Sky Sports sent Leeds United fans into panic mode earlier today when they revealed West Ham United had made a bid for Leeds’ star winger, Max Gradel.

Relief came in the last hour however when it was reported that Leeds United had rejected the bid. The following tweet is from Sky Sports journalist, James Pearson.

[qtweet 91169368192458752]

Gradel, who scored 18 goals last season and won both the Players, Player of the Year and Fans Player of the Year award has been the subject of much speculation throughout the summer, fuelled not only by his outstanding performances in 2010-11 but also by the fact he has just one year remaining on his contract.

Ken Bates told fans at the end of last season that Max Gradel was a key member of the team and was not for sale. Likewise, Simon Grayson has also offered reassurances to the fans that Gradel would not be sold although did concede that every player has their price.

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    he’s gonna stay! even Master Bates must know whats best for the club!

  2. Dave

    Pissed off would not be the appropriate term if we were to accept any bid for max. Who the he’ll do west ham think they are? Think they are the big fish in a small pond, when in reality they are the third biggest club in the championship at best.

    • Jamie

      Third biggest team in the chumpionship?
      Never been lower than this division unlike some
      Think it could be sour grapes syndrome.
      West Ham make an offer just like any team can for another teams players may not be excepted.
      But quite entitled to if we cant what right did Man utd have to buy Cantanoa from you?
      Ambition and the chance to further his career.
      Thats how things go in footbalL
      Max come to the hammers and have the chance to become a legand !

      • m8tt

        He’s become a legend at Leeds in the past two seasons anyway, you chump. Besides which, both teams have more or less exactly the same aims for the next few seasons – starting with promotion this season. Max is settled in Leeds and plays regular football, why would he want to move all the way to London to join a team with the same ambitions and no guarantee of a starting position?

      • number1inyorkshire

        leeds are a bigger club than west ham fact !!!
        if the Olympic stadium stuff goes wrong they could be on of the 1st clubs to really go out of business .

        then you have got the old lugger allardyce in charge what would he want with a ball playing footballer i honestly don’t feel west ham are going back up im not saying we are but i do think we have a better chance than west ham

  3. kev

    He has one year left on his contract he will be going for free next season. Leeds cannot afford their own stadium the money might help them buy one.

  4. Bristol Hammer

    No offence meant as I dont go in for slagging other teams of ut West ham offer an attractive option for any player outside the PL. Max Gradels chances if he did go to WHU of gaining promotion are infinatley better than staying with Leeds. WHU are the bookies favourites to go up automatically or otherwise they have the infastructure, finance and a proven manager. That said I would love to see leeds back where they belong in te top tier so god luck to all come the new season.

    • Dje

      No offence taken. But for someone who scored 21 goals from an attacking midfield last season, why would he need to use West Ham in the Championship to get to the Premier League?

      Of course you are entitled to put in a bid, but I imagine it’ll only now draw forth Newcastle or Wigan or Bolton to show their hand. I bet Bates loves West Ham tonight!

      My money is Gradel gambles on another season with us and walks on a free to the Premiership or the Bundersliga next season if we don’t go up. You are not guaranteed to go up this season, so why would he take as much a risk with you lot as with us?

      • TSS

        Comment from the Hammer made me laugh. The amount of teams that come down to the Championship and expect to go straight back up, only to find it’s a lot more difficult than they expected is seemingly never-ending. I won’t judge, as we were guilty of it too.

      • Gryff

        West Ham have done it before, though.

        … Quite a few times actually…

    • number1inyorkshire

      so were middlesbrough this time last year don’t mean nowt sorry old boy Leicester a better option for me then 1 or 2 others

  5. Dje

    Good. If he goes he goes to a higher level than our rivals.

    Why we have got to this stage of him being within one year of his contract yet AGAIN is beyond me. We all saw what a good season he was having last year, so why didn’t we act then.

    I know it is a cheap shot, but heads really should roll for whoever is in charge of contracts at Elland Road. And if that is Williams, then so much the better!

  6. Andy Flynn

    Everyone rejects the first bid…..
    I’m still worried. My view is that we should just pay the boy what he is worth in todays market to get him on a 3-4 year contract.
    He is young, seems to have matured and his stock will rise again this season. Ideally we will go up and he will be a key player in the Premier League – we call know he is good enough.

    If we don’t go up and lose him we can at least get a decent transfer fee. We need to speculate to accumulate some times….

    Having said that, his agent is probably comfortable letting his contract run down knowing that he will get more money on the back of a free transfer.

  7. tom

    looking forward too seeing him at upton park..he’ll do well for us as we go BACK UP, as for the 3rd biggest team in the league comment..oh no what will we do?? i guess will just have too finish 3rd this season then?? plank

  8. john

    West ham 3rd biggest club in the championship???????????????im confused apart from possibly Leeds even though they averaged 10000 less supporters last season than us (even though we were crap)who else in the league comes close to us?

  9. Bobby

    Third biggest, but THE best in the league. Nolan or Howson? No question.. Gradel crosses in, Piq jumps up, nods past your keeper, 1 nil.. infront of the ‘kop’ SEE YOU SOON!

  10. kev

    great isn’t it when a club with over £80 million in debt can put a bid in for one of our best players,how would gradel play for west ham there about to become the most boring teams in the championship under Allerdyce !!

  11. Paul South Wales

    I really can’t see WHU going straight up, it’ll be a culture shock dropping into the CCC. Stay with a big club Max. Saying that give us £5M and i’ll drive him down there myself

    • dale steel

      Why would you accept £5 Million. They could offer £20 Million but what would be the point? Because there is one thing I can assure you of, Master Bates wont spend a penny on players!?!?!?

  12. Simon

    It’s amazing how so many WH fans are on tiny Leeds’ fansite. For one thing it’s impossible for WH to have averaged 10000 more supporters as their stadium isn’t big enough, but even if it was that would be humiliating for such a “big” PL team… Prepare for your rude awakening.

  13. Bradders

    West ham going up lol you can’t even fill your own bench with senior players and you’ve got huge debts that will get even bigger when you get your atmosphereless stadium that you won’t own. If you don’t go up before your parachute payments stop you’ll be in league one in no time.

  14. trueyorxman

    Let the Hammers spend away then see which direction they go in when they DONT go up this season

  15. Cb

    Wouldn’t celebrate yet is only one bid rejected we’ll be back

    Make a good hat trick to add gradel tithe expected signings of eider gudjonsson and dj Campbell this week

    Not bad or the 2rd at best biggest club in that xhampionship

    • dale steel

      West Ham are in massive debt and surviving on the balloon payments (which leeds didn’t get). West Ham are making a massive gamble, and the gamble is they go straight back up. Be warned my friend… If you dont go up this season your going to be up shit creek without a paddle. Just like Leeds. West Ham are about the 3rd biggest team in the way of Fanbase, and they are probably 16th in the way of finance….£80 Million Debt = Very Bad!

  16. lufcgjb

    They won’t get him no matter what they offer. West hame won’t go up and when you move into the olympic stadium you’ll go bust!

  17. plowhite

    Hahah mad max loves leeds! You average 10000 fans more than us! You were playing premiership football and i bet your ticket prices were no where near as high as ours!! We will show your tinpot club leeds are the biggest club outside the prem!!

  18. Tyler75

    For our historically challenged, cockney friends – the ‘third biggest club in the Championship’ remark refers to the fact that as a club West Ham have won virtually nothing, or even played at the highest level of european club competition, whereas Leeds & Forest have. Actually, I forgot about Derby ……make that the ‘fourth’ largest club in the Championship.

  19. Bubionwhite

    Now then Jamie … “Max come to the hammers and have the chance to become a legend” … yet another bubble blower trying to live off past glories as the only legends to come from Little Upton Park were somewhere in the dark, distant past, ala Bobby Moore, Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst. Some of us up here even think the “bite yer legs” was an even better player but didn’t have the same whingy accent. I’m sure that now you’ve got Sir Sam as your manager you’ll start to be compared to Bolton Wanderers … wouldn’t want it on my wish list thanks. Max should stay exactly where he is if he wants to become a legend, it’s only a matter of time.

  20. CJ

    Gradel’s days as a Leeds player must be numbered. Greedy bastard Bates surely won’t allow him to do a Beckford and walk away for nothing. Bates stubbornness in only giving our top players short contracts will bite him on the arse again. How many more players will we lose before the penny drops!? How stupid must he be!?

  21. Cb

    And Te main thing that Leeds , derby and foret have in common is a distinct need to stop living in the past

    • lufcgjb

      haha we need to stop living in the past? all west ham fans go on about is winning the world cup 45 years ago lol talk about sad

  22. John

    West Ham are easily the biggest club in the championship, West Ham have got the best stadium, the biggest crowds, the biggest fanbase, the biggest revenue. Leeds have got no history apart from a little spell they had in the 70s which even then they won absolutely nothing, there ground is a dump and falling to bits, and leeds average crowd is around 18 to 22 thousand hahaha even brighton will get bigger then that next season. Leeds ain’t even in the top ten biggest clubs in the championship.

  23. C Gull

    How amusing Leeds and Hammers fans bickering over the transfer of an average player like Gradel, Huddersfield were a big club once too.

    Stop living in the past both of you!

  24. TopCat 6667

    All the Bubble Blowers coming onto the Leeds site is a joke. Why don’t you comment on your own sites, instead of waiting for tumbleweeds blowing by.
    To clarify the largest supported clubs, Leeds are 9th with 938,000 supporters, West Ham are 12th with 691,000. Apart from Rangers and Celtic, Leeds are the highest supported outside the Premier League, West Ham 2nd.
    The Bubble Blowers ave home attendance last season was 32,842 and in comparison Leeds Utd in their relegation season 2004 was 36,666.
    Last season in the Championship was 27,299 but in perspective this is with many away teams bringing NO FANS.
    The debt of West Ham is a staggering 80 million and the only reason you survive is with the porn owners guarantor. Without this you would sink faster than the Greek economy.
    Good luck against Millwall this season.

  25. CJ

    Keep gobbing, u cockey gob-shites.
    Sullivan & Gold are gambling on instant promotion.
    If that fails then West Ham will drop like a tarts knickers!!

  26. John

    the difference between West Ham fans and leeds fans are West Ham fans know West Ham are a big club, Leeds fans think there a big club. West Hams average gate last season was nearly 35 thousand, not bad for a team that played crap all season and were in the bottom 3 all season and got relegated, we also have 21 thousand on our season ticket waiting list, and over 750 thousand on how fan database, plus we are moving to a new 60 thousand stadium in two years. Gradel who is he? stay at little leed because West Ham are far to good and big for you, you would be out of your depth son.

  27. Craig1919

    I’ve been informed whether true or not West Ham only offered £750k?? If so that is as a derisory offer as you could possibly get!

  28. John

    the last time West Ham were in the fizzy pop how crowds were the biggest by far in that division, and they will be again this season. we are the big fish and everyones cup final. FACT!!!

    • TSS

      Behave mate. You’re like London’s fourth team.

      You probably will draw the biggest attendances while ever you keep the performances up, but you haven’t been outside the Prem for several years now and charged prices that rival that of the European teams.

  29. John

    we are londons 4th club are we, well considering Chelski and Arsenal both finnish in the top 4 and in the champions league and the Spuds were 5th, then im not surprised. but give it a couple of years and we will be up there with them and playing in the second bigges stadium in england behind Man utd’s old trafford. now how many northern teams are bigger and better then leeds? i can name 7 just off the top of my head :-)

    • TSS

      You realise the North is half a country and London is a city, right?

      I worry about the standards of education in this country.

  30. Barking 66

    West Ham bigger than Leeds ? Do me a favour. Just because you’ve come down from the top division, doesnt make you bigger club and last time we were both down here Leeds averaged more. Remind me how many times you have won the league and played in European competion ?

    • steven Glover

      Simple fact is if you look at west ham and Leeds have had there hay days quite some time ago. But Leeds in fact are more known and have one more cups than west ham have ever won. Also leeds have had better players worth more money such as Lennon milner Ferdinand who played better 4 leeds. Also pennant becford cantona s viduka paul Robinson smith snodgrass Jackie Charlton etc. Also the leeds stadium is bigger with about 39000 seats compared to 35000. And leeds fill more. And why do you west ham fans wana get rude if you wana buy a leeds player you fools.we gr in champ league you didn’t so shut up with you debt cheap looking scummy pices of moldly ham


    Nice to get some ‘big club’ fans biting for a change – we must be back!
    For the record West Ham are my favourite of the London teams, but sorry you are no where near as big a club as Leeds. Gradel has nothing to gain by moving unless it is to a Premiership team.
    In the interviews with him I’ve read, he is not your typical money grabbing footballer and acknowledges the debt he owes Leeds for standing by him after the Bristol debacle.
    I would expect him to sign a one year contract extension before the season starts.
    Good luck West Ham, I think you’re going to be surprised how hard the championship is to get out of.

  32. John

    why do Leeds fans think there a big club, your history is rubbish, yes you’ve won 3 titles and thats about it, even sunderland have won 6, your stadium is a dump and falling to bits, you average crowds between 18 and 20 thousand, and you yoyo from the fizzy pop to league 1 every other year, West Ham are absolutely massive compared to leeds, no doubt about it. you Leeds fans are so deluded its unreal, your no bigger then say Hull.

    • TSS

      We’ve been to League One once you idiot and we’ve spent a lot more time in Europe than you ever will.

      For the past 40 years Leeds have yoyo’d between success and absolutely failure. West Ham meanwhile have done nothing of interest at all – you’re a largely pointless club who simply make the numbers up.

      Do you really consider yourself a bigger club when you’re biggest achievement was 3rd in the Premier League 1986?

      We’ve also won the Cup Winners Cup by the way, not to mention the UEFA Cup (twice).

      As for the bigger fanbase nonsense, you managed an average of 29,000 last year playing Arsenal, ManU, Chelski and Liverpool. We were less than 2,000 behind playing Preston and Hull. (

      Might be time to get off your high horse now mate, you’re just making yourself look a tit. I have absolutely nothing against West Ham, but if you’re an example of an average fan, I may change my mind.

    • Steven Glover.must read!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!

      What you on no one likes west ham they like wigan and wolves they dnt deserve to be in the premier league. Upton park is a dump its smaller bell end and we have won more stuff than you have you ever been in the champions league. We have won more and produced great players. We are more liked and know we have great history with man utd 4 a reason XIX we have been with best. You have been with Millwall is that the best you can think of for a rivalry. We so better than you in the FA cup we drew with arsenal tottenham and beaten the scum man utd and done. Double IV QPR. Wtf you done apart from beating man utd once by like 5 goals and them toy gt beaten back. Ask knu other fans and am certain they want leeds back out odbrhe other clubs AA tyeu brought exciting matches and drama p. That’s what you call a club leeds go marching on and west ham go down and down. I do hope leeds and Southampton get through they deserve it as they are loved and have history p. They deserve to be in the premier league rather than west ham wigan wolves QPR west brom fix there boring. Cmom you whites beat the red roses of London again and show the proud white rose

  33. John

    Barking66, remind you how many times West Ham have played in europe, well West Ham won the cup winners cup, and were also runners up again the year after. West Ham have been in europe a fair bit throughout our history, tell me how many times have leeds been in the 3rd tier of english football because West Ham have never sunk that far, ever

  34. LUFC69

    Apart from a spell in the 70’s when we won nothing? I seem to recall us winning the league in 92 for starters. West Ham are no better than teams like Leicester in the top flight. Oh and another thing, you never seem to beat us either.

  35. John

    we have surprisingly never won a league title, but you’ve only won 3. anyway if winning more league titles then another club means your bigger then them then Sunderland most be bigger then West Ham, Leeds and Tottenham put together because Sunderland have 6 and the 3 teams ive mentioned only have 5 between them. are Notts Forest bigger then Arsenal? because Forest have two european cups and Arsenal haven’t got one.

  36. John

    You didn’t win te league in 92, West Ham won that for ya :-) and as for West Ham being no better then leicester in the premiership, your not even in leicesters league in the fizzy pop.

  37. CJ

    West Ham fans had better hope that you bounce straight back up because £80M of debt just insn’t sustainable in Championship. Gold & Sullivan are taking an enormous gamble by signing the likes of Kev Nolan.
    If you don’t hit the ground running then administration with points deduction will no doubt follow. Then w’ll see what a big club you really are.
    Believe me, the Championship won’t be an easy division to get out of.

  38. LUFC69

    You havent got a clue what your on about have you? Go play on FIFA or something and pretend that West Ham are a big club on there.

  39. John

    you do understand that when West Ham sell upton park we will get around 50 million for it, then theres talk of 100 million pound naming rights for how new stadium. debt what debt?

  40. Simon

    West Ham average attendance in PL: ~29,000

    Leeds aa in NPC: ~27/8,000

    Leeds won more League Titles, more Domestic Cups, more European competitions, bigger fanbase, and, despite the deluded ramblings of the WH fan earlier, a bigger stadium by ~4/5000, depending on work being done to the East Stand.

    You know I really can’t decide who’s bigger!

  41. Ed

    Not interested in this my dad is bigger than yours bullshit but I know that if West Ham do stay down & the parachute payments stop while not managing promotion then the crowds will drop off to around 15,000.
    We at Leeds put up with a crooked chairman, extortionate prices, being treated like shit & still come back year after year.
    Also for you Hammers I am not having a dig, but with that £80m debt I hope for your own sake you get promoted because if not you are doomed!

  42. John

    West Hams average crowd in the premier league 29 thousand? dont think so mate your lying, and as for you have a bigger stadium then us yes you do by about 3 thousand and we still get much bigger crowds then you, plus your ground is a dump and upton park is the best stadium in the fizzy pop next season. but dont worry you can have it in two years when we move into how 60 thousand stadium, you’ve won about two trophys more then us in your history, not really anything to shout about. plus as for you having a bigger fanbase then us, dont be silly how revenu is miles bigger then yours. good try mate but you lose.

    • TSS

      I gave you a link proving it you retard – some of us do our homework before posting.

      As for the 60k bowl your having built for you, the only time you’ll get near filling it is when you play the big four or a team with a fanbase big enough to take 20,000 away – like Leeds.

  43. John

    mate West Ham spent two years down in the fizzy pop the last time we were down there, and we averaged crowds of around 34 thousand. we even got sell out crowds of 35 thousand against the likes of rotherham and crewe. awe also have a season ticket waiting list at the moment of over 21 thousand.

  44. franzzzzzz

    Admittedly we West Ham fans over-rate our own status, we’ve had a history that reads like Arsenals last 6 years, riddled with dissappointment and close misses. But West Ham and Leeds both need to admit that we are teams that have seen better days. Max Gradel, I would love him to come to the Hammers but he won’t and probably for his own good he shouldn’t. He should sit tight and wait for Villa or Bolton to pick him up.
    But I can’t see West Ham dropping to league one. We have fucking stupid owners but they won’t let the debt out do them. We still, despite bad recent years, have a fucking good academy and youngsters that can at least compete with the championship.
    To be honest I hope Leeds do well. As a Hammers fan I revel in the past and like teams with a decent history, and so I hope to see you in the top flight. I recon we’ll be there next season and I can imagine you lot doing it this season too. But you guys have always managed to fuck up our plans in the past, so we’ll just have to see what happens.
    I don’t think this message has been very football-fan-esque so i’ll leave you with this.

  45. garyt

    you dik head west ham fans, leeds are known and have fans all around the world you idiots check your facts,they have played in european football for about 15 seasons in the seventies nineties and nearly won the european cup in 2001,and they have won the league three times but come second by a point a cheated by a referee about six times,and in the prem they average forty thousand and you cant get a ticket they would fill a 55000 stadium every week if went up again,you fool leeds are known all over europe and had the best team this country ever produced, they broke every record, most wins most points in a season biggest british crowd ever 134000 leeds v celtic read your facts mate leeds are the third biggest and well known club in england mate

  46. TopCat 6667

    At least Leeds fans dont run out to “Forever Blowing Bubbles”. What sort of rubbish is that.
    Almost as bad as the old Hull City “Tigers Tigers rah rah rah” or Leicester running out with free bags of crisps for the fans.
    Aah, bless.

  47. John

    Anyway its been some good banter with you leeds boys, anyway just for the record i hope West Ham and Leeds both go up next season where we both truly belong, im off now boys but good luck next season ( apart from when you play us of course ) and lets hope we are both celebrating come the end of the season. take care and thanks for the friendly banter :-) take care

  48. Mike


    Take a look at the live TV games in the first two months of the season – Leeds are on 7 times – so looking at it from an independent viewpoint (the TV guys) Leeds are much the bigger club. Why are Leeds on all the time? because they sell advertising space.. Why becasuse we are the bigger club – more people switch on the TV when Leeds are on…. simple.

    By the way when you make comments, get your facts right first otherwise you look stupid…… bit late now though!

  49. hammer66

    can i remind everybody about westhams debt. Yes the club is in debt BUT gold and sullivan are not. So face facts we are a bigger club than you as remember we one the world cup. And another thing hmmmmmmm london or leeds ??????????? where shall Max prefer to live?

  50. James

    Leeds bigger then West Ham hahahaha have you ever heard such rubbish in all your life. Some of the crap you Leeds fans come out with just like the one ive just mentioned and also the Leeds fan who thinks Leeds are the 3rd biggest club in england yeah right! Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle, West Ham, Sunderland, Tottenham, Everton, A villa, Sheff Wed, Man city are all bigger clubs then Leeds. and by the way West Ham are on the most times on tv, Leeds are on sky more, but West Ham are on itv more. so you even got that wrong hahahaha.

    • TSS

      Everyone wants to think their club is the biggest and the bestest, but you really are making yourself look a tit putting your team amongst a bunch of teams with actual honours to speak of. Come back when you have something better than 3rd in the 1980’s to brag about.

  51. Mike

    put that on your shirt when you come to ER….. or when you switch your radio on

  52. James

    Sky and bbc both share the games you twat! the teams get the same amount of money if they play on either of them dahhhhh

    • TSS

      Again you’ve fallen into the trap of just making shit up rather than researching it and covering your bases. The TV money is dished out by the league so an appearance fee is standard, but Sky don’t “share” with the BBC. Sky bid for preference and pay much more, BBC take what’s left over.

  53. James

    Leeds are only on more then West Ham in tthe first few weeks on sky, but i bet you they show more West Ham games then they do Leeds all he way through the season.

  54. James

    West Hams first game of the season against Cardiff is the first game on the bbc, then West Hams second home game of the season against Leeds is on sky, then West Hams second away game of the season against Notts Forest is on sky.

  55. Mike

    I would have thought the first 8 weeks of the season as a reasonable yard stick!

    On a serious note are you lot worried a Big Sam – hes overseen some of the worst defensive play ever seen – not exactly in the West Ham tradition of playing football is it.

  56. Mike

    F***ING el James I wont by a paper for the tele I ll just email you to see whats on

  57. James

    and as hammer66 said West Ham are in debt, gold and sullivan ain’t. and just in case you were wondering, gold and sullivan are worth 1.3 billion between them so i dont think 80 million will kill them do you?

  58. Mike

    It might do when your in your 60K capacity stadium (with 15,000 in it) in League 1 – And before you say it wont happen…..

  59. James

    Mike, im pleased with us getting big sam because i think hes what our club needs tbo, but if we dont go up next season then i think he’ll be gone. what do you think of Leeds this season mate, do you think you’ll be up there?

  60. Mike

    Most Leeds fans are realistic – as it stands I think we can go one better than last season and get in the play-offs. The home games are key for us – the crowds worth a goal start (possibly the same at Upton Park) if we can cut out the draws and win 14-15 at home we could go further.
    Reasonable we need 2-3 players to improve us….. We are relativily a settled team which is a strange thing to say based on the last 8 years – so the togetherness should be there. If Simon Grayson stops dabbling with loan players at the turn of each year we may push on.

    Brown and Kisnorbo should realistically reduce the flow of goals at the wrong end

    Playoffs acceptable to me

  61. James

    Well good luck mate i hope you have a good season. and i hope we both can go up next year :-) ps its only a bit of banter, us West Ham fans have nothing against Leeds. goodnight mate bed time for me.

  62. Matthew

    If we dont get promoted, we will lose Gradel, simple as. There is no other situation where he stays.

    Football is all about the money, there is no loyality, if Gradel feels at the end of this Season if he breaks his 18 goal record that he’s worth more than £15,000 a week for example, he will leave.

    Kilkenny(Though he sucks) felt he was worth more, Beckford did, Johnson did, thats just the reality of things.

    Repeating myself but nothing short of promotion will keep Gradel at Leeds come the 2012/2013 Season.

  63. Paul C

    This is all very well , the banter , the reality is though that if Leeds get a bid from an established premiership club then Gradel is likely to go.

    We forget he only has 1 year left on his contract and he could easily TRIPLE his wages, of course he is likely to attract bids, it is the risk that goes with Bates’ contract strategy at the club.

    I have no idea why Leeds fans get so worked up , we should be used to it by now. We sell , we allow contracts to run down and we do not buy . Thats how we are run.

  64. Matt BB

    West Ham are sadly a stalking horse, i fully expect wigan, stoke or fulham to make a gneuine offer for gradels worth (inasmuch as he is in the final year of his contract) namely £4m-£5m. If wed sorted out his contract and paid him the £20K plus a week that he is worth we simply wouldnt be having this sort of interest however, so we only have ourselves to blame.

    Financially it would have made sense, his value would have gone up had he been on a contract for more than year too!

    So now expect Cap’n Birds Eye to accept the £4M to £5M that comes in from west ham, and Grayson to tamely announce that Nunez and Sam will step up to the mark, and the cash to fall into the mits of the stadium developers and go nowhere near the team.

    It peaves me when I see a team like Sunderland rake in £20M for Henderson, and then – for a refreshing change, spend that fee on about 4 or 5 new players who will make them a better team and push them for a european place. Shame on Leeds.

  65. Gryff

    Well the ball’s in our court as much as Gradel’s now.

    We’ve got to ask him/his agent what he wants for a new contract, see if we can get it to somewhere viable, and sign him to it.

    We need to do that within the next 2.5 weeks or work out how much one season of football from him is worth. While I’d ordinarily not take less than £8mil for him (he made Arsenal look like schoolboys) I doubt we’ll go up this season so I’d sell him for £5mil. But cash up-front.

    West Ham can’t afford cash up-front, ofc, because they’ve overpaid some real losers that they can’t shift from their books.

  66. Kev

    He needs to go to a BIGGER club like Westham. They will also have the best Stadium in the world next year. Leeds have to rent that old crap one they lost years ago.

    • Matthew

      Kev, thing is. Leeds ARE a bigger club than West Ham, with better fans, more fans even, more passion in the supporters, we’re not all glory hunters. Have fun filling your Olympic Stadium :P

      You think you’re bigger because your club has more money, but in reality you’re heavily in debt, and never actually acheived anything in the premier league. At least when we had less debt than you, we got somewhere :P

  67. Whitey

    I love the fact that all you West Ham fans want Gradel so badly! You are well known to me, and are me most hated club outside Manchester in my eyes….you will have a job getting out of this division. Nolan’s a great player and should be in the premier league, but id feel slightly embarrassed having just signed a player on £55k pw for the championship, administration?……I’m waiting for El hadji to sign now so we can really chuckle!
    about the stadium Kev, you can have the best stadium in the world….dyson hand dryers in the toilets won’t take you back up! You cant polish a turd..

  68. Simon

    The only thing WH have over Leeds is their average attendance last season (by about 2000, nothing to shout about considering they were in the PL). The only people who think WH are bigger than Leeds are WH fans. You bribed your way into a stadium you will never fill whereas we’re going the proper way about expanding our historic (doesn’t look like a kiddies toy) ground to 50,000+ which we will easily fill when in the PL.

    I’ll post the average attendance link for those who don’t believe me:

  69. IanLEEDSunited ON PS3

    to all who doubt leeds are a big club dont truly like football has everyon forgot leeds were always in the the top six every year theyve had ups and downs like all teams but were stronger for it. i live in midlands now i see people with leeds kits here no west ham tho might be because the kit is grime or maybe nobody else wants to support such a loser club your on stokes level mid table at best


    Bloody hell, is this argument still going on!

    By every measure Leeds are a bigger club than West Ham, but let’s give them their due, they have a loyal fan base that all come from the East End. I haven’t got a problem with any fans that back their local team and ain’t glory hunters.

    We should both be top division teams, but Leeds has a far bigger fan base and have won far more trophies. I’d hate to see WHU go out of business because we have been there ourselves, but the Olympic stadium and their debts could cripple them.

    Having been far too polite to our new found enemy, I’ll now tell the cockney twats to know their place and wish them luck for the season.

    • Matthew

      We have nothing to fear from West Ham this season. Not only do they have a poor quality team of overpaid players, they also have a team that was beaten by virtually everyone in the premier league, with the worst record in the clubs history. Folks they’re in the Championship to stay, and whilst we’re in the premier league next season, West Hams best friends Millwall will be giving them the usual warm welcome at the den lol

      • Matthew

        Next as in 2012/2013 season to avoid confusion.

  71. chris

    i cant believe you deluded leeds fans think your bigger then west ham hahahaha. and im an Arsenal fan.

    • Matthew

      Dude. West Ham are a tiny little tinpot London club who recently got rid of Agent Avram Millwall Legend. They’re smaller than most teams in the Championship and will be in the Championship for years to come.

  72. The Fresh Prince of Belle Isle

    We’re bigger than Arsenal mate!

    Now get us a kebab boss!

  73. michael horspool

    firstly i hate Arsenal and the only good thing about the worse pre-season i have had to endure as a leeds fan (in 21 years) is that Arsenal are doing worse, yes they may be better but they are going right down hill while leeds will stay where we are. it is easier to accept being crap when you was in league one. like to see all the loyal arsenal fans, nice stadium with no fans after your mid table season thats awaiting. Leeds are bigger than west ham also have been always will be leeds fans are amoungst the best with newcastle and liverpool and this reason we will be big always have good players coming through and always will do. well pissed off with ken bates who wont spend no money and trying to start a campaing to kick him in the nuts. we cant sell gradel but snodgrass can go. he is good but nunez will take centre stage this season he is very good. expect adain white to make impact as well this year. need a forward as beccio could be injured more than fit. smith can f**k off as not good enough (was never good in my opinion) good defensive mid and one good centre half needed along with keeper and maybe full back. Michael johnson would be great signing also if we are getting old players back would like to see jermain pennant who is free agent sign. Leeds marching on together long after fickle arsenal fans have fallen apart.

  74. michael horspool

    after watching todays game i take it back nunez for england

  75. Chris

    hahaha Leeds ain’t even as big as teams like sheffield wed or sheffield utd, never mind teams like West Ham. and my team Arsenal well we just batter you in every single department. in fact its just to embarrassing to even talk about. enjoy bouncing back to league 1 next year where your small tin pot club deserves to be. UP THE GOONERS!!!


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