Andy O’Brien and Luciano Becchio have both returned to Leeds to undergo treatment for injuries picked up on tour in Scotland.

O’Brien, 32 will miss the rest of United’s pre-season tour with a side-strain whilst last seasons top goalscorer Luciano Becchio looks set to miss the start of the season with a long-standing hamstring injury.

Davide Somma, who was seen in Leeds earlier this week on crutches, has also been left behind with a knee problem leaving Simon Grayson short of options up front. Billy Paynter and Ross McCormack are the only two first team strikers now available to the Leeds boss in  Scotland.

Max Gradel picked up a slight knock against Falkirk although Leeds United say he was removed only as a precautionary measure. Fede Bessone also missed the game with a minor knock.

Earlier this week, Leeds chairman Ken Bates told how Simon Grayson was “determined to make sure [the players] are fit this year with double and even treble seasons” leaving me to wonder whether this intense training schedule has caused the injury problems.

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  1. Gryff

    Perhaps we ought to train harder on a consistent basis, rather than overloading early on?

    Still, I’m sure LUFC can afford to consult with physios before drawing up their pre-season schedules?

  2. Matt BB

    I’m sure Blackwell did something similar to this a couple of seasons ago.. ask any physio or trainer and they’ll tell you not to overdo it if you are effectively doing endurance training. But Gryff, youre right surely to god players with injury records like Parker, Becchio and Kis wouldnt have to do triple trianing sessions?

  3. EW

    Becchio wasnt deemed fit enough to start full training with the rest of squad after rehab in Spain and Argentina so its really still a carry over from last seasons injury that we have not been able to clear up. Somma is having a scan today to assess his knee but you have to think he wont be fit for the start of thye season.
    With Paynter looking like he has carried last seasons form over to this year the strikers are looking a worry.

    • Andy

      “With Paynter looking like he has carried last seasons form over to this year…”

      How have you figured that one out? We won our last two games of last season with Paynter and McCormack up front so I wouldn’t be terribly worried if we had to start next season the same way. I’d also expect both of them to have vastly improved seasons.

      Keep the faith…

      • Gryff

        To put it mildly, he wasn’t one of the leading lights in those last two games…

  4. Henry V

    The wheels are coming off the wagon already!!
    Too many Chiefs……..

  5. Matthew

    Becchio should of been rested for a few games and had light training, he was too eager to get his top goalscorer back for pointless friendly games when really, all that matters are the championship/cup games. Jesus christ.

    At least we have a few weeks to hope they recover, because having Billy in the strikers role would mean no goals, unless Gradel is playing rofl.

  6. Henry V

    It is not looking good for Lucciano Becchio.
    He has been out for a long time, resting and getting treatment and he is no better!!

  7. Matt BB

    i’m not too worried about our injury list as it were, we have an embarassment of riches up front, One thing Paynter does do well is hold the ball up so as long as we have a Nunez, Gradel or McCormack to put the chance away who cares..

    that said FFS make some signings in centre of midfield Mr Grayson, and another centre half.

    Rumours again very strong that Smith has signed a contract with us and to be unveiled soon.

    • Matthew

      Hate to sound like I’m trolling but you are essentially one of few Leeds fans who rate Paynter as actually being worth his place in the squad. He isn’t. If you watch the games live, you’d see that.

      • Matt BB

        unfair Matthew, and dont know ha trolling is? I dont rate paynter at all as it happens, I’m saying he is capable of holding the ball up but not scoring, a sort of heskey-lite. i would sell him for 10p. I didnt see the falkirk game but do go to plenty at ER thanks!

  8. Matthew

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I got worried there for a moment lol

  9. Mikey

    We are in a real mess! Injuries are just compounding the awful truth that we are still 8 PLAYERS SHORT and the season is just over 3 weeks away
    Anyone who thinks Smith is a saviour is off their head.Slow injury prone and way past his best
    At 16 to 1 we are a snip to be relegated
    Dire Dire days!!

  10. Whitey

    if we had kept a few more clean sheets and beaten Preston who knows where we’d be?! the fact is we could of done without a single goal from any of our strikers and still had a respectable goal tally! its only because we let so many in that we had to score a boat load……Nunez is our Nasri MOT

  11. Tyler 75

    Where did they get the £1m figure from ?The rejected hamsters offer was £2.5. If Lille stump up £5m plus, let him go – he’ll be playing for a much smaller club who are in the process of selling their best players but you can’t deny the lad the chance to play in the Champions League – with the best will in the world, it will be sometime before we grace that stage again.


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