Leeds born Nick Montgomery of Sheffield United fame has once again been linked with a move to Elland Road.

This time the alleged deal would involve Billy Paynter moving in the opposite direction – a move that is sure to please the majority of Leeds United fans after the striker struggled to find his scoring boots during his first season at the club.

The move would seem to be a win-win for all parties. Leeds United would get the capable defensive midfield they’ve sought after for so long, Montgomery would get a return to the Championship, Sheffield United would get a striker with a proven track record in League One (top goalscorer 2009-10) and Billy Paynter would get a lot more first team football than he’s likely to get at Elland Road.

Montgomery has spent his entire career at Bramall Lane and has turned down an advance from Leeds United before. However, following Sheffield United’s relegation to League One at the end of last season and Leeds’ 7th place finish, Montgomery may see a transfer as his final shot at the big time.

  • badras

    paynter just never got fit last season as he missed most of the pre-season and early season which left his stamina lagging behind everyone else in the team . i think if we keep paynter and he gets a good pre-season i think he will score goals for fun in the new season.good luck to him where ever he ends up

    • lorimerhotshot

      Fair comment that he wasn’t fit so didn’t get much of a look in.

      But the truth is we already have more than enough options up-front and are better off shedding at least one striker without replacing them.

      We should be saving wages by shaving unnecessary load and spending more on quality elsewhere. Though signs of that happening are so far pretty scarce.

  • henryv

    Sounds too good to be true, but Simon has said that he wants to keep Billy?
    Things should start happening in the next couple of weeks (please!) and all will be revealed.
    What does Gwyn Williams do exactly?

    • Craig

      Saying you want to keep a player sounds like a good way to begin bargaining to me.

  • Mojoluafc

    We could do with a decent midfielder to fill the massive hole left by Killa. ;)

    • Ramblinjohn

      cmon Kilkenny was average at best..Johnson will be missed more than him…though we can do better than him too

  • Irving08

    Don’t know anything about Montogomery, but if Gradel is played just behind Becchio as a second striker (and this si probably his best position) then Paynter can be dispensed with. And if not, then who is to provide our strike force with the necessary pace ? So, provided this Montgomery can fill part of the gap left by Johnson’s regrettable departure, I’d let the Paynter go. Something tells me SG will want to keep him, though. Does the Sheffield man come in any case ?

  • Jay

    sounds like a good deal to me :-)

  • Heats

    Just going to throw this out there….. I like Billy Paynter!

  • Gryff

    Snap their hands off.

    Montgomery’s a decent Champship midfielder, Paynter’s a decent L1 striker.

  • Monty

    I’ve watched a lot of Montgomery over recent years at Sheffield united and he is a very average workhorse type of player. No real skill, flair or invention, just hustles and passes often go a stray. His lack of pace is catching up with him too. Would be a disappointing signing in my view.

  • Ron

    No disrespect to Billy, but this deal makes sense for addressing a weakness if it happens. Looks like Becchio, McCormack and Somma will get first crack at the new campaign anyway and I hope Howson is encouraged to play further forward as when he did, we looked good and his confidence soared.

  • lingsbord

    Guys, I’m a Blades supporter with the skinny on Montgomery. If he signed for you he would be the “unsung hero” in front of the defenders. I can’t tell you how many moves he breaks up by his excellent positional sense and tough tackling. He is NOT a cultured midfielder and will not spray passes all over the field. Robson tried to make him into such a player and failed. Monty’s role is break up a move and then give the ball to someone who can play. If you have a requirement for such a role ahead of your back four, HE is the man – admired all over the place when we were in the premier League a few seasons back for that very same reason. Top bloke, and a top player IN HIS ROLE……….don’t try to change him and he could easily make the difference for you next season while we endure the same road back up as you lot did. Good luck.

  • Tim Campbell

    Thanks for that lingsbord – hope you blades get back up too; the more yorkshire teams higher up the better. As for montgomery from what you say he sounds very like a david batty type player who was often our unsung hero in days past

    • TSS

      Ahh, what I wouldn’t give for a 21 year old David Batty. Legend. Was in Newcastle the other day and got talking to a load of Geordies – they still hold him in the same high regard too.

      As for Monty, I remember him being one of Sheffield United’s stand-out players in the Prem and Sven trying to call him up for the England squad.

  • Rich

    Id be happy with anything for Paynter, just to get him out of the team. He is slow with no first touch and just generally looks worse than every other striker we have.

  • lingsbord

    Sorry guys, don’t want to overstay my welcome, but to compare Batty and Monty I’d say this: Batty probably had more of an idea of “what to do next” after winning the ball, but I think no-one reads danger like monty and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. For a club like yours looking to make that next push upwards to the playoffs at least, he could really make the difference imho. btw Schmeichel – wtf? Leicester? really?

    • TSS

      Open forum mate, we welcome all – however poor their choice of club may have been haha.

      Batts was actually considered the same at times. He was never the creative type, he just sat in front of the back four and battered anyone that dare tread in his domain. You entered at your own risk basically.

      As for Kasper to Leicester. He’s an outstanding shot-stopper, but he has no command of the area and isn’t quite the finished product yet. Think we may benefit from someone more experienced considering the shambolic defence we had last season. All depends on who the replacement is to how good a deal it was, but as things stand, I’m not overly concerned.

  • Tyler75

    Lingsbord – if you get Billy, he will do a really good job for you. He’s proven as a goalscorer in Lg1 and has got a good work ethic. He’s been a bit unlucky with injuries and the form of our other strikers to get a proper look in at Leeds.

    TSS – The YEP is reporting that Smithies is SG’s main target. Good young ‘keeper though he is, he’ll surely cost more than the 1.5m (max) that we are getting for Kasper and only has LG1 experience – seems a strange move to me.

  • Gryff

    Paynter looked alright for us. But he was always a step behind where he should have been and while he play alright, he just didn’t quite get that end product for the Championship. But he’s shown he can do it at L1 level.

    As for an unsung hero, I thought Amdy Faye had a lot of good games and sometimes he shut the opposition out to the point that a lot of fans didn’t even notice a move had been on. Players in that sort of position are bound to get stick because they don’t make goal-line clearances, wonder-saves, or score goals.

    I just hope we do get someone like Montgomery because we’ve not had the best record with centre midfield since the days of Shaun Derry.

  • halifax white

    i say give paynter a chance this season, get fit and show what her can do! lets hope we get a consistant keeper and a decent back four!! anyway just tried to buy a new shirt on line and there aint nowt there!!! anybody know if we be getting a new kit!!

    • Mojoluafc

      The sooner the better for the kit, ive got tickets for the signing session, would be nice to get some sigs on it.

  • Tim Campbell

    Is it not obvious to one and all that larry is freeing up a whole bunch of wages to bring one or more of the ‘O’Leary babes’ back to Elland Road(most likely smudger). I am not going to get into the politics of it all, but the injury risk side of things would worry me greatly.

    • TSS

      Not sure this would be a wage saver. Billy’s won’t have been all that high considering where he came from, but Monty has been with the Blades for a decade worth of pay-rises and also starred for them in the Prem. I bet he’s one of, if not the, highest earner at Bramall Lane.

  • Tim Campbell

    Agreed my esteemed friend, but i was referring more to all the deadwood that has already sailed from our shores(or are about to). A lot going out but very few coming in, call me paranoid or a conspiracy theorist if you will, but mark my words Larry is going to force this through. Remember he talked of wanting to bring a bit more experience to the side again, well bowyer, smith, and woodgate qualify for that one. When quizzed about them he hardly said no, but talked in riddles again about talking but not to the individuals themselves. This is happening whether the leeds fans want it or not!! As I said in my last post I don’t want to be embroiled in all the politics surrounding these guys, but them being susceptible to injury does concern me.

  • henryv
  • el tel

    got to be fair,had a look at all of the above and am glad to see most people are still putting on a brave face after all thats been going on of late at elland road………anyway i would just like to say on the old smith deal if there is anything init is that i think this would be a really good signing for us, but would have to stick him up top alongside becchio to get anywhere near the best out of him and dont thik he would get injured as much….would luv woody back,but i think its all over for him as for bowyer,why not…?..yes his 34 but i think he has defo got 2 more years in him….SG and kB are going to have to work some magic if they think we are in with a shout of going up this year with no cash and only the bosman to do it with…..if were going to do it, it will be done the hard way…..The Leeds way…..MOT….

  • steve underwood

    Ive read that monty deal is just about done if he does come great but i would still like another holding player to come then play with 2 out wide becchio lone striker with howson in support,we would be more solid i say lets bore our way out of this league