It was today revealed that Robert Snodgrass has won the Football League Fans Player of the Month Award for February. No surprise really, as he was the only Leeds United player nominated and the size of our fanbase doesn’t leave players from other clubs with much of a chance.

I do have to wonder how the Football League come up with these shortlists though? They certainly don’t ask the fans for input, because anyone who has seen Leeds United in action throughout the month will tell you that Snodgrass has been pretty hit and miss, and wouldn’t rank in the top three of our best performing players.

For any other month in the season, you could probably stick Robert Snodgrass’ name in and no one would batter a eyelid, but this has been a month where Leeds United were destroyed by Swansea, dropped four points at home to Norwich and Barnsley and drew away to Hull. We did record back-to-back wins against Coventry and Bristol, but there have been very few consistent performers throughout this month of turbulence, and Robert Snodgrass would be the first to admit he wasn’t one of them.

For me, the only player worthy of any kind of honour this month is Max Gradel. The winger has scored three in the last six games and been influential in almost every Leeds United attack this month. Even in the 3-0 demolition we suffered to Swansea, Max was the only player to finish the match with any credit as he chased down everything and was the only midfielder who offered any support to the defence.

The runners-up spot this month goes to Bradley Johnson, whose input was sorely missed as we folded to a rampant Swansea City side. I can even forgive the red card Johnson picked up against Barnsley, partly because it was soft, but mainly because he got it for throwing his weight around in midfield – however dirty that may be, it’s something we’ve desperately needed with “luxury” players like Kilkenny doing little to halt opposition attacks.

Davide Somma also deserves a mention for his equalising goals against Norwich and Hull, and winning goal against Coventry City – without those three goals, the month of February could have been much worse than it actually was – five points worse to be precise.

Player of the Month February

  1. Max Gradel
  2. Bradley Johnson
  3. Davide Somma

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  1. Matt BB

    Max gets my vote. I have spent painful hours re-reviewing the swansea (highlights).. and both he and Somma were the only two players in my opinion who showed any sort of committment.

    And harping back on about that dreadful game I think one of our key problems is our own defence’s readiness to go to ground. Bruce and Lichaj were both sliding in like a bad kung fu movie for 2 of their 3 goals, top tip, you move and tackle better whilst stood up. Trying to take down Dyer who at 3ft tall has a distinctly lower centre of gravity just seems stupid.

    But less about that lot, Max-imus! Max-imus!

  2. mark

    I think you are correct on Bradley Johnson. He gets a lot of stick but I think we miss him and are a better team for him beining in the side.
    I think Bates should swallow his pride and offer the lad a decent contract.
    Because if the rumour I hear is true to offer the lad less than Andy Robinson was on is a disgrace.

  3. Dje

    Entirely agree about Snodgrass not really deserving the Fans award. But really, asking football fans to be impartial beyond their club is never going to happen so it’s best to leave it to the players, sports writers, chairmen, and even the WAGs.

    Max deserves it as he has been excellent for the last three months now. And the more the lights dim on our season, the likes of Max, Somma, and Snodgrass glimmer brighter as lone stars. Let’s just hope the rest of the squad enjoy their hard-earned break and they’ll be back and at ‘em for the last 12-15 games.

  4. Gryff

    Max Gradel, Andy O’Brien & Davide Somma are probably my three.

    Like with most award ceremonies, this looks to be a little bit delayed. Snodgrass was great last month.

  5. Irving08

    Snoddy – because he hasn’t received the award in the months when he deserved it. Without him we would be no higher than mid-table. MG fouls too often in vulnerable areas to deserve an award, eg Swansea. Good to see my boy Bradley getting deserved accolades.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    with all due respect these awards are not worth mantelpiece room they are not representative of last months or any months football ,leeds players get these awards just through sheer weight of numbers voting there are a lot better players in our team at the mo never mind the leagues so thats it .

    just reading through some other news now stuff it seems there are many other sites saying the same as grayson is ,our transfer and loans policy has backfired a Tadd

    • TSS

      Precisely why I thought it was worth doing our own from now on. In months where there’s a little more competition, I may put a shortlist of nominees to the vote.

  7. Tim Wilsom

    Max’s tackle at Swans was stupid, but i don’t think he could believe McCartney was not going in…He’s looked feisty lately, gets my vote


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