Excitement today as Leeds United fans await their newest addition. Simon Grayson revealed yesterday that he expected a new player to arrive by the end of the weekend so start the countdown everyone and brace yourselves for another enormous let-down as Sunday passes by without incident.

The chances are, that if my extremely jaded prediction is proved wrong then the signing will be one of the trialists we’ve played in the last couple of games. However, there are a couple of other arguably more interesting rumours doing the rounds…

Lon-again, off again…

The loan deal to bring David Stockdale to Elland Road on a season long loan has apparently fallen through as Fulham and Leeds failed to agree on a 24-hour recall clause.

Instead, Leeds United have turned their attention back to Andy Lonergan; a player who has already held unsuccessful talks with the Whites this summer.

The news comes via a TalkSport interview with Preston North End’s outspoken manager Phil Brown – straight from the bright orange horse’s mouth basically.

Could it be Magic? 

Once again, Manchester City midfielder Michael Johnson is being linked with a season-long loan deal at Elland Road. Much like the Alan Smith speculation, this is just one of those rumours that refuses to go away.

This time the origin of the rumour can be traced back to The Mirror who claim Gwyn Williams went to watch Johnson play only last week.

There’s no denying Johnson would be a useful addition, but after a series of false starts, I’m not holding my breath that this time will be any different.

There is some logic to the rumour however. Johnson featured just twice for Manchester City last season and is in desperate need of some first team action. He also supports Leeds United and publicly expressed his desire to join the Whites last December. City have no real need for money either, which is always a bonus when dealing with Ken Bates.

Personally, I think there’s more chance Pete Doherty will learn from the death of his friend Amy Winehouse and turn his life around than there is of seeing Michael Johnson grace the hallowed turf of Elland Road, but we can keep dreaming I suppose.

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  1. trueyorxman

    Anyone at the game yesterday? If so what was the performance like & did any of the trialists stand out?

  2. Andy Flynn

    Clayton played well yesterday. I think him Brown then Howson behind the striker will make a good combination with Nunez good cover for Howson and Gradel.

    Johnson would add quality and cover for Brown/Clayton with Lloyd Sam and Mendy providiing cover out wide assuming he is the one we are looking to sign.

    To say we don’t need an out and out striker is amazing unless Becchio makes a rapid recovery.

    McCormmack looked decent when he came on, but Billy was poor. I’m not really sure whether it is quality or confidence or both, but he is bringing nothing to the team. In fact, his team-mates are going to start ignoring

    McCormmack has to be deployed as one of two – not going to lead the line so we need someone like a Rob Hulse to come in…..but Bates will never pay for that quality.

    Maybe deploying McCormmack and Paytner together is the short term answer as they did seem to bring out the best in each other at the end of season, but then we have the problem of whether we can play 4-4-2 effectively.

    Left back is also worrying for me – Parker limping off again and the triallist looked ok, but no better than Bessone!

    Kisnorbo looks really fit – he was getting up and down the field, twisting and turning well. Hopefully he can keep at it and lead the line this year!

    We must not sell Snodgrass or Gradel if we are going to compete this year. We were average at best yesterday! I’m thinking mid-table is best we can hope for with current squad and injury situation.

    • michael horspool

      clayton played well, was i watching a different game, Clayton makes kilkenny look like Pele and kilkeny was a useless pug faced twat whoes only good game came against us which is why dennis wise signed him. left back trailist looked good with ball useless with out (with all the pace of a three towed sloth) it looks set to play 4-4-2 unless larry changes things for all of the final games, 4-4-2 would make us more solid (which with our defensive and static keeper may be useful) but takes the sting out of our tail. look at the good news, if we go back down to leauge 1 we might keep some (only some mind) clean sheets

  3. dskimcbski

    The new player unveiled today will be either Lonergan from Preston or Stoke Citys holding midfielder Tom Soares, Soares tweeted last night that he'd had very positive talks with Leeds after Stoke's loss to ALDERSHOT yesterday. He better get out of tweeting pretty quickly if we're to sign him up. He's great mates with Lloyd Sam also……..

  4. Andy

    Very wierd that both lonergan and soares gave both closed there twitter accounts ????? What do u lot think

  5. Andy Flynn

    I think we must have some irons in the fire……and if we don’t add to squad in next couple of days we are in for a long hard season.

    So here’s to hoping that we sign both

  6. Rob jones

    Oh dear! Just read up on soars. Not had a decent season for 4 years and has been relegated 3 times. I can hear the scraping now. Grayson is going to need a new barrel at this rate.

    • macadamia man

      Soares has same agent as Rachubka . . . Sorry, I'll get me coat.

  7. henryv

    Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed!

    Mendy looked good against Sheffield Wed'.
    Apart from Max, we will struggle to score this season.
    Billy was poor in both finishing and holding the ball.

  8. Chareose

    Hilarious if it is lornagen….all after Kens rant about making an example of him….Beggars cant be choosers huh ?
    I will eat my own used underpants if its anyone decent on a permanent like Johnson…….i prepare myself to by underwhelmed
    Simon Grayson on the phone " Please….please i beg you to sign for us, im desperate, i dont want to get lynched by the fans…..look i know the wages are crap but ill throw in a free leeds shirt for your kid and a packet of jelly babies"
    Retired Pub League Player " You had me at Hello"

  9. mojoluafc

    My expectations aint high so i wont be disappointed at another average free signing.

  10. derbyshirewhite

    I've seen a few favourable comments about Clayton's performance yesterday. I must have watched a different game. He missed a lot of tackles against L1 opposition and looked off the pace, particularly in the first half. In a league game he would also have collected at least one yellow (as would Brown) for his clumsiness. Central midfield still looks a lot weaker without B. Johnson and Kilkenny.

    The latest OS 'news about a possible announcement' looks a bit desperate and an attempt to keep the fans onside whilst the club scratches around in the bargain basement.

    • michael horspool

      thank you only thing clayton has ever done is a leeds shirt is play bad and get sent off. he would make my all time worse leeds 11. which is a post i think TSS should do i shall put mine down now for inpiration

      The Hunter (Kasper ankergan) GK, so many mistakes and teflon gloves he made gomez look reliable
      Steven Crainey LB never saw him pass to a white shirt and always got beat for the cross
      RB is hard one so i will put Collins there, i know he was a center back but worst defender ever in shirt so he gets my spot. collins was never one to play ball up field and famed for his im facing right so i kick the ball out for a throw in clearaces. captain of my team
      Rui what way am i facing marques at CB, looked like the midget badie in James bond man with golden gun and didnt play much better
      Collins also at CB, like new york new york, so bad i have played him twice

      middle of the park gets interesting with…..

      Adam Clayton and Neil Kilkenny in Centre mid, no forward passes in my team, lots of bookings though and many meaning pre free kick in dangerous potistion talks and run ups followed by pony into wall or over the goal by mile end products.

      lee sharp on the left wing purely for his T.V appreances since hanging up his boots

      shanze why watt on the right, know as crazy feet must of been for his dancing, did he ever beat a man or have any end product. why did we have him for two seasons????????

      up front in any two from the following four to mix it up and keep the opposition guessing.

      Derick Lilly whos shots were about as powerful as my nan's (and she's dead)
      Frank Strandlie (spelt wrong) if you are gonna play upfront with sexy name dont be as bad as him
      Ian Rush who only played for leeds as he's great, great ,great grandson dared him to
      and Billy would be better off as a Painter, this pre season is anything to go by we have another derick lilly on our hands yeay

      please think about this team is there a worse starting 11, this team could grace any park up and down the country and get beat by the nags head's reserves. a team to finish with less points than the uk entrey in eurovision o points

      and sadly two of our current crop are in the team!

  11. Tim Campbell

    My guess is either Sammy Clingan or my favorite Nick Montgomery – I really hope Montgomery signs, just let anyone try to get past Brown or M ontgomery at their peril lol

  12. jasonhlufc

    As much as I want to get excited about this new signing I refuse to simply because I'm 90% sure we'll sign a reject like soares, our transfer activity this time round has been dreadful at best

  13. bash

    Mendy didn’t look great yesterday for me, I wouldn’t sign him. Certainly not for more than a couple of grand a week on a 1yr deal.

    Clayton looks a lot like kilkenny in his style of play I think. A slightly less good version at that. He can only improve but I wouldn’t be happy if he’s our first choice centre mid with brown when the transfer window closes. Brown is looking like a decent signing I think by comparison.

  14. Michael

    I'm getting seriouslt f**ked off with Grayson and Bates now, we've let players leave and sold Schmeichel yet al that tit wants to do is replace them with lower quality free players like Rachubka. I've watched Leicester sign top quality player after player while Grayson says that it doesn't guarantee sucsess, does it not? it certainly gves them a good chance though doesn't it. It's time to get rid of both Grayson and Bates and find a manager who can attract good players to the team and surely a club like Leeds could get somebody to invest, somebody who actually wants the club to succeed and not jut pocket money from sale after sale … I smell a serious waft of corruption at Leeds !!!

  15. Leeds at sea

    Jersey Dudek on a free. Our highlight signing of the summer to get ticket sales up…

    The reason the same old rumours keep doing the rounds is there is no real news. To let Kasper go before having a replacement signed up was idiotic. He wasn't the reason we let in so many goals. Larry said that we'd get a better keeper.

    Gradel and McCormack up front would scare a lot of defences. Both quick, both clever. We'd need to chage our style of play though and can Larry actually change tactics… Dont you just love being a Leeds fan.

  16. Mark

    Hope your hungry Chareose and dont have particularly delicate taste buds.

    Convinced it will be Lonergan, couldnt be more underwhelmed. Conceeded 60 goals in 33 games, how is that an improvement. Sorry Larry, you dont know what your doing!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gryff723

    On Tom Soares, he's not had a good career looking back at it.

    Basically, he was at Palace when they had a handful of very good youngsters and he looked excellent. The Stoke move is another example of players like BJ or Kilkenny getting starts in their eyes. Soares should be good enough for a team of Stoke's calibre but he's now being starved of football at any decent level.

    That said, I'd bet he still has that potential he had at Palace. Worth a punt if he wasn't too expensive. Maybe a loan with view to buy? We've said a lot about Simon's signings on loan but let's not forget Mad Max came in on loan.

  18. Ron

    I'd be happy if we signed Stephen Hawking or Stephen Fry even at this stage – just to prove we are capable of adding players. What a complete farce this year has been, ever since the last transfer window. Embarrassing really.

  19. Dje

    Some fine pun-ery going on in your articles these days, TSS. ;)

    I find it hard to get excited about Andy Lonergan to be honest. As others have said, he shipped a lot of goals last season and if I remember correctly was dropped. I can't see how he is any better than Rachubka, and we'd end up with two back-up keepers fighting it out.

    I'm greatly concerned about what wages we might throw at this second-rate keeper too. He was after £16,000 a week when we told him where to go, but I seriously doubt he'll have come back unless he was expecting anything less than £9,000 a week. And he and his agent know we are desperate to land a keeper, and fast!

    £9,000 a week would make him one of our top-earners, and quite frankly, with a team of young and dynamic footballers – Gradel, Snodgrass, Howson, Becchio – he aint one. For once, I'd recommend Bates not to waste the precious wages on this player.

  20. Chareose

    Good point Gryff, Grayson got max in and he was good, lets not mention the other 30 players he brought in who complete shit….. 1/60 chance ?? awesome. It seems to me that Gary McAlistter made the most astute signings weve had in a few years.

    Mark, It sounds like it will be Stockdale but seeing as hes only a loan player and 24 hour recall option I dont think thats cause for me to eat my underpants…..

    Im reckoning it will be 2-3 seasons before i see Leeds united genuinely push for promotion again, our current best players will gone by next summer

    • Dje

      Good call on Gary McAlisteir.

      I've said it before, we want to pay McAlisteir a lot of money to be in charge of our scouting and recruitment policy. I bet he good do a fine job nurturing the youth team too.

      He's unemployed these days after Houllier's exit at Aston Villa; sign him up.

  21. Colin

    the trialists were nothing better than what we already have. Maendy was the pick of the bunch, but no better than lloyd sam

    • Dje

      Probably less injury prone than Sam though. Personally I'd take a gamble on a player who can play on the wing or a forward. We have lots of winger-cum-forwards – McCormack, Sam, Gradel, Snodgrass, Nunez, it is true, but with players possibly coming in for offers and others out injured, the odd one more might well do.

      He's a big lad too, so even if all else fails we can always get him to stand still and do nothing upfront to replace Paynter having a good day.

      • Colin

        dje – i do really worry about paynter – can he really continue to be this bad? right now he is sam vokes version 2.

      • Dje

        I think the answer is simply 'yes'. The only way he'll find form is with another club or out on loan. I don't mind either as currently Leeds + Paynter is doing no one any good.

        What worries me is that MacCormack seems off the mark again. He had those three or so cracking games at the end of last season and it felt like we had a new top signing for free. I expected great things of him in the pre-season, and that uplift that our transfers (to date) have failed to bring. But he seems nothing special in current form and when played with our lesser squad, distinctly mediocre.


        On an aside, when was the last time we cultivated one of our youngsters as a striker/forward? Seriously, I can't think of one since Alan Smith (who I know most of you now never rated) and arguably James Milner who had a forward-ish role.

        I can't think of one in the last ten years which is extraordinary really considering our academy set-up.

  22. badras

    No chance that bates will be leaving leeds before we get promoted. Grayson haS done a great job with limited funds. Stop moaning. We have signed some good players last season thathat just had a bad season

    • Matthew

      Come again? Had Bates speant the money on decent defenders, and maybe a good CM and backup forward last season we would of easily went up in 1st pos. The fact is we lost and drew countless games we should of won because Bates was unwilling to invest to shore up the weaknesses. We have all right to complain because as fans we pay good money to support a team that is going nowhere under Bates.

    • Mark

      Sorry badras but dont know who these good players we signed last season are. The pick of last season was Kasper and he got shipped out the second Sven opened his wallet. leeds had the worst defensive record in the championship apart from the teams that won relegation to League 1. Nothing has happened in the transfer market to improve that situation so far, we are worse of in the keeper department, have lost our central midfield pairing and not replaced them and are relying on Paynter for the goals that he simply isnt capable of delivering at this level.

      Commenting on the facts as they unravel at Leeds isn't moaning. Leeds current squad will not come anywhere near improving on last season and as a supporter for the last 30 years who continues to spunk up several hundred quid for a season ticket every year thats quite demoralizing. Glad you have faith in Grayson, i remember all those supporters who had faith in Kevin Blackwell after Leeds got larumped in the play off final by watford. Lets hope history doesnt repeat itself because i am sure we all remember what happened next – the squad wasnt improved and after a poor start Leeds fell apart.

      Hopefully all these good players Grayson has signed will deliver this season.

      • Matthew

        Well said, fully expecting just as many if not more goals to be leaked this season, no decent defenders have been signed and our loanee record has been woeful. Truth told im concerned, more so that we dont have much of a team to compete in this league at the moment.That said not fussed about Southampton in Aug as their scoring is woeful too, some games they could have over 20 shots on goal and only score once lol

      • oldham white

        we all know how tight fisted bates is, so why would he invest in a leeds squad that would take us up and trigger a clause were we pay back our debters if we regain promotion to the premier league within a certain number of years, untill that clause expires were gettin milked.

  23. Matthew

    Only one worthwhile trialist, and the GK linked with us is likely the club desperate to sign someone better than Raby.

  24. Tyler75

    As regards the trialists, Samuel didn't play yesterday and I can'y believe a punt on him would be worse than asking Bessone to be part of the squad for the season to cover an injury plagued Parker. Love to see Michael Johnson come on a season loan, as he would add that extra class in central midfield that we need. As for goalkeepers, we certainly need another one but I can completely understand not wanting to agree to a 24 Hour recall. Also from what I've been reading Raby has been one of our more impressive players so far in pre-season. Definitely need a loan striker to cover Becchio's injury – the young boy at Arsenal who was at Cardiff for part of last season (Jay Emanuel something or other) would be a good option. Also if we could ship Billy off to the blunts in exchange for Monty and put in a cheeky bid for Adam Le Fondre, the squad would would look a lot better.

    • Gryff723

      On Jlloyd Samuel, he got an injury and Grayson said he'd be focusing on recovering from that.

      But it sounded like he now isn't interested in him because of the injury?

  25. lufcforever

    From what i can gather from various sites the signing we are close to may be stockdale on loan – plus grayson has said after this signing he can concentrate on other areas of the team. Which you would think must mean its a keeper. Cant see it being lonergan bates wont go back on his word

  26. Teeth

    I think people are worrying a little too much, I know it’s best to get a squad together well before the season starts, however the prem 25 squad rules will show a few quality players available on loan,frees etc.
    Don’t think knocking graysons signings is totally valid-even the longest serving manager in the league with lots of success has had a crap record of late. Paynter should have been ok but confidence shot, so loan him out!
    I do agree that mcallister should be signed up as chief scout as he did have an eye for talent.
    Apparently kasper was not liked in the dressing room if rumours are to believed- arrogent and a bit above his station probably because of his old man.

    • charles

      this is true, i spoke to a player who was on loan at leeds at a funeral and he said Kasper was very above his station and wouldn't train or listen to the gk coaches. this is 100% true. he also gave his 'expert' opinion and said although a great shot stopper he was very error prone and short for GK and wouldnt work on errors due to arrogance. I was drunk though and replied i think he the best keeper outside of the prem, the conversation stopped there. although i overheard him saying it was a great club with amazing support and great sturcture and had faith in the manager to 'send them up sooner rather than later'

  27. banditsteve123

    Most people on here dont want lonergan because of the number of goal he let in but wanted kasper to stay and he conceded just has many,and for me got worse as the season went on,a couple of seasons ago he was rated as a good keeper so maybe he has just lost his way abit,please lets stop all this negative feeling i still thing we have a strong 16 or 17 players we just need another 3 or 4.Ok leicester may be getting player after player but will they gel not sure both qpr and norwich went up with solid teams not spectacular ones,i for one think that this season we should try and grind out results

  28. Tyler75

    It look like its definitely Lonegran – quite bizarre turnaround considering Bates' comments about his wage demands ! However, last season aside -and let's face it a season spent with Fergie Jr and Phil Orange as your Manager would decimate anybodys confidence and feeling of self-worth – he's always been a highly rated 'keeper (PNE knocked back a £2m plus offer from WBA as recently as Jan) and Everton also wanted him and I'd argue that Moyes is one of the better judges of a player. So looking on the positive side, maybe a change of club is what he needs to recapture his form – here's hoping !

  29. Rikton

    Guys before you slaughter Lonergan on last years stats, just remeber he faces twice as many shots and crosses that any other team in the league, i think if you had put buffon in net for preston last year they would still be in league 1. the keeper is only as good as his back four.

    • Mark

      If a keeper is only as good as his back four we really are fucked – Leeds back four was complete shite last season and at the moment the same defence will be lining up again a week on Saturday.

  30. Rikton

    Enter text right here!Guys before you slaughter Lonergan on last years stats, just remeber he faced
    twice as many shots and crosses that any other team in the league, i think if you had put buffon in net for preston last year they would still be in league 1. the keeper is only as good as his back four MOT

  31. Tyler75

    Mark – I think significantly we should have a more solid, first choicecentral defensive partnership than last season – which should be Paddy and Lees. More imprtantly Paddy will bring leadership to an are that previously had none. Lichaj at right-back and we've only got left-back (as usual ) to worry about !

  32. lufcnutt

    At last we have a good keeper,stand on me Lonergan is a decent keeper,with the news about gradel wanting to stay at leeds,get gradel,snoddy and howson all on new deals a new left back,centre back,centre midd i.e m.johnson would be perfect if you asked me.Get rid of paynter and bring in a new striker…i still dont think this alan smith deal is dead in the water,if this is the case i would stick him up top as he has never been very good in the middle of the park,well worth a shoot..

    im feeling a little more up beat about things all leeds united…come on simon make us proud again…M.O.T.

  33. Barry

    I wish people would stop having a go at Simon Grayson just of what he has done, he got us out of the 1st div thats more than Denis Wise did and Denis had a great no 2 in Poyet . It would be great if we could get M Johnson and Lichaj but thats not going to happen. I will miss going to Eland road but I will stay away till some proper investment in the team.
    What i see happening Simon will be sacked and Dennis Wise is given his job back. We need Rob Hulse back,I dont know why he was sold in the first place.


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