One of the most irritating things at football matches these days has to be the music tinpot teams play after they score. I’ve been all over the country following Leeds United and the amount of teams that play Tom Hark, Chelsea Dagger or some other cheesy repetitive nonsense after they score is growing year-on-year.

It’s the seemingly inevitable Americanisation of football. Some bright spark saw the NFL and thought it was a good idea to try and incorporate some of those ideas into British sports. Rugby was first with Wakefield Trinity becoming The Wildcats whilst Castleford RLFC renamed themselves The Tigers and their stadium The Jungle. Inevitably, cheesy music soon followed as did idiots running around in daft costumes and face-painting.

Can you imagine an Elland Road filled with foam fingers, half yellow-half blue faces, Tom Hark played after every goal and a team of cheerleaders entertaining the Kop?

“Gimme an L…” OK, so one of those ideas was clearly a good one, but if you’re really in support of the rest we may as well rename the club now – The Leeds United White Sox anyone? How about The Leeds Leopards?

Whilst every football fan I’ve ever spoken to about this is strongly opposed, it seems I’ve somehow missed the majority! Burnley FC have already been sucked in by the goal music nonsense but following a series of fan complaints they ran a poll to decide whether it stayed. Worryingly, only 33% of those that voted were against it!

The question is this: Is the Burnley poll an isolated incident or are Leeds fans secretly in favour of goal music too?

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Had to update with an additional poll after the picture created more of a talking point than the goal music. Maybe there’s one thing the American’s did get right?

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