The Daily Mail – not the most trustworthy of newspapers I grant you – are today claiming that Max Gradel has demanded an exit from Elland Road.

The 23 year old winger scored 18 times for Leeds United last season and has been the subject of constant transfer speculation throughout the summer.

Leeds United have already rejected at least one offer for the Ivorian and Simon Grayson has gone on record to say they have no intentions of selling the club’s player of the year. However, the Leeds boss did add that every player has their price and that Max Gradel is no exception.

Of course, it could just be that Gradel’s agent is drumming up speculation to try and force Leeds United’s hand with the currently ongoing contract negotiations. It’s believed The Whites have already made an offer to Max Gradel but the players agent demanded £25,000 per week – more than twice what the next highest paid player at the club currently receives.

The current situation is reminiscent of the Jermaine Beckford saga back in 2009. Whilst Leeds United stood their ground and refused to sell their top goalscorer, Beckford ultimately left at the end of the 2009-10 season on a free with Leeds losing out on a deal that could have netted them a couple of million.

If the Daily Mail’s reports are true and Max Gradel is demanding a move then there really is no point in Leeds United blocking it. The last thing we need is a player in the squad who doesn’t want to be there and with only one year left on his contract, it would be stupid to allow him to leave on a free next season when we could get around £3m by selling him now.

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  1. Gryff

    Given one of Max’s few tweets before Grayson banned them from twitter, I wouldn’t be so sure he’s desperate to leave.

    About time the Leeds lads pressured him into signing a new contract on the training ground :)

  2. Brian T

    I would say its all hype by the agent.
    It wasn’t that long ago that Max said he didn’t want to leave Leeds.
    I can see why Ken Bates isn’t too fond of players agents.

  3. Jon

    I disagree with you there TSS.

    If you look back to the Beckford saga, in the end he did OK once he knew he was off and he played in an integral part in us going up. If we had have sold him, true we may have got a decentish amount of money for him but who knows if we would have gone up. So in the end it was a choice of a million or so (I can’t remember how much was on the table)or a decent crack at promotion. I know what I would go for every time.

    The same has to hold for Gradel. The balance of influence and transfer money on the table may not be the same but the principal is.

    Against that it must be said that at the moment it looks like we have no chance of top 6 and Gradel may not react in the same way as Beckford did

  4. Marc Butterworth

    This just smacks of an agents attempts to put pressure on our board during contract negotiations.

    I hope thats the case coz Max would be a massive loss. Especially as we will no doubt replace him with a freebie or a loan signing, and any transfer money would just line the pocket of Bates or be spent putting pretty fountains on the concourse or something….

    My main fear is that this is the start of something I eluded to about a month ago. That players like Max/Snoddy/Becchio will see the complete lack of any ambition and want to move to a club that actually want to get promoted.

    I hope i’m wrong. And there is the fact that this story originates in the Daily Fail of course…..

  5. stevo

    This could be the reason we had that winger trialist yesterday. Apparently his name is Alex Mendy ( Looked quite promising actually, on the subject of gradel however this is just another agent infecting the mind of a player, agents are ruining the game of football.

  6. Simon

    If it’s true then sell. If not then try to get his wage demands down to £16-£20k and get him on a LONG contract. Possibly £16k rising to £25k upon promotion?

    • rwhites

      16k a week…………..LOL
      Lets get real we will not pay one single player this. I don’t care who it is.
      If he thinks he can get 25k elsewere good luck to the lad.
      I myself think he is a slightly above average player who has the occasional flashes of pure class.

  7. @brfdsgn

    I’d say the Beckford saga worked out for all parties. We were promoted and Beckford got his move. If you were to offer me a similar choice now, (go up but lose Gradel for nothing) I would take it. As hard as it is to see our best and sometimes favorite players move on, they all will someday.

    I think we’d be looking for more than £3m though, £5m at least – not that we would ever know what the fee was or where the money was going.

  8. number1inyorkshire

    if the reports are true we have to sell him , put him on the transfer list and let them bid for him highest bidder wins .the people who sit in the west stand will be grateful they might get some new seats and toilets on the strength of it .

    • TSS

      Yeah, but Wikipedia also said he got lost on an exploration of the rainforest and was raised by KBEES yesterday.

    • MRM

      SAID – History on his entry shows this as the correction reason; (Reverted 1 edit by (talk) identified as vandalism to last revision by Tholynski. (TW))

      Wiipedia is pointless as a definitive reference source.

  9. Loved them diamond floodlights

    When a player really does not want to leave a club he usually makes some noises about it often it’s ‘my family are settled here’ or something really positive about his situation , if he is going he needs to be gone asap it’s now unsettling !

  10. Ollie G

    If he goes, he goes. I’d rather he didn’t but it gives someone else an opportunity to become a hero for us.

  11. yorkwhite

    I voted to sell him but only if he has asked to leave. If he wants to stay then lets get him signed up to a decent contract.

  12. Colin

    I think this story is made up – I very much doubt Gradel has demanded to leave – what’s the point? He’s happy enough at Leeds, he just wants more cash.

    If a player wants to go, you don’t demand to leave, you just hand in a transfer request. But the Mail hasn’t gone that far because if they say he’s put in a transfer request and he hasn’t then the club can go for the player and sue them for libel, because it’s blatently not true.

    However, anyone could say that they heard from ‘a source’ that a player demanded to leave. There’s no comeback for the Mail.

    I can be ‘a source’ and come up with anything and the paper can print what they like.

    This is what I know:

    Howson has asked for £20,000 a week and has demanded that when Bates builds his new complex, he wants a 5% cut of the hotel profits and it must be named Howson Hotel. In addition, during the summer break, Howson wants a guaranteed residency at the Hotel, where he will perform his Dean Martin repertoire on Friday nights.

    ‘Massive Bullseye Fan’ Robert Snodgrass wants to stay at Leeds and is close to signing an extension, but he’s demanding a clause that if Leeds get promoted, he gets a speedboat, or a caravan, he’s not fussed. But a Tankard and a bendy Bully is a must.

    Let’s see if the Daily Mail print that.

    • Colin

      If a player wants to go, you don’t demand to leave, you just hand in a transfer request. But the Mail hasn’t gone that far because if they say he’s put in a transfer request and he hasn’t then the club can go for the player and sue them for libel, because it’s blatently not true.

      I meant paper not player – Leeds would sue the paper!

    • leedshippriest

      I agree with Colin,there seems to be a whiff of bullshit about this story..greedy agents at most pushing for a bigger pay day from Leeds ? Fucking hell do they not know Bates ?

      Colin, for agreeing, do I get Bullys special prize ?

  13. TSS

    “Howson has asked for £20,000 a week and has demanded that when Bates builds his new complex, he wants a 5% cut of the hotel profits and it must be named Howson Hotel. In addition, during the summer break, Howson wants a guaranteed residency at the Hotel, where he will perform his Dean Martin repertoire on Friday nights.

    ‘Massive Bullseye Fan’ Robert Snodgrass wants to stay at Leeds and is close to signing an extension, but he’s demanding a clause that if Leeds get promoted, he gets a speedboat, or a caravan, he’s not fussed. But a Tankard and a bendy Bully is a must.”

    Sounds fair to me.

  14. MRM

    If it’s a case of £3 mil, or someone who doesn’t want to be there, then I say sell.

    Especially if the reports of his wage demands are true, we can’t afford that money on one player – no matter who they are.

    And if his demands are going to be the same in 6 months, and 12 depending on where we are then, I say get the max (no pun intended) we can now.

    At least this way, with him wanting to walk away, we keep the whole fee, rather than the reduced amount we would get if we decided to sell him without him putting in a transfer request.

  15. derbyshirewhite

    KB might be greedy but he isn’t stupid. Having lost Becchio for the start of the campaign he knows the damage that losing Max could do to the entire season – which starts in just over 2 weeks. It’s the Daily Mail and it’s rubbish.

    • MRM

      With the current squad we have Max will only make the difference between being in the top or bottom part of mid table at the end of the season.

      £3 mil, or more, could shore the defence up immensely & push us higher.

      While I, like everyone, would like to see him stay it might make economical sense to cash in – as long as the cash will be used for new players.

  16. Mikey

    Can anyone blame Gradel for wanting out.
    He was by a country mile the best player on view at Rochdale last night.
    Playing alongside him were three third rate trialists less than 3 weeks from the start of the season
    He must look around and see no 1st choice keeper. No quality creativity in midfiels and Billy Paynter and Ross Mcormack up front.
    Its heartbreaking for me as a fan let alone our most explosive player!!

    • MRM

      I would rather he went now, than walk out for free at the end of the season ….. And with the rest of the squad we have that’s going to happen as we won’t get promoted.

      Either cash in now, or get him on a long, affordable, contract with promotion clauses in to.

  17. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Sg on official site , striker not a priority we have Ross, max, Billy, Nunez , max is doing one, Billy is shit, Ross is a Yorkshire pudding with boots on , Nunez is ? Lol we should be good to go!

  18. Loved them diamond floodlights

    And bowyer was spoke to but wanted to be near London said he nearly came

  19. tim campbell

    Lets say for the sake of argument that there is an element of truth in this rumour, what do we do? Do we take £3M for max now rather than do another beckford and get sweet ‘F A’. Nunez will get his chance this year and watch him go!!

  20. Mersey Whites

    No smoke without fire, too many max rumors

    That said Gradel had an very good season
    and makes sense that he would be highly sought after.

    Dont forget it is his agents JOB to protect the players interest.

    I get the feeling Max wants to stay with Leeds, and its up to the club to put an offer on the table that is competitive with the best contracts on offer in the championship.

    With bonus etc for promotion, thats what any business would do, if they want to keep their best employees at the Football club, and Football after all
    is now just a big business.

    The game the man in the street feel in love with has vanished many moon ago.

    Sky for all its good it has done, has created a version of Football , that I truly dont know if I was a kid growing up today, could have fallen so in love with a game that is just ruled by money
    as it seems now.

  21. Paul C

    If the lad wants to go then he should be allowed to go, I do not blame him one bit at all. He must surely look around him and see a club with a target of a playoff place with zero investment , whilst others are aiming higher.

    We should not forget also that he will be able to triple his wages by going into the premiership or more ambitious championship clubs .

    Besides the club could well do with the UNDISCLOSED fee, if we want to keep on enjoying profits of £15,000 (from a turnover of £27,000,000) we will have to sell.

  22. normangunston

    Lot of BS and speculation going on.

    If the 25K wage claim is true then we should sell him for what he’s worth which is anywhere higher than 2.5 million. And for godsakes, put a sell-on clause in.

    If we can keep him just about within our wage structure, say 15k, we should sign him on a three year deal. That’s 800k per year, less than a quality replacement would cost. If he still wants to go after we don’t get promoted next season, we’ve got the contractual upper hand.

    With agents now going direct to journalists to stoke moves/new contracts this has all got pretty underhand though. I don’t really believe any of it until it happens…

  23. Tyler 75

    This is probably his agent’s doing. Fact – agents are scum and along with Abramovich and Rupert Murdoch have turned the game in this country into one big money laundering operation devoid of soul.
    Come the revolution, along with Simon Cowell, Fern Cotton (can’t stand the woman) and Adrian Chiles they will be first against the wall – Marxist rant over.

  24. Walters

    How about, Leeds want to sell him to get more cash, realise everyone will be up in arms because they have let many players go and have only two signings with the season about to start, haven’t spent a penny yet again, the season ticket stories about Smith, Wooodgate and Bowyer have run out, so put this story about and then everyone comments saying let him go? A bit like Schmichel but with a slightly different twist…

  25. Matthew

    Keep him and if we go up give him 20k plus bonuses for performance.

  26. Irving08

    Under no circumstances should Max Gradel be sold. He could be the difference between us getting promoted this year and spending a further season win the championship and the consequent loss of Snodgrass and probably Howson.

  27. Gryff

    TSS, I hope you’re pleased with yourself. You’ve used the Daily Mail to instigate mass hysteria!

    Daily Mail as a source. You might as well hurl faeces at a canvass until words become discernable… ;)

  28. tim campbell

    There would be only one proviso if max was sold and that would be all of the transfer fee going towards new players – plus of course the money from kaspers sale – do i really think thats going to happen? Its like p*ssing into a galeforce wind

  29. Riviera Kid

    As much as it pains me to say it, I think cashing in now is the best option. My reasons are two-fold; 1) I have lost any faith in Grayson to achieve anything this year other than go backwards from where we were and therefore Gradel’s loss will not impact our season; 2) The cash COULD be invested back into the team to strengthen the gaping holes we have. Alas, scenario 1 will happen but scenario 2 will not.
    Grayson is also talking up Nunez for next year. Please can we all remember that Nunez is in the final year of his contract this season too, so where will that leave us come Christmas/end of next season? The club and management staff are complete chumps. MOT

  30. number1inyorkshire

    i agree with one or two ,who say “lack of ambition”it is hard to see where there is any ,there is a lack of transfers in general aside from Leicester ,that could go wrong as i don,t see Sven stopping there to be fair .

    west ham have got BIG SAM and probably no Parker ,then there is the rest some have a chance and i include leeds ,some don’t have a chance ,Bristol for instance” killa ” .
    there are 2 other mangers in the division that i would take ,if ,when grayson goes to prem LOL
    Nigel Adkins ,Gus poyet .
    but the lack of ambition is there to see and not just at leeds which is why i feel a punt now might pay dividends .like it might have done at Christmas
    paying max more money ,meet in the middle on a 3 year deal with a massive bonus for promotion is a way forward and some other quality might show ambition that is all we ask really .

  31. Dje

    No idea if there’s any truth in it or not. But if Lille or Newcastle are sniffing about then that level of football and the wages might turn his head.

    I’m just picturing that moment two year ago when he got himself sent off in the first quarter of an hour in the last game of the season that we needed to win to go up automatically from League One. What an absolute ridiculous strop it was,, and says it all when Beckford even decided to get involved and drag him off the pitch.

    OK, that was two years ago, and he was younger, bit if there is any truth in this story then I can’t see Gradel being particularly graceful in respecting the club’s decision not to sell him and there’s not much chance of him being as good natured about seeing out his contract with us as Beckford was. In which case selling might have to come into it.

    Having said that, as a matter of principle, I would refuse to sell him to West Ham, or any other club in this league, even if we had to take £0.5m less. Our pre-season transfers have already made the fans restless so to sell one of your best players to your rival and bring in a half-price or free replacement would see us take a massive hit to our – the fans – confidence. Not worth that for an extra poxy £0.5m we’ll never see invested in the squad.

    • Gryff

      Believe me Dje, if you’d grown up with Cup of African Nations you’d not have been surprised by that.

      West African footballers do ridiculous things. They’re enthusiastic and hot-blooded (something maybe England lacks) and they seem to take a few years to take to a purely English way of playing…

      I saw it more that Max was overly fired-up for the match than that he was being selfish…

  32. Bubionwhite

    If the two rumours … 1. that he wants £25k pw or 2. that he has demanded to go are true the club should, first of all, try an improved offer and if this is rejected he should be sold for a minimum of £5m but only to a Premiership club / French club but NOT to another Championship club.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      That’s why you need a minimum of 3 years contract if the player has a blinding season and the vultures circle they have to pay top dollar but with only one season left on contract we are vulnerable if the player wants to leave last thing we want is a sulker and I think max could be a star performer in that department .if we could keep him this season and get promotion let him go for nowt who cares I wouldn’t want him in my premiership team anyway give the ball away cheaply at your peril there, max is a good player not a great player IMO.


    It would be interesting to see if the vote was different if the article was quoting £1m rather than £3m if we sold him now. I really rate Max but with his contract running down we aren’t going to get anywhere near what he is worth and it would probably end up being an undisclosed £1m fee.

    That might pay for a new corporate box but won’t help the team at all and selling him would be a massive mistake. I’d rather have him for another season and lose him for free if / when we don’t get promoted.

    Or Bates could do something about it and get him to sign a new contract and show some proper ambition for a change. There is a difference between being prudent and tight, and we should be able to afford to pay a player like Gradel a contract that both parties are happy with.

  34. Dave

    Keep him keep him keep him keep him. For starters, we need him and if we are to improve our squad, the last thing we need to start doing is selling our best players. Also, if it is true that he wants to up and leave for money reasons, then I would like to see the club turn down any offer and force him to see out his contract, thus prolonging his ultimate pay day. We all know that any cash raised from his sale would not be plowed back into the team, so we might as well get an extra year out of him and let him go for free ala beckford.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      Can you imagine the performances we would see if he was held against his will?

      • Dave

        To be honest, if he stopped playing his best, his stock would fall and he would have no chance of getting his pay-packet bulging as fat as he wants. If he chose to protest by not playing to his potential then I’d honestly be happy to see him rot in the reserves for the rest of the season. It is not in his interests to not show what he is capable of, especially if he sees himself as in the shop window. Let’s not kid ourselves that we would see the cash reinvested in the squad. We may as well keep him. What happened to him wanting to pay the club back? He doesn’t deserve his pay day. That’s the problem with the modern day footballer – one good season and all loyalty goes out the window at the sight of the ££££££s. You never know, we may have a battle on our hands in jan to keep the prem vultures away from paynter……..or possibly not.

      • Loved them diamond floodlights

        Agree mate, but I could see the lots of niggly little injuries scenario creep in aswell just general disruption any tactic to get a result his way,if someone has offered him or his agent more money than us they will engineer a move no doubt about it if max wants to go that is ???

  35. garyt

    listen all you idiots ! he is the best player we have and our best chance we have of getting up is with him.100 percent, all of you saying get the money and buy more defenders etc- have you not forgot grayson already has five million to spend and cant spend it !so id rather keep him the year like beckford situation see if he can get us up , if he does and we look like going up he will change his mind and stay as he will get prem wages-if looks like we not going up after thirty games-sell

  36. Matthew

    Given the fact Becchio and Somma are out for a while, Max has a strong position as we would have no real attack options if he leaves. Nunez and Snods isnt enough. And Billy and Ross cant score.

  37. GMcG

    I find the notion that we may miss out on a transfer fee kind of redundant because let’s be honest, if we sell Gradel, only Cuddly Ken will know how much we get and what HE is going to do with the proceeds.

    Past experience suggests that it won’t make an ounce of difference our ‘transfer policy’ – if that’s not too grand a term for our borrowing of unwanted players.

  38. Daz

    Let’s face facts, we are the biggest team outside the premier with the largest fan base and the highest ticket prices, not to mention scams like memberships and lutv alongside almost every other game that is being televised this season. The income for that old crook is massive, much greater than any of our nearest rivals in this division. We have also raised millions over the last few years in transfer fees and have spent next to nothing. If you think we should sell our best player just to line that cretins pockets then give your head a shake. It’s about time the clubs ambition matched that of the supporters. If our top earners like max bechio snod howsen etc are top quality players then they deserve the wages, failing that they will end up in some mid table prem squad or worse a rival championship team and we hav to pick up the pieces and settle for the dregs of the lower leagues that come for free and accept lower wages. Is this satisfactory management by bates/Grayson?? Are we happy to keep lining his pockets, paying top prices and getting nothing in return? This is the first season under bates where he had no option but to show his cards. It’s our 2nd year in championship and a small amount of ambition would have seen us improve on last year and push on one step further this season. As it is we have 3 less first teamers than last year and this is sure to rise with a reserve keeper and brown comin in. Honestly is this good enough for our club? Is it fuck..

  39. GMcG


    100% correct.

    To those prepared to look beyond the Yorkshire Radio/LUTV propaganda it has been painfully obvious that we are owned and run by a crook and shyster.

    The ONLY thing this old fart cares about is money. Maybe now that he’s been forced to admit ownership (and by extension admit to a shedload of lies over the past few seasons), a few more will sit up and take notice and become a lot more critical while at the same time being less gullible in parting with their money.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath though…..

  40. Ade

    We can’t let Max Gradel go. we’re going to need a first 11 that’s better than last season’s, and so far it’s not looking quite as strong. we simply must keep our best players (and Max is one of those) if we’re to stand any chance of a promotion push. Sign him up to a new contract sharpish, LUFC!

  41. chareose

    any money from the sale of gradel would not be spent on the team……..havent you noticed that pattern yet ?? And even if they wanted to buy players, its evident players dont want to come to Leeds united, we dont offer the wages or ambition

  42. TSS

    Just installed a new comment system which is currently processing existing comments. May take a couple of hours before they all show again.

    • mark

      dont think he'll be going to West Ham, they have signed Matty Taylor



  44. Dan

    The Daily Mail, not letting the truth get in the way of a good story.

  45. Matthew

    I bet Grayson is just as unhappy as the fans, only differance being if he complains Bates would sack him.

  46. JonnyBee

    Is Gradel really worth only 3 million pounds? Thats madness, I would have said about 7 mill, he's young, fairly consistent, consistently pretty fit and injury free, under contract (albeit just one year), fast learner, international experience, proven goalscorer, clearly posesses a lot of talent etc etc…why should we settle for just 3 million I think that's way to under value

  47. lufcfan

    If Leeds were to be promoted this season negotiations will take a different turn. I like Gradel, he adds quality tot he team. To see him go would be sad. i don;t believe that a player with only one season left wouldn't play his heart out – After all he will be trying to maximize he fee.

    • Paul Wilde

      Ken Bates said two to three weeks ago there would be movement for us to buy some decent players Talk about making statments,wot a load of bullshit LIAR BATES LIAR .I CANT STAND THE BLOKE..He is 80 odd years old and should be thrown into a coffin He is like acat with a mouse and he is taking the P- – – out of my beloved football club

  48. Ant

    I think Leeds have to try and keep him. I agree w/ the post that says we should be prepared to come up with extra money for players like Gradel. Having said that, he still has a season left and if he is going to attract attention from Pship clubs then he'll need to perform. If we go up, he'll be worth even more. I think the Beckford gamble paid off….but can it work again w/ then likes of Gradel?

  49. Pat mc loughlin limerick Ireland

    Holding on to Maxwell was a smart stroke so far,considering the amount of clubs that did nt get him, add to that two new keepers, paddy the Aussie,tom can become new leeds,the Hungery left back?, and if mc cormack and painter believe that their the new billy’s around now time for all to claim their positions their own, that’s nearly 8 new players to the squad that we taught at one stage we mightened have for the start of this season, l also think that simon will pull a few more good strokes over the next 2 weeks but for me Maxwell smart staying will boost what we have and what players we want to get.Now Mr bates just get another another 2 defenders and a Michael Johnson type player.if your looking for a bargain St Patrick ath and shamrock rob are in the next round of euro, send the scouts over l ll put them up for a few nights and if your coming my parish priest will look after you at local montestry. Slan (bye) Padraig Mac lochlainn limerick.

  50. Jack

    Get bates out it should be fans over hotels he is ruining the club and if we don’t get any money soon the club is going to be in league 1 again which is sad to see and this is coming from an 11 year old.

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