The odds on Simon Grayson taking over as the new Aston Villa boss were slashed from 50/1 to 5/2 following a series of big bets in a North Yorkshire bookmakers it was revealed this weekend.

Grayson, who arrived at Elland Road in 2008 after guiding Blackpool to the Championship won promotion with Leeds in 2010 and narrowly missed out on a Premier League play-off position last season.

Born in Leeds, Simon Grayson was raised a Leeds United fan and began his career at the club’s youth academy.

Grayson has been linked with other higher profile positions in the past, but such rumours have always been dismissed quickly. The absence of noise from Elland Road and the location of the bets suggests there may well be something to this rumour and that Leeds United could be looking for a new manager to guide them into the 2011/12 campaign – a season in which the club will be satisfied with nothing less than a Premier League return.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Grayson to go? Not as preposterous a suggestion as it appears. There has been very little happening in the transfer front and it might be that if there was a possibility of Grayson going that cuddly ken would want the new man to choose his own targets. I would love to see Martin O’Neill at our club – it nearly happened once before and according to sources close to O’Neill it was a job he quite fancied. The big question would be money – but the challenge would be something he would relish

    • Gryff

      I agree with you on the transfer front, Tim. I know it’s only June but it’s a little odd that with the gaping holes in our squad we’ve not even signed our first freebie…

      But isn’t Martin O’Neill just David O’Leary with glasses & curly hair? Ken Bates doesn’t offer big budgets, so I’d give them three months before the first big fall-out!

      • TSS

        As my niece would say, you need to “chillax!”

        It’s the same every season and transfer window. Nothing happens for ages, our patience wears thin and everyone starts to panic.

      • Tim Campbell

        Suppose you’re right the ‘freebie’ market hasn’t really had time to kick off just yet – agents and players waiting until all interested clubs have shown their hand’s – Yes I am cynical but pragmatic too!!

      • Tim Campbell

        Its not so much his time at villa that I was looking at Gryff but at his previous clubs where money was’nt so plentiful – i actually think hes one of those sort of managers who’s probably better not having a huge wad of cash to throw at transfers

  2. CJ

    Can’t believe its taken this long for his name to be mentioned. If opportunity arises for Grayson then good luck to him.

  3. peter

    If Bates is not backing him then he may as well walk.
    It could be a good move for him and for us, at least in the tranfer market where Simon is generally a bad judge of potential whatever the price of target.

  4. Tom

    I’m not sure anyone really wants the Villa job. They’ve been linked with names like Ancelotti and Hughes, then Martinez turns them down to stay at the mighty Wigan, and now they’re looking down at the Championship for their next recruit. There’s gotta be some problem there, and i’m guessing money. Lerner has spent a lot recently, and may now want someone who’s gonna work with the squad they have already. If Grayson gets it then yeah, good luck to him, but I hope he stays and finishes what he’s started here.

  5. Tim Campbell

    This is where O’Neill comes into his own – he has had a unique ability in the past of working with very little and yet getting the best out of what he’s got – turning the proverbial pigs ear into the silk purse if you will

  6. henryv

    I hope he stays, but Villa will have to pay us big money, which could tempt Ken.

  7. badras

    why would anyone want to manage villa a team which i can see going down next season with the players that are getting moved on. it would be a bad thing for grayson as he would have half a team and a very bad thing for leeds to let him go because the first thing he will do is come back for gradel snodgrass and becchio which leaves leeds in tatters then

  8. trueyorxman

    I don’t think for a minute this is going to happen, it is quite laughable, but if it does then its got to be Poyet coming back to Elland Road

  9. josh grainger

    Don’t think he’ll go as he is 110% leeds, but If he did leave, I wouldn’t be sad, he has done a good job so far, but he always leaves his subs too late and hasn’t delivered a wow transfer yet, if he does go, Martin O’Neil should be brought in, he’s a great manager, and would definately bring us back to the big time, a Richard Naylor and Andy Hughes double team would also be a great delight of mine.

  10. michael

    I think Grayson is loyal to the club he wants the same as us to see the bigtime back at ER, as a leeds fan himself i cant see why he wouldnt want to be the man who gets them there! MOT!

  11. Bury White

    Stability and forward development is key to success at Leeds. Larry isn’t perfect he’s learning but I don’t think he’s let us down so far…this Summer is a big one for him, he has to improve his signings. I think the purse strings will be relaxed a little but don’t expect a £1m signing. Anyone who thinks it will improve things changing manager at theis stage is gambling. Lets get behind him…

  12. Bubionwhite

    Aston Villa is another poisoned chalice … seems to me it’s another Newcastle and if SG elects to go to a Premiership club he should choose very,very carefully, perhaps Everton if Moyes were daft enough to take the job.

  13. number1inyorkshire

    leeds united is a bigger club than villa in real terms ,aside from the glaringly obvious fact they are in a higher division then everything else about us is bigger .

    Anyone going there now would be 3rd or 4th choice and if mc,claren has said no then there must be problems it seems villa could go down and they are likely to loose more players .

    There are other mangers out of work Houghton ,curbishley to name 2 and good managers in work grayson ,poyet ,if i was villa chairman i would go for poyet if i was taking a manager in work .

    Although for me grayson could go and we could have poyet

  14. Mike

    That would be my dream, Larry buggers off and Gus Poyet comes here but although the first is possible I cant see Gus ditching Brighton, he is going to take them up again.

  15. JayMac

    According to the Metro newspaper. It was William Hill was the company to give the massive backing to Grayson to take the helm at villa. However i jus’ checked William Hill and their new value on Larry is 14/1.

    I don’t think that Simon will be leaving for Villa any time soon.

  16. el tel

    don’t get me wrong i think SG has done well to get us out of L1 although we should have won L1 with six weeks speare and ended up 2nd……last season done well should have made the play off’s really and yet again we showed we are missing something,write at the end of the season our bottle went…2years on the trot when it really if SG is ready to walk,so be it…as long as we don’t end up with the wolly with the brolly,im good..poyet or o’neil are great shouts…any one who will stop poor kasper from picking the ball out of his own net so often will do for me….MOT…..

  17. Loved them diamond floodlights

    I doubt he will leave think he is extremely determined to get us back up ,doubt his pride will allow him to walk away think he will have to be asked to leave , I hope he stays he is young and still learning as long as the back room team are up to it I can see a long term dynasty been created hope so anyway

  18. trueyorxman

    Just got my copy of ‘We are Leeds’, nice pix of the East Stand development & reports of a club museum! I just get the feeling OUR money could be better spent

  19. ct

    why on earth would villa want a manager who can’t even get his team out of the championship…grayson ‘s not worth nor clever enough for the second city top team.

    • Dje

      So instead you are about to appoint a man who has just successfully taken a competent-enough team down to the Championship?

      Better the devil you don’t know.

  20. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Tony Barton won them a European cup if I remember rightly then went to Northampton town so maybe the second city powerhouse would be better off with a manager who isn’t clever enough cos they can’t seem to handle or keep ones that are good enough :)

  21. clive

    Let him go, then hopefully we can have Martin O’Neil, who should have been with us years ago, and we wouldnt be where we are now!!

  22. Will23

    Flipping ‘eck…is it 1st April?

    Why would Villa want a two-bob manager?

    But who cares, let them be clouded in their judgement of SG’s abilities, and please God, I am praying as hard as I can for this to be true!

  23. Irving08

    Villa, with its plethora of talented young players, strong native support, a sane chairman and manageble ambitions would appeal to Grayson. I suspect that he is has gone as far as he can with us: we do not have a lot of young talent; our ambitions are very difficult to manage, particularly for someone who has grown up with us; and the sanity of our chairman must be in doubt. I can see why Villa might fancy Grayson: some success against premier league clubs; modest appetites and resourcefulness and a man who commands general respect among fans and in the game at large. If he does depart, someone slightly mad and telented such as O’Neil or Billy Davies, or cool with a first-rate football brain such as Poyet would seem to fit the bill.

    • Loved them diamond floodlights

      Not seen all the latest whizz kids being signed up lately ??? Sanity of our chairman? You mean we don’t throw money away anymore what we spend is with a view to getting a good return , native support no Leeds fans in Leeds is there ? Thing is with Leeds we also have plenty of fans worldwide ,manageable ambitions what the fk you on about , everything we do now is for the future step by step just a shame we carry negative dick heads along the way , go support villa if it’s so good Rant over!

      • Irving08

        Young man I think you should wash your mouth out, read what people write carefully and reflect before you write. The only point you make which causes me to think concerns young talent. Regrettably most of ours is too young to make a more or less firm judgement – and there have been many false dawns over the years (eg Wilko’s young cupwinners). Villa not only have one of our best young talents for a long time (Delph), but in Bannan and others they have premier class players. Of our younger, home grown players only one (Whyte) is proven even in teh championship. even

      • Loved them diamond floodlights

        Apology for the wording Irving but I am passionate about our club and I get sick of negative thinking , I saw 1st hand what a positive elland road can do in the wilko years we were 1-0 up before kick off in them days 31,000 passionate fans taking the roof off all of us together 100% as one and I want that back no reason we can’t get that back , but when I read comments like Grayson has took us as far as he can and we have no young talent chairmans nuts etc I think what chance we got ? To get the best young talent you have to have the best youth set up available why do you think bates sacked that youth lot and has changed it right round at Thorpe arch ? Because he hasn’t lost it so much that he doesn’t see productivity in his workplace we are not premier league and have lost a lot of ground in recruitment , we all know where a good lump of the success 10 years ago came from Thorpe arch , and as for young villa superstars bannan was so good he couldn’t get a game at villa

      • Loved them diamond floodlights

        And he couldn’t get a game with us so how good is he ? And if he is that much of a world beater are villa going to recruit a manager that has just totally embarrassed said world beater and is unlikely to ever play said world beater??? And I see Ashley young is off to the red slum So your open admiration for villas mighty youth must be weakening by the day to be honest, we will be back where we belong in the premier league with a top top youth set up a ground that generates a lot of money all year round a top manager we will soon find out if it’s Grayson or not he will have 10 -15 games to get that right , and hopefully 31,000 fans taking the roof off once again , I can’t wait for the season to start it’s gonna be massive mot

  24. henryv

    I hear Alex McLeish has resigned from Birmingham.
    Maybe he is Villa bound?

  25. hemswhite

    Can’t they take Bates, If SG goes good luck to him, and he’ll need it. There obviously something amiss at Villa. The half shilling with the brolly turns it down. Martinez goes for a chat with the ex European cup winners and runs back to Wigan (loyalty mmm). And the man you all want to replace SG walked out on them days before the start of the season (dedicated mmm). SG or Poyet forget the rest. MOT

  26. Paul South Wales

    Would love to see Poyet ride into town, but he’ll want transfer money and those words are still banned at ER, so it’s not that appealing really, but I wouldn’t be gutted if SG went, he goes with my thanks too

  27. reiver

    I’m not sure that Grayson can take us any further, he couldn’t address our defensive problems last season which I found quite puzzling.

    I don’t think Villa would want him as manager for that reason alone.


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