Leeds have signed 30 year old goalkeeper, Paul Rachubka, from Blackpool. The ‘keeper was signed by boss Simon Grayson during his time as Blackpool manager and went on to make 127 appearances and win two promotions. During Blackpool’s 2007/2008 season he won the club’s player-of-the-year award.

Simon Grayson had confirmed he was close to signing a goalkeeper, following the acceptance of an offer for current number one Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City. Rachubka has signed on a two year deal but, if reports are to be believed, is unlikely to be the number one next season as Grayson looks to improve on last season’s squad. The manager has said “he’s a good, experienced goalkeeper to bring in to challenge within the squad.”

Rachubka has already spoken about coming to Leeds, saying he wants to prove himself at “a top-class club”. He has said he is raring to get started with training and compete for a first team place.

Ken Bates and Simon Grayson have said that, as the squad returns to training over the next week, business will hot up and the club will try to bring in new faces to replace the outgoing players.

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  1. JayMac

    I hate how Leeds are treating Kasper. I mean essentially pushing him out the door saying he’s not welcome…

    • Richard

      Couldn’t agree more mate. Whatever people think of Kasper, Bates behaviour is a disgrace.

      • TSS

        No one loves a good Bates-bashing session as much as me, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

        Kasper has somehow managed to paint himself as the victim in all this and a lot of fans have conveniently ignored the fact he has one year left on his contract and wouldn’t extent. Whether the club formally offered a contract is irrelevant, they approached his agent and the price the club were quoted was too ridiculous. If Kasper cared so much he’d have told his agent to accept his current terms and extent by one year so we didn’t have to worry about another Beckford saga.

        Kasper may be one the best shot stoppers we’ve had at the club, but he’s fatally lacking elsewhere. He has absolutely no control of his own area, his communication skills are non-existent (shouting at players when it’s too late is like trying to cut steel with a wooden saw) and he had one of the worst records in the division last season. Easy to point to the defence, but he was a part of that and no keeper concedes that many goals and is totally blameless I’m afraid.

        Kasper needs a few more years before he’s the finished product I reckon. If you want someone who can’t organise the defence, is prone to the odd blunder and who costs a small fortune filling the goal while he develops then fair enough. For once, I’ll side with t’old Kenneth and follow the business sense route.

      • TSS

        Oh and PS. We still need another keeper so this guy might not be first choice, and have any of you actually seen him play? That always helps me form an opinion. I haven’t so will judge based on his performances.

      • Gryff

        Couldn’t agree more TSS.

        That said, I don’t understand Bates’ version of things. Harvey contacted Kasper’s agent who said Kasper wouldn’t sign a new contract.

        Then Leeds left it at that? They didn’t even give the lad a text to his own phone to make sure the agent was acting according to his wishes?

        Clearly, if Kasper is to be believed, he wasn’t informed of a pending Leeds offer and so there’s a possibility he would’ve signed a contract. I would’ve though Leeds would have learnt never to trust the word of an agent after the whole Beckford saga.

  2. Dje

    It’s a rare thing to find a 30-year old who specialises in being a model professional back-up keeper. We are so, so lucky. Hopefully he is on the same money as Schmeichal, perhaps a tad more.

    • Gryff

      As a keeper for Blackpool, that’s a pretty decent record tbh.

      How many did Kasper let in last season? Yet the fans adore him.

  3. GelderdAggro

    This could be the start of the end for Larry, unless he buys someone excellent to replace Kasper, who I thought was one our best players last season. Pushing him out like this sends a bad message to potential signings in my opinion

  4. COL

    Bates is a greedy,money grabbing, tight fisted old tosser. He’s accepted a poxy £1M for Kasper & now he’s bad mouthing him to try force him out of the club. Bates might fool the gullible, but I can see straight through what he’s up to.
    I wish he would fcuk off back to Monaco & stay there!!

    • The Reaper 08

      What about if Bates is just backing his manager ? Does your clairvoyance extend to being able to see that ?

      It’s a quaint idea that Bates is responsible for every single decision made by the club, if not more that a little naive.

  5. Duval

    If this is the standard of player we are aiming for this year we are gonna be in big trouble, reckon Gradel will be sold too as he is entering his last year of contract so uncle Ken will cash him in just like kasper, most of Larry’s signings since he came to Leeds have been shocking, really worried for coming season MOT

  6. Ollie G

    I’m feeling quite confident about this signing, mainly because the lad has been a real hero for me on several iterations of Football Manager.

    He can’t be as bad as Jason Brown, or Higgs was last year.

  7. CJ

    TSS. How gullible are you for believing the Bates propaganda? Money-mad Bates would sell his own grandmother, if the price was right.
    As for Rachubka, you don’t have to see him play to know he’s not very good. His record speaks for itself. He’s cheap available on a free. Perfect signing for Bates. Grayson has no choice but to come out with the usual “selling Kasper is good business” quote. His job would be on the line if he said what he really thinks.

    • TSS

      Are you being serious? I’ve spent more of my time slagging Bates off for the nonsense he spouts than anybody, but you can read between the lines of Kasper’s statement and see there’s more to this than Kasper claims. (“I wanted to finish my contract at Leeds” – note he never said sign a new one)

  8. Dje

    Considering the guy signed a few days back, I’m surprised they’ve gone public with it now. Surely it would have be better to wait until we had lined-up a first choice keeper and appease the suspicious fans?! Let’s face it, if we landed this guy at the same time it was announced that we had signed Shane Given then who’d give a damn about Schmeichal in the scheme of things?

    As it is you have to wonder if the first choice keeper they had lined-up has fallen through and they are going to have to look elsewhere which may take a week or two. If so, for the love of God, anyone but Kuszczak.

  9. el tel

    OMG…..Bang in the brown stuff…..this dude is pony….SG and KB what have we done to you to deserve this….?….pull your finger out lads or DO ONE…….

  10. Tyler75

    Actually don’t have a problem with the Smurfmeister on the Kasper issue – obviously his Twitter statement got a few backs-up at ER and its not like Uncle Ken to keep his powder dry, is it ?

    What I do have a big problem with is spending 7m on more exec boxes, a museum/mausoleum and a hotel when he’s spent absolutely f..all on the squad.

    However, I’m hoping that we get a quality replacement for Kasper as Rachubka was obviously lined up as Higgs replacement. Speroni or Sorenson ( with Hannemahn at a push would do for me ).

    What will all this and hoolie grannies its never dull at ER is it !

  11. number1inyorkshire

    bates makes great shakes about he doesn’t get involved with the team its all down to grayson so why keep opening his gob .,he did it with killa ,Johnson and now schmeicel ,to be fair he wasn’t gonna sign another deal ,and wasn’t really that good so it is a good deal however whats 12 months for a 24 yr old nowt i would play in the reserves and stay ohh that’s right we don’t have reserves i would stay and stop home and pick up my wage for a year to piss bates off now .

    anyways as tss said we haven’t seen this player so lets not judge him til we have.
    but after 250 odd appearances if he was any good iam sure we would have by now .all the same welcome mr bathtubby or whatever

  12. Loved them diamond floodlights

    This without stating the obvious is a massive month for Grayson and bates I rightly or wrongly back them to the hilt but I am watching this unfold big time if by the start of the season we are not better than last year I will join the voices of dissent and I reall y ain’t like that it’s a good start or graysons out in 10 games for sure so if he is a nodding dog he needs to stop nodding NOW!

  13. Gryff

    Grayson says this is a guy for squad competition. That’s his sort of language for Lloyd Sam & Alex Bruce if memory serves.

    So who’d you rather have, Rachubka or Higgs?

    If you’d prefer Higgs you really are insane.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      If when you read something and you want to get clever at least try and understand what you read my comments were not totally directed at the keeper situatiion it was the regarding the next month in general I know nothing about this keeper

  14. Mark

    Never seen this guy play so I am trying to avoid being too judgmental however his track record is very very ordinary. I hope he is our back up keeper next season, if he is our number 1 then sorry Grayson but no way at all this signing is an improvement on what we had at the club last season.

    When trying to evaluate a new signing before seeing him play it isn’t unreasonable to look backwards at his career to date and consider who has this guy played for, what league, how many games etc etc etc. I think another reasonable barometer is who else was trying to sign the player. Have we beaten off stiff competition to sign the player, did he have other options etc etc etc

    The first point i would make is this guy has only made just over 200 appearances in his entire career, not exactly a stellar record for a 30 year old. He hasn’t played for another club of any significance in his entire career, most of his career has been spent out on loan to a host of lower league clubs (for whom he still didn’t feature that often).

    When thinking about new signings for next season this guy hasn’t appeared on anybody’s radar and certainly hasn’t been linked to Leeds (in the media) until earlier this week. There doesn’t appear to have been much of a stampede by other clubs to sign this player, he has gone completely unnoticed by all. Blackpool (good club I actually have a soft spot for) clearly didnt see this guy as good enough to warrant a new contract in the championship next season, not a thought that fills me with much confidence. Leeds have moved on a good young keeper to a championship rival and brought in a keeper that another championship club doesnt want anymore. Is that really good business, it doesnt feel like it to me.

    Does it make this guy a bad signing, not i dont think it does just yet, does it as Grayson promised improve the squad from last season, no i don’t think it does that either.

    Grayson has signed a multitude of 30+ players in his time at Leeds, none of them have left a lasting impression so far, unfortunately there is nothing in this guys playing record to suggest that is likely to change.

    Have to say i think the way Leeds (grayson or bates) have treated kasper has been really shoddy. If grayson wants to bring in a new keeper fair enough, the way this has been spun by Leeds is really unsatisfactory. The reason Kasper has only got a year left on his contract is Leeds only gave him a two year deal in the first place. To suggest Kasper is to blame for the defensive shambles last season is simply wrong. Leeds played with no defensive midfield players all season, our central defenders were are old and slow (grayson signings), we had no left back worthy of the description all season despite wasting god knows how much money on Bessone (3 year contract) and Mcartney on loan (grayson signings).

    The fact is Leeds have decided to cash in on Kasper rather than offer him a new deal. Fine, no problem with that (disagree with the decision but no problem with the logic). The way bates and grayson have briefed the media against Kasper has been totally unnecessary. How many times have we all heard grayson/bates/harvey telling us Leeds dont speak about transfers until they are done, clearly that only applies when it suits the three stooges.

    I understand Grayson has a lot of support amongst Leeds fans, unfortunately i think it is misplaced. I have a real sense of unease about the coming season. It reminds me of our previous stint in the championship under Blackwell. The team (boring and functional) got to the play off final and although disappointed to loose there was real optimism about the following season. Unfortunately the squad wasnt improved (despite us all being told it was a juggernaut waiting to take off) and before we new it League 1 beckoned. I am not suggesting such a downward spiral again however I do not know where the optimism that all Leeds squad need is a bit of tinkering and the premiership looms. Sorry guys but just dont see it. Grayson has made it clear he thought there was real value in the free transfer market to rebuild his defence. I think not. All we will get is more of the same that we have signed today, cheap 30 something journeymen with no track record of success or achievement.

    Whether you are a Grayson fan or not I think Leeds United supporters deserve more than they are getting and more than we will be given before the transfer window closes.

  15. Dje

    How do you pronounce his name then?

    ‘R Chewbacca?

  16. Rec

    It appears his career average is 24 games a season with a little over 100 of them in the Championship the rest were in the lower divisions. The statistics don’t fill me with confidence, I hope Larry knows what he’s doing.

  17. James

    This is just terrible, Rachubka is just terrible i would of rather had higgs and brown then this mess.

    What are leeds doing, if grayson thinks he is better then smeichel then he has got problems

    If he is in net next season we may as well just be relagated now

    • Gryff

      I agree James.

      One the one hand we have Jason Brown, a proven championship keeper from 01 to 06, who’s barely played a game since, and Shane Higgs who’s proven himself at League 2 and League 1 level with Cheltenham Town (those giants among men).

      On the other hand, this “Ratchubber” bloke who’s only spent three seasons on the up with Blackpool under Grayson. Sure, he made a string of appearances in their promotion season. But we will inevitably be RELEGATED with him in goal!

  18. Al - Haven White

    We will be relegated this season . SG’s signings so far dont fill me with confidence and the treatment of casper is nothing short of disgraceful

    • TSS

      A little melodramatic don’t you think? The transfer window hasn’t opened yet for Christ’s sake.

  19. Al - Haven White

    We will be relegated . The way SG and KB have chased Casperis a disgrace. We will once again sell our best players and have a team full of freebies and loan players

  20. RickyW

    if we want a quality keeper to replace kasper, why don’t we go for dida. he wont ask for much wages seen as though nobody will offer him a contract.

  21. Irving08

    I concur with all posts pinpointing the disgaceful way our Chairman conducts himself publicly with respect to the transfer/release of players with unsuccessful potential/actual contract talks. This is a much bigger issue than the footballing merits or otherwise of the players concerned (Johnson, Kilkenny, Schmeichel) – it calls into question the integrity of the whole club. How long before Simon Gryson realises that his reputation too will suffer by his appearing to condone such conduct ? Voices must surely soon be telling him to get out before he completely forfeits both self-respect and the respect of others.

  22. Irving08

    I concur with all posts pinpointing the disgaceful way our Chairman conducts himself publicly with respect to the transfer/release of players with unsuccessful potential/actual contract talks. This is a much bigger issue than the footballing merits or otherwise of the players concerned (Johnson, Kilkenny, Schmeichel) – it calls into question the integrity of the whole club. How long before Simon Gryson realises that his reputation too will suffer by his appearing to condone such conduct ? Voices must surely soon be telling him to get out before he forfeits all self-respect and the respect of others.

    • Leeds In Dubai

      We seriously have a problem if, after failing promotion, we are to loose 3 of our regulars (Johnson, Kilkenny, Schmeichel) and the only replacement so far is a goalkeeper. For years our only new players are free transfers/loan players that are not regulars in their second or third tier teams. With the supporter following we have we should be able to have the funding and attract players from Premier League or at least are regulars from team in the upper half of the Championship. Moreover, we are not able to hold on to players we want to keep, the reason must simply be that we do not offer good enough terms. We are on the verge of loosing our best player (Snodgrass) to the mighty Norwich! We can’t attract players that are playing regular football in their teams; after the Schmeichel incident it will not become easier.
      When we were in a good position for promotion by Christmas last year, how did we strengthen the team during the January transfer? With nothing!

      This is a managment issue, we will never gain promotion to the Premier League as long as we have Bates/Grayson in charge. Bates doesn’t put up enough money for players and the little money available is wasted on loan players that doesn’t add any value.

      • Loved them diamond floodlights

        Was agreeing with irving08 also

  23. Mightywhite

    I may be wrong but I reckon Grayson had a choice to make here I think 1 maybe even 2 of howson, snodgrass, kasper and gradual have to be sold to fund our assault for promotion this year… I also think Grayson reducing the size of the squad and replacing 2 or 3 avg players with one quality signi g surely makes sense as he didn’t use the squad of players he had to his disposal, I reckon the sale of kasper will be to fund moves for smith, woodgate and bowyer.. Let’s hope so :)

  24. MG

    Bates and Grayson are indivisible, as are TSS and strange opinions about class footballers (see commnets on this site ad passum about Becchio).

  25. Jay

    We had a decent keeper in Kasper..ok we all know his faults but just look at whats in front of him..cant fill the lad with confidence with our back four..so bates wants to cash in now and stop him leaving for free at the end of the season..but whats a million quid if he helps us get promoted..the lad could go with my blessing.MOT

  26. Coastalwhite

    I agree with a lot of the comments on here,my anger is at the bates/grayson combo as they cannot see the wood for the trees!!!

    Selling Kasper is madness,leaves us with no one decent between the sticks,what we should have done was buy another keeper fairly decent to replace Higgs and give Kasper competition for next season,keep him in goal and with a few decent signings in midfield & defence maybe get promoted next season,then let Kasper go on a freebie cos then we are a far better proposition to sign a top class keeper as we would (hopefully) be in the premiershite.

    this no mark ratshitkubcha is garbage and no one wants him ,a cheeky offer for Shay givenm would have been a good idea,no at this stage of the close season we are now playing catch up cos all the decent players that were up for grabs have now found new clubs…

    Douglas would be ideal in Midfield (another stupid sale!!) and Robbo would have been ideal as a player to sit in midfield and hold the ball up for the strikers to run on to, a Batty-esque type figure,but grayman dumped him in quick order too…

    WTF are we retaining the services of that waster Paynter and Bessone? both are a waste of space,and are a liability,we should be ditching fringe players like them to earn some revenue,not the best players at the club!!! how are we to achieve promotion with a team of loaneess and rejects???

    Mid table oblivion at best next season me thinks unless grayson produces a miracle,sadly I dont think he is the man for the job or to take us up,he has no backbone and as proved last season he doesnt learn from mistakes or shabby tactics…nuff said

  27. steve underwood

    Im sorry but kasper was not good enogh i dont understand why people cant see this plus he only has 1 year left so he had to go,now onto gradel he to has only 1 year left so the same has to happen he has to sign a new contract or go we cant afford anther beckford,i can see him being sold and mcCormack playing out on the left

  28. Old Billy White

    My problem with the Kasper situation is that if SG thought he was such a weak link last season, why did he keep on picking him? What does it say about the manager, who saw a problem in goal and did nothing about it?
    These comments seem to be made to justify the sale, no need to do it in my opinion, if it’s a good financial deal just say so and leave it at that!

  29. James

    Bates if your reading this sign me!!!!
    Hell ill even do it for free!!!
    Im better then this crap your signing!!!


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