As every man out there who is married or in any kind of long-term relationship will tell you, whether you like it or not, we’re all controlled by our better halves. Sure, we try to protest occasionally and will always try to kid ourselves and our friends that we’re the one’s actually wearing the trousers, but deep down, we know the last real decision we made was long before that thumbprint appeared on our foreheads.

That’s why the following tweet from Katie Stockdale – the better half of Leeds United target David Stockdale – is so significant.

[qtweet 90140601269493761]

It seems extremely unlikely that Fulham will loan a player out to a Premier League club and with David getting very few opportunities at the cottage, Leeds United may be his best option for first team experience.

Considering he was born and raised in Leeds, the proposed move also represents a homecoming for himself and his homesick missus.

The deal then, seems inevitable. A season-long loan, with some kind of recall clause should Fulham require his services is the most likely outcome. The Cottagers have loaned Stockdale out three times over the last three seasons and while ever they can’t provide him with game time, it’s a trend that is almost certain to continue.