bags and a liking for porridge in his former years


    I’ve heard a consortium of more honest trustworthy investors are about to take us over. It is being fronted by Gadaffi, financially backed by Lehman Brothers and James Murdoch will be CEO.

    Things are looking up.

  • Mark (Paris)

    Time for a ‘Yorkshire spring’ anyone?

  • Hunters Boots

    The BBC are run by leather elbow patch, tweed wearing, bearded left wing Cambridge Communists, always has been since the 1960's. However, their opinion is part of public culture, and a valuable one. This desease infecting LUFC has to go, he is destroying us unopposed. I really fear for us under the rule of this megalomaniac. Fortunately, at his age, death is nearer to him than the Premiership is to us under his regime.

    • Chareose

      1/8 people are living to over a hundred…………..no offence pal but im not waiting 20 years in the vague hope ken pops his clogs,,,,,

  • stanley norman

    I am a season ticket holder and I strongly support an investigation into the ownership of the club. I refuse to buy into any of Bates' merchandising. Banning the BBC disenfranchises followers of the Club who cannot afford to watch the games live. It also removes a service to those supporters who, through age or disabilty can't get along to Elland Road.

    Anyone who wants to disprove Bates' view that most fans are not interested in the issue of the ownership of the club can prove him wrong by emailing damian.collins.mp@parliament.uk to show their support and to demonstrate that Bates does not speak for Leeds fans.

    • Rob

      I think that in the long run, this is surely the best option. This whole affair while only worsen as time goes on and it needs to be dealt with soon rather than latter when the rot's much harder to remove.

      However, I have a horrible feeling that the results from any investigation would hurt Leeds United much more than it would Bates. Never our greatest friends, I see a hefty points deduction from the Football league on the horizon if it was ever investigated. It's a negative viewpoint I know, but the past 10 years has taught me that Leeds United and finances aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Hopefully i'm wrong on this!

  • Carl Pearson

    This whole pre season has got to me now never been so fed up just want the season to start 3 points at Southampton will be on par with firing a load into each and every one of the miss world winners of the last ten years !

    Tss I can't for the life of me log in under my normal login any ideas ?

  • ls10

    god I’ve just realised how many dull and thick Leeds fans we have. some comment without actually reading or understanding the article and others, well if this is all you’ve got to get upset about in life you don’t know how lucky you are. least bates takes no crap

    • Chareose

      cheers ken

    • Carl Pearson

      Some of us dull and thick Leeds fans also have a dry humour :) get out a bed wrong side? People are entitled to an opinion right or wrong if we all agreed it would be very boring on here, 3 points on Saturday will do us all no harm at all , I will kiss bates on the lips if gets us winning because if we don't win sharpish there's gonna be hell on, FACT!

    • John Evans

      Aye from all of us cheers ken

  • Joe

    Don't put so much faith into the impartiality of the BBC. They have proven themselves time and time again to be more interested in sensationalism and hyperbole to increase their viewership, frequently kowtowing to the official government line on numerous new stories. The legal and courts system will determine – if necessary – the legality of Ken Bates' takeover of Leeds United.

  • John Evans

    Your right Joe but maybe just maybe the BBC can get closer than anybody else to uncover the truth about what’s going on at our football club

  • Matt

    Isnt it the first thing a dictator does under pressure – ban all outside Journalists !

  • mattbb

    in defence of the old swine, he is probably right, there are far more toxic issues in football. The Thai $$$millions going into Leicester City – with Sven at thehelm on big money (sound s like Notts Co again doesnt it..) Carson Yeung of Birmingham City ith his Assets Frozen in CHina, Man City being written Blank Cheques by the Saudi Royal Family? While there is no excuse for Kens opaque ownership of club and stadium, we are hardly headline news and yet some idiotic tory mp decides to pursue a vendetta against Bates, i think they need to get their priorities right.

    That said, this is yet another example of Bates litigiousness, wand awkwardness that now seems to have spread to the BBC, he seems to have a vendetta against them, preferring to broadcast our games on Minster FM?? so they paid more than BBC Leeds? Something not right there. Are the BBC a little to left wing?

    Really wish he would concentrate on football and build a strong team for us to get back in the premier league, he seems to have lost sight of that.

  • Walter

    Bates sure knew what he was doing when he took control of Leeds United. We probably have the meekest rank and file fan base in football; thick, gullible and easily manipulated. Thank God the BBC and Guardian haven't let Bates out of their sights, because if it was down to the fans he'd have probably conned them into building a statue of him.

    The fact is Ken Bates wouldn't have lasted 5 minuted doing in Newcastle, Sunderland, Manchester, Liverpool etc. what he has done in Leeds, yet here we are, years down the line, and as the BBC look like finally catching up with him our braindead superfans are calling conspiracy.

    He's ripped the heart and soul from the club, and long term damage the pricing policy has done, particularly juniors, will be felt for years to come, but the braindead consumers he loves to prey on so much will lap up these childish ideas that the BBC hate Leeds, that Damian Collins MP is doing this because he's a Man Utd fan. Please. I've never felt more ashamed to be a Leeds fan.

    Yes, Ken Bates picked the right club for him.

    • mattbb

      you should never be ashamed to be a leeds fan – bates might drag us through the mud, but he can never buy our support for his latest BS.


    By banning the BBC by implication and as an employee of Radio Leeds does this mean that Sir Eddie of Gray OBE, CBE, MBE is now persona non Grata, if so Bates should be hung for Treason! SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY BATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The sooner Bates is out of not only our club but football altogether the better this man will fall out with his own shadow, what is his problem he wants to fight everyone all of the time, his thugs ie the security at ER on match days stiffle any demonstrations against him and are ejected from the ground. i hate this man. GOODBY BATES AND TURN THE LIGHTS OFF WHEN YOU LEAVE ER.

  • eric

    Is that the same damien collins m.p man utd fan yeah he will be really impartial mate. I'll send him an email all right and i'll tell him what I think of him! Cheers for that. WE ARE LEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matthew

      You don't get it, no one wants the club brought down by Bates, and the results of any dodgy dealings he may be doing to achieve whatever he wants to achieve. Fact remains its better to get this all out in the open now, rather than later when it can really hurt us as a club.

      • eric

        How do you figure that then? If whatever dodgy stuff bates has been up to comes out now while he is connected to leeds utd it could result in all sorts of penalties for the club as in hurt the club hurt bates, I mean he owns it doesn't he. were as if he sells the club then he no longer has a connection to the club. Then as far as im concered they can investigate away, lock him up, do whatever they want to him. Im all for getting bates out but not through any investigation which could be damaging to the club sorry.

  • mattbb

    has anyone noted that ALex Bruce seems to have dramatically fallen down the pecking order? he's going to feature tomorrow against Farsley with umpteen triallists, Grella & Bessone – whats going on there?

  • Jimmy James

    Andrew Haigh now reports facts? Who knew? Typical tabloid. Of all the Leeds fans on twitter, he has the cleanest ringer of all, with all those cyber tongues licking it.

  • dave webb

    Will leeds fans go on strike and not go to games to make a point?????