Alan Smith will visit Elland Road this Sunday for the first time as a player since leaving Leeds United. Rather unsurprisingly, the Newcastle United midfielder is expecting a pretty hostile reception from Leeds United fans who saw his move to Manchester United in 2004 as the ultimate betrayal.

“I don’t know what the reception will be – we played them at St James’ Park two seasons ago and I got a bad one then, so I am expecting the same at Elland Road,”

Interesting to see James’ Park Stadium isn’t catching on with the players any more than it is with the Newcastle United fans, but anyway, I digress.

Smith is probably wise to expect a rather hostile welcome home. Whilst a lot of water has passed beneath the proverbial bridge since his exit and a lot of fans have moved on, there are still plenty who will use the occasion to vent their anger at him.

The Newcastle United midfielder goes on to tell of a great affinity with Leeds United and reveals that he’s attended games at Elland Road since his exit;

“I have been back to watch games but never as a player. It is not something I have really wanted to do to be honest.”

So, how bad will Alan Smith’s reception be this weekend? How will you, the Leeds United supporting public, greet our former hero? This calls for a poll…

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  • mattbb

    not fanning the flames there even a little are we TSS with that picture of Smith…

    • TSS

      I just felt it was relevant to the story, that's all. Honest.

      The video further down is how you fan the flames. Whites fans love seeing that.

  • Remis

    You can see the hatred in his eyes as he was looking at those man u fans in that photo ;)!!!

    • mattbb

      Yes this is the point the drugs wore off, and smith caught sight of himself in the mirror… complete with Filthy red rag where his wonderful white shirt once was…

  • TSS

    [youtube 60NNSwKxc0g&NR=1 youtube]

  • bazza

    Not really his fault for leaving Leeds? I would have done the same

  • trueyorxman

    @bazza, you'll get dogs abuse aswell on Sunday then!!

  • rwhites

    I don't think "With unrelenting hostility" should just be for that little scum bag, think every vising team/player should get that.
    Make Elland Road a horrible place to visit again like in the good old days!!

    • rwhites is right. Elland Road should be an awful place for visiting teams and fans. It's too dead at times and there is little or no hostility to the away teams. I know wwe had 3 years in League One and it's hard to be hostile to the likes of Yeovil; but there is no excuse now, teams like Millwall, West Ham etc If you can't hate them …

  • Matt

    at the end of the day he was forced out of Leeds as the club fell apart due to bad financial running, he never wanted to leave, he said is time and time again, Ferguson only wanted him to stab Leeds where it would hurt so stop blaming him! any fans who direct hate at him directly over the move aren't real fans at all

    • TSS

      You had me right up until the point you started undermining fans support based upon their feelings towards an ex-player. I couldn't care less what fans think of any ex-player so long as they support the ones we currently have. To question the support because they have a different opinion to yourself is taking a point too far.

      • Chareose

        They are real fans just perhaps a bit lacking in the IQ department. Every team has its moron element who view the world in black and white and stubbornly hold onto stubborn ignorance……..

    • rwhites

      Aren't real fans…………..LOL
      Oh no I better keep my mouth shut in case I'm accused of being a imposter.

      At the end of the day it's just a part of football. he expects it.
      It's only like a footballer getting accused or rape, getting found not guilty but still getting abuse.

      or GLS getting called a gay boy when he's actually….nah scrap that he was bent.

      And as I type this the Beatles Let it Be has just come on the radio, must be a sign but i'm not going to listen to those scouse fuckers either

    • Brian Bellow

      what a clown he wasnt forced out he chose to go there

  • derbyshirewhite

    Good to see some balance in the voting at least. If Ridsdale and Leighton hadn't near bankrupted the club Smith would still be wearing the white shirt and we might still be watching some decent football.

    • TSS

      Would be interesting to see the correlation of votes to seating position within ER. I strongly suspect there'd be an increased number of 'bygone-be-bygones' and indifferent types in the West and East whilst an overwhelming majority of the Kop are the ones fuelled with rage. The problem is, the Kop will always be the more vocal.

      • derbyshirewhite

        You may be right TSS although I've been on the kop for over 40 years (sat in the West stand once) and believe Smith was a player who earned the right to wear the shirt. I've lost count of the ones who didn't.

        • TSS

          I stand in the Kop too mate, it just seems the majority of those in there share similar views. I don't know many who would welcome Smith back which makes me think the majority of those that would are kids in the East Stand and old people in the West that think footballers can still play 'til they're 45.

  • Gaffers

    Scum offered the best deal for Leeds at a time when we needed the money. So you can view it that he betrayed Leeds by going to the Scum OR that he made the ultimate sacrifice to help the club he loves. He ALWAYS gave everything for Leeds so in my opinion anyone who gives him a hostile reception are narrow minded. All the positives of Alan Smith at Leeds far outweigh the only negative (which even that was the most beneficial for the club).

  • Mersey Whites

    We should make him feel like coming home… A warm reception would be very unexpected but very welcome.
    I for one will be clapping him, if he actually plays.
    LBH , he is not going to making the Magpies first team anymore. So would we the Fans not want to encourage him to resign for us.
    We all know he can do a better job then most of the players who represent Leeds at the moment.
    Lets put the past behind us , and try our best to make him resign for Leeds…..

    • rwhites

      I don't want to upset you but HE'S NEVER COMING BACK.
      The sooner everyone faces reality and stops creaming over the prospect of some fallen hero returning the better.
      Try our best to make him resign, what should we do all chip in for his wages like Napoli fans did with Maradona. Sorry but he's not that good. Never has been.

      and Santa isn't real either.

      • TSS

        Are you seriously expecting anyone to believe Santa isn't real? Next you'll be telling us Elvis is actually dead and not living on a faraway island with Kurt Cobain, MJ, Tupac, Biggie and Amy Winehouse.

        • rwhites

          Not with Amy Winehouse,she got snagged at customs with a kilo of powder in a snatch.

      • Mersey Whites

        Its not the question of a fallen hero returning, Its all about getting better quality players back to the club. When Smith played for Leeds he was nowhere near the most talented , but at least he had the basics
        and played with conviction.

        • rwhites

          So did Jacob Burns. Now that lad did try his heart out.

          Just because you play with conviction doesn't mean you should get in a team.

          If he's that good other teams would be after him. By the sounds of it we are the only ones who actually do. That should tell you something.

          I agree we do need quality, just somebody with better quality than him.

        • Brian Bellow

          well hes not better quality is he, hes an absolute pile of dog dirt

  • COL

    The fact that he joined Man U is almost irrelivant. My main problem with Smith is that whilst Leeds were deep in a relegation fight, he was telling everybody which "big club" he would be joining once we were relegated. For this, I hope scummer Smith gets the stick he deserves.
    That said, if he re-signs for us then I will NOT give him any abuse, simular to when we signed Lee Sharpe.
    I wish ANYBODY who is representing Leeds United all the best. If however, he was as crap as Lee Sharpe then I would obviously be quick to give him abuse.

  • Tyler75

    The divisive voting and comments above show just what a very bad idea it would be for him to re-sign for us.

    On a slightly different note, in his latest communique, Bates alluded to negotiating in Monaco this weekend with the agents of 2 'really good' midfielders, one of whom, according to the tactical genius himself can also 'play upfront' . Any ideas ? As I've never seen Tevez play in midfield or been aware that Xavi can play as a target man upfront, I'll have a punt on Montgomery and the Finnish/Russian bloke.

    • Chareose

      mate the clue there was that he said " we allways like to have a look at the players"….. in other words trialists from the conference pub league that can be bought for a "free" or perhaps the two midfeilders we already trialed

  • Paddy1992

    I was never a smith fan anyway. Those who talk of what he did for the club, don’t realise that all he did was run around alot getting booked. What goods a striker who gets booked more often than he scores? I will vent my anger at him not just cos he signed for scum but also cos he’s turned the club he ‘loves’ down twice for money. So not only is he a treacherous pile of shit he’s a greedy treacherous pile of shit. And if he does ever re-sign he won’t be getting a warm welcome from my seat in the kop.

    • Gaffers

      Is it so wrong to take a massive pay cut to come back to Leeds ? Would you take an 80% pay cut if you didn't need to ? That's not greedy it is reality. If he believes he is marketable at that price why not go for it ? I'm sure anyone else would do the same….

      • Gaffers

        Sorry, NOT to take a massive pay cut…obviously :-)

        • rwhites

          Depends – if you can cut yourself in two and bleed white blood it could be.
          (the clown did come out with some classics)

      • Bowden

        The fact of the matter is, he isn't worth remotely what he is on, hence he won't be offered a new contract from Newcastle. Yet, some daft twat, either him or his agent, believes he's still worth 25% of Messi, Villa, Tevez, Rooney, Gerrard.. When the reality is he isn't worth 50% of Becchio.

        Like someone said before, he's already turned us down twice; he needs telling where to fuck off!!

    • rwhites

      I agree he was never any good.
      Ran round like a headless chicken throwing himself on the floor.
      He even had some pace then and could score the odd goal. Now fast forward to the present and you get someone who hasn't got any pace and hasn't scored in years. Plus he's injury prone.

      I don't know why people and I include fully grown men in this still Idolise him.
      It must be because he left being carried off the field like a fallen gladiator.
      I just never saw it myself.

  • Peterv

    Shouldn't be looking back, any hostile reception should be levelled against KB & SG for one of the worst pre seasons ever, promises that come to nought, a lack of information( including a ban on twitter) and a squad that appears far weker than last year.

    • Mersey Whites

      Why is the squad far weaker than last. We have got rid of BJ & Killer. I will say the BJ might actually be a loss, because I think he would have been a good squad player. But in Kasper case Andy L will be a far better keeper. And we still have got Snoody and Max in the team.

      And before the end of Aug , you know we will sign at least Midfield player that will be better than either of the two previously mentioned.

      Dont forget the window does not close until the end of August. Not August 6

  • trueyorxman

    Can we stop going on about the little c**t and get back to worrying about this current crop. You can tell by current online ticket sales for the first 3 home games that fans are keeping their brass in their pockets. Crowds WILL decline dramatically unless Bates spends some of our hard earned cash on a couple of decent players asap, but as long as the exec boxes are full…

    • Paul C

      You make a great point on crowds. I am old enough to remember the arrogance of the chairman in the 80s. The club spent little but expected the fans to keep coming…I remember crowds of less than 10,000 in the old 2nd Division. Leeds fans will put up with being ripped off for so long! Sooner or later they will get fed up and tell Bates enough is enough! The ridiculous 'Membership' scheme is already 25% down on last year I notice.

  • Colin

    People should remember the good times of Alan Smith. In his pomp at Leeds, he was one of the most iconic players in the whole of the Premier League.

    At that time, if you asked any football fan 'Name a Leeds United player?' The answer would always be Alan Smith.

    Lots of opposition fans shouted constant obscenities at Smith, but secretly wished that they had an Alan Smith of their own.

    He's an easy target to attack, but he always gave it his all for Leeds, and has never had a bad word to say about the fans or the club.

    A lot of people forget this, and it's an important point to make – he's a Leeds United fan too. He's just the same as us.

    • Brian Bedongo

      sorry but he wasnt, try to actually remember what happened not what happens in your dreams.
      AND A LOT OF PEOPLE TALK NONSENSE HE SUPPORTED LIVERPOOL AS A KID, hes not leeds never has been, you ever visited narnia or the land of oz, far out man, pass the joint

  • yorkwhite

    I see Johnson has joined Leicester on loan. He couldn’t have made it more obvious that he wanted to come to Leeds. As usual Papa Smurf has kept our money in his pocket. As for Smith we should just let it go, he's well past his best.

    • Chareose

      agree about johnson…….fucking typical, just shows you how weak we are right now…..wish i could hybernate from football for 2 years and then come back to find Bates has fucked off and things are looking up finally

  • Paul C

    The Smith debate goes on and on…FFS I will be glad when he has retired (Trouble is some will start asking for him to come back as a manager !!.) If there is one thing I have learned in the collapse to mediocrity that Leeds still endure is that these guys are only footballers. They come – they go. 'Indifferent' for me

    • That really would be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it? Alan Smith for manager. I can actually see the protests coming too.

  • maureen

    If he help's us out this season then that's all that matter's. Good luck to my boy's.

  • mojoluafc

    I wont give him any grief, cant be arsed explaining to the head in the sand stuck in their ways kinda people.

  • Matthew

    Personally im going to watch the game, not to watch a guy who joined scum years ago and has pretty much a poor excuse for a career right now.

    • Bowden

      Best comment by a mile mate; ditto!

  • craig milner

    Manchester City midfielder Michael Johnson has chosen to go to Leicester City on a season-long loan! He clearly sees Leicester as a club with more ambition, better players, better manager & a board willing to speculate (reasonably) to accumulate. I am a Leeds fan & gutted. You doubt what Leeds is all about, go to the Official Web site, count the articles published since the close of the season, see how many are about you (the fans) buying something, a ticket, hospitality, executive boxes, LUTV subscription, shirts etc & I bet you they out weigh real news about players, signings by 2 to 1. LUFC – Leave Us Fistfuls of Cash.

  • Chareose

    yes johnson was my last big hope for a decent signing……..going to turn off from the transfer business now, its just too demoralizing

  • banditsteve123

    Is it just me or does any one else hate the likes of man city leicester and wat they are doing to football sven just seems to be buying anybody i have a feeling that they may fall apart if they dont start well

    • Totally agree.

      As for Leicester, I'd like to see a HateLeicester campaign all season from the other Championship teams

      • Bowden

        Sven will have a reyt job on his hands trying to make his squad gel. Imagine coming into work one day and a third of your colleagues had been replaced or another half dozen members of staff had been employed… It'd take a while to find a system that worked.

        Leicester have to make a profit in the short to mid-term or their investors will be gone quicker than you can say Ridsdale! And they will be in a much worse state than us a few years back if they don't as they don't have our fanbase or reputation to entice even a Smurf.

        Most things that Sven touches turn to shit; i'm on it happening again.

  • mojoluafc

    TSS (David) that video regarding smith not playing for scum is before we nearly went bust, so cos he did go to the only club which had the cash to keep us afloat is pretty lame in my eyes.

    Alan Smith loves Leeds more than a lot of fat lazy twats who dont know how to kick a ball let alone actually play the game, just because they can spend £600 on a season ticket they think they have the right to slag a Rothwell lad off who`s come thru the Leeds United academy and played for the first team.

    Im fukking sick of fans who are total hypocrites, fukk off smith u played for scum but we love Strachan and Johnny Giles.

    Rant over.

    For now. ;)

    • TSS

      I have nothing against Smith. I don't want him back because he's a distinctly average football who will bring nothing to the team. He's also injury prone and would cost too much. The video was in response to a previous comment complaining about the picture – a picture I used solely because of the articles content.

      • Chareose

        Perhaps but hes a damn site better than some of the cheap tosh that Leeds have been linked with so far pre-season, you can have bodor, ill have Smith, cheers

    • michael horspool

      i can almost see your point mojoluafc…almost. you are right we love strachan and johnny giles. and if club website read leeds just sign rooney, vidic and valencia. i am sure not too many leeds fans would be complaining but a few things are different between the two you mentioned and smith

      point one. they were good smith is dog wank
      point two. smith is very easy to hate. if he scores against us at the weekend you bet your life he will cheer and wind up fans of the club he loves (which he dont but i will get onto that) only problem is that smith wont score because he is about as deadly in front of goal as lutenant dan from forest gump.

      also he aint a leeds fan fact. if he was he would sign for leeds. would you play for us. i know i would but he wont take a put cut, fuck off smith your not worth a rub mate 55k a week i wouldnt pay you a fiver and a loaf of bread as painter is better than you. yes even painter i said it!

      so my conclusion it is not the fact he played for man u. i am an adult and can get over that. it is more the fact the greedy tossie wank stain cant play football and would be better off being a bouncer in mother care

      • michael horspool

        also on the bodor comment….bodor had good quaility on the ball anyone who saw that game see he can hit a pass, he just cant tackle or run, bit like smith but smith cant pass. also you pay smiths wages and ill pay bodor. alothough i personally wouldnt sign either but if i had to choose….

  • I think we are much weaker than last season and honestly think , with the lack of quality in our squad that we massively over achieved last season so god help us this season. I was hoping that Johnston was going to sign for us being a Leeds Fan , but should have realised that papa Smurf would be far to tight to pay out any decent wages. We will be relegated this season and grayson will be sacked by the end of October, when we have been cast adrift at the bottom of the league. We attract the biggest attendances , are the biggest club in The 2nd division but we have a board that have got a small club mentality , FFS we are Leeds United . Come on Batesy do the decent thing and ****off

    • Matthew

      We wont get relegated, if anything im thinking mid table for a while, with perhaps in the best case scenario a surprise playoff spot out of nowhere.

      As for relegation, hopefully Millwall. No one wants to go to that S hole called The Den.

      • I really hope your right and we don't get relegated but i am really concerned about the lack of quality in our relatively small squad. We are one of the biggest clubs in the country with one of the biggest fan bases but i honesly believe that Papa Smurf is deliberately running our club into the ground and if he is there much longer we will never be back in the top league. We are light years behind the top half of clubs in the prem already and our attendances will eventually drop off massively and we will end up just being a club like Huddersfield or Burnley who used to be big but never will be again. Papa Smurf its time to do the right thing and go back to Chelsea.

        • Matthew

          As far as attacking goes we have the some of the best attacking players in the league, we may be let down defensively but we have some damn good players up front, yes a few are injured but some can do the job just fine, see Gradel.

          I dont believe we will be relegated under Bates, but we wont get promoted via auto either, as far as this season goes I think midtable, and perhaps a surprise playoff space in the final few months.

          Not sure if we'd win at wembley if we make the playoff finals, maybe luck will be on our side.

          As far as relegation goes, lets leave that hopefully for Millwall, so we can see the scummy club and their fans go back down to league 1 where they belong.

      • Chareose

        your on another planet mate, with a tiny squad backed up by shite trial players we will be bottom half. Our first 11 is ok but there will be injuries…..thats when we will fall away

  • Matthew

    Speaking of loanies, hopefully Lichaj has no place in Villas squad and comes back here. Bates is likely too tight fisted to by Lichaj outright but hopefully we can keep loaning him and get him on a free.

    Lichaj in my opinion was one of our most consistant players, easily one of the best defenders we had.

    Barry Bannan was a waste, Villa can keep him, hopefully Grayson gets back Livermore too

  • banditsteve123

    I dont get why we are worse than last year swap clayton for killa, brown for johnson, kisnorbo for nayler,lonergan for kasper,add to that lees,nunez,etc how are we worse ,i would say a bit better all we need to do is get lichaj maybe monty from sheff utd i think the squad looks good to me.Look at QPR last season they did not hve the best players but they did have the best team there is a difference they only had a squad of about 20 not 40 like leicester have sven wont have a clue wat is best 11 is till xmas so lets get behind the team

    • I will defo behind the team again but we still need to be rid of Batesy because if we don't our squad will get weaker and weaker each season and attendances will eventually drop , we are already years behind the premier League teams and fans will only put up with the lack of investment for so long before they start thinking that the board are taking us for mugs . I just think we lack quality in our squad and need some quality in ASAP

  • jay

    Think its gonna be a strange season to be honest,too good to go down and not good enough to go up auto.That just leaves the playoffs then….

  • KarLLL

    I really think with one or two more signings we will be stronger than last year, ok we lost NK and BJ say for instance, what you need in midfield is someone who can pass (Howson), tackle (Brown) and shoot from a distance (Nunez), lets not forget we have two of the finest wingers in the league. Our defence was missing a leader last season which we have now in Paddy and our goalkeeper was not as comamding as he should of been for a guy with such a big mouth so hopefully Longenan will do that.

    What I am worried about slightly is the full back positions and ofcourse the recent demise of out strikers. I think we will sign Lehaj on loan again so hopefully that'll help a bit. Judging by the bates interview we're gonna get another midfeilder in and I think we'll need another forward even if its short term. My personal thinking would be to offer £1m to the blades for Monty and Ched Evans take it or leave it.

    Heres to hoping a few do come in but I'm staying positive, can't wait for the big kick off!

  • paul

    until bates leaves r club, we will not be going any were certainly not into the premier league . he is tightfisted with no ambition . why is he spending 7 million on the ground when he does not own it ,it does not make sense. 3 to 4 million spent on players would have been a better investment . we need 3 quality players a LB ,CM CB . when we struggle and he sacks larry i would go for poyet.

    • mattbb

      but even poyet likes to splash the cash.. i think your initial comment is probably right though, as long as bates is at the helm we wont be run like a big club, just a cash cow for bates. I think his policy is very much along the lines of buy cheap pay for it twice, not intentionally of course, but as long as he continues to go for free transfers, loanees, has beens with a year left in them and so on, then we can look forward to mediocrity for a long time.

      I remain massively surprised that people are prepared to invest in the likes of Leicester, Hull, Birmingham City & Derby but not Leeds? Again I can only put that down to our current chairman scaring them off, kind of like an old man shouting at naughty kids who've inadvertently kicked their ball into his front garden.

      • yorkwhite

        Would you invest in anything that Bates was involved with? I know I wouldn't. MOT

  • Chareose

    i think he owns the ground………its all dodgy tax crap. Bates is more bent than a 6 bob note

    • Matthew

      If he owns the ground that can only be a good thing for the club in the long run.

  • slumdog

    Batesy hurry up and die you tight fisted cunt

  • michael horspool

    come on leeds fans lets rally round… if we all look out for bates we will find him and get him. i have london covered if you lot cover yorkshire someone somewhere must be able to find him and burn him or kill him or just make him spend some money that should finish him off. someone make a voodoo doll or something and make a voodoo wallet and make the fucker spend some money

    • Matthew

      Although Bates is a tight fisted, I would never wish harm on him or anyone associated with the upper ranks of Leeds United.

      Sorry dude, thats just evil.

      • michael horspool

        ok sorry i went to far, lets just mess up his hair and steal all of his left shoes. sorry it is meant in jest i would like to state i wouldnt really hurt bates…that much

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