In an ongoing effort to clear space on the site and reduce server load, I have decided to move The Scratching Shed Leeds United forum to a third party host that provides free ad-supported forums.

Apologies to those that use the forums for any inconvenience caused, but I hope you will appreciate they were quite a considerable drain on resources and that moving them elsewhere is for the good of the site.

You can visit the new forums by clicking here. The link at the top of the page has also been redirected to the new forums.

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    • TSS

      Tried to transfer them mate, but the old forums database wasn't transferable to any mainstream forum software out there so it wasn't possible.

      Half of them were just me, you, Colin, Reaps et al going round in circles anyway!

  1. Sunnyleeds

    I think this will help cos the site has not been so smooth since it was upgraded some six months ago. Cheers and good luck.

    • TSS

      I know mate. Been spending most of my free time trying to get it functioning a little better, but there aren't enough hours in the day. Will get there in the end though.

  2. mikelufc

    plus Craig and Gryff, but shit, we were only the mainstays so what the hell.
    Just dont use the excuse that the forums were eating resources because that is either showing your ignorance or something else.

    • TSS

      Of course they eat resources Mike – people are viewing them and requesting information from the server, therefore it creates additional load. Hosting them elsewhere means they don't interfere at all with the site itself. It's that simple.

      I've shed a lot more things besides the forums, but the main part are things that will go unnoticed by visitors. Anything and everything that can be removed has been to try and get the site back to a reasonable speed and until I find a more permanent solution, that's the way it has to be.

      Most of the forums you refer to in your other rant are also hosted this way. That's why they don't have problems!

  3. mikelufc

    Have it your own way but we both know you are after newbies all the time who may just click on an ad which makes them dingbats.
    Your regulars don't do that so they have been sidelined.
    Good luck.

    • TSS

      Again, a lack of facts is your downfall Mike. The ads are CPM – they pay by impression, not clicks.

      They cover site costs. The alternative was to go with a free hosted blog on, but had I done that, the forums would have been possible in the first place. Nor would 95% of the site for that matter.

  4. mikelufc

    It has always been my problem this lack of facts, because telling the truth often seems to be a problem, where is a person to get facts?????
    So, let me get this right please.
    It is not much to do with Leeds United fans chatting, but more about cpm and other ways of paying the bills
    How is it then that I am a regular on a couple of sailing , rowing and a couple of other forums that have none of that stuff, and no ads, no popups etc. just a forum where folks just chat amongst themselves about their chosen subject mostly plus some extra stuff on the side :-) and there is never any whining on the site s about costs, and yet here only a couple of weeks ago much help was offered for free and even monetary as I recall.

    I suppose a man who believes his roots lay in some premordial swamp is unlikely to care too much about others, survival of the fittest is alive and deleting.

    • TSS

      That's probably because these sites are not self-hosted. A fundamental difference you fail to grasp.

      Also, I never whined about the money at all – I said that the site should be self-sustaining and that a dedicated server would mean it no longer was and that I wasn't prepared to cover the difference. That's not whining, that's informing you of my position and like it or not, that's my decision to make.

      My actual problem was that the site was getting to a stage where problems were stacking up – it was basically one step forward and two steps back. When you put so much of your own time into something like this only to see it falling apart, it's understandably frustrating. More frustrating too is when I have to cope with your ungrateful whinging despite my best efforts. Is everything a conspiracy in Mike-world?

      So the solution was to start stripping the site bare and get back to basics. Those who come to read the posts should benefit from faster load time, whilst those that use the forums will also benefit from better speed. It was a win-win solution. Quite how this has got your feathers ruffled is beyond me – you just seem to like creating drama.

      Anyway Mike, I'm bored of explaining myself to you. I've tried to be reasonable and respond to your incessant whining in a calm and respectful manner, but I feel I'm wasting my time because you'll continue moaning on regardless.

    • Craig

      Chill Mike – what has got into you? And please don't take your ball away in a huff. I'd miss you.

      I fully understand TSS – but please could you adjust the settings so the new forum opens on a new page.

    • Colin

      Mike, get back on board – I see a corellation between the TSS forums and the United Nations.

      We need a variety of attendees sitting at the round table. I see you as China :)

      You need to get back to the table to help offer an alternative view to Team USA and all their cronies, who keep shouting about how everything is so positive and how Michael Brown is amazing.

      Your Sincerely,

      UN envoy for Russia & friend

      PS. If you want, Billy Paynter heat seeking missiles, Lonergan cluster bombs and pro Alan Smith activist groups, just let me know via this site. Thanks!

      • Gryff723

        Does that mean I can be Canada? Or France? Or maybe Iran?!

      • TSS

        Due to my highly liberal personality, I'm going to be Sweden. I considered other countries, but there's something about the Swedish women that just edged it for them.

  5. Carl

    Youve got more patience than me tss Id av told him to fuck off months ago

  6. Mark R

    Completely over the top Mike.

    Take 5 minutes and have a calming cup of tea.

    Keep up the good work TSS.


    Mark R

  7. Captaincrash

    For me (when at work or travelling with work, which is very frequent) the new forum site is blocked. No huge deal but will reduce the ability to join the forums somewhat.

  8. yorkwhite

    As far as I'm concerned the site is great. I don't always comment but I read it every day to find out what's going on. If you're not happy Mike, set up your own, simples. MOT
    P.S Pleased with the signing of Lonergan and with PK back it's as good as a new CD but still seriously worried about defence.

  9. Gryff723

    The actual blog is far more important than the forum.

    The forum's got a place and it allows a more in-depth discussion of things, but half of what's written there is covered here anyway.

  10. michael horspool

    i was just reading this, i dont understand computer stuff so i think fair play to tss. good to see a leeds fan take things into own hands and let leeds fans chat with out mr bates and his nazi propergander take over. well done tss you must put effort onto this and it is appraicted. i have only recently found site and thinks its great. on another note HOW SAD IS THIS MIKE BLOKE? which i think should be a new blog maybe? i would of told him to do one. on the how sad is mike i was reading his rants at tss and read the following…"How is it then that I am a regular on a couple of sailing , rowing and a couple of other forums" SAILING AND ROWING? get a life mate also if you are oh so active how comes you are always on here, i am on here but apart for kickboxing and five a side (where i play in goal to mimamise movement) i sit on my arse all day.

    Mike you are a shame to leeds fans and all people with the name Michael. and as a fellow leeds fan and mike/michael i urge you to start supporting arsenal and change your name to either Keith, Derick or tosser you can pick the name any of the three names but must become an arsenal fan as you would fit in you wingy little sailing boat rowing toss bag….there i said it…in fact go and join ken bates on his yatch…prick….yeah!

    • Craig

      This is rather a harsh over-reaction Michael. I'd advise you not to cherish a career in mediation.

      Mike is OK. He went a bit over the top on this occasion but I'd miss his contributions if he took his ball elsewhere. Personally, I think he went ape because he'd managed to get his counter well into the 600-posts territory.

  11. michael horspool

    see i didnt know all of the information. he had his counter well over 600 (know idea what that means). still he was a bit rude and i expect better from a michael or a leeds fan let alone both and your right mediation didnt work out well for me, i ended up with an injunction against me for hitting a female monk (not even sure if you can get female monks, in fact pretty sure you cant but anyway) with one of them little gong-ie thingies. i would of served time but did tell the judge that i was a leeds fan and this coupled with the fact that i had posted well over 600 post things meant i was very stressed. the judge let me off with a caution due to temperary insanity

    any way i dygrese… big fan of the tss and think the bloke who runs it should be applauded not repremanded. mike should spend more time on the sea than haveing a pop at tss! shame on him, did he not also consider the rowing and sailing sites might cope better as no fuckers cares about either of them so the demand might be smaller than a site dedicated to the greatest team in the world ever (apart from my five-a-side team). i will keep your message in mind though craig and go easy on him in future 'out of respect for you and your family' (i said the last bit in a marlon brando fashion)

    • michael horspool

      also mike used the word dingbats now that is an arsenal fan word if ever i heard one… bet his middle name is keith or maybe spencer


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