The Mirror are reporting that Ken Bates has infuriated Simon Grayson by refusing to sanction a deal which would have made Alexandre Mendy his fifth summer signing. 

The French midfielder impressed both fans and Simon Grayson alike during his pre-season trial with the club and his transfer was believed to be nothing more than a formality. Some complications were reported earlier in the week, but Grayson seemed confident these would be resolved and Mendy would soon be signing for the club.

Considering the positive comments made in the press, The Mirror’s claim that Simon Grayson is ‘frustrated’ by Ken Bates’ decision are entirely believable.

Following the disappearance of our “transfer warchest” and continuous stories of Ken Bates refusing to meet players wage demands, you have to wonder whether all is well at Elland Road.

Certainly, the performance against Southampton this weekend could suggest growing unrest behind the scenes as Simon Grayson becomes evermore frustrated with the club’s inability to secure the players he wants.

I’m sure Mr. Chairman will put a different slant on things in his next eagerly awaited Radio Bates interview.

UPDATE: Grayson contradicts himself on Mendy deal

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  1. Chris Boothroyd

    "Free agent Mendy impressed in trials and training after he left Czech club FK Mlada Boleslav. He even paid his own hotel bills in the city.

    But Leeds supremo Ken Bates has refused to sanction the move – to Grayson’s frustration – and didn’t even pay Mendy’s expenses."

    I'm speechless at that.

    • _dje

      I seriously think Bates is going senile. His press rants about agents are just embarrassing ~ the sort of ranting you hear from from some old boy at the bus stop and you nod along with to shut him up.

  2. _dje

    I didn't think the players attitude looked right against Southampton or Bradford. They look like they know something we don't – perhaps Gradel or Snodgrass are off, or the manager is about to walk, be sacked. A win versus Bradford should certainly appease the latter, but is Grayson about to go public about his irritating Chairman (ie. as good as collect his P45)?!

    Things sure change quick these days.

    • TSS

      I'm seriously starting to wonder whether we have financial problems. Something is clearly wrong at Elland Road when all we hear is reports of being unable to sign players because they're asking too much.

      • _dje

        I think we have serious financial constraints – largely from the East Stand development. I'm sure that Bates would not bankrupt himself over Leeds United, so I wouldn't push it as far as financial problems.

        I can see Bates wants to cash in on Snodgrass. The Leeds website couldn't even wait until the end of the Scotland match tonight to declare Snodgrass's successful full international debut. That'd be embarassing had he been sent off later on. Usually club's are a bit mute on their player's international successes as they know in itself will draw attention from buying clubs. Unless you want to sell of course.

        £5m will do Bates handsomely for bricks and mortar, and Grayson would then be allowed a tad and wages for Mendy.

      • TSS

        Dewsy writes that in fairness and was watching the game – I was talking to him on Twitter beforehand. They always cover the players international performance and are pretty quick with the stories (you can write most of it during the game after all).

        Financial constraints/problems – tomato/tomato. Both mean we may lose players and both mean we can't bring anyone in.

      • _dje

        I'd prefer financial constraints than financial problems, and they are not quite the same as one glass half full the other half empty. Risdale would have loved it if we had only had financial constraints a decade ago – and couldn't afford to bring anyone else in without selling first. Instead we sold the lot and still couldn't afford to bring anyone half decent in.

        I think Bates has told Grayson to sell before we buy (wages or fees, although Grayson always goes wages instead of fees).

      • TSS

        Not so sure, think I'd prefer financial problems – could force Bates to sell up and clear off.

        Risky strategy, granted. But I'll try anything to get rid of the ****!

      • _dje

        Lol. Fair enough. It might come to a 'hurt the club in order to get him out' in the end; might as well start early.

      • @DolfanPhil

        I don't think it's financial problems. It's just that Kuddly knows that the moment he brings someone in on £15k p/w the others start getting restless. I wouldn't put it past him to have signed a few of the lads we've got with the promise that "we'll match your wages against the top earner at the club" then making sure nobody tops £10k. If even 5 or 6 players were signed on that basis we add £30k a week to the wage bill plus the £15k the new lad gets. That's the wages of a Prem player every week. I don't like the bloke but he doesn't miss a trick…

      • lufcnutt

        HOLD ON ……..he is FREE…….how much could he want?….no one has ever herd of him….I think your on to something their TSS.we must be SKINT AGAIN…..

  3. orangina

    it’s one thing to turn down a lucrative marking opportunity and potential zero-to-hero scenario with Mr Smith but this is crazy!!!!! The man’s a lunatic! In Grayson we trust…..
    Get that Cheatski out of our club!!!!!

  4. TSS

    I dunno, that doesn't make sense to me. If Gradel or Snoddy were off, we'd surely sign Mendy – he plays the same position and costs nothing?

  5. @DolfanPhil

    If it was any paper other than the Mirror I might believe it.

    Can't imagine Mendy was asking for big money. Kuddly would probably be happy to sign him and flog Gradel and turn a nice profit in to the bargain. Just doesn't make sense with the information we've got right now.

  6. Irving08

    Given Simon's record with player signings, I am not surprised that the Chairman does not have total confidence in his judgement. And in any case do we really need another wide man ? – we already have MG and RS (still), AW and LS. If I was Bates I would be frustrated by SG's curious unwillingess to give Aidan White a proper run in the side. It was scandalous not even to have him on the bench on Saturday.

    • TSS


      Sure, there's been some duds, but he's made some excellent signings too don't forget. No manager gets it right every time. You don't know how they'll fit into the team until they start playing – what works at one club, doesn't always work at another. Take Chelsea and Torres for example.

      • Irving08

        Sorry but of those on the list only Clayton (who had to be praised by other managers before getting a sniff) and Gradel (who sold himself when on loan) convince. Kisnorbo – sure he could have been very good but we bought an injury prone player who lasted for less than a season (when whitbread was avaiable); Somma – we coud have bought the boy from Gilingham (Jackson) and I see no evidence that Somma can control a ball or bring other into play, so not more than sub when things are not working out; McCormack – does havea football brain, but essentially George Mcluskey's nephew, and neither one thing or the other. Harsh perhaps in all cases, but the most important thinga Manager can do is to get such decisions right – and I have only covered his Simon's supposedly good signings. As for Torres, the manager didn't want him…..perhaps not least because like Kewell after his achilles injuries he lost that bit of zip that enabled him to get away from defenders.

    • Chris Boothroyd

      Mendy's also a striker so he's more of an all round player than Sam and White. Plus with Becchio out he could easily fill the gap in as a target-man style striker with Gradel/Nunez/McCormack…Paynter….. working off him.

      Plus if White's seen as a left winger, he's got Gradel, Snodgrass and probably Nunez above him in the pecking order

      • Chris Boothroyd

        Fair point, but with Becchio out for an indeterminate length of time and Billy inability to hit the back of the net, there is a need (in my opinion at least) for a physical presence to lead the line and who can grab a few goals. Mendy fits that bill

    • Daniel Christopher Young

      Fair point but Aidy White played for Ireland U-21's the same night…

  7. @leedshippriest

    I am beginning to think that Bates has lost faith in Larry

    Why else refuse to back your Manafger ?

    It's not like Larry wants to spend millions

  8. _dje

    You have to ask then, why did we ever bring the lad (plus the other three) in on trial? Were we hoping he was going to be crap and therefore wouldn't need to offer him a contract?

    Hmm, bet we get a lot of players wanting to come on trial with us in the future now!

    • eric

      You would have to think this story is true. I mean if its not I would imagine the author could get in alot of trouble mainly regarding the not paying the hotel bills bit. That is a bit like slander and im sure you could sue for such a thing if its not true as its detrimental to club. Or am i wrong? I think we are fast approaching breaking point.

  9. Colin

    You can still get 8-1 on Grayson to be first Champ manager to leave his post (sacked or resign).

    Any takers?

    • TSS

      Might be worth a tenner. Can honestly seeing him resigning given the amount of players Bates has pissed off this summer and failed to sign.

      • lufcnutt

        not just that…if we play like we did against the saints and city he could easy be gone…8-1 is looking a very good price with or with out the help of our chairman pain in the BEEP…Mr bates.

  10. Chareose

    Maybe Bates is getting ready to leave…… (hopes) and thats why he is cashing in on anything but the kitchen sink

  11. Ian Dunn

    Here we go again. Reacting to press reports!!

    Let’s remember what’s been achieved. Positive thinking and let’s get behind the team.

    • number1inyorkshire

      sorry Ian but your comments are wasted hers you would be best served getting a job in the bates press room .

  12. adriantag

    Snoddy & MG really didn't look comfortable against Southampton, will be interesting to see how Snoddy is when he returns from International duty!

  13. pabs1983

    Maybe Bates didn't own the club before he bought it back, and the previous owners were keeping us a float. Now its Bates, and his own money, he is less likely to invest. Where as if the previous owners were 'caymen island millionaires' they may have been willing to provide a small warchest.

    That or, because of the dissidents, Bates has gone to war with the fans and is now destroying the team from the inside.

  14. YorkshiremanInDublin

    Sad but quite probably true, Snodgrass (and possibly Gradel too) will be sold to the highest bidder before the end of the transfer window and KB will swiftly deposit the income in a big jar labelled 'DELPH etc'. This all seems to be reaching tipping point right now tbh, how much more of this is Grayson gonna be able to stomach before he either walks or says something publicly about all this (= P45, so same thing essentially)? Leaving mixed opinions amongst fans about Grayson on one side for a minute if he does walk what even half-decent manager in their right minds is gonna walk into a situation like that which seems to exist at ER right now? KB would replace him with a 'Yes' man who wouldn't stand in the way of him bleeding the club and the fans dry and only exit stage left when he'd sucked out every last drop! All of that of course is assuming that these reports from The Mirror are accurate, it's hardly proved itself to be a bastion of journalistic excellence over the years now has it…but it reads as being highly likely to me, I wasn't at all shocked or surprised to read about this Mendy affair this morning, which is sad enough in itself really. Dark days…BATES OUT!!!

  15. number1inyorkshire

    if this story is true then the sale of snodders and gradel will be the straw that breaks graysons back .
    is it possible that BATES (A K A =C*%T) is trying to get grayson to jump so he doesn't have to pay him out , its the start of bad things when the chairman interferes with signings .I WILL ASK AGAIN WHAT DOES GWYNNE WILLIAMS DO ???????

  16. YorkshiremanInDublin

    The more I think about this the angrier I get, my blood is boiling here!!! If it's accurate, and I fear it may well be, then this Mendy affair is an absolute embarrassment to our beloved club. The only real solace I can find is knowing that long after this parasyte Bates is gone we and our club will still be here and still be marching on together as always. I just hope that he goes sooner rather than later because with every passing day he is damaging the club that we love more and more and more. I'm genuinely fearful as to the state of what we're gonna be left with when we do eventually rid ourselves of him though, it's getting a bit scary really…and possibly more scary than anything is the fact that Bates really doesn't give a flying f*** about what we, the press, the wider football community or anyone else think of him so we can rant and rave and protest as much as we like and he's just gonna carry on regardless!!!

    I do totally agree with the planned protest on Saturday btw, I just don't think he'll even see us through the £ signs in his eyes! The only way we can hit him is in the pocket / bank balance, that's the only power we have over him!!!

  17. Mark__R

    Bad form and it all is stacking up to disharmony at the club and a clear issue with our player recruitment.
    Let's see what happens on Saturday – it could be a pivotal moment.

  18. mattbb1

    i think the mirror are putting 2&2 together and coming up with 5, theyll be thinking about the imminent 5th signing not happening.

    Don't be surprised to see Mendy join us.

  19. TonyYeboah21

    Can't help but feel people are over reacting here – based on a speculative article in the Daily Mirror?!

    Before we condemn Bates and Grayson lets remember we are 1! game into the season (And we lost our opening game to a very poor Derby side at ER last year), Gradel and Snoddy are still here (For now and doesn't show immediate signs of changing), Grayson is the man responsible for taking us back to the Champ and then finishing 7th last year and Bates love him or hate him (and I assume it is the later) the club simply woudn't exist without him given what he saved us from I have never fully understood the unwaivering hatred toward him (other than he used to own Chelsea? Maybe I'm showing my age (22) but since when were Chelsea a major rival (the 70's)

  20. TonyYeboah21

    I don't dispute all is not 100% rosey at ER right now but I'm not entirely sure it's as bad as the major on here believe (Not a slight against TSS as I think you do a great job)

    I wouldn't trade our situation for Leicester who are heading for oblivion unless they win the league and then challenge for Europe in Prem next year given their recent expeniture – sounds like a Leeds United/Portsmouth waiting to happen.

    Maybe a controversial outlook but would be interesting to see if you disagree with me

  21. YorkshiremanInDublin

    @ mattbb1 – I hope you're right and I (plus others) are actually over-reacting here. I've calmed down a bit since my earlier posts this morning tbh ;-) but even after reading the (slightly clamer and more measured) previous three posts from yourself and TonyYeboah21 I'm still not so sure that I am having a knee-jerk over-reaction on this one tbh, time will tell! I know and accept that The Mirror isn't exactly the most reputable source and they do print quite a lot of stuff that turns out to be totally unfounded just to fill column inches, but even if this Mendy story is a load of waffle I still smell a rat and sense that things are definitely not right at ER!

  22. TimCampbell43

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if old greybeard did'nt pay mendy's hotel expenses. Bates reminds me of that tight fisted git who goes down to the pub with the lads and when the rounds of drinks are being ordered he 'gets called away' on his mobile just when its his turn to pay up. On a few side issues I watched the highlights of the forest/county match last night and think i've found the solution to the left back problem…..alan sheehan!!! He looked a hell of a lot better than what we have at the minute. Aw well hindsight is a wonderful thing! Think larry should keep nunez, sam, lees, clayton AND bromby in the starting line-up for the weekend – all acquited themselves well

  23. pabs1983

    i've just found this story on not606 – almost word for word. TSS, are you posting your own work on another site now?

  24. @Gibson359

    Simon has been a great manager for Leeds, but he has never been backed properly by Bates. Never underestimate loyalty and the hard work, which Simon has put in. I think that you should spare a though for him, most managers would have walked by now. His loyalty and integrity to Leeds have been fantastic. No other half decent manager would work under these conditions. We were scraping and borrowing six years ago and the same is happening today. Grayson stays! Bates should go! Season ticket holders were conned into buying tickets based on promises for a push this season – it was never going to happen. How many people can you con? You know the old saying, "you can con all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time!" Some fans need to wake up. The bearded old git from the south should be sent packing! Don't waste any more of your hard earned cash on him! It will be the same next season as well!!

  25. trueyorxman

    If Grayson is a true Leeds fan then he should walk away and tell us all what exactly is going on at ER, we will think no worse of him if he were to do that. In fact save him a seat on the Kop. Come on Larry do what's right

  26. John Thorner


  27. Tyler Wakefield

    Bates is ruining us. Now that Gradel had a full 90 for Ivory Coast he’ll be shipped out for Bates piggy bank. The twat!

  28. Craig Woodhead

    If I was Grayson I’d tell Bates to fuck off and walk. Had his hands tied for a while, how much more shit do the fans and Grayson have to take.

  29. Craig Duxbury

    So now we can’t even sign the freebies. Just when you think things can’t get any worse. Bates out!


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