Leeds United ran out 2-0 winners in their first pre-season friendly against a makeshift Falkirk side in Scotland.

Leading 1-0 through an own goal at half-time, Robert Snodgrass added the second after the break with a close range header.

The highlight of the evening was an announcement over the PA system midway through the second half that the pies in the stands had been reduced to half price – thus awaking the masses and leading to a mass exodus. Incidentally, a search for Billy Paynter soon followed.

Like most pre-season friendlies, the game offered little in terms of entertainment but did give Simon Grayson a chance to assess the fitness of his players and give some of the younger lads a game.

Crucially for Leeds, long-term injury victims Patrick Kisnorbo and Ben Parker managed 60 and 45 minutes respectively with no reported problems. Aidy White also got a run out replacing Parker at half time.

New signings Michael Brown and Paul Rachubka made their first appearances for the Whites, whilst Ramon Nunez also started the game providing the cross that the first goal was deflected in off.

With just short of half an hour remaining, Simon Grayson introduced youngsters Lewis and Nathan Turner, Zac Thompson and Alex Cairns. Unfortunately, none of the younger players had the chance to make much of an impact.

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  1. Chrome dome

    Glad to hear nunez had a good game! Also glad paddy is coming back to full fitness. I reckon we could have a really good season with 2 or 3 more players MOT :)

  2. SundaySilence

    Interested to see what Nunez could provide this season. He looked very good in the Gold Cup this summer and seems comfortable in many areas on the pitch.

  3. ALUFC

    I’m against Paynter, he seems useless, slow, uncreative – I have the feeling that i’m not alone. What do you think Paynter would have to do to win the fans around this season. I’m thinking it would be around 15 goals?

  4. Mike

    To be fair to Paynter he got back to fitnmss as the team went off the boil. Personally I would reserve judgement, his record says he can score goals… give him a chance.
    Though I would say if he spends the first 15 games on the bench he is on borrowed time

  5. sparkx

    I think with the midfield may be freed up a little with Brown in the middle protecting the back five that would mean we’d be able to play nunez at last in a free role with howson being a little more disciplined… just don’t think Grayson could really consider Nunez last season…

    good to get a clean sheet tonight… I know the opposition was not the greatest but confidence breeds confidence and we need a much better defensive start…

    btw I don’t think Snods header will ever go down as a classic, equivalent to a knee bobble goal…ha!

    is it tom kirwin who was comentating? who ever it was announced the half price pies as a great announcement but sadly he wasn’t in a position to enjoy the offer!


  6. Ron

    I had a good chuckle about your Paytner comment, I hope he makes us eat a shit sandwich this year and finds his feet. With Becchio on the sidelines for now, he will have every opportunity to get his eye in before kick-off. Truth be told, he just never looked like he was actually fit last year. It was like he had the top half of a tall man’s body on the bottom half of a fat bitch. I hope our trainers have flogged him in pre-season. I have a sneaking suspicion he may surprise this year as players with absolutely zero expectation can actually surprise.

  7. Will23

    Seems Paynter’s appearances could be as embarrassing as the appearances of the part-time, yet full-pay MP, Gordon Brown.

  8. Matthew

    To be fair, Falkirk are a weak team, if they were in English football I would imagine them being League 1 or 2. Not much to celebrate about, sure okay a win is a win, but a win over a better team like Newcastle at the end of the month would fill me with more confidence.

    Speaking of Paynter, what Grayon sees in him is beyond me, no talent, cant score, too fat lol

    Leeds midfield should be something like this

    Gradel Nunez, Howson, Snodgrass


    Becchio, McCormack

    I have a feeling Ross will come good for us.

  9. Henry V

    Well I paid my £5 to LUTV to watch the game, but only got sound!!
    Not a picture to be seen!!
    LUTV have stuffed me again!!
    I’ll never learn.
    I have e-mailed them.
    No reply so far.

  10. Sam shaw

    Leeds midfield should be something like this

    Gradel Nunez, Howson, Snodgrass

    Don’t you think Nunez and Howson will leave back 4 a bit exposed? Clown

    • Matthew

      I take it you’re not a fan of the 4 – 4 – 2 position? Howson is capable of providing cover for the back four, and Nunez is just as capable at having some control of the midfield.

      Honestly, I’m not a fan of the 4 – 5 – 1 that was played last season.

      Instead of flaming me, don’t talk out your arse Sir.


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