Leeds United’s list of banned supporters gained an unusual addition this week as 63-year old Granny of 13, and great-Grandmother of three Margaret Musgrove was given a 12 month ban for invading the pitch during the final home game of the 2010/11 season.

The ban would be somewhat understandable if Margaret’s actions were in anyway threatening. If for example, she was on the pitch handing out poisoned hard-boiled sweets or her handbag was targeted at Luciano Becchio then fair enough. The footage on the YEP website however shows an old woman who has lost control of her emotions and simply wants to celebrate with the players – hardly the biggest crime I witnessed at Elland Road last season (the defending would top that list).

Elland Road’s stewards are notorious for their sense of humour deficiency and fun prevention methods, but when fans are being banned for celebrating they’ve definitely gone too far. I don’t recall hearing of any bans following the 2009/10 pitch invasion – we’d have no supporters left this season had they taken action there.

I appreciate the club can’t have one rule for one, and one for another and pitch invasions can be extremely dangerous and hostile. However, each case needs to be judged on it’s own merit. Storming the pitch to throw coins and missiles at opposition supporters is unjustifiable and a ban is the least these people should expect. But does someone who got a little carried away after a long and emotional season and just wanted to show her love to the players really deserve similar treatment?

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  1. Bean

    I’m a 32 year old male and if i had done the same thing you could guarantee i would have got the same punishment and nobody would bat an eyelid. Why should it be any different for a 63 year old grandmother? She broke the rules so she deserves the ban!!!

    • TSS

      It shouldn’t be any different. No one should be banned for celebrating – that’s the point really. It just took an unusual ban to show how ridiculous the policy is.

      • The Reaper 08

        It’s not ridiculous the rules are you are not allowed on the playing surface, end of. As Bean states you can’t bend and flex just because it’s a Granny. In fact one could argue that she should know better and be setting an example to her Children and Grandchildren.

        And she wasn’t banned for celebrating either.

      • TSS

        I, and 20,000 others, were on at the end of 2009/10. Don’t recall any of them getting banned. It’s a ridiculous policy. The game was over, the players weren’t at risk and no one caused any damage.

      • The Reaper 08

        Oh the old they weren’t done so I shouldn’t be done defence, always stands up well that one.

        Why were the players not a risk and why wouldn’t they be in the future if this was not clamped down on ? Just because nothing happened this time.

    • Ian Gough

      You should give the stewards a break here, its not there fault, there only doing there job and doing what there told. I’m a steward there and the first thing we was told was once you have entered the stadium you have automatically accepted the terms and conditions i.e the rules, which i must point out are all over the stadium outside and inside. This person broke the rules and should get the same ban! also she was lucky to get released, 9 times out 10 they would get arrested as this is an arrestable offense to go on the pitch, and so is bringing alcohol into the seating area. Learn the rules before you say its harsh to ban the granny for celebrating!

      • TSS

        I acknowledged these were the rules, but rules are designed to be enforced at a competent person’s discretion. Even the Police know they can’t charge every minor crime they see or we’d all be locked up. Did you try removing the 20,000 people from the pitch against Bristol and banning them all?

      • The Reaper 08

        And you also need to take things into context. Whilst I don’t condone the decision regarding the 20k at an end of season game whre we were promoted you are hardly comparing apples with apples and I suspect you already know that.

      • Ian Gough

        No i didn’t work for them then, but if you noticed the same mistake never happened this year!

      • Mike

        Bugger me!
        I find myself in 100% agreement with TSS.
        Mght have guessed the reaper would agree with banning a lifelong leeds united supporting great gran for being overcome with emotion and stepping 5 foot on the turf.
        The Cold german influence that is……….

      • Mike

        If you are going to start throwing rules around then you should learn the rules on English Grammar and spelling, otherwise you are banned from socety.

      • number1inyorkshire

        socety mikey surely you mean society lol keep up the good work .Mr wind up another season to look forward to now !!!!

      • reiver

        … and we all stick to the rules, don’t we, ever exceeded the speed limit?

        I think the stewards could have exercised a bit of common sense, but that would have required some initiative.

  2. Irving08

    If all 63 year old grans look like her, their intrusions onto the pitch should be greeted with open arms. C’mon Ken invite her to your box – show us some of your famous sense of humour.

  3. Mike

    My comment was a reply to Ian Gough spouting off about rules.
    I was particularly referring to this line
    ” its not there fault, there only doing there job and doing what there told.”
    What school doesn’t teach the difference between THERE and THEIR?
    Pathetic I know but so is this ruling and the stewards, bunch of bloody jobsworths who would be on the dole but for jobs like that.

      • Mike

        Exactly which 33% are you referring to TSS?
        The one where you agree completely with me?

      • The Reaper 08

        Thats fine, I don’t think there is anything to shout about there.

    • Ian Gough

      Dam spell checker failed me again! :P

      Fair enough about the grammar but being a steward is not a full time job for most! Its just a part time job working for the team you love, just stick to the rules and everything would be fine!

      Without Stewards who knows what might happen AGAIN!

      • The Reaper 08

        I shouldn’t worry Ian, if there was crap filter on the site mike would never get anything published.

  4. Idlewhite

    This is my friends Mother who I’ve known for 30 years and she did nothing more than become too giddy! As has been pointed out rules are rules and are there to be adhered to but surely a smidgen of common sense needs to prevail.

    • The Reaper 08

      Common sense has been applied, they have decided instead of picking and choosing who should get what, presumably based on how old you are and how many grandchildren you have they have instead just stuck to the stated punishment.

    • Craig

      Tell him there’s a pot of pixie gold under the centre circle that only appears between 4.50 and 4.55 on alternate Saturdays and Ken would be on the pitch like a shot!

  5. Colin

    don’t worry, i’m sure an mp will pick up the crusade to get the ban lifted in a few years time. She’ll probably be allowed back sometime in 2017

  6. Mark R

    Yep,that’s it in a nutshell TSS.
    It’s a PR disaster and reflects poorly on the club.

    When Margaret entered onto the pitch, taking her to one side was understandable.However the head Steward should then have used his discretion.

    A quiet word and perhaps some voluntary work given to Grandma – to assist with stewarding for a couple of matches – would have made the point.

    Instead a sledgehammer’s been used to crack a walnut.

    A 63 year old lady – a lifelong supporter banned from matches for 1 year for becoming giddy with excitement – it beggars belief.

    I would never thought I’d see our club could have done something like this.

    A sign of the times and a reflection of the club management.

    Keep your chin up Margaret.

    I hope someone at LUFC comes to their senses over this.


    Mark R

  7. CJ

    I think this senile delinquent should be tarred & feathered for such an evil crime.
    Joking aside, I do feel a bit sorry for her but that’s the risk you take if you decide to run onto the pitch. Bates will be happy that its received so much publicity as it serves a warning to anybody who is thinking of repeating her actions.

  8. CJ

    PS. Maybe the banned gran should meet up with Adam “yellow peril” Fawcett for a game of bingo, seeing as neither can attend games at Elland Rd.

  9. number1inyorkshire

    for a couple of seasons now in fact more than that .last game of the season has ended in a farce with people going onto the pitch and to be fair people who should know better BAN THEM ALL and this granny .they are middle aged men for god sake (not the granny )and should know better they are a disgrace .i refused to go to last seasons last home game because of this reason SHE DID THE CRIME NOW DO THE TIME ,no one else who would have been caught at the same time is whinging my advice KEEP OFF THE GRASS .

    any ways what is wrong with our club that killkenny leaves to join wurzel city WTF so much for the prem league

  10. Irving08

    For goodness sake, all the sanctimonous posters, who support the ‘granny ban’. The club should be proud of having older females among its supporters – if the people in charge had an ounce of wit and style they would have turned the incident to the club’s advantages – instead they look like a bunch of dim, humourless, curmudgeons. What has happened to this once proud nation of eccentrics and non-comformists ? I suggest TSS organise a petition at the first home game to get her reinstated.

    • number1inyorkshire

      be right about this there can be no discrimination ,she got caught doing the crime for which the sanctions are clear ,she got a year had that been me it would have been life.
      had she thought about her actions ,namely being a 63 year old grandma,and she probably wouldn’t be able to out run even one of lufc stewards she wouldn’t have gone on the pitch in the 1st place .

      look there is a lot of tongue in cheek in the posts and the lack of anything happening to leeds at the mo makes this the most interesting story LOL, but if that had been my 17 year old there would not have been any support for him so sorry none from me here

  11. The Reaper 08

    Right I am just off down to rob the local post office. I hear the possible punishment is a couple of years inside but I am hoping just to do a bit of probabtion because I am thirty something and just had a child. Wish me luck.

    • number1inyorkshire

      rob enough so they give a big reward so i can dob you in ,i will go halves with you .cant you try your luck bumping someone off instead ,a certain football chairman ?????????????????????????? .you would be given freedom of the city of leeds too .

  12. Andy

    To be fair, it’s made quite clear by the announcer guy that anyone who goes onto the pitch will be banned, so she has no real case for argument.

    Plus she’s probably just made it worse for herself now by going to the news, no way Bates is going to overturn it…

  13. Mike

    I used to think that no.1 in yorks was a sensible chap but his comments have made me change my mind.
    How many such types are amongst leeds fans ?
    It is for sure no longer a “Club”
    Some folks need to get a grip, they are taking all the fun and enjoyment out of being a leeds united supporter, MOT seems to have been dumped.

    • number1inyorkshire

      ohh that,s harsh i am sensible to be fair i don,t care 2 hoots about this granny being banned or not but most people are saying the rules are the rules and to be fair its not a leeds united rule its a football league rule ,we all remember the chap who ran and got becchio “injured” or the chap in Scotland who got lennon these rules are here as a 1 fits all but it tells you everywhere about this and harsh as it is its the rule ,

      she will not of been the only one banned ,everyone caught in her position will have been banned but what your saying is because she is 63 there should have been some common sense shown and i agree

      BY HER

  14. Colin

    Gran ban – harsh but fair, she could have had a bomb or a knife. In all honesty though, yes it’s harsh but you can’t have one rule for grans and a rule for everyone else. Reaper’s right.
    If she ran onto the pitch at wembley or old trafford they’d have done exactly the same. harsh but fair.

    • Irving08

      Her punishment should have been to spend a day with Ken on his yacht or whatever and listen to a lecture on how to grow old gracefully rather than, like him, disgracefully. Only a timid people cowed and made timid by petty bureaucracy (‘for your health and safety’) and devoid of gallantry, could not scorn
      such ridiculous treatment of a 63 year old woman.

  15. Mike

    Marching on together minus one granny, so that’s us sorted for next season troublemaker free leeds disunited.
    When a person is arrested and goes to court he is judged by an impartial person who will dish out one punishment to one person and another to a different person for exactly the same thing, all according to the circumstances…. this granny doing nothing more than being overcome with emotion has been treated exactly the same as if she were a young thug with shaved head heading straight for a player with clear intent to do harm.
    It has come to something when Leeds fans are in agreement with the biggest thug in football chairmanship who himself should be banned.

  16. liam

    I’m a season ticket holder in the notorious sit down corner of the north stand. People have been kicked out for refusing to sit whilst people around are left alone! The stewards are ridiculously harsh and annoying to all of the fans that sit around the N1/N2 area of the stadium! And to add insult, we even get the steward with some sort of voice problem who spits when he talks and never ceases to shout at us paying fans. If you ever sit in view of the north west corner then take a look and you’ll see that we are the only part of the north stand who often sit, and its not by choice!


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